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Benny beats all of fans expectations. You can't help but fall for him. Karma was great. Complex and a perfect balance to Benny. There's action, suspense, and sexy romance. Things are building to the conclusion of the series and this author knows how to keep fans coming back for more. She never disappoints!
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Benjamin Reese takes one look at Karma and his mating mark is invoked, she's his mate and a prisoner in his enemy's stronghold. Nothing will hold him back from venturing back into the maw of the lion to rescue his mate. But......
Karma has lived for so long that she's forgotten her origins for the most part. She was briefly mated but her mate died and she's lived ever since in the Kurjan stronghold treated like a servant. She's caught the eye of one of the leaders of her people who is determined to possess her and sire strong sons with her. When Benjamin comes to rescue her she escapes with him so that her mating marks from her first mating can be removed using technology that Benjamin's people possess. She's also embedded with spyware that allows her to see and hear what's happening in Ben's environment.
Life however is rarely simple. What Karma sees is so far from the Kool aid that she's been fed by the Kurjans that she wishes she could make her home with the immortal guardians. However she has two children that she cares for that are hostage for her good behavior and guaranteed return. The story is an interesting mix of prophecies and a vast cast of characters. While I have only read one of the earlier books in the series and was able to follow along with this story I believe I might have enjoyed this much more if I could have understood some of the character references etc.
All in all this is a fast paced action story which I enjoyed very much. I'm hooked, I want to see how it all will finally come together in the end.
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4.5 - "All of me and all of you…" Stars!

Thirteen books and however many novellas on I still love the Dark Protectors series. It is my #1 PNR series, and I don’t think that will ever change. Rebel’s Karma finally gives us Benny Reece’s story. As one of the seven, this is a vampire-demon hybrid that has more than a little going on at the moment, but a chance meeting years ago in a Kurjan stronghold bought Karma into his universe, it also bought out his the mating mark.

"You’re crazy…"

"…That has been said more than once."

Three years on and he is ready to make his move and make sure she is freed from the Kurjans although he is not sure that he can offer everything she deserves in regards to love and relationships. His chosen path leads to almost certain death, and he isn’t sure it’s fair to claim her and then expect her to live an immortal life potentially without him.

"It’s nice to trust somebody…"

Benny and the rest of the Realm clan are nothing like Karma expected. So-much-so that she starts to wonder if everything the Kurjans have told her over the decades is a lie. Problem is she’s got ties back with them that she cannot just ignore, and in order to get back to them she has to betray the very people she is starting to see are not the enemy.

"I’m done holding back… I’m not nice or easy or casual… I’m just me."

I think I have used every compliment I can about this series in all of my other reviews, my opening paragraph highlights just how much I enjoy these adventures, the author still manages to keep things fresh, interesting as well as fast-flowing, and the characters, past, present (and future) are what keep you reading, I think Talen popped up for a couple of paragraphs in this one and I still had that same stoopid grin on my face as I had way back when I read Fated. I feel a re-read coming on, its well past time to be honest. And it will keep me out of trouble while I wait for Immortal’s Honor to drop in December.

"You please me by just existing."
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I love Rebecca Zanetti's works. Her writing style, her ability to weave mystery into storytelling is simply amazing. Rebel's Karma was no different. I enjoyed reading every second of it.

The heroine, Karma was simply great. She was a strong lead and was the perfect mate for Benny. Even after going through all the things with the Kurjans, she never let them break her. 

And I'm so glad to announce that I found a new book-boyfriend in Benny. He was funny, sweet and crazy. I absolutely adored him. 

Overall I loved the book. Rebecca Zanetti is a great writer, and I'd recommend everyone to read this book.
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Benny has been one of my favorite characters sim the beginning. And hai story is so sweet. The craziest of them being tamed by the most delicate of characters. And the way he builds Karma up and supports her is awesome. Man, where are guys like him IRL?

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Hot humorous hybrid alert! Karma is about to kick Benny's keister in the best kinda way!
Rating: 5 stars
Flames: 2 flames
Genre: PNR
I knew Benny was going to be some kind of special, but he was so incredibly special that he almost stole my heart from Quade... almost.

Benny is on a mission to find the woman that triggered the mating mark during a daring rescue of enhanced females from the Kurjans. Three years he has been searching and finally he has found her but what he finds may shock him.

Karma has been under Kurjan control for centuries, and untouchable since her mate died. Thankfully due to the mating allergy she has been spared Kurjan male advances, but she hasn't been spared cruelty, threats, beatings and lies. When Benny is captured and brought to the Kurjan stronghold she is charged with helping him heal so the Kurjans can torture him. She expects to find a broken, scared, evil demon vampire hybrid, but what she finds is far from it. Come on folks, it’s Benny… she instead finds a sarcastic, and more than a little crazy, funny, kind, and considerate immortal!

Karma is not a modern woman; she has never been given choices and she is suspicious of everyone. The Kurjan’s have spewed propaganda to their people to ensure that all Kurjans and females are scared of The Realm and the Seven. Karma expects nothing shy of Satan himself when meeting Benny.

With each of the Dark Protector's I feel a sense of contentment. Like coming home to a warm fire, huckleberry pancakes, and a nice glass of wine with friends. With each book, I know that I will never be disappointed, and that the storyline is going to be engaging, keep me on the edge of my seat, and fall in love with new characters. Rebel's Karma exceeded all my expectations and Benny is now my second fave member of the Seven.

This book is filled with twists, turns, love, healing, growth, and so much more. If you enjoy books that are exceptionally well-written, strong storylines, fantastic characters, and suspense that keeps you on edge… PICK UP THIS SERIES! A must read, all the stars recommendation from me!
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I’m really loving this series, and although I haven’t read all the books in the series it hasn’t affected my understanding of the characters, so in my opinion it can be read as a standalone.  Book 13 has vampire-demon hybrid Benjamin Reese going into Kurjan territory, guns blazing, to rescue Karma who is being held captive by her own choice.  She is the protector to two adorable little girls, and does not want to leave them unprotected.  When Benny rescues her things start heating up in more ways than one.   Chemistry, drama, action, and lots of little twists to keep you on your toes.  Highly enjoyable and extremely additive.  I can’t wait for more from the Seven and the Realm, so many side stories in each book, all in anticipation for future books.  I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. This is my honest review.
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I have loved this series! I couldn’t wait to read about Benny given his description and actions in the other books. This story did not disappoint. While every book in this series has centered around the same general plot, none of them have felt repetitive. Karma was an awesome female character. I’d highly recommend.
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Rebecca Zanetti continues her Dark Protectors series with Rebel’s Karma, a steamy, high octane romantic paranormal suspense.

For the past three years, vampire-demon hybrid Benjamin Reese has been looking for the woman who provoked his mating mark to appear. The fact that she’s living with Kurjans, his sworn enemies, because centuries ago she was mated to one is not even the main problem, convincing her to leave with him once he gets to her so he can protect her was.

Karma needs to complete her mission in order to save the innocent. Even though she’s more of a servant than a spay for the Kurjans, it should have been easy to do except Benjamin not only demonstrate endless patience and care, his kisses are too tempting and dangerous.

If there was ever a happy go lucky vampire-demon hybrid it would be Benny Reese. He’s a member of the Seven so his deadly skills should never be underestimated, nor should his alpha male protectiveness.

To make him even better in the romance hero scale, I LOVED how he was continually building Karma up. The scene where he puts on a skirt to show her that she can fight and defend herself even in a skirt… ovary explosion!

Even though Karma and Benny were definitely not looking to get into a relationship, because let’s face it, none of these immortals really are, they two made a sweet and adorable couple.

Rebel’s Karma is exciting as things between the Seven and the Kurjans/Cyst are coming to a head faster than expect. I’ve enjoyed this series so much and I can’t wait to read about Garrett whose book is hopefully next, but the Pax, Hope, Drake subplot is killing me.

Rebel’s Karma is book #13 of the Dark Protectors series by author Rebecca Zanetti. It is an exciting standalone paranormal romance, told from various points of view with a happy ending. Genre: Paranormal Romance
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Rebel's Karma is the thirteenth book in the Dark Protectors series by Rebecca Zanetti. A paranormal romance that is action-packed, steamy, and heartfelt goodness on every page.
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Rebels Karma by Rebecca Zanetti
Dark Protectors book 17. Paranormal romance. Best read as part of the full Dark Protector series. Benny in particular can be found in the 1001 Dark Nights novellas (Teased, Tricked, Tangled, Vengeance, Vixen and Vampire). Those books do not need to be read before this book.

“I’m Benny. You can call me Benny, Ben, Benjamin, or butthead.”
Benny has been searching for Karma for three years. He’s known since the beginning that they are destined to be mated but he’s willing to let her be free to live her life however she wants. Karma is terrified when she is first brought to Realm headquarters. She’s been told about the Queen’s experiments and when she hears the men joking about being chased with a needle, she takes it literally. Karma is also brave and willing to do whatever is needed to return to the Kurjans and her adopted daughters, even if it means betraying these people being so nice to her. 
Karma emerges from her cocoon in this story from beaten servant to empowered woman. It’s wonderful that Benny finally gets his happy connection. 

This story also continues the connections between Hope, Pax and Drake (mid teens) as they grow older and  closer to their key roles in the ultimate and final battle between the nations.  
I’m looking forward to where the storyline goes in the next few books and in the meantime, loving these matings that make the couples so deliriously happy in each other’s arms. 

I received a copy of this from NetGalley. I also purchased a copy of this to keep.
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Karma comes in her own time 
This book is just amazing!  Benny has always been one of my favorite characters, and I absolutely love that Karma finally gets her HEA. Not to mention getting to see more of the other key characters and getting to delve deeper into the final destination for the current war. Like with all her books, the author kept the action and intensity high throughout the book keeping me glued to my seat until the very end. Be sure you are prepared to hunker down for the long haul when you open this book. Because this is one that will suck you in and not let go until the last page turns. If you are like me, you are going to love every minute of it.
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Benny's book - for better or for worse. Unfortunately, it could have been a lot better. 

I may have expected too much because my introduction to the Realm came from reading Conn and Moira's story. And lemme tell you, those two are relationship goals. I keep hoping that the rest of the couples I've since read have at least that wham factor, but I've only ever come across 3 couples do far who do it for me. 

The problem is I loved the cameo Benny played in a previous novella (it's been a while since I've read these books and I've forgotten the name - also, I'm too lazy to Google it!) and I hoped he would be one of the characters who's story would grip me because the groundwork was already laid. 

After reading the book, I stepped away for a month to figure out what didn't connect with me and I've since realized it. 

1. The Pax-Hope-Drake drama. I've mentioned this in my review for Guardians Grace, and my thoughts haven't changed. 

2. Where's the rest of the Seven? As mentioned, It's been a while so my memory is likely to be spotty, but all the brothers played a role in the flagship Realm stories. Too much sometimes, but that's preferable to too little in this instance. 

The things I liked though - Zanetti can surely write and Benny gets his girl. I wanted more, damnit and I haven't been able to get it in the Seven storyline. 

At this point, I'm simply hoping for Garrett's story, which feels like a 'make or break' one for me as far as this series goes. 

Sadly, only 2 stars for the book and 1 solely for the talented author. This was a miss for me, I'm afraid.  Fingers crossed for the next one.

***ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review***
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I really enjoyed this book and the characters. I would recommend the book to anyone who enjoys the series.
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4.5 stars

An action and suspense-filled paranormal rollercoaster ride with a gorgeous romance, Rebecca Zanetti’s Dark Protectors series continues with the long-awaited story for Benjamin (Benny) Reese – hilarious yet badass vampire/demon hybrid, and member of the Seven.

Note - This book is not a standalone, so make sure you’re up to date on events in this series before making a starts on this one.

Benny found his destined mate in the last book of the series – an enhanced female who was once mated to a Kurjan, and who know lives as a prisoner of the Kurjan leaders. Though he has no intention of actually mating Karma (knowing that it’s his fate to die as a member of the Seven), he can’t leave her in the hands of the bad guys, so he breaks her out, and brings her into his world.

“Just leave. Take an opening and find freedom,” she whispered tersely, her stomach cramping. “Forget about me.”
“Not a chance.” His gaze ran over her face like a physical touch … “Get ready, darlin’. We’re about to escape this place.”

Karma was married only for a very brief time, and her husband died centuries ago. Since then, she has lived as a captive/slave for the Kurjans, and has been fed all kinds of false information about the Realm. Having been downtrodden for so long, and fearing for her life amongst those that she wrongfully fears will torture her, watching her interact with the boys of the Realm, and their inquisitive Queen, is so entertaining. And I love her strength, intelligence and sense of wonder as she begins to explore and understand her new reality, with Benny as her guide.

“I also read a novel about vampires who sparkled in the sun, and I truly enjoyed it…” She wanted to sparkle. Who didn’t? “Wouldn’t it be lovely to sparkle, Benjamin?”
His face seemed to morph in every direction and then settled back into place. “Covert Ops would be difficult if I sparkled, but I guess everyone deals with obstacles.”

The dynamic between Benny and Karma is fantastic. Being destined mates, of course there is chemistry there, and their attraction is undeniable. But Benny refuses to subject Karma to losing another mate, and can only give her something casual. But she is a woman who is beginning to understand what she wants, and appreciates the fact that she can have it, and when they finally cave in to all of that sexual tension, it’s hot as all hell!

“I’m done holding back, sweetheart. I’m not nice or easy or casual. I’m just me. You in or out?”
“In,” she breathed.

But the Kurjans are watching, and while Benny is fighting to protect Karma, she has a mission of her own to protect those that she loves. It’s a wild ride full of action, intrigue, suspense and a whole lot of badassery, and I loved it! The story moves at a great pace, and I was glued to my kindle the whole way through.

There is more time spent with Garret, Logan and Sam (FTW), and some great cameos from series faves. Things are developing with Hope and her destiny, and I’m so intrigued where the series is going to go from here. It’s building up to its big finish, and with only a few books left, I am so excited for what is to come.

I loved this one. Sexy, action-packed and intense with a gorgeously sweet love story, it’s such a fun read.

4.5 stars!
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What a great way to leave your troubles behind and be entertained, waiting to see what happens next.  To laugh out loud,  to sizzle through the steamy intimate scene and just flat out enjoy!  I love everything Rebecca writes.  I started with  her in Fated and have never left.  Ah crazy Benny,  there is someone for everyone.  Your depth, your heart, sigh.  I loved this one, as Karma says, she is not a modern woman.  So if you have read this series you know most of the mated are from current times.  If you haven't you can still read this, but I will tell you flat out you will be kicking yourself for missing this series,  Just think you can go back to book 1 Fated,  our first generation.  We see Hope, Drake, Pax and know things are coming. to a head.  I don't know if I can do the Drake Hope thing.  He is so nonchalant about what has to be and doesn't mind lying to Hope.  Score for Pax.  Shoot I digress, this is Bennys and Karmas book. and if you like paranormal, romance, steam and family with war brewing this is the book for you.,  To top it off there is humor and snark,  the fact that Karma has lived for so long just opens up a world of opportunity for love and laughter as she grows into her inner strength. Anyone else want to know how The Kurjans are getting all the new and best in electronics, weapons and knowledge?  Ok, Ok, I know they can't always lose, they have to have brains etc.  but still, hmmm.  Loved the twist and the surprises.  Don't judge a book buy its cover, thought this one is hot, its so miuch more.
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I'd fallen a wee bit behind in this series and was worried I'd feel confused jumping back in with Rebel's Karma - I should not have worried. Zanetti's writing style quickly had me falling right back into the grove of the Dark Protectors. Action, suspense, I mean roller coaster ride suspense just like I remembered, Zanetti's books are always a joy to get lost the best possible way!

I enjoyed Benny and Karma so very much. The fated mate pull is strong and even the best of intentions can't ignore said fate! The banter is funny and sweet and of course sexy, and the danger feels so very real it practically leaps from the page. I've recommended this series for years and I'll continue doing so as this book does not disappoint.
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Rebel's Karma was another amazing read by Rebecca Zanetti. The 13th book in the Dark Protector Series and the story line is still going strong. Things are heating up with the Seven and the Cyst and I can't wait to see what happens next. Benny has always been a favorite of mine and I knew I would love his book. I just didn't know how much I would end up loving Karma.
Karma was such a mystery going into this read. I knew from the last book that she had been mated to a Kurjan and she helped save a toddler in the last book, but other than that she was a blank page. Karma was amazing and the perfect mate for Benny. She was so brave and strong enduring for so long with the Kurjans yet never letting them kill her spirit. Benny was as fun and crazy as I thought he would be, but he had such a sweet side too. I fell so hard for Benny the way he tried to build up Karma, give her freedom, and a sense of self. Together they made such a great couple. They had a ton of chemistry, but the sweetness to their relationship was what really did it for me.
As we get closer to the end of the series,(I believe there is 3 more books) the plot is getting so intense. The Pax, Hope and Drake plot has me dying to know more. Hope like her mom Janie is torn between the two men(teens) in her life. When it came to Janie, Zane and Kalin I always wanted Zane to win Janie's heart. I liked Kalin and I was glad he redeemed himself in the end. The thing is this time around I am really liking Drake. He doesn't come off as crazy evil like most Kurjans. The chemistry between Drake and Hope is off the charts. there is still so much about Drake that we readers don't know and I can't wait to learn more. Pax is a cute guy and I wouldn't mind him ending up with Libby but I feel like he is not the one for Hope.
I loved all the parts with Dage, Emma, and Talen. I would love to get more time with the old gang in upcoming books. I also think it's time for the Seven to let others in on the secret. The whole Cyst army is creep af. The pressure is building with Ulric and the "Big Ritual" and I can't wait to see how it all unfolds. Although this book was action packed there was some really cute moments in it too. I loved the friendship between Benny and Mercy. The twins were really cute and Benny with the twins was swoon worthy. Quade, Garrett and the toothpaste had me laughing my butt off. God I love this whole world. Sam, Garrett, and hope's books are coming up and I really can't wait to get my hands on them. This series is an amazing series and I would recommend it to everyone. Start with book one Fated for the full world or Vampire's Faith for the new arc of the series. Personally I would suggest starting from book 1 because you don't want to miss out on all the yumminess that is Talen, Dage, and Jase!
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I really like this book especially because of the beautiful relationship between Benny and Karma. They had great banter and such sweet moments together. I loved how protective Benny was of Karma. Their passionate moments together were wonderful to read. I also love all of the side characters in the book and hope to see some spin offs from it. All in all this was a lovely read.
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I have been waiting for this book and I tell you I was not disappointed. I love Benny and Karma, they were so cute together. I loved the banter and the sweetness in their relationship. This is one of the best series I have ever read and I can not wait for more.
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