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This series really finds its footing in the second book. The first was enjoyable but didn't quite work for me -- I found some plot points pretty tenuous. This installment seems like Quincy has hit her stride, and it's well-plotted and well-paced. Griff is a sweet sunshine child who can't see what's right in front of his nose, and Hanna is a strong, intriguing character who's not afraid to defend herself and her career.

Quincy's writing can lean fairly Old School at some points ("fleshy mounds" and "womanly bounty," anyone?), which is not to my taste. Additionally, Hanna gets fairly exoticized by some side characters which, like, checks out for the people and the time, but is still fairly jarring at points. Finally, I do think that the subplot with Dorcas wrapped up oddly. I didn't find her shift from calling her an unsuitable bride to "warmly welcoming her" to the family convincing. People certainly grow and accept their siblings' spouses, but that wasn't demonstrated on the page.
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Diana Quincy is on my auto buy list. But for whatever reason, this book was did no draw my attention right away. Maybe it's the over saturation of diversity lately. I received an early copy of this work from NetGalley
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Hanna was a bonesetter, just as her father was before her.  Viscount Griffin was a man of title with a past he'd rather forget.  Both had big shoes to fill, while discovering their own journey's in life, and while separate ways has its advantage, togetherness has much to be said for itself as well.  

I really REALLY loved this one!
The characters were memorable, the story original, the backstory unique, and the way everything played out SUPERB! Comeuppance was received, just desserts served, and happily ever afters found.  The leading lady (Hanna) was a strong character and while she'd love another to share her life's journey with, she didn't see it in the cards, and that was still okay!  Given the times, it wasn't acceptable to the ton, but she was content to do what she felt was her calling and serve the people as opposed to host parties and attend teas.  Our leading man (Griff) was strong himself, both physical strength was certainly not all that was needed what with his family history, and all the secrets about the come to light.  While his position allowed him to be doted on my the debutantes and their mothers, he wanted something more if he was to partake of it at all.  When Griff was faced with Hanna's true nature, he was gobsmacked despite not wanting to be.  He had set out on a mission to solve a mystery from his past, and unwittingly discovered his potential future...the same being said for her.  As with many love stories, this one had its fair share (and then some!) of obstacles, and many times it didn't look like things would come to an agreeable end, but I have to say the final scenes were well worth waiting for, and no, I won't ruin them for'll have to discover this fabulous pair yourself!

If you're a Historical Romance fan, you won't want to miss this one!  It's got all the humor, all the drama, all the suspense, and all the heart you could hope for and then some!  You'll laugh as a young dandy is taught a lesson about wasting a lady's time, and when the title of the book comes into play in the story!  You'll cry at the outrage of how family can treat family.  You'll blush at a few encounters, while still knowing in your heart of hearts that they are meant to be.  You'll gasp as certain realizations are reached, hold you breath as things take a sharp turn towards danger, and ponder the eventual outcome of it all while you turn the pages.  A great read with a great leading pair that you won't soon forget!
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Hanna's unusual for her time profession of bonesetting was very interesting to me. I love historicals that show a little known side to the time. Griff had the perfect mix of ignorance and open-mindedness. Griff's history was tragic and a bit of a mystery which is solved by the end of the book. Hanna's family was humorous at times but very loving and close. Story was steady paced. I would read more by this author.
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I thought that this was a really good book. I felt the writing was solid and the storyline entertaining. I really liked Hanna. She was smart, strong, capable and caring. Griff kind of grew on me. To start he didn't impress me much and honestly, even though I felt for him, I didn't like him. This did improve as the story unfolded and this couple's relationship grew. I liked it.
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Hero with a troubled past and wounded shoulder, Griff wants to be free from his painful memories and ailments. A tip about his parents murders brings him a local bonesetter. Hanna is not your typical bonesetter, she is a female but also of Arab decent, Griff of course assumes shes a fraud (as did most people about bonesetters at this time). As he uses his injury to try and gather information about her he actually learns more about himself and who he wants to be.
Hanna just wants to continue and grow her business, with the goal of opening her own dispensary. She has no time for high society or viscounts yet she is pulled towards Griff, inexplicably.
I adored Hanna. She is strong, fierce, and independent. I loved the interactions with her family and how the author used Arabic words and phrases along with different foods to really immerse the reader into her home. I think it was really interesting (and important) the role Hanna's culture played for the character throughout the book.
Griff was a great hero, so wounded physically and emotionally. He is forced to discover some unsavory truths but his love for Hanna is 🔥🔥. Their story was a tumultuous ride but so worth it!
I need to know what happens to the rest of Hanna's family 👀❤🔥.
If you are into a multi layered story with good strong characters, passion (think desks), and a bit of mystery 100% recommend this one!!
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The beginning of this romance was incredibly captivating. I was immediately fascinated by Hanna's character. 

One of my favorite scenes is Griff seeking treatment from Hanna as a ploy to find out more about his mother's necklace. He thinks she is a charlatan and possibly using her bone-setting business as a front for illicit activities. As she examines his injury, he gets turned on and is convinced that she is coming onto him. In his mind she is deliberately seducing him with her touch and that must mean this is the real aim of her bone-setting business.... prostitution. 

It's so comical because he couldn't control his attraction to her, but was so blinded by his guardian's lack of respect for bone-setters that he never thought Hanna could actually help him. I was grinning ear to ear when her treatment brought a dramatic improvement to his range of motion and reduced his pain significantly. 

But, the pacing felt stagnant about halfway through. It was obvious who the true villain of the story was, so I was just biding my time until the characters caught up. There was no real conflict besides the mystery of Griff's parents' murder. It felt like such a slow reveal and the third act conflict felt underwhelming.
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I absolutely love this author! Her sexy, diverse stories are life! I loved the dynamic of our main characters. Hanna is a bone setter, passionate about helping people, strong, & smart. She’s also Arab and believes she must marry an Arab man. *I seriously love this character! Strong women are the best!* People from this time we’re weary of bone setters, especially women. Griff is a Viscount who was in the war. He lost his parents a few years ago when someone murdered them. Griff wants to find the person who did, so when he sees Hanna wearing his mother’s necklace from the day she died, Griff has Hanna check his arm that hurts since war. Upon meeting Hanna, Griff wants to get to know Hanna. He likes her. So when Griff tells Hanna about his parents and the necklace, she offers to help him. It was so wonderful to watch these two! They had amazing chemistry with a side of the mystery murderer! This story was a slow burn but oh so swoony read! I adored the balance of romance and event! Along with the culture and family! This book had everything I wanted in a historical romance! I can’t wait to see what’s next! I can’t recommend this enough!
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I was so excited to read Diana Quincy’s new book. I thoroughly loved her 1st book of the series. I found that I enjoyed this book but at times I struggled with the connection between Hanna and Griff. I felt that they left many things unsaid until it became an issue. The dialogue was also slow in some points. Overall, it was enjoyable.
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3.5 Stars

This is my first time reading Diana Quincy and I picked this up (out of order) because I’ve seen great reviews for her previous book. And I have to say I’m both pleasantly surprised and just a tad disappointed. Did I think it was going to wow me? Yes. Did it? Not quite. That doesn’t mean, I didn’t enjoy the book. I did. But I definitely had higher expectations going in from what I have heard. Could just be me and my mood.

The one thing I absolutely loved is how this book gives us a character that I haven’t seen in historical romance before. As the blurb says, our heroine, Hanna, is of Arab descent and she is a bonesetter. Her profession is not seen with any regard by London society and certainly not by the male dominated medical field. Even the hero, who goes to her under the guise of needing treatment, believes her to be a fraud.

The hero, Griff, is a Viscount with a bad reputation. Rumors are that he killed his parents. But in reality he’s been looking for the real killer ever since. And the necklace around Hanna’s neck is a clue she, or someone she knows, was somehow involved.

THE VISCOUNT MADE ME DO IT started off incredibly strong for me. I was loving how fierce Hanna was. She was the star of this book. Her profession, her sacrifices to succeed in the world at the time, her determination. But somewhere along the line it lost the intensity for me. It still delivered a good story and I will read another book by this author.
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Overall, an enjoyable read.  I really enjoyed the backstory of the H. The backstory of the h was ok. 
Inserting cousin Leela (I assume she was in the previous book) seemed forced and awkward. Leela was only there for one brief unnecessary scene. Turn out, she has a brother. The brother just so happens to be an influential Lord! What are the odds?!
Having Hanna come from an Arab family was very unique.  However, I did find the  foreign words to be a bit distracting. I was also surprised that religious conflict was not mentioned. (I'm glad it wasn't mentioned, because it would not be my cup of tea.  It would also be too heavy of a subject to be tackled in a romance novel.)
I didn't really like the character Ravi. Authorarian brothers are extremely annoying. The fact that he secretly has a budding romance with an English lady is very hypocritical. 
The h's bonesetter career is annoying in that she values it above the idea of having a good life with a husband. As a career woman myself, I would gladly give it up for marriage. She would still be able to use her skills, just not full time working in a clinic. 
I thought her relationship with her business partner was unneeded. She could have been working with an older female or someone instead. I also thought that the great success she had as a bonesetter was over rated.  All of her patients were able to experience miraculous recoveries.  Surely someone would require ongoing treatment and not be completely cured.
The murder mystery was predictable but still interesting.  I think it made the book. 
Thank you to NetGalley for the free book!
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I've never seen Arab representation in a historical romance, and it seems (from my admittedly pale eyes) that true thought went into it. The author didn't just throw a WOC into a typically white setting, but included a culturally appropriate family unit, food, language, and even medical background. I very much appreciated the depth that was brought to Hanna's character, which you don't normally see in a book like this.
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I received this book from the publisher, through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. 
This was my first Diana Quincy book. While the love story did not exactly get me swooning (it's ok-ish but that's pretty much it), I liked reading about a woman making her own way. The trouble with own voices in romance is that a lot of times they end up being annoyingly preachy but it was not the case here. It was nice to read about Arabs in England and quite enlightening. The mystery was well written and I'd even dare say that the story leaned more towards that genre. But all in all a very pleasant read and I hope the next installment in the series will be about Rafi. I would really like to see how an ethnically diverse man can find his happily ever after with a merry widow.
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I quite honestly adore historical romances where the heroine has a unique profession we rarely see in the genre, and it was so entertaining to learn more about bonesetting in the realm of history. As a lead, Hanna is fierce, independent and confident in her abilities, and it was delightful watching Griff fall in love with her for all of her qualities (and be very happy with falling in step alongside her as opposed to butting heads or trying to assert authority, especially considering their class differences). Lots of intrigue in this one too, especially revolving around the mystery of Griff’s parents’ murderer once upon a time. Ultimately, just an even better addition to a series I started out enjoying, and I’m eager to read the Marquess of Brandon’s romance next!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I found this book to be enjoyable. I liked learning about the challenges Hanna faced as not only an unmarried women but an Arab one in regency times. I also found it rewarding to see Griff deal with his grief & anger over his parents' death. I did find some of the plot points to be a little predictable but that could just be because I read a lot of romance.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book and immediately went to order several Diana Quincey backlist titles. Hanna, the heroine, is the standout here, although both leads are great characters. She is such a force of nature and confidence and intelligence that any scene she isn’t in, you miss her. I recommend for anyone who’s likes to read about smart ladies being smart,
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The best thing about this book was our amazing heroine, Hannah. She is Arab, and a bone setter. She truly was such a joy to read about. 
Our hero, Griff however, was very hard to love. I enjoyed him in the first book, but honestly, he was such a prick to the heroine, that it really turned me off to him pretty hard. I did come around to him by the end, but it was a struggle. 
I went in with middle of the road expectations. Those expectations were met.
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✨It’s always spicy when society thinks you’re a murderer.✨

I really loved Her Night with the Duke, the first book in this Clandestine Affairs series, and I was highly anticipating the second go-about in the set. Where book one was the vivacious older sister, I’d say this book is the Mary Bennet type—a little more darkness, a little more mystery. 

Her Night with the Duke was sexy from the start and the plot revolved almost entirely around the couple. The Viscount Made Me Do It is more reserved and slower to burn, with the plot divided between the romance and the conflicts of being a bonesetter and ya know, murder. Both however are scandalous and unique and highly addicting. 

From the beginning, the bonesetting element was so cool and fascinating to read about. I found Hanna to be a very strong heroine with a very particular set of skills she was fabulous at using. The scene where she was first introduced was totally badass. Griff’s whole backstory hooked me instantly and the way it combined that past with Hanna in the present was supremely dramatic and delicious.

The spice was definitely there and they did some WORK at a desk (*winks in blinking neon lights*). Also her doing actual work on his injuries was just as hot and swoony. However, I felt like the steam took a backseat to the rest of the plot. Like the desk scene was hot but I think that even could’ve been taken up a notch further. The epilogue gave a little to me but it also tooketh away—I think as a society, we deserve explicit sex in epilogues. We ride at dawn. 

As for the mystery element, I was reading to find out the whodunnit or perhaps the whydunnit because I knew The Who from pretty early on but not The Why. I think a red herring could have been thrown in a little bit earlier to mess with the reader and to really commit to the mystery (since other plots were pushed aside for it to take up a good chunk of space). I wanted a bit more drama or a plot twist or something to really jazz it up. We flashmob at dawn.

Overall, this was such a quick and enjoyable read. Hanna and Griff fell hard and it was so sweet how she was able to help him. The pace kept me engaged and the plot kept me entertained. I really like Diana’s writing style—it’s modern but still feels like a historical piece. This is also an Own Voices book and I’ve learned a lot about Arab culture and practices of the time. I’m very happy I found this series because it just feels so fresh. 

There were a few directions I thought the couple for book three was going to go and I was pleasantly surprised when I read the summary! I love me a brooding type. 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.25/5   🌶🌶🌶.5/5
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This book made me so happy and I was thoroughly entertained. Hanna is a bone setter of Arabic descent who has worked hard to establish a good reputation in London. Her newest patient is the former soldier Thomas, Viscount Griffin. He has a past in the sense that their are rumors he killed his own parents. Griff approaches Hanna because of a tip about his parents death and at first is convinced she is a fraud.
There is a slow building romance between Griff and Hanna. You can feel their chemistry while you read. The dialogue is entertaining and the plot of the book has much intrigue. 
This is a highly entertaining and enjoyable book with a delightful romance. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.
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Highly enjoyable page-turner of a book. I loved Hanna with her grit and spirit, and Griff was a truly decent gentleman. They made a good pairing and I liked the way they had to work together throughout the story. The mystery element was really obvious, but I did still enjoy following Griff and Hanna's journey to the discovery, and I think that was all down to the well-crafted characters.
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