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Two doctors, separated by decades, but united in their obsession to find out the physical location of the soul in a body. This obsession knows no morals or bounds, suddenly patients are dying in a hospital under mysterious circumstances, and everyone is under a threat.

This was such an enjoyable read, like, truly! Very different from the typical thrillers, and very reminiscent of Michael Crichton. I'm a huge Michael Crichton fan, and this made me super nostalgic. This is a super-fast, edge-of-the-seat medical thriller (I mean when was the last time you read a fast-paced medical thriller? They're such lulls, except a few, imo!), and very interesting! And it sure gets bloody gory too (I'm no chicken but I got shivers!). So, what I'm trying to say, if you like medical thrillers, and grew up reading Michael Crichton, absolutely do not miss out on this one!
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Yeah, this was somehow a 50:50 read for me. I like the idea of the story, it a decent piece of its flow, the mystery part was good, the precision of the medical terms (if I'm not mistaken, the author is a urologist)…. yeah, that's about all that I liked. Some parts were simply too hard to get attached to, the characters and the relationship dynamics just didn't work for me, and the big conclusion fell flat. It's hard to write a decent review when the book just doesn't get to you *shoulder shrug*

Thank you, Stonewall Publishing and NetGalley for the ARC.
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Ticks all the boxes, with a bonus, just when you think the problem is solved halfway through, and you wonder where the author can go from there, you’re strapped onto a gurney and taken there.. It was no surprise to me that the author is a medical doctor, the detail given is enough to provide the reader with a mental picture, however not so much that the layman gets lost. Synopsis? Patients are dying at a hospital. Not unusual, it happens. However, the pattern of patients’ deaths alerts Jonas, the hospital’s lawyer, who is alerted to this pattern by a distressed visitor, ably assisted by surgical residents Rachel and Early, starts tracking down the killer, but discover more about history than they knew existed. Seamlessly sliding between a concentration camp in the dying days of WW2 and present-day New York, the book comes to life as stories are learned, and secrets uncovered. Add in a good dose of action, and there’s several days of my life lost in the words. Again. My only hesitation is where I did get a bit lost/confused in the final couple of chapters. It took a slow re-reading to figure it out.
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