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Home to Texas is the second book in the Brides of Rough Creek, Texas and it’s a very fascinating read. KD Whitcomb is part of a Female Engagement Team in Afghanistan and was badly wounded after an encounter with a corrupt and immoral Afghani captain. Richard Murdock is investigating the incident and finds KD intriguing. When both are discharged expeditiously from the army, they are both left wondering what’s next. What they both know is that they don’t want to end their ties with one another just yet. Richard somehow calms KD and gives her much needed peace, and KD has Richard thinking this woman is more than just a case to him.

This story was quite interesting and different coming from the female perspective. This story traveled from Afghanistan to Texas and deals with family; both the kind you make in the army and the one you are born into. There was a lot going on and many emotions that both main characters had to confront. Feelings like survivor’s guilt to second guessing whether you did right thing in those split seconds in Afghanistan. There is the overwhelming reality that they both need to find a new path and KD also needs to physically recover from her injuries. I admired both these characters due for their ability to compartmentalize and their resiliency. The author can definitely tell a story and this plot was exceptional. I loved seeing Raney and Dalton from book 1 and how it all came together nicely in the end. The author is best known for her historical stories but there is no doubt she can write a phenomenal contemporary romance.
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The romance is everything I could have asked for. KD and Richard are so perfect together and I really commend the author for the absence of the common "miscommunication as drama" trope as way of keeping them apart. Their relationship was completely honest even with everything each character had going on. There are plenty of heavy issues at play and I was completely enthralled by their dedication and devotion to each other.

And as always Happy Reading!!
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Thank you Netgalley and Berkley for access to this arc. 

 Wow. This started out so well. The first 1/3 of the book is great with tense, realistic scenes of The Incident that took place in Afghanistan and brought KD and Richard together. I especially enjoyed the investigation that Richard, as the CID officer, pursues. The scenes with the MPs and surgeon at the FOB, as well as Richard and KD interacting as he questions her at Landstuhl are wonderful.

Then everyone arrives at Fort Hood and KD’s family ranch in Texas and things start breaking down. Suddenly after knowing each other for less than a week, Richard is camped out in KD’s hotel room and he’s casually calling her “babe.” After the build up to the Article 32 that will determine KD’s future in the Army, suddenly that’s over and dropped. But wait, a crazed lunatic appears to be after her and the family which half the time concerns them and half the time gets blown off as something that will never happen.

KD’s family gets all up in her, and Richard’s, business including an excruciatingly embarrassing conversation between Richard and KD’s brother-in-law about KD’s ability to bear children because of her injuries. Um, no.

The second half of the book is filled with telling instead of showing. So, so much telling. Mind numbing amounts of telling. Wait, except for a scene in Richard badgers KD into telling him all about her brother-in-law’s past which he, Richard, had absolutely no need to know. Also there are increasingly laughable snippet scenes of the crazed lunatic. By the time he and his crew finally appear on the scene, I was barely maintaining interest in the outcome which all goes to hell in a handcart. Surprising considering the number of trained military personnel there as well as armed Texans.

At this point, with less than 30 pages to go, I threw in the towel. I just couldn’t take any more. And I’m not even going to go into how incorrect the information on and actions of KD, who just had a hip replacement two months ago, were. Sexy lap dancing? I don’t think so. DNF
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Really enjoyed this book and the element of slight suspense it had. Both the hero and heroine were worth rooting for!
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Home to Texas was my first experience with Kaki Warner, and although it’s is book two in a series (Brides of Rough Creek, Texas), it works perfectly fine as a standalone.  There are other characters in the story who have clearly appeared in other books by this author, but they’re very much secondary to the main plotline, so I didn’t feel as though I’d missed out on anything that had gone before.  I’m not a great reader of m/f contemporary romance, but the synopsis of this one appealed to me, and I enjoyed the book a lot; the characters are appealing, the settings are well described and the humour and banter between the two leads feels very natural and unforced (which isn’t always the case!)  It’s a solid romance as well; two people who meet under very inauspicious circumstances are drawn to each other, and together, find purpose and a fresh start on a sprawling Texas ranch.

When the book begins, Lieutenant KD Whitcomb is just coming to in a hospital bed, groggy, sometimes in pain, sometimes nauseous, but somehow comforted by the steady beeps of the machines surrounding her.  She knows she’s in hospital but doesn’t know how long she’s been there, and the memories as to how she got there are disturbing to say the least.  Unusually however, there is someone at her side when she wakes this time, a tall, dark-haired man with tired blue eyes she doesn’t know but is sure has been there before.  He tells her he’s a Warrant Officer from the army criminal investigations division (CID) and that he’s there to ask her a few questions about the incident that landed her in a hospital bed if she’s up to answering them.  But she isn’t and he is asked to return another day – and KD knows she’ll have to be ready with her answers then.

The story then skips back a few days to when KD and her superior officer, Captain Natalea Mouton were approached by Samira, one of their Afghani interpreters, to ask them if they could help a local woman retrieve her eight-year-old son from Asaf Farid, the captain of the local unit of the Afghan National Police, who has taken the boy from her intending to use him for sex.  Nataleah points out that the army has a policy of non-interference when it comes to cultural issues (no matter how abhorrent they are), but agrees to go to speak with Farid to see if he will return the boy.  When they arrive at Farid’s concrete hut, Nataleah sends KD into the back room to look for the boy while she speaks with Farid – and then all hell breaks loose.  While trying to help the bruised, battered and terrified boy out of the window, KD hears gunshots – and is then confronted by Farid, who shoots her in the leg and is advancing on her to finish her off.  Before he can do so, she shoots back – then blacks out.

The first part of the story is tense and exciting as Warrant Officer Richard Murdock, who has been assigned to investigate the killings of Mouton and Farid, realises that the army is looking to avoid the scandal of two of its officers being shot by someone trained and weaponised by the US military by using KD as a scapegoat, casting doubt on the legality of her actions and basically hanging her out to dry. But no way is Richard going along with that; even though his own career is on the line if he doesn’t reach the conclusion he’s been instructed to reach, he’s determined to find a way to present the facts of the case without ending both their military careers.

Once she’s back Stateside, Richard offers to help KD prepare for the hearing she’s been summoned to, and to find her a good JAG lawyer, and as they spend a few days together, the attraction they’d both felt as KD started to recover develops into something deeper and full of mutual understanding and respect.  I really liked the way their romance progresses, both of them being wary of jumping into something new at a time of such uncertainty, but also unable to deny their growing feelings for one another.

It’s not a spoiler (it’s in the blurb) to say that they both end up leaving the army, and then the action moves to the Whitcomb family cattle ranch in Texas, KD having invited Richard to visit while he gives some thought to what he’s going to do next.  Their relationship develops at a believable pace and I appreciated the lack of misunderstandings and miscommunication to create drama and tension; there’s enough of that in the plotline concerning the threats made against KD and Richard by the drug-lord and Taliban sympathiser Khalil Farid, who has vowed revenge for the death of his son.

I enjoyed the book and the romance is undoubtedly well done – KD and Richard are well-matched, they communicate well and are wonderfully supportive of each other – but the pacing flags in places (mostly the second half/around the middle), and the climax to the plot falls rather flat when, despite all the detailed planning as to how to handle Farid and his men, the author pulls one of the oldest tricks in the book which made it all look completely pointless.  After the skilful way Kaki Warner explores KD’s (and Richard’s) treatment by the military, KD’s complicated relationship with her family, and the equally accomplished way she develops the romance, that felt really clunky and amateurish by comparison.

The characterisation is excellent across the board; the secondary characters are well-rounded and the familial relationships and family dynamics are very well written.  KD and Richard are likeable and easy to root for, both wounded in different ways – she from her physical injuries and subsequent anxiety issues, he as the result of a family tragedy and an early marriage that went badly wrong – and both have some healing to do as they move into the next stage of their lives.

Home to Texas is an enjoyable combination of contemporary romance and suspense, and although there are places in the second part of the story where things slowed down a bit too much, the book held my interest and kept me turning the pages.  Richard and KD have terrific chemistry and the depth of the emotions that lie between them are palpable whenever they’re on the page together.  Despite the pacing issues I’ve mentioned, I’m happy to recommend Home to Texas, especially if you’re looking for a contemporary romance with a slightly different spin to it.

Grade: B / 4 stars
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I enjoyed reading Home to Texas by Kaki Warner, book two in her Brides of Rough Creek series, a romantic suspense story.  This story focuses on KD and Richard, their friendship, chemistry, and magnetic attraction as they try to figure out a new future, away from the Army while attempting to stay alive; ahead of their enemy. Lieutenant KD Whitcomb planned her career out to the last detail; going from West Point to the Pentagon. She was right on track until she is injured during a questionable situation while deployed and is forced to leave the army. Her dreams are now nightmares, she’s feeling lost and needs to finds the tough woman she once was, underneath her uniform. Directionless she heads home to the family ranch in Rough Creek, Texas. The only things helping her to survive the nightmares and sleepless nights are the support of her family and the CID officer, Richard Murdock, who investigated her incident in Afghanistan. Richard is also struggling’ ready to leave the army and start anew. He suspects there something shady about KD’s case, especially the threats coming from Afghanistan directed at both him and KD; making him want to protect KD. These two strong, independent souls share a strong, growing attraction and off the charts sizzling chemistry. Despite fears getting the better of them, Richard makes KD laugh and gives her hope while he is drawn to her vulnerability and strength. Richard will do whatever he can to protect her and help her build new dreams; especially starting a PTSD equine therapy program at her ranch. Once they overcome the threats against them and heal their wounds, KD and Richard can have the life they want, possibly better than they even dreamed.

Ms. Warner wrote a wonderful, emotional, military-themed story that should not to be missed. She provided a tale rich with romance, action, danger, off the charts chemistry, magnetism, and charming characters giving KD and Richard a chance at a future together with new careers that neither expected. I highly recommend Home to Texas to other readers.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
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What a surprise this story turned out to be.  The characters are superb and the story a great mix of sweet, sassy, sexy with an emotional punch.  
KD was the rebel in her family who left her debutante lifestyle for a life in the army. On her first deployment she survives a toxic brew that is going to have long term implications for her career, her physical and emotional well being. Richard Burton is the CID officer who is investigating the incident where KD was shot, an Afghan national and KD's superior officer killed. The situation has all the career ending implications of a political nightmare. Richard and KD ride the roller coaster together. Can they survive the ride without getting thrown off the deep end. 
A drug lord from Afghanistan makes his way to the USA to bring terror to a quite corner in Texas in retaliation for self defense. 
As Richard and KD figure out a future for themselves after the army and after the trauma that they in each of their own different ways have gone through I fell in love with the characters and the people I met in this neck of the woods. As in all the best stories, I laughed, I cried, I shouted aloud and cheered my people on.
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HOME TO TEXAS is the second book in the BRIDES OF ROUGH CREEK TEXAS series. It was nice to be reunited with characters and locations we’ve met before in their small town, especially the Whitcomb sisters. This is not only a cowboy story but also has a lot of military nuances woven throughout since ex-soldiers, KD and Richard, are front and center.

The story begins in Germany in the prologue and then takes us to Afghanistan before coming home to Texas. Both Fort Hood and KD’s family ranch really come alive under author Kaki Warner’s descriptions. There is a depth not only to the characters but also the plot. There are many stories being woven seamlessly together, though they do have a darkness to them (most of it due to what happened in Afghanistan before KD came home injured.)

KD and Richard met in Afghanistan, where he had to interrogate her to find out what really happened to cause her injuries and the death of others involved in a skirmish. KD and Richard have an immediate attraction. With so much going on in both of their lives, they feel an unexpected calmness just being together. It was fun to watch their friendship and feelings grow despite the dark undertones. I liked her relationship with her family and those she was in therapy with, as well as how easily Richard fit into her life.

HOME TO TEXAS has a nice flow and a richness to it with vivid descriptions of all the locations that made me feel like I was there. There is nice closure with the epilogue that takes place two months after the story ends. So many happily ever afters were delightful and left me wanting to know more. I hope we are reunited at the Whitcomb Four Star Ranch again, even if it’s just a holiday novella (hint, hint). I love the cover and how the objects are silhouetted.

Ms. Warner is an author whose cowboy romances I enjoy. I have a few more on my TBR pile and I look forward to reading them.

I rated the book 4.5 stars but rounded to 5 stars here and on other sites.
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Will their chemistry be only the beginning of something grander than they expected at first …

I am not much a contemporary romance reader but when I was offered the opportunity for this one, with a dash of suspense in it, I struggled to say no as it was set to be released on crazy Tuesday, after I already had 14 books to read so why not add another one.
And I am definitely glad I was offered this book. This was such an amazing read with a strong but flawed heroine, an over the top kind and caring hero, a powerful demonstration of family love and a bit of thrill with the action parts.

This read packs such a punch, emotional talks, raw verities, sweet sexy times, action scenes, pain filled moments, subtle humor, yet it is also slow paced story to give time to the characters to adapt to their changing circumstances, to follow their heart and discuss their dreams, failings and reworked expectations. Nothing is rushed, the words flow smoothly as the time pours at its right pace. 
I loved KD and Richard together, they do not talk dung, they are blunt, frank and straightforward all laced with quips and wits. They are stronger together, bringing out the best of the other, each a shoulder to rest and a hand to stand.

KD unexpectedly survived a traumatic event, one which sets in motion the course of this book. Plus to recover, she will have to face life changing circumstances and rebuild herself wholly as the future she had all mapped out had just been turned down by the attack she survived. 
But she is strong, stronger than her physic might let it appear. She won’t crumble, she might have her down time and her doubts, she is hell of a lady, able to stand for herself when need be.
Yet she also acknowledges Richard who began as a life buyo after their first interactions, turns rapidly as a fixture she needs permanently in her life. But how lastingly and for which reason.

Richard is very much a dream comes true, his career nor his past did not change him in a bitter filled fellow, he might have reached a point he needs to explore new venues, he is still a much empathic guy, seing clearly where his new assignment is leading him and that he is not willing to compromise even to please some high ranking members. And while KD’s file landed on his lap as his new mission, she awakens and reawakens emotions he thought lost or never truly felt before. And the more they get closer, the more he realizes he needs to be next to her in the future, to find a way to make their temporary association a permanent situation.

I haven’t read any of the author’s prior work, but now if time permits, I will definitely read more of it. With this beautiful story of two persons having to rebuilt their whole life all the while facing a threat from their past, the author brings together two people with bagages but not hiding and willing to make things work out as they feel there is more to their attraction that simple chemistry.
5 stars 
𝗦𝘁𝗲𝗮𝗺 𝗹𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗹 onscreen non-descriptive lovemaking scenes.

I have been granted an advance copy by the publisher Berkley, here is my true and unbiased opinion.
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After the devastating outcome of her last mission in Afghanistan KD finds herself trying to heal both physically and emotionally while she tries to uncover the truth of what happened as she faces a new life without the military.

Richard has been tasked with investigating what happened but with everything he learns he finds out he has more questions than answers.    The situation is further complicated not only by the kinship that he and KD feel for each other but also that the threat that started it all may not be over yet.

KD and Richard take us on a journey filled with intrigue and romance as they fight to overcome their pasts and have the future that they both deserve.
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Was I hooked by that book? Filled with suspense and action and all the steamy romance you could possibly want, and you have a book that is well worth reading.

CID Warrant Officer Richard Murdock was put in a very difficult position while investigating the events in Afghanistan. It was an unimaginably horrible situation that led to the death of KD's friend, Captain Mouton, and the gunshot that almost took KD's life as well. 

The story is told by jumping between the present time and the time of the incident in Afghanistan. It makes the reader feel present at the terrible events that went down there. And very invested in what happened in both timelines. 

KD and Richard got to know each other really well throughout the investigation. And Richard was maybe a bit more invested in this case than all his previous ones. They had great banter between them. I also loved KD's family and their absolute willingness to put themselves in danger for her.

KD's struggles to come to terms with the fallout of everything that had happened felt very real and emotional. This story had so many great elements to it, especially including the horses and KD's therapy group. 

This is book two in the series Brides of Rough Creek Texas, but it stands well on its own.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I've been reading Kaki Warner since her debut. One of the things I most enjoy about her writing is her ability to create complex, fully-dimensional characters who pull me into their hearts, minds, and often complicated lives. That skill is once again on display in Home to Texas. I felt like I knew these people. I shared their frustrations, desires, pain, joy, anger, and fear. I was immersed in their journey and eager to discover how it would all play out.

This second book in Warner's Brides of Rough Creek series is filled with both heart-tugging romance and breath-stealing danger. The author does a good job of depicting that danger, both in Afghanistan and Texas, along with the military aspects of the story. While both light humor and heart are evident in many of the scenes with KD's family, Warner doesn't shy away from the dark (sometimes harsh) humor found among people who routinely put their lives on the line for their country. 

I liked both KD and Richard and enjoyed the evolution of their relationship. The spice, sweetness, support, respect, and love between them convinced me they were solid. It was fun seeing KD's family again (after meeting them in book one, Rough Creek). Raney and Dalton were particular favorites but I also enjoyed new beginnings for KD's mama. At times, the suspense plot seemed a bit far-fetched, but still within the realm of possibility. It kept me engaged and on the edge wondering how it would all play out. I particularly enjoyed the scenes between Richard and the FBI agents.

If you enjoy complex, military-themed stories with a good blend of romance, action, and danger, give this one a try. It stands well on its own though I do also recommend book one, Rough Creek. Did I mention how much I love Raney and Dalton? ;-)

Physical trauma

*ARC received for fair and unbiased review
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This romance had way more suspense than I picked up from the marketing data. The opening section was quite graphic, as KD Whitcomb, our heroine, is on duty in Afghanistan, having just finished a mission. She and her colleagues are there to help in dealing with the Afghan women, who are not allowed to interact at all with men outside their family, much less Americans. A battered Afghan woman turns up begging for help--a local warlord has taken her eight year old boy for sex purposes, and the woman wants the Americans to plead to get him back.

Things go downhill from there.

It was graphic enough that I decided against reading it at night, which is when I usually read romances (especially in those 1:30 to 3:30 a.m. hours when I'm usually awake) so I read it over lunch. Though there is no sign of the romance during that tense beginning, it develops rapidly once Richard, the hero, comes on the scene.

After that, romance and suspense develop rapidly, with plenty of interesting side characters. Kaki Warner has a terrific ear for dialogue. The Texas idiom, and way of looking at things, evoked all my visits to Texas--and though I've never served in the military, I'm surrounded by people who have, and the dialogue, and attitudes depicted here rang true. (Including blue language, if that's something you need a warning about.)

Romances these days seem to need a Big Deal climax at the end, too often a grand misunderstanding, which is a trope I really dislike. Not here! Instead we get more action, vividly described. As well as a terrific romance. I just loved the way Richard and KD talk everything out, in spite of combat-induced anxiety, and emotional burnout from family stuff. I really believed in their happily ever after. That and the vivid action made me want to seek more out by this author.
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I requested this book because I thought it was a western romance. So nothing against the author or the book, I wasn’t my  cup of tea. I managed to get 10% into the book and couldn’t take the language ( f -bombs...) I guess I’m just a prude, but I don’t tolerate it well. The trauma of war is to graphic for me also.  I hope those that enjoy this type of book are happy with it.  It has good reviews. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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Home to Texas is a good mix of romance and suspense, and I was pleasantly surprised to find both elements receiving equal time. The story has a steadily rising tension where the investigation is concerned along with a fair bit of danger. The romance between Richard and KD brings the feels and these characters are so likable that you can't help but want them to work out. The only drawback for me is that some parts of the story felt a little more drawn out than completely necessary, but that wasn't enough to deter me and I still thoroughly enjoyed the story. This is my first read by Kaki Warner, so I haven't read the first book in this series, but I didn't see any reason that this book wouldn't be fine as a standalone. That said, Warner has some great characters in this story - even the secondary characters draw you in - so I'll be looking into the first book in the series as well as watching to see what's next. The writing is quite good, the story held my interest, and I really like how we get a satisfying conclusion to both elements, romance and suspense.
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Lieutenant KD Whitcomb grew up with one goal in mind: to live and breathe the army life. While in worn torn Afghanistan, KD is grievously injured after a questionable foray gone wrong. KD is devastated for several reasons including being railroaded into leaving the army as they want to cover up what exactly happened to KD, her captain, and the Afghan police officer involved in the incident.

CID officer Richard Murdock has his own issues to contend with while investigating all the parties involved in the shootings and the catalyst for them. KD and Richard are threatened by the local drug lord whose son was the officer involved. When KD and Richard head stateside for a military hearing, they become closer than army regulations would approve keeping their personal relationship on the down low.

KD and Richard are both very wounded people for differing reasons: her’s being the obvious injury and his hurts from a family situation and early marriage that caused him a lot of heartache. Back at the KD’s family ranch, Richard is introduced to life in rural Texas and KD’s very challenging family who like to get all up in his business. KD is at loose ends so she starts an equine therapy program for vets with PTSD along with Richard’s help. He left the army as well, and although it was planned, he was shoved at the door because of his work on KD’s case.

KD and Richard have a lot of healing to do realizing that they are stronger together especially since the threats and danger seems to have followed them home from Afghanistan. That part of the story seems a bit far-fetched, but otherwise, this is a good tale with likeable characters. The focus is on what life and loss is like for military people who lay their lives on the line every day, and the consequences when it all goes wrong. This story is second in the Brides of Rough Creek Texas series, but can be read as a standalone.
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When Lt. KD Whitcomb survives a horrendous event in Afghanistan she finds herself without the future she’d dreamed of with the army. She heads home to her family’s ranch in Texas with lots of questions and no answers. She also meets up with the CID officer who investigated the incident that send KD home. He’s also found himself figuring out his future – but he’s ready for a change. These two had chemistry from the get-go. If ever there were two people suited for each other it’s them. I enjoyed their story which became quite suspenseful when the past catches up with them in Texas. This is the second book in a series about the Whitcomb family. It can stand alone but I recommend reading the first! If you enjoy romantic suspense you’ll want to give this series a try. I’m looking forward to the third book.
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Fantastic action-suspense romance!

This book hits all my favorite tropes!  

Hot cowboys?  Oh, yeah ... with plenty of horsepower!
Hot cop?  You betcha!
Military heroes?  Lots and lots!
HEA?  Of course!

Raney and Dalton's book, Rough Creek, introduced us to the Whitcomb family and their Four Star Ranch, and this second book gives us the story of the youngest Whitcomb daughter, KD, whose dream of a career in the US Army is threatened by a rescue mission that wasn't exactly according to protocol.  

Now barely clinging to life, KD has a lot of physical healing ahead of her while also sorting out just what happened and who was responsible.  CID officer Richard Murdock is also interested in finding out exactly how things went sideways, hoping to wrap this case up so he can enjoy his month-long leave while he decides whether or not to commit to another stint with the Army.  

Soon it's very clear that this case is going to have a significant impact on both their careers, entwining their lives in ways neither saw coming.  Their romance is given free rein just in time for them to realize that there's another threat that followed them home from Afghanistan.  

I loved the entire Whitcomb family and the scenes at the ranch.  The horse therapy program was brilliant, including characters I fell in love with long before I knew they'd having a more permanent role on the ranch.  The issues raised by the events that started this whole thing were responsibly handled, and the resolution to the threat was cathartic and vindicating.  

The romance is everything I could hope for.  KD and Richard are so perfect together, and I really appreciated the absence of the common "miscommunication as drama" trope to keep them apart.  Their relationship was refreshingly honest and fraught with its own tension due to their both being at a crossroads in their lives.  There are plenty of heavy issues at play for both KD and Richard, and I was completely captivated by their perseverance and devotion to each other.  

I was so happy to see their HEA and I loved how it concluded with another important romance that was hinted at throughout even as it was kept on the sidelines.  This is a complete standalone story, though readers will enjoy the first book just as much as this one.  I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
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This is a difficult book to place into a specific catagory. Is it a romance story and the answer has to be yes. Is it a war story and the answer is yes as that is the premise for the story. Is it a crime novel and the answer is yes as that is how the heroine and hero initially meet. Is it an action adventure story and the answer has to be yes in the finale. I enjoy all of the above and was not disappointed in any of the genres I have mentioned. My attention was grabbed in the first chapter and never waivered. 

I consider this to be a well told story and have rated it 4.5 stars. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a book where the good guys win.

I received an ARC from Netgalley for my unbiased review.
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Home to Texas by Kaki Warner is the second book in her Brides of Rough Creek Texas series. This started with bang, as we meet KD Whitcomb, our heroine, as she is a soldier stationed in Afghanistan. When KD’s superior officer goes to help free a young boy kidnapped and being brutalized by a powerful Afghanistan leader, she goes with her. All hell breaks loose, as her superior officer is killed, and KD was shot in the back, but she was able to return the fire against the leader in self-defense.  KD is sent to a hospital to recover from very serious life-threatening injuries, both physically and mentally.  

Richard Murdock, our hero and CID officer, is assigned to this case to interview KD, when she awakes from her unconscious state.  After getting all the facts, Richard believes KD was acting in self-defense, but the army worries about the consequences, especially from Afghanistan leaders. The leader, whose son was killed threatens Richard, as well as KD and promises revenge, even though the son was evil.  Richard is not happy, and makes a decision to leave the army and restart his life.  

KD returns home to the family ranch at Rough Creek, with her family watching over her recovery.  Richard decides to stay close to KD, and help her through the army investigations, which in a short period she is cleared, but at the same time, is forced to leave the army and keep everything classified. Richard and KD slowly find themselves attracted to each other, and he is determined to keep a close eye on her, as he fears her life is in danger, as he stays with her at Rough Creek. I really liked Richard and KD together, as they had great chemistry, but I knew they each had their own issues that could complicate their relationship. It was great to see all of KD’s family, her mother, sisters, brother-in-law, and ranch hands. It was also nice to see KD bond with some of those she met through PST meetings.  I loved how the family all accepted Richard, especially Dalton, who made sure Richard told him the truth and what they might face at the ranch. What follows is an exciting, tense, action packed last half of the book, when the enemy comes closer. 

It was an edge of your seat thriller that held our breaths worrying who will survive the attack. Home to Texas was a wonderful addition to this series. I loved Dalton and Raney in the first book, as well as Richard and KD, and I look forward to learning more about the rest of sisters.  I will note that the beginning of the book I did find stressful for a romance, but it turned out to be a great story. Warner created wonderful characters, as I loved them all. If you want a pure romance, great couple, wonderful characters and a background storyline of horses, training and competition, then you should be reading this book.  Home to Texas was very well written by Kaki Warner.
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