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An adorable board book that teaches children to be grateful for small things in life. We learn about all the different ways trees help the world, creatures, and environment. The illustrations are wonderful, and the children are encouraged to engage with the pictures and pages.
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Such a sweet look at something we take for granted all the time!  I hope this becomes a series. The illustrations were adorable as well!
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Thank You, Tree is another book that teaches children gratitude. Trees give us a lot and are not appreciated for all those things. In this book, using cute illustrations of children, we see that trees provide shade, nuts, hiding places, shelter for animals, fruit and more. I liked that at the end they show all the trees, label them and challenge the reader to find them in the book, so we had to read it again. My grandson enjoyed this one, especially when he got to find all the trees. Another that I recommend to families and preschools.
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This book was cute and perfect for the season. Thank You, Tree is perfect for a board book format and rhymey, which makes it soothing and heartwarming.
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A short and simple picture book with lovely illustrations.

My 3,5-year-old was a bit old for this, she could have done with more text but the visual is great so we had a nice chat about different trees.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the editors at Storey for this ARC.
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A very simple board book that asks us to be generous in praise of trees – for acorns, for shade, for their colours, even "for joy" by the end.  So yes, in an obvious way it kind of runs out of ideas and also in an obvious way it kind of doesn't – it's a peculiar experience having such a peculiar feeling from just a few blunt pages.  This might be a vocab builder, and a way to help point things out in the wider world when walking with an infant, but it's also quite zen and poetic.  The sister edition, on farms and farming, lacked the bonus revision exercise we get here, which might be further proof of a paucity of contents, but with these pages it's hard to lose the positivity they imbue.  Even the cynical adult finds themself nodding in agreement that yes, we do thank trees for acorns, propping up birds' nests, etc...
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Teach your little ones about trees and follow the seasons with this beautifully illustrated board book that teaches exactly what trees do for us. I'll be reading this to my littles again and again!
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This adorable board book will delight children and parents alike. 

Not only are the illustrations bright and colorful, they are also educational. 

What I mean by saying that this board book is educational is that each two-page spread thanks trees for specific things, such as "Thank You trees for maple syrup." Children at the age where they are being given board books are very young and are unlikely to know which things come from trees. This book helps them to fill that knowledge gap in a fun and engaging way. 

I rate this board book as 4 OUT OF 5 STARS ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

Thank you to #NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this book.
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I am probably one of the few people who really disliked this book. It randomly goes around trees with "thank you for...." There is no real flow. In my experience, the target age range would be 6-18 month olds, who honestly would probably rather hear someone talk about what is going on in the illustrations rather than just hearing the words "thank you for" with no other material. The text and illustrations don't always get the point across. Ther are so many good books about trees out there for young ages that Thank You, Tree really can't compare with.
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I really enjoyed this short book, I think children will love it too. The illustrations are beautiful and you get to see what trees give us. I found it to be a good conversation starter. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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This book is super adorable and well illustrated. I am definitely adding this to my wishlist for my baby for when it is published! We are doing a forest theme for the nursery and I love all things trees so this book is perfect!
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Who wouldn't love this cute book?!

I feel so blessed when I read this book. It's just a wonderful reminder of how grateful we are for all the greenery around us, the trees specially. How we tend to neglect them but how grateful we are we are blessed with them. 

The picture book is informative regarding some specific trees. Such a beautiful illustrated read.

Thank you, author/artist and the publisher, for the advance reading copy.
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Thank You, Tree is a wonderfully simple introduction to trees for children of all ages. I will happily add this to my classroom.
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The pictures and format of this book is what saves it from disappearing into the many other already published books on trees and nature for children. The words are unspectacular, but the repetition is good for reading comprehension!
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We spend a lot of time outside, so my daughter loved seeing all the different aspects of what trees give us. We loved that the book features many different kinds of trees and had a little scavenger hunt at the end. Lovely illustrations make this one a definite winner!
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Such a lovely book for introducing love of trees and nature in young children! I loved the range of things to thank trees for: the obvious things like fruits and leaves, but also simply joy - the message of appreciating the simple little things is so strong and so wonderful!
The pastel illustrations are also gorgeous, and I love that the children pictred are clearly from a range of races and backgrounds.
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Thank you, Tree 
Published September 28, 2021
Edited by: Storey Publishing 
Author: Fiona Lee
Children's Board Book
Rating : *****
Reviewed by Myself and My Daughter 

My daughter enjoyed the beautiful photos in the book. We talked about the different trees and what each tree does for nature and how we benefit from the beauty search tree mentioned. Every tree brings the world something special.  We enjoyed this lovely book.  
My daughter pointed out the difference between each tree and some we have on our very own land. I recommend this book to educators and homeschooling families. This is a great book for children. 
Thank you Netgalley and Storey Publishing for gifting me this great book to review.
This review is of my own opinion along with my 6 yr old daughter. 
Thank you
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Another fab board book from the Thank You collection which encourages the youngest of children to show gratitude for the gifts trees give us. From saying thank you to the trees for their beautiful colours to thanking them for their yummy fruits and foods. Using simple repetitive phrasing, children will gain a faster understanding of being thankful and will become familiar with the trees and associated actions and gifts that can be gained from them, associating pictures to the correct names. 

It has wonderful, simple illustrations which are generously sized and don’t over power the page, making it easy to spot the different colours, or fruit, children, leaves, etc. Young children will easily be able to point to the different variety of items and objects on the pages and interact with the book, which help in supporting their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. 

Overall I think this book would be a lovely addition to babies and toddlers. It encourages gratitude and exploration and I think it will pique the interest and curiosity of young minds. I could see this book being used in my settings baby room and very much enjoyed by the children:
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I had reviewed the Thank You, Farm board book of this series and my views on this one are the same.

The kind of board book I am always on the lookout for, for my child. Colourful and beautiful illustrations, simple words with a heartwarming message. The message of gratitude is essential in this day and age and what better way than for them to be introduced to it through books.
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The picture book is beautifully illustrated.  The text is simple yet tells a child the many ways that a tree can do.  At the end of the book is a list telling us what trees are portrayed in the book.  It also gives a question asking if you can find the tree in the book.  It is an excellent book to learn from and exquisite to look at.
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