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Good Girls Die First

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I had a hard time getting through this one, although I did finish it. I actually just finished it a few days ago and can't really remember what happened. Unfortunately, this one is utterly forgettable. Thanks to the publishers and Netgalley for a digital arc in exchange for a review.
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Ten teenagers are invited to an island, each with a secret eating them up inside. No, it's not Gretchen McNeil's <i>Ten</i>, although it owes the same debt to Agatha Christie's <i>And Then There Were None</i> (which should just have its own ATU number at this point) - it's a much more classic horror story than either of those books. The title's also a bit misleading, although perhaps by the end none of the characters, boy or girl, could be called "good." But it's the very fact that they have to come to recognize their own flaws and guilt that gives the story its teeth, and that's perhaps the best done element of the novel. Interestingly most of the girls are more nuanced characters than the boys, although that may have more to do with intended audience than anything else.

I do wish that the past of the abandoned amusement park - either as a park or in its other incarnations - had been explored more, because the book was at its scariest when detailing the way the carnival of the damned came to life each time the sun set. (Or maybe that's my own fears. Thanks, first Care Bears movie!) Foxfield does use the idea of the carnivalesque, when the world is turned on its head, very well, but if there's one piece that could have been developed more to get even more terror out of the story, that would be it. There's just a little something <i>missing</i> here that I can't quite put my finger on.

Despite that, this is a pretty solid work of YA horror. It doesn't stick too closely to its literary roots to prevent it from being its own story, and if you're not feeling squeamish and don't mind books where no one is sympathetic by the end, this is worth picking up.
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This very much read like a 2021 Point Horror inspired book, so at least it was successful in that? But it was written so pretentiously and the use of adjectives and similes and metaphors was overdone. Also the characters all felt pretty indistinguishable.
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Well, there are three things made me click the request button to demand arc copy of this book as fast as I could:

- the blood chilling, perfect cover
- The brilliant name
- The intriguing plot: ten teenagers who have ten different and ugly secrets gathered around one of the creepiest amusement park. They stuck in the place. There’s no escape from the island that creepy amusement park is located. Somebody or let’s say bodies start playing deadly games with them. They start to die by one by after they confess their big secret. Who is after them? How can they survive? What kind of game they have to play? What if they turned into bloody killers to work against each other for being last one standing? 

Well, I loved those three qualities and impressive promising start of the book but as I reached the last third, the direction of the plot got out of control. It didn’t just waver, the entire plot  crashed down and I barely finished the last chapters and I wish it would end sooner. 

The characters including heroine Ava who is nerdy, introvert, unsecured girl doesn’t have enough qualities for us to easily resonate with her. And the other nine characters were also one dimensional and easy to hate which contradict with the name of the book because none of the girls of this book is good one and yes, some of them actually die ( semi spoiler alert)

  The number of characters are way too much and they are not easily differentiated. All of them are equally weird and irritating and you wish to get rid of all of them so you can finish the book faster to read something with more lovable characters.

  Overall: I loved the claustrophobic amusement park theme and 10 teenagers’s gathering who did truly bad things but execution and wrapping up the entire concept were a little weak and character development was one dimensional.

  I concentrated the positive facts and promising plot so I’m giving solid three stars. 

I wish I would find more things to enjoy this read but unfortunately it didn’t fit my expectations.

 I still want to read another works of the author because of creative plot idea she formed. 

  Special thanks to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Fire for sharing this digital reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest opinions.
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This is a very scary thriller type of book.  A Mysterious invitation and a group of people invited to an isolated spot.   It was extremely creepy and I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen.  I loved it.
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