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The Teensy Weensy Virus Book and Song for Preschoolers

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In a world that is immersed in a dangerous and scary pandemic, COVID 19, this timely paperback will be an educational tool to help kids understand why this is happening and how both young and old must react to it. 

This book is a wonderful resource for parents, teachers, and caregivers to share.  When read together it will give kids the opportunity to engage in a conversation and share their feelings.   Kids will learn the proper safety measures put into place by scientists and health care advocates that will give them a deeper understanding of what is happening and what to do about it.  It reinforces the aspects of hand washing, wearing a mask, and social distancing.  It reiterates not only the protocol of daily living with an epidemic ( that can be scary ) but offers hope that if we follow the rules the virus will go away.  

"The Teensy Weensy Virus" is written in simple, understandable language and the colourful illustrations enrich the story greatly.  I like that a diverse group of children are included making it a very accepting and inclusive book.  The author has added a song so spirits can be lifted while teaching the kids all the rules to music.  The tune of the song is "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" which kids will be familiar with.  The magic of music will enforce those critical rules of safety each time it is sung.  This is a brilliant idea to include.  This is a timely book that will reduce anxiety and fear as it is shared together.  I recommend this book.
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I really liked the idea behind this book!

As an adult I am a little weary of Covid -19 but I have a three year old daughter who is very inquisitive and coming to learn more about this.  

We went in to lockdown and isolation not long after she was two and a half so it has been around now for a good chunk of her young age.  Sadly she saw me get very poorly with Covid as I have a low immune system it took a good while for me to fight it and it did affect her and upset her to see me so unwell at home so the book was good to be able to talk more about it.

She knows hands, face and space and that we need to stay at least 2 metres away from people but this book helped explain a little more why and gave me a different way to touch upon the subject.

It is 4 stars from me for this one – highly recommended!
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I wanted to like this book so much. The thought behind it was great because books are a great waY to teach young children about important things. I just didn’t like the writing style. Instead of feeling like it was written in a simple way for kids, I felt like it was a little condescending to children. I didn’t care for the style of illustrations, but I did appreciate that the illustrator was inclusive. The song at the end was the best part of the book.
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If this book was new a year ago, or even as the kids went back to school in the fall, I'd say it would fill a real need to simply explain what "the virus" was and what we need to do to keep each other safe--yep, masks, handwashing and social distance.  It has a nice cadence for reading aloud and the illustrations feature people of various ages, ethnicities and even someone on crutches, making it a very inclusive book.  The only problem I have with the book is that it just repeats (but in a very engaging way) the same message that has been sent out in so many ways for so many months.  On the other hand, repetition is a key item in teachers' toolboxes, so this may be great for some.  

Thanks to the publisher for making a review copy available via NetGalley.  Grade: B
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One of many books for littles about the Covid-19 virus it seems. What sets this one apart is the song at the end.  I can't think of anything that sets this book apart from the rest. It's very straightforward telling kids how to wash their hands (a lot), socially distance (and why), and ends on a hopeful note. Illustrations were nice.
 Nearly forgot (sorry)  there is a listing of resources, should one want more info, at the end of the book. That was useful!
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Fantastic book that I have just read to my four year old who also enjoyed it!
It explains Covid 19 in very simple terms and why sticking to the rules is so important.
Absolutely loved the illustrations too with various disabilities or physical differences noted.
Great book!
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A great book for young children about a scary virus that makes it feel not so scary. This would be so good for adults to read to their kids. I loved the diversity in the illustrations too.
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