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Think "The Woman in Gold," but if a priceless item stolen by the Nazis was in a hoarder's house and not an Austrian museum. Harry is tasked with finding a Klinkosch box that his mother had hidden for decades in her home. He reunites with his former girlfriend, an art historian, to find the box before the house gets repossessed.  

The story alternates between two timelines--Frances (Harry's mother) and how she fell in love and came into possession of the Klinkosch, and Harry and Tabitha as they race against time. 

I found this story to be a nice, quick read that had a few twists and good chapter cliffhangers that kept me reading. The story at time felt a little formulaic and predictable, but I always appreciate a good little art history mystery. I enjoyed the relationships between all of the characters in their two timelines, especially once they came together in the present. That, I believe is the strength of this book--how to create and maintain relationships between friends and family, and how to love one another.
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A reunited couple searches for a valuable treasure, a precious jewelry box, stolen from the Nazis and hidden away since World War II, in this powerfully emotional and romantic novel of rekindled love—perfect for fans of Jodi Picoult, Josie Silver, and Jill Santopolo.
Hidden Treasures 
by Michelle Adams 
Pub Date: December 7, 2021 
William Morrow 
This is a complicated story and there is more including the past story line which will tell us about the love affair Frances had with an older man named Benoit during her summers in France and how she came to be in possession of the box. When you have read the book and all is revealed, you might just find that there is something more valuable than the box.
Thanks to William Morrow and NetGalley for a great book! 
4 Star
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Hidden Treasures had a premise that intrigued me. Harry is left to clean out his mom's house, and he finds that his ex was sent by his mother to help him find a treasure from her past. Through this he mends his relationships with both his ex and his mom.

I wanted to love this. It flashed back and forth between Harry's life, and his mom's, so that we are told the story through both of their eyes-- which I usually love. And this wasn't bad, it just didn't hit me like I thought it would. I was expecting it to be something that would stay with me forever, but it was more like a summer beach read.
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When Harry's mother dies she tasks him to find a special box buried somewhere within her home.  Looking for the box leads Harry on a journey of discovery. It brings back old flames, leads him to family he never knew existed, and gives him closure and insight that his mother never could.  When the past and the present collide past secrets become exposed.

Hidden Treasures is a tale of two people.  Both lost within their time, struggling to find love, and not knowing where to look for it.  I love how the two stories are parallel.  It makes the growth of Harry's discoveries so much more meaningful to see how his mothers story played out.  I in generally love books that give both sides to the story.  This is just such a lovely book and one I am happy to recommend through reader advisory.   

Thank you William Morrow and Custom House and Netgalley for allowing me to read an advance copy of this title.
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This is an amazing delightful read!!!!!!  I loved adorable Henry and Tabitha and the unexpected love story that brought them back together.  I highly recommend this book
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I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. This book wasn't the greatest read for me. It felt a bit unrealistic at times which made it hard to get into the story. That said, I loved the dual timelines! They were both well written and it was easy for me to keep them separate in my head.
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I requested this book because I was entranced by the storyline, but it just fell flat for me. I love a dual story line but honestly it could have really just been based in the present time.
The characters themselves never had enough time to grow and mature and ended up being a little dull. The story itself if fun but predictable. But the dynamic of the odd boy and book smart girl is something a lot of people love to see.
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well things are not always what they seem!  we each see differently, and feel things different !   a story as old as time but; still happens!   loved the outcome!
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Beautiful Cover. Sweet book but rather predictable. Characters could have used a bit more fleshing out. Just disappointing
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Michelle Adams has given us an extraordinarily beautiful tale of love, family and coming to terms with your past. “Hidden Treasures” is a sparkling gem of intrigue, mystery and forbidden love. I adored the moments in the past when Frances spent her summers in France, where she could be the young woman she always dreamed she could be. The dark clouds that surrounded her in England gave way to perpetual blue skies and carefree days. Every day was relaxing, freeing, and filled with new opportunities. No wonder she fell in love with the handsome and charming Benoit!

I love everything about this book from the romantic and beautiful setting to the  emotions of Frances as she fell in love for the first time. As we traveled between Mirepoix, France to the present day at Nook Cottage in England, we were treated to the teenage Frances enjoying life in the French countryside to her son Harry, where we observed him taking stock of his mother’s house and everything she had amassed.

Many things had transpired over the years and Ms. Adams eloquently wrote from her heart about Frances’s life as a young mother and Harry’s burning desire to feel wanted. Nook Cottage was a time capsule of memories for Harry and the depth of his feelings was monumental and heartbreaking. Harry had many decisions to make and I was afraid that he would never find the jewelry box and that he would never know why his mother had kept it hidden. What secrets did it hold and who does it really belong to? “Hidden Treasures” is a deeply emotional book which brought tears to my eyes in many instances, as well as surprised me when I was unsure as to what would happen next. I will never forget this magical story and the endearing characters that captured my heart.
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I’m not quite sure what to say about this one, but I felt like it was an overall rather unlikeable book, and felt constantly frustrated with each of the characters. I almost gave up about 20% in but pushed thru to finish it but didn’t change my mind by the end even so. 

This is a dual timeline between 1981 and 2022. It really had almost nothing to do with WW2 but a rather inconsequential detail about the box that was a central item in the book, so just a heads up to other readers like me who thought, based on the description, that WW2 was a far more central theme/setting. 

The major issue for me was that for the whole book, practically every character was lying to or hiding things from each other, refused to risk vulnerability, and constantly abandoned each other. No one fought for each other or their circumstances - they just let life happen to them. 

The abandonment/leaving was a consistent theme in the book, but it wasn’t even viewed as a negative half the time. Even in the ending the sentiment was, if you love something you’ll set if free - and while in theory that’s true, in this setting where people were constantly either leaving each other or not fighting in the least for each other, that no longer holds true. At that point it just becomes an excuse to be selfish and self-protecting, or just resigned and lazy. 

In addition, there were a number of unrealistic factors. A 16 year old that’s orphaned, legally can’t be left as an adult - she’d be in foster care even if she is a mother so she would not have been alone or been able to make some of the decisions she did. And for a 30 year old man to not just find and renew relationship with his biological mother but to decide to live with her - in her hoarding environment that you have to tunnel to the kitchen or sleep in a chair because you can’t get to a bedroom?? And in the process completely ditch every relationship but your work? Not believable. There were many others as well. It made the story hard to swallow, in addition to the unlike-ability of the above. 

Thanks to NetGalley for the advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Full of family secrets, repressed feelings. and self-discovery, Hidden Treasures is a slow-burn historical fiction that draws you into both of the main characters stories with a dual POV between Harry and Tabitha current day, and Benoit and Frances after WWII in France. 

This was one of my favorite quotes: “Some things, he realized, important things that felt truly lost, were really there all along, safely hidden, just waiting to be found.” and I do have to mention how much I loved the cover. 

I did struggled just a little bit with Adam's plot and I felt like the story/characters didn't read as smoothly or easily as I'd hoped and overall it was a little too predictable since I feel like she was trying to give it a twist of mystery. 

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Thank you  William Morrow, NetGalley and Author for this advance ebook copy!.

Hidden Treasures is my first read by Adams. 
I thought this story was a bit on the slow burn side, but every bit of enjoyable. 
The characters are are somewhat predictable. Still enjoyed following their journey. 
I loved the premise of this book so much. It was intriguing and interesting. 
Overall. Good read. And one I really did enjoy reading. 

Thank you again for the opportunity to read the this novel! 

Thanks again NetGalley, Publisher and Author for the chance to read and review this amazing book!
I'll post to my Social media platforms closer to pub date!
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This is an interesting story - the concept is intriguing, but the characters are weak and not really likeable.
It's a dual storyline - between Harry and Tabitha current day, and Benoit and Frances after WWII in France

What reader could resist a book with a sentence like this?
“He’s very sexy, in a sort of, let me rearrange your bookshelves kind of way.

a pretty terrible book
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A beautifully written story, but very similar to books of this genre that are popular. I loved it, but at the back of my mind I kept feeling like this was something I had already read before.
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What reader could resist a book with a sentence like this?  
“He’s very sexy, in a sort of, let me rearrange your bookshelves kind of way.

This book is a love story wrapped up in a mystery that crosses generations.  As Harry struggles to “find himself” and figure out if his mother really ever loved him, we get to meet a hoarder, delve into Nazi history, art theft, and to cheer for the discovery of commitment and love.   “Some things, he realized, important things that felt truly lost, were really there all along, safely hidden, just waiting to be found.”
If you like historical love stories, this is a good read—it is light and loving.
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What a great love story wrapped in a mystery as Harry is left with a task from his recently passed mother, a mother he spent 10 years with trying desperately to make up for time lost to be her son.   He is now tasked to find a box- the most precious thing she ever possessed among the hoards of towering piles of papers and things left behind by her.
The duality of Harrys love story and his mothers love story had me reading through to the end in anticipation.  The love stories are intertwined with Harry processing the loss of a mother that he tried so hard to understand and also a path of self discovery as he deals with the past and looks to the future.  The slow burn as his history unfolds and explains wrongs done and why decisions were made. 
I very much enjoyed reading this; it was a great escape that I desperately need during these crazy times we find ourselves in.  I enjoyed the development of the characters- it was a slow burn not fully revealed until the end which kept me coming back for more.  Well written and an easy read.  
Thank you Michelle Adams and William Morrow/Custom House for allowing me to read and review this book.
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This book had a lot going on that I love.  I love dual timelines.  I love historical fiction,  I love specifically World War Two historical fiction.  I would say that I can be a harsh judge in that specific niche since I prefer that genre and read several a year.  It is hard to tell the same story over and over again and hit a new angle so I was so happy to find that Adams did just that.  She told a story that I haven't heard a million times before!  I appreciated the characters especially since I didn't love them.  I believe that the imperfect characters was a intentional decision as it was important in the mental health aspect and for the fact of happy ever after can be available for anyone,
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I received a free e-arc through Netgalley.

This book covers two love stories in depth: Frances and Benoit and then Harry & Tabitha. I also think it's a story about love between Frances and her son Harry who she gave up to keep him safe. This book has an added component of mental health which I wasn't expecting and actually I'm rounding my rating from 3.5 up to 4 stars because of that additional complication that reminds us that love exists between us imperfect humans. I think some parts could be smoother or more connected to each other, but real life is not exactly smooth either.
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First loves are almost always the hardest. Nothing is sweeter and nothing stings more than the heartbreak that often follows.  

When Harry’s mother dies, she leaves him a cottage jam packed with stuff and a mystery. But she also leaves him a chance to reconnect with the love of his life…something she never got to do.

The characters in this book are refreshingly realistic. Harry is socially awkward, Tabitha is fighting with self preservation and Frances is a girl who gets lost in the idea of love. I mean, who doesn’t relate or know someone exactly like one of these characters?
What I Liked
Gorgeous cover. And the title could have multiple meanings as the story unfolds. I love a smart title.

The characters in this book are brilliantly developed. I really felt for each of them. I wanted Harry to find the answers he was looking for. I wanted Tabitha to find and hold onto her own self-worth, and my heart really broke for Frances.

There is a ton of great sensory description. I could see the cottage full of all of the things. I could practically smell the French countryside, see the artists as they lay paint to canvas.  It was easy to suspend disbelief and sit as a silent observer in the middle of both storylines.
What I Wish Was Different
Two things keep me from giving this book a five-star rating despite the fact that it was beautifully written.
First is the fact that a sixteen-year-old Frances enters into a relationship with a man twice her age. I get that times were different and it demonstrates how alone and taken advantage of she truly was, but I have to wonder if the same thing couldn’t have been accomplished with her at 18 instead of 16.  That Henry then meets this man and there was no discussion of the inappropriateness of the relationship just sat a bit wrong with me. The author doesn’t glamourize that relationship, and in fact, does a good job of showing how vulnerable Frances was, but it was still a bit uncomfortable for me to read.

Second, I liked the mystery of the box and I really wish there was more to it. This had so much potential and I wish it had been developed a bit more. I did enjoy the ending, it tied up loose ends, but I just wanted more when it came to the story and history of the box.

For it’s beautiful prose and likeable characters, this book earns 4 stars.
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