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James Patterson knows how to write a thriller. He wouldn't be as successful as he is if he didn't. Still, the bestselling author isn't without his detractors. Criticisms include his formulaic plots, extensive use of co-authors, and bombardment of releases each month. Each point is valid, and I've had my share of Patterson books that I've loved and others that I've loathed. Still, when a Patterson book works, I can't help but enjoy it. His Alex Cross series, one of the few Patterson efforts that he writes sans co-author, has been one of my go-to reads since I read the first book back in high school. Last year saw the release of the 29th installment, Fear No Evil. Having read each of the previous novels in the series, I was eager to dive into this one. 

Alex Cross and his partner John Sampson are about to embark on a hike through the wilderness of Montana. They've been planning this vacation forever and fast-tracked it after the tragic death of Sampson's wife. Alex knows his best friend is hurting. He hopes this trip will give Sampson the space to open up about his feelings and finally begin to grieve. Just as they are about to leave, both of their phones ring simultaneously. That's never a good sign! There's been a murder of an undercover CIA agent. The chief has called all hands on deck for this one. Alex and John's wilderness retreat will have to be postponed. 

Alex's wife Bree Stone is on an adventure of her own. She quit her job as a chief detective for the D.C. police last year and has been making her mark in the private sector. Bree's latest case takes her all the way to France. A prominent French businessman has been accused of raping the women who work for him. The clients who hire Bree also suspect the man has been embezzling funds. Bree plants herself directly into the investigation posing as a businesswoman looking to make a deal with the man. The deeper she infiltrates his operation, the more danger she places herself in. Will she be able to bring the man down or will she become his next victim?

Fear No Evil is one of the weaker recent entries in the Alex Cross series. It is clearly a plot that is working to build up toward future installments, setting the stage for a larger faceoff to come. Alex has been taunted by the mysterious figure known only as "M" for several books now. In this one, we start to get more of an idea of who or what that figure actually is. Still, the plot at hand is one of the more generic narratives that's come out of the series in recent years. The strength of the Alex Cross books has always been in the way the extended Cross family has grown and developed over the course of almost 30 books. They mostly take a back seat in this one, and the story sufferers because of it. There are big things happening, but without strong character ties to the events, they ultimately feel shallow. I'm still intrigued to see what comes next, but this is the first Alex Cross book in a long time that I didn't really like. That being said, you know I'll be ready to read the 30th book when it releases later this year.
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I love the Alex Cross series by James Patterson but this was not one of my favorites.  Maybe I have read too many. 
 This story occurs when Dr. Alex Cross and Det. John Sampson are pursuing a bloodthirsty killer who has been stalking Alex's family for years.  The team suddenly finds themselves targeted by two rival teams of assassins and both teams are working for Alex's nemesis. Maybe the story had too many off shooting story lines but it didn't seem to flow well to me.
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Another chapter in the life of Alex Cross. This is one of my favorite Patterson series. Thanks for the advanced copy NetGalley. #NetGalley #FearNoEvil
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James Patterson puts his hero Alex Cross through the wringer once again in his 29th book, and as always it is a breathtaking rollercoaster.
James Patterson is always at his best when writing by himself in my humble opinion, (although I am looking forward to his upcoming book with Dolly Parton!) and this latest brutal and pacy thriller has the usual characters and elements that his readers have grown to love.
There’s really no such thing as a bad James Patterson book because he’s become a genre unto himself, hitting on a winning formula and able to continually reproduce it. You know what you’re getting with a Patterson book - a well-written and fast-moving thriller- and “Fear No Evil” delivers it effortlessly.
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Fear No Evil 
by James Patterson 
Pub Date: November 22, 2021 
Thanks to the publishers and NetGalley for the ARC of this book. I love Alex Cross mysteries but I haven't read a JP book in a while. I was disappointed in the quality of the writing.  I love the short chapters as is typical of most JP books.  I will always love Alex Cross, but I am not a fan of this book. It felt disjointed. 
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⭐⭐⭐.3 Stars
This is Alex Cross #29 and I have read them all! Yep I am a fan!
Love the short chapters ~ a JP trademark. My favorites in addition to Alex are the Women’s Murder Club and Michael Bennett. I keep hoping for a triple treat ~a story where my favorites work together!

This story takes place in the beautiful mountains of Montana and also in Paris when Bree is working on a case.
Story starts when Alex and longtime friend Detective John Sampson are heading on vacation to the Montana wilderness when called back to DC.

I love the Cross family and have also enjoyed the Ali Cross and hope JP continues with that series.
I especially like when the family is in the story. True Ali was in this and I did love that Sanders and daughter Willow were featured.  But this seemed to jump around a good bit ~ some chapters I liked and others not so much.  
But I am sure I will read Alex Cross #30!!!

Want to thank NetGalley and Little Brown and Company for this eGalley. This file has been made available to me for an honest professional review.  
Publishing Release Date was November 22, 2021
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This book was good and had quite a bit of action; however, it did not keep me on the edge of my seat.  The Bree case felt a somewhat disjointed.  Most often, I read an Alex Cross book straight through late into the night.  With this book, I was able to start and stop several times.  This, like all other Alex Cross books, is definitely worth a read, and I will be an Alex Cross fan forever.
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I adore the Patterson books but haven't read one for quite some time so I was excited to see Alex Cross and John Sampson again! The plot moves quickly...all the way to Montana as they hunt for an elusive killer. Lots of characters and I sometimes had to re-read to figure out where everyone belonged but of course Patterson is worth it. You will know if you've read any of his (or seen the ones that have been movies as well. Just go into it blind and enjoy the ride!
Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC!
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As always, the Alex Cross books are compulsively readable and full of action. This book is no exception. I loved the ride.
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Fear no Evil by James Patterson is an outstanding adventure with Alex Cross and John Sampson.  An unexpected ending leaves the reader wondering about what will happen next.
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Alex across and John Sampson run into an entirely different adventure this time. Starting in DC, the action moves to Montana…and there is action. Very different from the other books in the series, this still showcases all the familiar regulars.   A good addition to the series.
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I was so excited when I checked my preapproved section and saw I’m now eligible for James Patterson’s books! I’ve been a fan since his first book same out! As always, this Alex Cross book delivered great suspense and you finally find out who M is, but will he return?!
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Thank you for accepting me for this e-book, I just wish I had liked it so much more.

This is the law Alex Cross I will be reading.

The last 4 were really slow and I had hoped that this one would be amazing and it just continues to be slow.

I think that since Bree was written in, it slows the story too much because now, Patterson has to create room for her in his plotline.  

For example, while Alex and Sampson do have a storyline, it kind of gets dwarfed by the Bree story..  Bree is written as perfect in everything, she never makes mistakes and is just adored by all.  I hate any character that is written in this way - even when she does something stupid, she is still adored and considered to be amazing.

I want to read about Alex Cross and Sampson, not every other member of the Cross family.

DIsappointed and frankly bored.
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