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The Virgin Who Humbled Lord Haslemere

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✨gritty, feminist historical romances are definitely my thing. especially those with badass women in stem solving mysteries ✨

This series is criminally underrated and I need everyone to read it. A perfect blend of romance and grit this book series serves me the perfect historical romance that keeps me on the edge of my seat and thoroughly entertained. The series is perfect for fans of Lorraine Heath, Grace Callaway, Elizabeth Hoyt, and Kerrigan Byrne. 

The Clifford Charity for Wayward Girls is just a front for an organization of bold young ladies who expose London’s most corrupt aristocrats. When the Duchess of Kenilworth approaches Georgiana to help find a missing girl, she jumps at the chance to help. But Her Grace’s brother, Benedict Harcourt, will stop at nothing to keep his sister safe. Yet once he reveals a heart as sweet as his lips, she isn’t so sure she wants him to. Can she allow herself to fall for a man with an angel’s face—and a devil’s reputation . . .?

- enemies to lovers vibes 
- secret cinnamon roll, rake hero
- strong heroine
- banter + wit
- great mystery subplot

I loved the previous books in this series and this one did not disappoint. Georgiana is chaotic, strong, witty, smart, kind, etc. I love heroines who are badass without having to be unfeeling or hyper masculine, heroines who are kind and loving all while kicking butt. Plus she’s a mathematician! 

So many times I find romances falling short because there is no real emotional connection or intimacy. Benedict and Georgiana had explosive chemistry, a genuine connection, and wonderful emotional intimacy. 

Benedict, oh my gosh that man. He was roguish and charming, supportive and loving. He was perfect. Secret cinnamon rolls are everything!

The mystery was fun and engaging. The grit of the story was nicely woven into the plot and romance. Bradley executed the details and accuracies of the time period beautifully. 

I only had two issues with the book which is why a few points were docked. I felt there were some plot holes in the story that mislead and distracted me unnecessarily. Do keep in mind that this won't be a minus for everyone. If you like a lot of misleading twists and turns in your stories then this is definitely for you. I personally just prefer books with a more straightforward mystery, even if it is filled with twists and turns. My other problem with the book was that the "bad guy" felt a little comical to me. I wish they were a little more realistic. I do tend to notice that is a problem in a lot of historicals though. Finally, though I loved Georgiana to pieces, her "wittiness" did come across overdone at some points. If you get easily annoyed by heroines then I would suggest that you tread carefully. 

Regardless, I would totally recommend you pick up this book! I especially suggest that you pick up this series. It is very underrated and one of my favorites. Though this book could technically be an interconnected standalone, I suggest reading this series for the most enjoyment. You get to fall in love with the characters in the past books, get wonderful set up for this one, and get to see the past characters you already love appear in this one :) 

⭐️⭐️⭐️.5/ 5 stars | 🌶🌶/ 5 steam

Thank you Lyrical Press, NetGalley, and Anna Bradley for an eARC in exchange for my honest opinion. 

This book came out June 1st, definitely go pick it up 🙌🏼
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I see what you did there, "Cinderella" retelling somehow.
I haven't read previous books, but I wasn't lost in the story and characters, so it can be read standalone. 
Heroines were witty, funny, they had their little banters and cute scenes. I loved their chemistry, 
I read some of Anna's books and they are all nice, and have just the read amount of steaminess.
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The Virgin Who Humbled Lord Haslemere by Bradley, Anna is the Third book in The Swooning Virgins Society.  This is the story of Benedict Harcourt, the Earl of Haslemere and Georgiana Harley. I have read the previous books (and LOVED THEM!) but I did feel this could be a standalone book if you wish to do so. Georgiana and her friends who attended Clifford School have made it their business to protect those in trouble. This leads her to meet Benedict when she goes to help the Duchess of Kenilworth.  I highly recommend this book and Ms. Bradley's writing. Loved it and the series.
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Anna Bradley is a fairly new to me author and i have to say that I've really enjoyed her books!  As soon as I saw The Virgin Who Humbled Lord Haslemere on Netgalley I immediately requested.  This series is great and I have loved each book I've read so far.  

This book follows Georgiana and Benedict and it was great to see things pick up between them from book 2 of this series. where they were introduced.  When they run into each other again, there's definitely some tension due to the fact that she's chasing down some girls from the school and he's a bit tipsy but has been entertaining them.  I honestly loved their reintroduction and the rest of the story kept me turning the pages.

If you're looking for a great historical romance series to pick up, consider these.  The characters are well developed and their stories keep me interested until the very end.
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absolutely loved this!!!

5 whole stars *shakes head* and I can't believe I've had this book since April, but didn't start because of reasons I will detail in this review.

This has to be the best historical romance I've read in while, because most of the ones I've been reading recently have been either complete disappointments or 'perfectly fine till they get lost in lust', or both. AND THIS WAS AMAZING.

I will admit this, I requested this in the beginning only because I was in the phase where I would request anything even remotely fulfilling my criteria for requests, and this had an amazing synopsis, even if the cover and title were not what I would usually go for (seeing a book with the word virgin in the title usually gives you the impression that there will be lots of deflowering and loads of lust that came out of absolutely nowhere) but in a moment of weakness I requested this despite my misgivings, and if that wasn't the best decision I've made in a while.

This author knows her romance. I just flew through this, and I wanted to slap past me for leaving this book till 2 days before the expiry date because I was dreading it. And it turned out to be SOOOOO GOOOOOD.

The best thing (I have such a low bar at this point) about this was that the sex thoughts didn't start until 42% FORTY FREAKING TWO PERCENT. That is such an achievement!! And even when it happened then, it wasn't completely overriding common sense and becoming purely lust; no, it did actual romance, actual emotional connection, everything I want in a romance, and then it did perfect angst. Really, what more can a girl ask for. And then I was awarded with an and there was only bed.

*has died and gone to heaven*

And this author, she not only did an amazing romance, she goes on to do an amazingly engrossing plot and mystery, in such a way that while it doesn't completely overtake the storyline, it also isn't just there for show! There was actual mystery solving, actual interviewing and whatnot, and I was enjoying ALL OF IT.

It made me feel everything, and I was myself close to crying quite a lot of times! And while you could argue that this might be slightly insta-love in the sense that it takes iver only a few months, but God, their interactions in the beginning speak for themselves. there is no instant attraction, no insta-lust, these people develop feelings slowly (it was at this point that I realised that I hadn't shelved this as slow burn, and I will be rectifying that mistake now), and the development is just *salivating* SO GOOD.

(I think I should tell you that my expression while writing this review has been one that expresses not much on the details, but a lot of righteous fist slamming on the table, and saying the words amazing and SO GOOD over and over again.)

The only things I didn't completely love wad the way these two had sex for a lot of time on that morning when they were supposed to be looking for the woman who was actually in fear for her life, but by this point I was so sold on the romance I didn't even care.

I will for sure be checking out more books by this author, and most likely even this series. I absolutely loved it, and recommend it to anyone who likes historical romances with actual development, slow burns (though not a lot, but it is there), amazing angst to fluff, good mystery and plot, and an amazing feel good slightly enemies to lovers that will keep you engrossed till the end.
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I really enjoyed Georgiana and Benedict's story! I just loved the interplay between theses two. Georgiana had a job to do and she wasn't going to let anyone get in her way of completing it, but Benedict wasn't going to let the fate of his sister come down to the hands of someone he didn't know. This of course caused lots of angst! It was a great read!
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Georgiana Harley is one of the grown up girls who were found by Lady Clifford and educated at her Charity School for Wayward Girls. 2 of her friends are married, and she is busy keeping the younger girls in order. When the Duchess of Kenilworth approaches Lady Clifford for help, the mystery she presents them with eventually has something to do with her extremely personable, charming and plain evil husband.

Georgiana is logical, organised and methodical, so the Duchess's brother, the charming and happy-go-lucky Benedict Harcourt, keeps getting in her way and interfering in her plans. Her inconvenient attraction to this lovable rogue might be a mistake, as he has a scandalous reputation, but she can't seem to resist him. Benedict is not about to trust his sister and nephew's wellbeing to a young woman, no matter how capable. When Benedict engineers a way for them to work together on the case, it starts off a little awkwardly, but as they start to fall for each other. Can they keep themselves, Jane and Freddy safe and get their HEA.

This was a lovely read, with some great side characters in the young girls from the school, and some of Benedict's cronies.

I voluntarily read an Advance Reader Copy of this book and all opinions are my own.
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This is one Fantastic story I was not expecting at all! Gripping and Suspenseful! I love when a book grabs you right from the start and takes you on a heart-stopping journey as in The Virgin Who Humbled Lord Heslemere. With a visit from characters who you found a special place in your heart for from the first two novels was enjoyable.

It's a action-packed rollercoaster ride as Georgiana and Benedict are both caught up in a perplexing mystery. As they realize a web of a devious mind spins a multi-layered web but will find that it will not prevail over its prey. As they try to figure out what is truth and what is lies they find themselves falling in love with each other.

Anna Bradley weaves a story from beginning to end with threads of intrigue, violent ruffins, and danger. It's a well-written romance that brims with tension-building twists and turns, remarkable emotions, characters that come off the pages and pull you into their emotional ride that keeps you involved until the very end, titillating sensual passion, clever and witty banter and with one fantastic plot that leaves you eagerly anticipating the next in the series.
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Well this was sweet, refreshing and had me enjoying every page. This sexy reformed rake and innocent but not oblivious virgin we’re just a great couple from the beginning. Truly enjoyed the characters and storyline and the slight intrigue that was thrown in.
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This was my first time reading Anna Bradley's work and it was a pleasure and the slow burn catnip I love.

I do not feel that you need to have read the first two installments in this series to understand this book. Some of the female main character's friends in the story are in the first two book installments, but the story does not revolve around them. I think reading the series in order might shed some more light on the school that Georgiana works at and its background.

I was surprised by the underlying mystery in the plot and found the story behind it to be well thought out and original. It was a driving force that kept the pace in the book, along with the smoldering heat between Georgiana Harley and Lord Benedict Hasselmore.

Here are some things that bothered me for some reason about the novel, thus the four stars:

·At some point in the novel, I wish that it touched back on Georgiana Harley's past that was presented in the prologue. This might be touched upon more in the first two installments of this series, but I do wish it had been something that was discussed and dissected more between Benedict and Georgiana. I felt the perfect opportunity was presented in the faro rooms.

·I audibly cringed every time Benedict referred to Georgiana as "princess" and "sweetheart." I just feel that these sort of patronizing terms of endearment are so outdated and hollow. They made Benedict's compliments sound completely flat at times.

·When Georgiana is getting ready to attend a ball with Benedict, she talks extensively about how the dress she's borrowed is far too big on her (especially in the bust) and is not flattering. This is never brought up again, even though she is in the dress for something like three days. I thought at one point she would have a dress given to her by someone at the places they stay along the way but it's never mentioned. She never attends to her toilette and I find this hard to believe considering Benedict's various descriptions of how tempting she is to him.

Thank you to Netgalley and Kensington Books for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. All of the opinions in the above review are of my own.
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Ahhhh the story of Georgiana and Benedict... Our heroine is approached to help a damsel in distress.. Yes, folks, She will help a `sister` find a missing person. She has no idea the full scope of the problem, but WE know we are not getting the full story here. Sworn to secrecy... of course, she becomes tangled up with/at the mercy of... the delicious hero (dashing and yummy brother of our damsel in distress), who is not supposed to know anything about this but somehow.. well... he inserts himself into the story line. What follows is a love story woven around a cold case. What's not to love? I cannot recommend more highly Do NOT miss this book! #MysteryLovesRomanceAndSheMightLoveHimBack
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Fun read!

I don’t think I’ll ever look at a jar of quince or strawberry preserves in quite the same way again! Intrigued? Read on! 
Georgina Hayley (one of the surprising young ladies from the Clifford Charity School) has been assigned to help the Duchess of Kenilworth and her son escape the clutches of her abusive husband.
That leads Georgina directly into the path and ire of the Duchess’ brother, Benedict Harcourt, the Earl of Haslemere. Ire might be a tad strong. After all Benedict has swanned his way through life with a smile and masculine charm. In Georgina he meets his match. The smile and charm apparently fall on deaf ears. Focusing on his own pursuits, Benedict is somewhat blind to his sister’s situation. Although there have been some clues for him to notice if he’d a mind to. 
Georgina and Benedict’s conflict is that of endearing moments and laugh out loud occasions. Crossing swords metaphorically is just some of the excitement. The meeting of their minds and more, raises the heat level.
Another great edition to this series as these two battle it out.

A Kensington Books ARC via NetGalley
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A story that starts a little slow but picks up pace very quickly as it moves forward. I loved Benedict and Georgiana and their slow burn romance. The mystery element in the story was a delightful surprise and kept me at the edge of my seat wondering about the end. It was well written and beautifully incorporated into the story even while keeping the focus on Benedict and Georgiana. This is book three in the The Swooning Virgins Society series but it could be read as a stand alone. I liked the entire series so if you want to see the adventures of the rest of Georgiana’s friends, you should definitely read the series.

I received this ARC from NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review*
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This is the third book in the series of the “Swooning Virgins” who are no longer virgins and it did not disappoint.  Georgianna is a wonderful character and the attraction between her and Benedict was wonderful. The mystery was solved and there was a happily ever after. Great story.
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I am voluntarily posting an honest review after reading an advance readers copy of this story.

The Virgin Who Humbled Lord Haslemere, by Anna Bradley, is available at booksellers on 6-1-2021.  It's book 3 of 4 in the The Swooning Virgins series.  In my opinion the main characters were difficult to like and become involved with.  The Clifford School ladies undertake challenging situations and problems for those with nowhere else, legal, to help them.  Georgiana is too straight for me, she doesn't have a lot of give.  I think she'd have done well in the military.  Benedict is unaware of things that are happening in his own sphere.  His sister spends most of the summer at his house & not her own?  He thinks somethings off but doesn't ask about it.  Men, blind until you show them exactly what they missed.  The story was hard to handle, I knew where the clues were heading & I dreaded it.  Domestic abuse y'all, the devil's own handiwork.  Between the subject matter & the characters themselves I found it a difficult read.

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I really enjoyed The Virgin Who Humbled Lord Haslemere.  I haven't read the first two books in the series, but I'll definitely be adding them to my "to read" list.

Georgiana is a smart, serious math teacher at the Clifford Charity School for Wayward Girls. Her backstory is briefly alluded to, but it leads to a great Faro card playing scene.  The school is obviously so much more, as Georgiana is recruited by a Duchess to help find a missing woman.  Through this, Georgiana becomes involved with the Duchess's brother, Benedict, Lord Haslemere.  Their chemistry was palpable from the first page.  

The mystery was the catalyst for the entire story, but it never took away from introducing and advancing the romance between Georgiana and Benedict.  Benedict was such a swoon-worthy character.  He was funny, charming, fabulous with children, and fiercely protective of those he loves.  He fell hard for Georgiana from the beginning.  

This book had humor, action, a truly heinous villain, and of course a beautiful romance.

It was refreshing to read a book were the heroine wasn't concerned about her reputation.  Now, I'm not sure how accurate it would have been for the times, considering the unmarried Miss Georgiana was always alone with an unmarried man, but it was nice not to have reputation and being compromised being the sole focus on why the hero and heroine couldn't be together.

Tropes: road trip, forced proximity, class differences
Two full on steamy scenes.  You have to wait a while for the full pay off, but it's worth it.  

My review copy for kindle was riddled with a ton of formatting errors, including no indentions or paragraph splits between dialogue and manymanywordsandsentencesconnectedtogetherlikethiswithnospaces.  Hopefully these were corrected in the published kindle versions.  

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an advanced review copy of this book.  All opinions are my own and freely given.
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I really enjoyed this book. This book took me away to another place and time where I was to escape from my everyday word for a while. It moves along at a wonderful pace making for a relaxing and enjoyable read. The characters are amazing and you feel like you have known them forever. By the end of the book you have fallen in love with them. This is a book that needs to be read. It has to be on your TBR list, no doubt about it.
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I thought that this was a wonderful read. I really like the concept behind this series and find it very fresh and clever. I have to say that this is definitely my favorite entry in this series. Everything just came together perfectly in this book, at least in my opinion, The story was strong and well crafted. It served as an excellent backdrop for the two very appealing lead characters. I loved the chemistry that was so evident in every single interaction these two had. The tension is thick and the suspense has you on the edge as this terrific read keeps you entertained and invested.
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This might be book three in the Virgin Series, but I had been waiting for this one. 

Georgiana and Benedict were perfect together! Loved the banter, the smiles and the plot of this book.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ebook arc in exchange for an honest review.
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Absolutely fabulous Cinderella type romance series! This is so much more than a love story! These intrepid heroines are so determined to help other women in need. This one matches up Miss Georgiana Hartley, the logical, non-emotional spinster of the group with the fun loving rake, Benedict Harcourt, Lord Haslemere. We met him in the 2nd story as the faithful friend of tortured Lord Gideon. This time he's met his match in Georgiana who has no time or respect for wastrels who play all day. Both of these individuals are thrown together and discover there is so much more to discover about themselves & each other, and how much they can endure for those they love.

Georgiana is tasked with finding the whereabouts of Clara Beauchamp by Lady Jane, Duchess Kenilworth. Clara disappeared 6 years ago at Lord Draven's Christmas Ball. Jane believes she saw her in Lady Tilbury's carriage this week! She goes to the Clifford house to task them with finding her quietly without letting her husband, Duke Kenilworth or her brother, Benedict Harcourt know. This proves to be very difficult as Georgiana is on Benedict's radar. They met one night when she was recovering 2 troublesome young girls from the school one night. Georgiana gave him a scolding that blistered his ears and peaked his interest.

Benedict Harcourt, Earl of Haslemere is famous for his being the most likable rake of the Ton. He provides all sorts of entertainment for the board Lords. He's more than intrigued by Georgiana because she's so different than any other woman who has crossed his path. When he observes her at Lady Wylde's masquerade ball asking many questions and finds a horrible rumor about his beloved younger sister Jane, he decides he has to get to the bottom of it. That leads him right to Georgiana. This was so much fun to read. Georgiana is tenacious in digging out the history of Clara Beauchamp. Benedict is so very protective of those he considered his own, his sister & nephew, and later includes Georgiana when things become dangerous. There are so many secrets in the past that they did up and discover surprising bad guys along the way.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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