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This one just didn’t do it for me.  Another reviewer stated that this book reads like a YA novel, and I have to agree.  I expected more.  The description lead me to believe that this would be a suspense filled story with twists and turns, but I felt as if the characters were trying to manipulate the reader into being distracted by their conversations…. And it went on a bit longer than I liked.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.
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A wonderful twisty and dark psychological thriller. Author is comparable to Riley Sager and Ruth Ware.
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Thank you netgalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

When I read the synopsis of this book, I was instantly intrigued on how this story would progress and I have to tell you that it did NOT disappoint. I purposely dragged my feet on reading this because I didn't want this to end. The killer at the end was a great twist and their motive was both equal parts realistic and bat sh*t crazy! lol The characters were very well developed and I find myself hoping for a follow up just to spend more time with these psychopaths. The book is divided up into several POVs ranging from the three main psychopaths and their two therapists sporadically mixed in to get a semi impartial third party view which is great because you become very much aware of the differing perspectives as the POV's change and how they view each other. Which is another thing I love is that they no two psychopaths are exactly the same. It definitely shows the differences in the nature vs nurture debate. They all may be psychopaths but because of their environments growing up and the people around them, they may react or observe things completely different.

I would highly recommend this book, in fact I have already recommended it to a few people for when it comes out next month lol Excited to see what this author will do next.
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What do you get when you run a study for psychopaths? Murder and nobody trusting each other to work together to find out who the killer is! 

A professor has gained funding for a multi year study into rehabilitating psychopathy and teaching a psychopath how to understand others feelings and motivations. 

Sounds good on paper? Until the murders start. The test subject identities are a secret, or are they as a student is found murdered by a test subject in the psychology department then another murdered by an MRI machine. 

A really good read - where, like the characters you are never too sure where the story is going and who is telling the truth!
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TW: sexual assault referenced after the fact
I LOVED this book. I wish there was more and am in a slight withdrawal from the characters now that it's done. I finished it while sitting in the chair at the hair salon cause ain't no rest for the reading.

I won't rehash the synopsis here too much. A college professor recruits various students diagnosed with psychopathy to come to his school so he can study them and hopefully help them to lead normal, productive lives. The book says 2-3% of the population are psychopaths (diagnosed or not), but the reality cites closer to 1%. Nevertheless, this story was not hard to suspend any kind of belief to enjoy. As the book says, being psychopathic isn't a crime and doesn't inherently mean that the person will do anything illegal, despite where our brains automatically go when we hear the word.

Chloe was by far my favorite character, although I enjoyed every point of view we got in the book. She's smart, resourceful, and even though she's attending this school with the sole purpose of writing an old wrong (by killing a boy, but I quickly decided to go the Midsommar/"good for her route" on this one), I rooted for her the entire time.

Andre's inclusion was really interesting, and although I doubt he could have fooled Wyman the way he did, I had to hand it to him anyway.

I need to hear more of Chloe's life post-Book One and would like to formally request a sequel. In conclusion, READ THIS BOOK!
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Engaging and thrilling. I enjoyed the premise and it was incredibly readable. I found myself wanting to turn the pages. Enjoyed!
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Meet Chloe. Chloe is not like other college girls. Sure, she seems normal enough. But underneath that basic exterior, Chloe is a psychopath. She's one of a small group of students in a research study of psychopaths at her Washington, DC college. When Chloe isn't in class or participating in her study, she is trying to figure out who the other psychopaths are - and plotting to kill Will Bachman. 

Meet Andre. Andre is also a member of the psychopath study - but there's something different about him. He doesn't necessarily... fit the mold. 

When one of the members of the study is found murdered, Chloe and Andre fear that they could be next. Is someone trying to kill the psychopaths? But how... and why? Chloe and Andre begin their own research into the program - will they become the hunters, or will they simply be hunted?

This was a really interesting and fun read. I loved the characters and enjoyed watching them battle with their own instincts to work together to find the killer - all while Chloe continued her side quest to murder Will. I didn't read this as quickly as I usually read a typical thriller, because I was so intrigued by the characters and their choices (must be the psychologist in me). I didn't love the big reveal in the end, but liked the story so much that it didn't ruin anything for me. Curious to see where this author goes next!
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This book was extremely entertaining, I enjoyed the story more than expected. As someone who has read a great deal of non fiction related to the topic of psychopathy I was a bit hesitant, but found that as long as I kept in mind this was a work of fiction, it was easy to ignore the details related to psychopathy which were very much fiction. I enjoyed each of the characters, this was a great example of writing characters which a reader can love and root for while also feeling repulsed and/or afraid of them or their actions at the same time. A unique story written in a fast, suspenseful pace (with bits of humor mixed in perfectly) I enjoyed this book very much. I've found myself thinking back on it more often than I would have guessed I would. The only thing I would have liked was just a little more detail at the end. Nothing huge, but a simple paragraph or two that gave the readers an idea of what happened to each of the main characters after the big reveal would have felt more complete for me. But otherwise I'd highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys thrillers, and specifically to fans of psychological thrillers.
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Thank you Netgalley for a copy of this title in exchange for an honest review.

A psychologist doing a study on psychopaths and don't know who's who - so it's obviously gonna be no brainer. 
The book was filled with twists and turns, keeps you on the edge and that ending, my god, no one could have seen that coming.
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Chloe is not to be underestimated but neither are the other six psychopathy students at her college taking part in a study while getting their school paid for.  But when people start turning up dead Chloe decides she won't be next.  But Chloe is also in this study at this school for another reason one all of her own and she won't be side tracked and won't let this killer get in her way.

This really is a good book, action packed and full of suspense.  It will take you back to your college days and some of the relationships you had with people and and how you interacted with each other, it makes you think, what if? But you won't want to put the book down until you find out who is doing it and why.  You will be up past your bedtime for sure with this book. 

This review will appear on my blog on Sept.7th.
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I received a complimentary copy of this title from the publisher through NetGalley. Opinions expressed are my own.

[insert gif of the little girl with the evil smile] 

I love books set on college campuses and I love books about...hmm, how best to phrase this? Not quite right? 

I think the concept--and it's been something I've seen more of in media lately--that psychopaths aren't inherently evil and dangerous is interesting and needs to be proliferated. Broken doesn't automatically mean bad. 

But this was a wonderful, wild journey through the eyes of very different people who I guarantee are very different from you.
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This book was more or less everything I wanted it to be. I got through it as quickly as I possibly could, only taking breaks when "life" had to happen. There was very little that I didn't enjoy about this story. Fast paced and so very interesting, I loved seeing things from "the bad guy's" perspective.

I'll jump in, this story is essentially told in three different perspectives (which I enjoyed). You get the view of what's going on around the campus and behind the scenes from three of the psychopaths in this progranm. We also have two main story lines, one being that of Chloe and her need for revenge on Will and the other is who is killing the students.

As far is the Chloe and Will story, I wish there had been a little more to it. At times it felt like there wasn't enough to this specific story to be touted as a major part. Yes, that's essentially what gets Chloe to join this program, along with the free tuition from being a psyohopath, but there wasn't enough going on between why she was there and the final act. It felt a bit rushed and I wanted a bit more from it. That being said, that's my only qualm with the book. 

The story of what's going on on campus is the real story, and it was so good! These are the parts that made me not want to put this book down. I NEEDED to know! There was so much going on in the present and so much mystery to the back-story and so many twists and miss directions along the way that for the most part, I didn't know who was behind it all. As you get closer to the final quarter of the book, things start to piece together and you kind of get the feeling of who the killer is, but it was still a hell of a ride to get there. 

I loved all the detail the author put into this story, all the workings in the characters minds and little idiosyncrasies that each one had that made them all the more mysterious and real feeling. Each character was so interesting and how they interacted with each other was fun.

There were also so many real world happenings in this book, from BLM to women not feeling safe to walk at night for fear of being attacked or raped, also the fact that people with mental health issues are seen as scary, less than human or as monsters just because they think or act differnetly. How a label in any from from "phychopath" to "slut" can hurt someone. After all aren't we all human inside? This book not only makes you think and feel about the story at hand, but also all the underlying details that are so effortlessly placed amidst it.

I had never heard of this author before I saw this book available on Netgally, but Kurian is surely an author I'll be keeping my eye on! Excelent!

Thank you to Harlequin/Park Row and Netgalley for a copy of this title in exchange for an honest review.
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Chloe is a psychopath. She will be attending university in Washington, D.C. She chose this school for two reasons: 1. she was able to get into a program where a resident academic/psychologist (or psychiatrist?) is studying psychopaths, and her tuition is paid; 2. Will goes to school there. Chloe needs to find Will, and she is counting down from 60 days to what will happen once she’s found him… 

Andre is also in the program, but actually managed to fake his way in! He is not really a psychopath, but had other psychological issues when he was a bit younger (that, in many cases, does lead to a later diagnosis of psychopathy), and he applied as a joke. When he was accepted, it was hard to turn down the free tuition. There are five other psychopaths in Dr. Wyman’s program.

I’ve been reading a lot of mystery/thrillers lately (it has overtaken historical fiction as my current favourite genre), but many of them blend together a while after I finished. What I liked about this one is it’s a bit different with multiple psychopaths running around. The main viewpoint is Chloe’s, but Andre’s POV is followed, as well as a few others as the story goes on. I didn’t quite believe that someone would be able to fake their way in to the program with someone who has studied psychopaths for decades, but I put that aside to “enjoy” the story.
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A book about psychopaths attending college and murder is happening? How could I not want to read this book?! It was truly interesting and I admit I barely figured out who the culprit was before the main female character did.
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A group of psychopaths is gathered in one university….what could POSSIBLY go wrong?  When 2 students are murdered, members of the group come together to figure out who is committing the crimes. Could it be one of them?!?  This was an interesting story with a few twists.
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Not my favorite BA Paris book, but I enjoyed it.  Definitely a good twist at the end, but not a real stand out psychological thriller for me.
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Chloe Sevre is not your ordinary college freshman. She is a psychopath plotting to kill Will, a former friend who wronged her. She is also one of seven students at her college who are enrolled in a unique clinical study for psychopaths. When one of the students in the study is found murdered on campus, Chloe is forced to decide whom to trust as she works to identify the killer and carry out her own agenda. 

2.5 stars. The plot was certainly unique and unpredictable. I felt appropriately chilled by the dangerous game of cat and mouse that played out, and there were many clues for my book club to discuss. It was fun to predict who the murderer could be and you could say that we “never saw him/her coming.” 

However, this book was not for me, ultimately. There were too many POVs (at least five) where one or two would have sufficed; this was distracting and made it difficult to follow the plot and piece together clues. Moreover, I found the dialogue flat and unnatural -- even dialogue from characters who were not psychopaths (psychopaths lack empathy and cannot comprehend emotions like fear or guilt). Also, the sentences were choppy and there were typos throughout.

I think that this book would be suited for fans of You (TV show) or Stalking Jack the Ripper (book).

Thanks to NetGalley, Park Row, and Vera Kurian for an ARC of Never Saw Me Coming.
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I found this to be a nice little gem of a psychological thriller with an intriguing and original plot line and abundance of tension and suspense. The protagonist is a known psychopath who is participating in a college study with 6 other fellow student psychopaths. I loved her perception of life and others from a psychopath’s POV. It was so interesting and fascinating to read. When 2 of the students in the study are murdered, the others seek answers as to who is the accomplice. The story explores the possible motives of several different subjects. I was surprised by the ending and found that the author wrapped the book up successfully. This was an excellent read.
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*Thank you to Harlequin, Vera Kurian and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review*

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Will Bachman drinks too much and hangs out with people who don’t look after him.

Will Bachman has made some mistakes.

Will Bachman has sixty days to live.

Meet Chloe Sevre. Chloe is a freshman at John Adams University in Washington D.C. Just like any other new college student, she lives in leggings and is having fun meeting new people and going to frat parties. She has straight As and a very high IQ. The only difference between Chloe and others in the freshman class is Chloe is a certified psychopath and has the diagnosis to prove it. Her primary focus is Will Bachman, a Junior at Adams, who wronged Chloe when she was 12 years old. She has set the date of October 23rd to exact revenge, meaning he has 60 days to live. Chloe is about to encounter a far more pressing problem, however. Before she can murder Will Bachman, she finds out that two students in her psychopath program have been murdered and she might be next on the list.

What is a psychopath program? John Adams University has handed out free college scholarships to seven students with a firm diagnosis of psychopathy as a reward to study their habits. Their participation is confidential, as is the identity of the other students in the program. In return, they are required to wear coded smart watches and keep mood logs to track their emotions and whereabouts. What could go wrong?

Much like the 1989 movie, Heathers, Never Saw Me Coming is a very dark novel with similar themes to the movie;lies, secrets, schemes, and no empathy. The entire book felt like a ticking time bomb with very smart narrators; none of whom trust each other because they are all psychopaths. The book is told from multiple perspectives, though the primary narrator is Chloe. There is also Terrible Charles, a senior in the same frat as the notorious Will Bachman, who aspires to be a politician and is also a psychopath. Andre is a freshman and also part of the program and he is holding a big secret. Dr. Wyman and doctoral candidate Elena Torres, head the program, though they don’t have a voice in the book. 

Never Saw Me Coming hits that perfect balance of dark humor, mystery, and characters that surprise you at every turn. Surprisingly emotional, I found all the characters very compelling and addictive. The premise of the novel, Chloe exacting revenge on Will, is wild and feels compulsive but the reader finds themself rooting for her in a strange twist of loyalty. All the characters are so smart and actually likable, with one or two exceptions, though you are reminded frequently that they are psychopaths by the choices they make. The conclusion feels satisfying but not perfect. Very Much like the entire novel; So satisfying but so many flawed characters.
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Never Saw Me Coming is another awesome title for a book! I read about this one a while ago and knew I HAD to read it.
There are a bunch of books coming out that I NEED TO READ ASAP and this is one of them.
"Meet Chloe Sevre. She’s a freshman honor student, a legging-wearing hot girl next door, who also happens to be a psychopath. Her hobbies include yogalates, frat parties and plotting to kill Will Bachman, a childhood friend who grievously wronged her.
Chloe is one of seven students at her DC-based college who are part of an unusual clinical study for psychopaths—students like herself who lack empathy and can’t comprehend emotions like fear or guilt. The study, led by a renowned psychologist, requires them to wear smart watches that track their moods and movements.
When one of the students in the study is found murdered in the psychology building, a dangerous game of cat and mouse begins, and Chloe goes from hunter to prey. As she races to identify the killer and put her own plan into action, she’ll be forced to decide if she can trust any of her fellow psychopaths—and everybody knows you should never trust a psychopath."
This doesn't come out until September. Im so intrigued! Is this one that you will add to your #tbr list?
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