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Animal Medicine is a fascinating and varied introduction to the world of curanderx animal medicine. 

This book falls somewhere between a textbook and guide to spiritual self-exploration with the guidance of animals native to Central and South America. The first and most detailed portion of Animal Medicine explores the background of animal symbolism and shamanic practices. The author shares her immense knowledge of curanderismo both from a historical and practical point of view, including hundreds of reputable citations. She then discusses the ways in which a modern person could employ animal magic, improve their life, and gives explicit directions on how to enter a trance state. 

The magical animal profiles range from the unassuming earthworm to mythical, majestic feathered serpents. Common animals, like frogs and rats, are given just as much attention as the rarer species like purple gallinules, quetzals, and more. Each animal's symbolism is thoroughly described and many include references to ancient stories and gods; the stories about the bat especially piqued my interest. This is a great introduction to the subject! 

Though I wouldn't recommend Animal Medicine to the casual reader, anyone interested in curanderismo and other ancient practices would find this indispensable and extremely thought-provoking.
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Ms Buenaflor has written a true gem for those who wish to remember what many societies have lost. That is a connection to the animal and natural world. There are details in this book that give one the ability to actually sense the animal energy that is being looked for or needed. I have never read such an honest and accurate method of life improvement through animals and nature. IMO this is not a new age blip on the radar but a real labor of love from a practitioner that has generations of experience to draw from. My favorite animal that I learned about is the crow. I always knew they are smart but after reading , Some of the things they had done while I was watching started to make more sense as they can warn those they care about.This book is meant to be put into practice so I am doing daily practices that are explained in a very practical way. Excellent and very interesting. A true connection to nature is here.
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