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Jill agrees to take her granddaughter Beatrice to a fair when her son Oliver is caught up with some work not informing her daughter-in-law Claire. Just for a moment, Jill gets distracted from a phone call from her ex-daughter-in-law and Beatrice just vanishes from her sight.

Claire is furious with Oliver and Jill when she heard the news because she doesn't trust Jill with her child and Oliver was supposed to take Beatrice to the fair. She goes frantic and does everything possible to find her child. Jill and Oliver stand by her in her search but they both are hiding something from her. And then there is Oliver's ex-wife Laura whose behaviour creates suspicion about her.

With increasing suspicion about Jill, Laura and Oliver and not even a single clue about her daughter will Claire pull herself together to find the whereabouts of her daughter? 

We get so restless even when there is a small scratch on our babies then how does a mother feel when her child goes missing and there is no news if she is alive or not for weeks. This domestic thriller has these emotions portrayed brilliantly. 

The story with strong characters, plot twists, mystery and a lot of suspense is a perfect book that will keep you on the edges of your seat till the end. I enjoyed this book so much and I recommend it to everyone who loves thrillers. Looking forward to reading more books from the author.
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My Little Girl by Shalini Boland   

I Loved this book!!! 
From the very first chapter I knew I was going to enjoy the story. 
I could not put the book down as the story kept me on the edge of my seat.
The drama and suspense are excellent. I have read many of Shalini Boland’s other books and I think they are all fantastic.
I loved all the characters and could easily relate to them. I loved the little girl, Bea, and couldn’t wait to find out what happens to her in the end.
I would like to thank Net Galley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Very very absorbing thriller with many suspects and a missing child at the core of it. My favorite trope, as some of you might know.

Claire received a call about her daughter going missing in the fair when her scatty MIL was watching her. A moment of distraction and life changed for the entire family.

Author Shalini Boland knew the tricks of the trade. Writing a thriller, one needed to be partly a magician using the sleight of hands to keep us distracted. This book too had those red herrings and blind alleys and hidden clues.

But guess who was a brilliant Detective? You are right… 😂 😂 ME!!

I wore my Detective hat and used all my talents of reading a thriller to perceive the words between the lines. And it was pretty easy to get to the perp. And I guessed the motive too… Yayy go me!! I think I read too many thrillers… 😂 😂 What do you say?

Written at a brisk pace, the story had interesting moments. This, I would say, was one of the light reads, keeping to the border of suspenseful mystery, without going to the darker side.

A light, fun read… Exactly what I needed to keep my mind distracted.
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This is only the 2nd book I've read from this author, the first being one I wasn't so keen on, however I am so glad I had the chance to read this one through Netgalley as I am now off to search for all her other books! 
This one kept me hooked right from the beginning and I read it in one sitting. 
The story is told from two points of view, the mother and the grandmother of a missing child. It is tense but flows well. 
I'd definitely recommend
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Jill takes her granddaughter Beatrice to the fair to discover that she has disappeared, now to find out why it happened and who did it. A slow paced thriller full of mystery and suspense. 
Thanks Netgalley and the publisher for the advance ecopy.
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Jill, grandmother to Beatrice, takes her and the little girl's school friend to the local fair. The girls are having fun in the House of Mirrors when Jill takes a phone call. When she looks up the friend is there but Beatrice is missing. Panic stricken and feeling guilty Jill is desperate to locate the child. Soon there are Police on the scene and Beatrice's parents Claire and Ollie join Jill in an anxious, agonising and hand-wringing wait to have their precious Little Girl found and returned to them.
Suspicion and blame abound as Claire, who never really trusted Jill was competent enough to look after her granddaughter, sets out to search and ask questions. She gets herself in a whole heap of trouble, accusing a neighbour and Ollie's ex wife, hippy dippy Laurel of abducting Beatrice. There are a fair few characters who could be guilty which makes this a tense and exciting read, the kind of book where you tell yourself 'just one more page' and then find yourself at the end all too soon.
This is also a novel about family and friendships. Jill's husband died so she is lonely and desperate to see her son Ollie more often, but he seems preoccupied and remote. Claire thinks Jill prefers Laurel to her and rumours are rife about a local choirmaster and one of Claire's patients also appears to be behaving in an odd manner.
The urge to get to the truth and discover the culprit and whether Beatrice is safe or not fuels the reader to read on and on.
I have read many of Boland's books and class myself a fan of her writing. This did not disappoint and my actual rating is 4.5.
Thanks to Shalini Boland, the publisher and Netgalley for the hoped for and much appreciated access to read this thriller.
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I love this author however found this book a little underwhelming. The premise was unoriginal and I found myself skimming over the words at times. I much preferred 'The Other Daughter'.
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What a wonderful thriller... loved how the chapters always left me wondering what was coming next. This is a fast paced story that left me shocked at the end!!

4.5 stars!

Thank you to Netgalley for giving me this early edition of My Little Girl in exchange for my honest opinion.

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It’s a parents nightmare come true when a child goes missing , be it 5 seconds, 5 minutes or 5 years. The heart stopping terror you feel when you look and they are out there is an awful process to go through. That’s the fear that the author has imbued into the pages of the book, the terror, the helplessness and the fear they will never return. Add to that fear the nightmarish scenario that invades your mind that a bad person has them somewhere and you become overwhelmed and broken. All these feelings sweep you along in their wake as you follow the lives of Claire, Ollie and Jill as they wait for news of their missing child. Written from the POV of Claire and Jill it gives insight into their deepest fears and the frantic way their minds are working in order to retain some sense of hope. An book that builds up the tension,the fear and the dread page after page, yet you dare not put it down because you can’t walk away from it not knowing what is going to come next. A nail biter of a book that delivers one heck of an almighty great twist that will leave you open mouthed.
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Thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for allowing me to read this Arc.
A little girl goes missing in the hall of mirrors while at the fair with her grandmother.
Her parents, instead of pulling together in their devastation, seem to be falling apart.
With no leads forthcoming in the days following the abduction time is running out.
A delicious twist at the end. 
Claire, Bea’s mother, is beside herself with distress and begins pointing the blame at her husband. Why wasn’t he with her like he promised? Why was her mother in law talking to his ex wife? I must say that the book does feel a touch slow at times with going backwards and forwards of who could have took Bea but I very much enjoyed it nonetheless
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I would imagine that most parents at some time in their lives have experienced every parent's worst nightmare, the heart stopping moment when you are out somewhere and lose sight of one of your children. The overpowering emotions, fear, terror and panic as you frantically search from them, constantly calling their name. Then the immense feeling of relief when you find them again and wrap them in your arms, swearing never to let them out of your sight ever again. Now, imagine that you couldn't find your child, that they had just disappeared, vanished, gone, without a trace, no witnesses, no evidences, they were just simply ....gone.

This gripping thriller is the story of the mysterious disappearance of seven year old  whilst she was at the fair with her Grandmother Jill. When Beatrice's mother Claire is informed that her beloved daughter has disappeared, she is understandably upset but also angry and confused because as far as she was concerned her husband, Beatrice's father Oliver was supposed to have taken Beatrce and her young friend to the fair. Oliver knew that Claire thought that Jill was too ditzy to take proper care of Bethany so why the hell had he gone against her wishes and broken his promise to take the girls himself? 

Claire and Jill start their individual searches for the missing, innocent little girl but where is she? who is the twisted, manipulative, puppet master behind the champaign against the family and what was the motives behind their actions?

The chapters alternated between the perspectives of Claire and Jill, two vivid, realistic female characters who found themselves trapped in a living nightmare, struggling to know who they could trust and being pushed to the emotional limit as the story unfolded. Although as a parent I felt a lot of sympathy for Claire, I can't say that I thought she was very likeable for a variety of reasons. I thought that Jill was a wonderful realistic blend of conflicting emotions, yes,she was a bit ditzy but then so am i, I think it's just part of getting older. She obviously loved her Grand daughter and I thought that the way Claire treated Jill and passed judgement on her was unfair but I could also full understand Claire's attitude towards her after Beatrice disappeared. Jill didn't help herself by insisting in keeping in contact with her ex daughter in law Laurel who definitely didn't like Claire but were her feelings of hatred and jealousy so intense that she would be prepared to kidnap a innocent little girl just to cause trouble between Claire and Oliver? Life can often be difficult and relationships can be be tested by average everyday issues, I cannot imagine the strain that a missing child can put on a couple but I imagine that it would be immense and they would really need to be supportive of each other. Unfortunately Oliver's idea of supporting Claire appeared to consist of him disappearing for hours in end and getting drunk. Was he drinking to forget his feelings of guilt over his involvement in the disappearance of his daughter, simply just selfish, uncaring and insensitive or was there another sinister reason behind his behaviour?

I love Shalini Boland's psychological thrillers and My Little Girl was no exception, it is a incredibly well written page turner, a intense take of secrets, lies,manipulation and deception that as always as me hooked in from the first page and glued to my kindle. The characters were vivid, realistic and relatable, there was numerous red herrings, there was numerous red herrings and a chilling concluding sting in the tale   Shalini Boland is very talented and one of my favourite author's. Worth all the stars and more and very very highly recommended.
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My Little Girl by Shalini Boland. I absolutely loved it.  I raced through to the end, sneaking off to read it when I could.  I could not wait to find out what happened to Beatrice.

Beatrice’s grandmother Jill brought Beatrice and her friend to the local fairground.  Jill took her eye off them for a minute to take a phone call and when she looked around, Beatrice was gone. Just like that.  Jill’s son Oliver and daughter in law Claire, are sick with worry – where is Bea and who took her?  Jill is doubly worried because she knows Claire doesn’t trust her with Bea and has already made a few mistakes while looking after Bea in the past.

Claire is furious, she should never have left her daughter with Jill. Coupled with this Oliver is acting very strangely, disappearing, telling lies and not being supportive when they should be united as a couple and searching for their daughter.  There are a few suspects close to them and somebody is sending horrible text messages.  But who took Bea??

At some points I found the plot a bit unbelievable but all in all a fast paced solid thriller Thank you to Bookouture, NetGalley and, the author for the ARC.
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Visiting the fairground with her grandmother Jill, seven year old Beatrice disappears. Jill only took her eyes off her for seconds, didn’t she?
Told in both Jill and Beatrice’s mother Claire’s point of views, we follow their lives from the moment Bea goes missing. How and why their relationship is so fractured and them frantically searching for Bea.
This is a mother’s worst nightmare, especially when she wasn’t there when it happened. Guilt and betrayal play a big part in this. 
This was a great thriller, with a great storyline and very well written. Giving you red herrings throughout and leaving you shocked at who the actual kidnapper was.

Shalini Boland has done it again, another fantastic read!
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Thank you for the opportunity to read this book via netgalley.
Well written, intriguing plot with many twists. I suspected the perpetrator early on but could not work out the motive until the "confession". An interesting read.
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Beatrice and her friend Millie are taken to the fair by Beatrice's grandmother.
While in the hall of mirrors Beatrice's grandmother Jill takes a phone call and takes her eye of the girls.
Jill cannot find Beatrice but Millie is there .
Where is Beatrice has she just wandered off or has someone taken her.
Claire gets a phone call as she is getting ready to go out to tell her her daughter is missing but Claire is puzzled as her husband Ollie was taking the girls to the fair.
While searching for Bea  Ollie is acting rather strange and keeping secrets.
There are a lot of characters that you think could be involved in Bea going missing.
Great read
Thanks NetGalley
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Bea and her grandmother are having a good time until Bea disappears. And now the nightmare begins. The story is told from the point of view of the mother and grandmother, the police figures are almost not there.
Thank you Netgalley for this adventure.
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her husband’s ex-wife taken her daughter?

Which one of them is lying? And who really knows where Beatrice is?

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review on netgalley. I have read and loved a few of this authors previous books

I raced through this in one go , it was addictive and completely blew me away . Who can be trusted? Who is being honest and who on earth has taken your little girl?

Written in alternate narratives we get to read this event from all angles .

Highly emotional and chilling as parent. Twists and turns aplenty this is a fast paced tense book.

A real rollercoaster of a psychological thriller. Shalini Is a fantastic author and I’ll definitely be reading more from her.

Published 22nd April
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Jill takes her granddaughter Beatrice and friend to the fairground but a happy day out turns into a nightmare when Beatrice disappears. Beatrice's parents Oliver and Claire are panicked. Who could have taken their daughter and will they ever forgive Jill or trust her again?
My Little Girl is a book about every parent's nightmare: a missing child. The book is written from the first person perspectives of Jill and Claire as they wait for news. There are occasional short passages from the abductor.
The character and plot development of Jill and Claire is utterly captivating. The two women have a difficult relationship at the beginning of the book and things obviously worsen during Beatrice's disappearance. However, as the women begin to understand each other better, they soften and adjust their behaviour which was really heartwarming amidst the crisis.
The style of writing is engaging and both women are handled sensitively. I think I would have been much more frantic and less reasonable but I hope I never have to find out!
It becomes clear from the abductor perspective that cruel mind games are behind their actions. I did guess the person responsible but the full reveal at the end was so enthralling that it didn't matter. The epilogue was a superb and made me go 'oooooh!'
My Little Girl was a compelling psychological thriller.
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While I normally loathe missing children books, i absolutely love Shalini Boland and was smart to give this one a try!  In her unique style, she riveted me with this twisted tale!  Full of tension, twisty Turns, chills, thrills, and shocks!  Amazing character development, fast paced writing, and riveting suspense makes this one unputdownable!  Grab today!
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I enjoyed this thriller a lot. At the beginning I had lots of ideas as to who took Bea. I did, correctly guess, at about 60% but I was riveted none the less and couldn’t put the book down. I’m looking forward to reading more by this author (I have already read a couple of others) and possibly seeing some of these characters again.  Definitely recommend this book. 

Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for the eARC of this book.
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