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Very in depth book on fire magic. Would make a great addition to your magical library. 

Thank you to the Publisher and Netgalley for the advanced e-reader copy. All opinions expressed are my own.
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Fire Magic by Josephine Winter is a wonderfully written book that goes very in-depth in its study of fire magic. This book starts out with powerful imagery of fires relationship with Australia and the environment. This book is filled to the brim with lore and history of magical correspondence of the element fire. This tome talks about plants, crystals, animals, and the magical celebrations associated with fire. I think this book would be a great addition to anyone’s magical book collection. Elemental magic is powerful magic and this book does not hold back.
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Fire is my second strongest element in my chart, the first being Earth. I was really excited to see this book when browsing for something to read. This series of books is one that i will have to buy once they are all published. 

Not your average beginner book, this one is packed full of information and corresponding spells to work with and try. I love that we learn how the seasons can impact someon'e fire practice. The author ensures that every reader knows just how powerful the force of fire can be. I enjoy that it is not something just pushed off and forgotten about. 

There are so many topics in this reference novel, it is not just about basic fire elemental practies. This is a must-have on any witchy book list!
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I am absolutely amazed by this book. I am a fire sign and l love working with this element.  This book is comprehensive and full of spells to work with Fire. The author has done an amazing job with breaking it down and supplying the tools needed to work with Fire. I'm in love with this book as it is truly magical!
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Fire Magic by Josephine Winter was such a nice surprise. Fire Magic does a fantastic job of giving history, deities, sacred sites, animal and elemental associations with fire, and spells and recipes. I wasn’t expecting such a thorough history and introspective look at fire magic. This book is part of a four part series by Llewellyn on elements of magic. I have to have them all now!

Fire Magic goes way beyond bonfire and candles and this book explains why it is such an significant part of magical living. Fire magic can be found in almost every religion going back in time and is still present in current religions. It really opened my eyes to all the ways that we religiously use fire and that even in mundane use fire is magical.

Josephine Winter is based in Australia so this book focuses a lot on Australian folklore and historical sites. Josephine also discusses how fire season effects pagan fire practices. She offers a lot of advice on safety. Fire can be very destructive and Josephine does not let the reader forget how powerful a force fire can be.

I enjoyed reading about the deities, herbs, crystals, animals and places associated with fire magic. There is an entire section of this book dedicated to candle magic and the author explains how to make your own candles. I loved that the author included alchemy since I find it so fascinating. She also briefly touched on pyromancy and other fire omens.

This book is well written and should appeal to a wide audience. This book has a beginner in mind, but even seasoned practitioners and the elementally curious will learn something new. I highly recommend this for anyone who uses fire magic or wants to learn more about it.
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It’s been a wee bit since I’ve done a witchy book review and what better way to change that than with an elemental review! 

I love the elements and work with them in my practice daily. My favorite is earth and water but fire is not any less important. Fire is the only element that can be created. 

I loved the history part of this book more than anything. Learning about the different traditions and how they used fire or even the animals tied to this element was very cool. I even learned a few new ones I didn’t know. 

There’s also spells you can try with this element. Some are very simple and easy to do, perfect for beginners! 

I own the first two in this series and can’t wait to buy this one and place it on my shelf with the rest. This is such a magnificent series that I fully recommend to anyone who is curious about the elements in witchcraft. 

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Wow Wow Wow. When Llewellyn announced this series I knew it was going to be great but the third instalment is definitely the best yet. In this new book author Josephine Winter explores the element of fire in magick. This is a pretty thorough expose and includes some serious discussion about cultural appropriation such as “smudging”. Winters also does not hold back from discussing the idiotic Instagram bubble bath phenomenon and the fraudulent use of crystals as “witchcraft” as well. The ethics surrounding how metals from the Earth is sourced is laid bare for readers to have a good think about what they are actually contributing to. All correspondences are provided along with some solid fire awareness advice - so don’t be a dickhead and read this book before you light one. The Southern Hemisphere equivalent of the Neo Pagan wheel of the year is included and Winters also writes about interesting historical Australian folklore surrounding fire such as burning marks. 

There is much to be gained from this book for the beginner and intermediate practitioners. It’s the type of book that will have you crushing on the author. 

*Recipes include animal products 

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This is a fairly broad look at a how fire is used in people's practice. It touches on the history, herbs and botanicals, stones and crystals, animals, candles and candle magic, ritual fires, spells and recipes, and practices such as Tephramancy. Personally, my favorite section was the Fire and Divination section, which talks about the behavior and appearance of fire/flames and the omens or meanings behind them. It also has a variety of recipes for incense and censing bundles, which could either be used as inspiration or as is. I can see this appealing to beginners since it has a lot of good general information and I can see it giving some inspiration to more experienced practitioners with different ways to freshen up their craft.

Thank you to Netgalley and Llewellyn Publications for providing me with an eARC of this book, however, all thoughts and opinions in this review are my own.
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This was an excellent book.  It is full of history, and lots of lists of things associated with Fire for magical, ritual, spiritual uses.  This isn't the type of book you sit down and read cover to cover.  Read the beginning to gain a historical perspective.  Then take in the rest of the book as it pertains to what you need.  I am inspired to look for the other 3 books in this series.
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This is a really in-depth look at the element of fire and its history and uses in magic. I enjoyed the history and a look a different ways fire has been used. I had never considered the reason behind candles on birthday cakes.

There was also fascinating information on creatures and deities related to fire and fire magic. There were even a few I had never heard of.

I loved the section on candle magic, which was very thorough. There are some spells and guidance for safety as well.

The information ranges from beginner to ore well versed making this is a wonderful and versatile reference resource.
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LOVE this book. Great information and connections to the fire element. It is third in a series, but can be a stand alone - which this and the water one will be for me.
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This started out with some history about use of fire in ritual and the elements in general and I was glad to see Professor Ron Hutton referenced, but surprised there was no mention of Alchemy where our Western idea of the four elements (five if you include spirit) originates.

This is followed by some information about 'burn marks' around the world and examples of how fire has been used in rituals of the world's major religions over time, even giving a source for the tradition of birthday candles on cake. Then we have a smattering of mythology that includes a few creatures associated with fire, the djinn, places and some information about Australian places and how the local Pagans deal with fire rituals in a country given to horrendous wild fires.

The author writes from an Australian point of view all through which gives an interesting perspective in contrast to US and UK Paganism. Some of the information about common uses for fire are new and interesting, but quite honestly some of it feels like filler. There's a lot of general information that anyone reading this would already know.

Alchemy does eventually get a brief mention, then the symbol for fire is described and all sorts of sources for it cited except Alchemy, where it originates. There's a lot of good in this book, but I feel there are some gaps that anyone writing a book of this nature should have known.

To my joy when she got to tools representing fire she got it right, the sword. Then she spoiled it by allowing for the wand for those who don't know that it was changed deliberately. She credits this to the Golden Dawn, but not specifically to Arthur Edward Waite who deliberately transposed the working tools in his writings and on his Tarot deck in a misguided attempt at secrecy.

The safety information is another plus, especially where herbs and burning them around pets are concerned. Glad to see someone point out that smudging is only relevant with the appropriate rituals. Salt and water works fine without appropriating. We get some fire associations with herbs and essential oils, then crystals and metals. I can't say I agreed with all of them, but correspondences can be at least partly arbitrary anyway and often based just on colour.

There is a lot of beginner information including sacred trees and animals, but as one would hope, a long section on candle magic covering many aspects, even making oils to dress the candles. More specifically fire information follows including the diference between a ritual fire and a bonfire, hearthfires, attributes of different kinds of fire wood, solar lights, safety and laws regarding public fires (prtty strict in Australia where bush fires are a serious hazard) and how to make torches safely for a torch procession.

We get a few spells and recipes, including incense blends and information on superstitions regarding fires. Reference are given for all these lists and the celebrations are attributed to the Farrars. There isn't a lot here that's new or original and a lot is very basic, but it was interesting seeing the perspective of an Australian Pagan.
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Fire Magic by Josephine Winter (and the entire elemental series) is a must-read for any practitioner. It is a treasure for new practitioners and also insightful for those not so new to the craft. What I love about this book is that it delves into many topics. Typically that means the details are pretty scarce and it loses practicality. That is not the case here, it allows you to go down multiple rabbit holes and points you in the direction to go further if you'd like.
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This is an in depth study of fire as it relates to the practitioner. It also introduces you how to safely use fire in your spells and rituals.  The use of candles is also addressed. I found the book to be very helpful and I added it to my personal library. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to use fire in their spells and rituals.
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From religious rites to mythical fire beasts, we see examples of fire magic in everyday life from the religious ceremonies we attend to the books we read.  Three author gives a history of fire through the ages and how fire is used in magic.  The herbs, plants and other things associated with fire will broaden your knowledge and work with this element. 

My favorite of all is candle magic. This is what I really wanted to read more about as I have always been drawn to this area in my practice.  It is one of my favorite ways to cast and I learn something new whenever I read about the topic.

Whatever your interest in fire magic, this book will have something of interest for you.   Enjoy the journey and build your own rituals as well.
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