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Love this series and love this book. Rebecca does a great job falling in love with each of these characters
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Another solid installment in this long running PNR series from Rebecca Zanetti, and we are inching closer to the climax in the arc surrounding the Seven and their conflict with the Kurjans. It follows the romance of Benjamin Reese and Karma, the former mate of a Kurjan soldier.

Karma is a little different than most of the heroines in this series in that she is not a modern woman. She is hundreds of years old, but because she has been trapped with the Kurjans all these years, she is stuck in their old fashioned and misogynistic mindset. The men there treat women like servants and Terre (the ruthless brother to their leader) wants to have her for his own. Only the allergy that stems from her old mating prevents it. But once he realizes Benny intends to rescue her, he hatches a plan to let it happen. That way, she can get the shot to break that mating and help him spy on the Realm at the same time. She agrees only because her adopted daughters are being held as hostages.

Anyway, she likes long skirts and worries about speaking her mind, while Benny is the same brand of overprotective warrior as all the other guys in the series. Thankfully, though, because of her background and disposition, he isn't as obnoxious about it. AND HE NEVER SPANKS HER which I am not sure we have every successfully avoided in this series. (I'll give it an extra half-star just for that.) He is supposed to be "crazy" but I never found him so. Just a little unconventional.

Their romance progresses as you would expect as Karma is willing to sacrifice herself for her daughters and Benny fights tooth and nail to keep her safe. (Did I mention she can also see dead people?)

We get to spend a little time with Hope, Pax, and Drake. They're all in their mid-teens now. And y'all, I am 100% team Pax. I know this triangle kind of mirrors the one involving Janie in the past --and I was down with her HEA being on the other side of the battle-- but here... let's just say I'll be very disappointed if Drake ends up the guy.

We're not a lot closer on the Ulrich storyline, but we are running out of heroes, so maybe... three more books?

As always in this series, great world building, a great wide-cast of supporting characters and lots of action. Would recommend.
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I received a copy of this book from the publisher, through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. It was probably not the smartest thing to read the 13th book in a series I knew nothing about but I'll know better next time. Apart from my confusion about some aspects, the love story was great. I'm generally not into paranormal romance but this one just worked and I loved both protagonists. Surely worth a read if you are a Rebecca Zanetti fan and if you're not, you'll become one. But maybe start reading the series from the start :) .
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This book is about Benny, a Vampire-Demon who is hell bent on saving his mate, Karma from his enemies(The Kurjans).  It gets complicated when Karma wants to go back to be with her daughters, of course Benny will do anything to keep her happy even if it means to let her go. Decisions and sacrifices have to be made before anyone can get their happy ever after.  

I have been trying to catch up with this series in forever. Since I started late in the game, I have yet to fully catch up but I’ve read far enough to know most of the characters. Of course when this book came available, I had to jump ahead.  I have to warn you, while you can read this book as a stand alone, I highly recommend you read this series in order.  I think it will just be a more pleasant experience when you are familiar with the characters.  

I love how this series has evolved into the next generation of heroes and heroines while getting glimpses of the couples from the previous stories.  I especially like the consistency this author has put in in this series.  She continuously keeps me interested in each story line.  It’s action packed, always have sexy heroes, and kick ass heroines who can keep up a good banter with their mates as well as  keep them on their toes.  I promise you, this series will also keep you at the edge of your seat.
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Benjamin Reese has been a bit of a loner due to his secretive status with the Seven, his vampire-demon hybrid genes and his gruff nature. But ever since he found Karma, he's been on the hunt to get back to her and show her the mating mark driving him crazy on his palm, even if she's still mated to a dead Kurjan.
Karma is "rescued" by Benny and finds herself swept off of her feet by not only the member of the Seven but the modern world and how different the members of The Realm are from what the Kurjan's have been telling her. She does her best to protect her family by playing spy for the Kurjans and taking the virus which will erase her mating bond but she finds herself having a hard time protecting her heart from Benny.
Action packed, funny and fully of mystery with the Seven (also the return of some favorites, Bear and his motorcycle club), another great addition to the Dark Protectors series.
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Rebecca Zanetti's world has been a favorite of mine for years and Rebel's Karma and have been anxiously awaiting Benny's story. I always knew I would enjoy his book but was not expecting it to become a favorite. 
One of my favorite parts of Zanetti's books is constantly weaving through the old lore and favorite characters from the early books. This book has me more excited for the three kids, Hope, Pax, and Drake as we see them continue to grow. It was unexpected how much I would enjoy Karam but I liked her about as much as Emma, who has historically been my favorite of the women.
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Vampires: check. 
Enemies to lovers: check. 

This book was everything I was hoping for and more. I haven’t ever read a book from this authors, but apparently this isn’t even their best book and honestly that’s surprising. I can’t wait to read more of their works.
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4.5 Stars 

Another great addition to the Dark Protectors, Rebel’s Karma is a compelling read. Benny and Karma were great characters along with the dynamic ensemble around them. The story was captivating and engaging and I can’t wit to see where it goes next
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Rebel’s Karma (Dark Protectors #13). By Rebecca Zanetti. 2021. Kensington Books (ARC eBook).

After three years of searching, the reckless vampire-demon hybrid Benjamin “Benny” Reese gets his mate away from the Kurjan. Karma, a delicate lady from a bygone time who surprises Benny with her fiercely protective backbone. I really enjoyed Rebel’s Karma. There’s the series’ trademark action, humor and sizzle. There were some twists and turns as well and the plot involving the kids of the Realm and Kurjan nation beginning to evolve a bit more as they are now three years older and closer to reaching adulthood.
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Fans of Rebecca Zanetti comes Rebel's Karma Benjamin Reese is finally getting the woman he has been search for and willing to die for.  Readers of Rebecca Zanetti has been waiting for Benjamin to have his HEA. The story is Alpha male refusing to give up on his desire for the one woman he can't get out of his head.  Save the woman, woman wants to save him from the bad guys, Cave man saves woman, they fight, they want sex but get interrupted but swear they will finish it with a mark of the mate. Cave much "Me Tarzan. You Jane!" Those is gun, blood, family, more guns, bombs and everyone almost dying to save the mate.
Yet with all Dark Protectors series there is heart and soul to the characters that will keep readers coming back for more.
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the copy of Rebecca Zanetti Rebel's Karma.
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***3 Stars***

This is a total “It’s not you, it’s me” thing because I was totally looking forward to Benny’s book and yet, I just couldn’t get into it. I love the seven. I love all the characters that make up this world, but it was a struggle to stay focused. But while I’m giving this one 3 stars right now, I am keeping it at the top of the list to read again because I definitely feel like I’ve was just in a wonky reading mood that I’m finally coming out of and I will have more to say on after a re-read.
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Rebel’s Karma by Rebecca Zanetti is the thirteenth book in her Dark Protector series. Can you believe? Thirteenth! I cannot believe what we have lived through and how the little ones have grown up and we have moved on from the ‘normal’ vampires and witches and demons to hybrids and the Seven and the Cyst and… and really, you should read the whole series, from book 1 … and … I know I digress …
Rebel’s Karma gives us vampire-hybrid Benjamin “Benny” Reese’s story, we have waited for a while for it and I knew it would be one heck of a story after we met Karma (his beautiful blonde mate) and she refused to go along with Ben when they met on a rescue mission. Rebecca gives giving us some strong females and Karma is as strong as one can be – mated to a Kurjan and saving a toddler and being emotionally abused and still not losing her spirit, she is a perfect mate for one of the Seven.
At times I would just love to visit Rebecca’s head … especially when I read the Dark Protectors series … how does she come up with it all? How does she make it all so believable? How often do I sit back and think to myself … maybe, just maybe it is all possible …
I loved how Benny felt for Karma and tried to build her up and listened to her and how they really complimented each other … and the twins, just wait until you meet the twins! The other thing that I love about Dark Protectors series is the storyline with Hope and Drake and Pax (and Libby). I can see some crazy action in our future and I hope that once all the members of the Seven have found their mates, some additional story line will pop up and we will remain in this universe for … ever!
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The book I have been waiting for finally dropped and I couldn’t wait to read Benny and Karma’s story, but man I couldn’t even have imagined just where this one would take me!  The Dark Protector Series has evolved a lot over the years since the beginning and has lasted a very long time (story time) but each new story is so packed with drama and danger that you just don’t want it to end.  Benny’s story has been on my radar since I first met him because he just such an intensely lovable idiot and crazy at the best of times and in the best of ways.  Benny has spent the last three years staging battles and situations to get him closer to the woman he met for only moments in the heat of a battle, but she’s with the bad guys—even though she’s been chosen by fate as his true mate. Karma is intrigued and terrified of the big crazy hybrid that has supposedly been after her for years, but when she comes face to face with him again she has no idea how strong the pull to him will be, or just what he has in store for her.  Escaping with his mate is no easy feat, but Benny is no ordinary hybrid and he will stop at nothing to get her to safety. But can two people that have lived on different sides of a deadly battle for centuries find a happy life and love together when there are obstacles being thrown at them left and right and the final battle is bearing down on them.  Benny truly is the perfect amount of crazy to make any woman wonder if he takes that crazy to the bedroom, but other than that he is a total badass, sweet and cute at the oddest of moments. I have liked him from the beginning of this new story arc, but seeing him as he fell in love with Karma and worked to convince her to be his brought out the best parts of him in my opinion, making him even more dangerously protective and even when he thought Karma was his enemy he was unable to truly be mean to her or resist her.  Just the way he brought her comfort and protected her from the dangers she never imagined she would be facing, with a lightness and laughter that kept the world from truly being too much for Karma shows the depths of Benny’s greatness.  Karma was a weird one to get to know in the beginning; we knew something wasn’t quite right with her, though we wanted to like and trust her because she was Benny’s woman and he deserved his mate, and then it became apparent that her life truly wasn’t her own.  The love she showed for those she protected and then for Benny and his friends was deep and was what drove her every decision, not caring about her own life and making her the perfect mate for Benny.  She was sweet and naïve in many ways, but in so many others was world weary.  I enjoyed seeing her truly find her way out of the clutches of the Kurjans and then return to danger in order to keep not just those she loved safe but also to provide protection for the team and the Realm against their enemies.  In the end she truly showed that she would be trusted with Benny’s heart and would be a great member of the team.  The passion between Benny and Karma was interesting to watch develop because though there was attraction from the beginning they were truly on different sides of the war and the obstacles between them seemed insurmountable. Once they overcame all that stood between them, the passion, love and laughter was almost too perfect to bear and I loved every moment of it that we got to witness.  I am dying for Sam’s book (immortal’s Honor) which is coming next and then of course I think that only leaves one (maybe two) left in this overall arc before the Eight and their enemies will have to meet in the ultimate battle.  Where the series goes from there I couldn’t begin to guess, but I know I will definitely be along for whatever wild ride Rebecca decides to take us and her characters on next.
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These books are great, even after 13 of them (and a spin-off series)!  While I'm sure you could eventually understand this world starting here, it's definitely recommended to start from the beginning.  Since we are in a mix of the second/third/first/whatever generation of these immortal families, it gets kind of confusing without an intro.

Remember crazy Benjamin Reese?  Well, during a raid, he was touched by a Kurjan's mate who was helping them load people into the helicopter.  That one touch told him that she was his mate, but his life is never easy.  It was fantastic watching this crazy weirdo try to tone himself down to be more palatable to his would-be mate, only to let his freak flag fly in the end.  Karma, who has been pretty much brainwashed by the Kurjans, ends up having to re-evaluate her life, all the while juggling her responsibilities with the attraction to this insane dude.  

Did I mention I love Benny?  He's the best, and watching him get a family was the most satisfying installment I've read in a while.  Are there other, larger storylines at work here?  Yes, of course.  We're still fighting against the apocalypse, trying to keep the scales tipped to "good," but there are also these bonds and feelings of family that run throughout the series (just like the Fast and Furious franchise, right?).
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Rebel's Karma is the 17th in the Dark Protectors series and doesn't disappoint.  This was the second I've read by this author and series and though it can be read as a standalone, I enjoy the books so much I've started reading the series from the beginning to get the full effect of the story that runs through all the books in the series.  Rebel's Karma is fast-paced, action-packed, humorous,  emotional and steamy. I can't wait for the next installment to see what happens next!
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Loved it!  This series gets better with each new installment.  I absolutely love Benny & Karma's story.  Her transformation is amazing and Benny is wonderful as always.  There is so much intrigue, steam and action it is really hard to put down.  Love, love, love it.  I cannot wait for the next one.
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Another great release by Rebecca Zanetti in the Dark Protectors series. This one has Benjamin and Karma as our H/h. The seven are still fighting the Kurjans and getting ready for the final battle with Ulric. 

Benjamin has been looking for Karma for 3 years. He finally finds her when he gets capture. This book has the similar setup as the other releases however it works and you feel it is getting closer to the final showdown. 

Lots of action and steamy times. I enjoyed it and look forward to the next one.
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I was able to get an ARC via NetGalley. However, I read the book a week before it was out. I gave my honest review.

I love this book! Love this book so much that I wanna read this over and over again. Ever since I read about Benny, I was hoping that he will have a story of his own. I was so happy that was he was going to have a book, and his connection to the Seven was also something I was not expecting when I read him with the Reese Brothers.

Karma? well, she was something else. I love her and being Benny's mate was something else, their connection was something she was not expecting. Then again, Benny is something too.

As for the other people in the book? I cannot wait for their book! Sam, should watch out since it is his book next!
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Rebel’s Karma by Rebecca Zanetti
Dark Protectors #13

Three years since he has seen her, and he still wants her…the day he touched her he realized she was his mate and needs to be saved from the Kurjans… This is his chance. Is there a future for one of THE SEVEN with this enhanced human immortal once mate to a Kurjan or…not. 

What I liked: 
* Benny: one of The Seven, a “brother” to the other seven, vampire-demon hybrid, fierce, loyal, dedicated, lethal, loving, more than he realizes, might have a HEA if he can leave behind a few assumptions. 
* Karma: over two hundred years old, once mated to a Kurjan, servant to the Kurjans since widowed, sees and speaks with ghosts, helps others, has adopted twin daughters, fearful and “weak” but able to grow through the story. 
* The way Karma’s fear was overcome
* The relationship between Benny and Karma as it developed
* Linda – the ghost 
* How Terre was dealt with
* The twins (Boone and Belle) and the eventual B-Club
* Seeing the others from previous books 
* The part the Bear nation played in helping out – and wondering what they will get up to in the future
* Catching a glimpse of what is bothering Garrett
* Seeing Honor (the lock), Honor’s friends Paston and Libby, seeing Honor’s Kurjan “dream” friend Drake…and wondering how their story will play out and what part they will play in the long game
* Being reminded (a bit) of the other story lines and entities in the series
* That some of the bad guys were thwarted
* Contemplating how and when the series will finally end

What I didn’t like: 
* Those I was meant not to like/trust
* Wondering how many more books there will be in the series…kind of want to KNOW how it ends. 

Did I like this book? Yes
Would I read more in this series? Yes

Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington—Lyrical Press for the ARC – This is my honest review. 

4-5 Stars
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If there was a demon-vampire hybrid that would be the life of the party, it would be Benny. As serious as his life is, this alpha protector knows you have to live. Benny has so much to him. A fun and a bit crazy side yet is so sweet at times he will make your heart go pitter patter.

Karma is so brave and an incredibly strong Woman. She’s endured so much but yet she keeps fighting. Losing her mate just as they were beginning their time together, to never be able to meet again, to being put into a situation beyond her control. Her femininity it’s a beautiful touch to her personality. It’s who she is and she lets that part of her self shine. For someone who does their best to blend in she definitely stands out.

Rebecca Zanetti is definitely turning it up in Rebels Karma. There are some many levels of intensity to the story and it just gets better along the way. Benny and Karma are beautiful together. Benny’s caring nature helps Karma on the path of finding her true self. They complement each other beautifully and their passion is so deep. The situation is getting heated and everyone is willing to do what it takes to keep everyone safe or to get to their ultimate goal. Rebecca Zanetti is definitely keeping us on our toes.
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