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Make Your Own Money had some great ideas for young people to make some money. Definitely getting for my collection!
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I am grateful to the publisher for my e-ARC in exchange for an honest review. Make your own money is my first book by Ty Allan Jackson. The book opens with Danny Dollar talking affectionately about his uncle who tasked him with growing his money. The book then goes into a lesson that's digestible on what money is, what saving is, what businesses you can try, and what investing looks like. It was quite enjoyable and very ideal for young children to have an understanding of money. I felt like the book could use more illustrations as it caters to young children
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Make Your Own Money by Ty Allan Jackson is a book for children all about money, how you can make money and how you can start your own business all as a child. This book covers everything from Business Plans, Profits, Budgets, Bank Accounts and even the Stock Market which is great. These often quite complex topics which are not shared with children have been written in a way to help children understand the financial world around them and the importance of having money, and even more importantly, the importance of trying to save your money. This book is full of good practical advice with key concepts fully explained in standard English.

I like this book as it is the perfect self-help book for children. It shows them that anything is possible and educates them in an area of life that everyone becomes more and more involved in as they get older. Although I feel this book was written for older children, this would also be a great book for teenagers as this should encourage people to make more throughout decisions and as mentioned above, understand the world of finance. It was also good how many case studies were referenced throughout the book of how other children have managed to start their own businesses.

There is nothing I really dislike about this book. Adults might not find this book entirely helpful as it covers all the basics but I am sure there is the possibility that you will learn something new by reading this book. The glossary of the different keywords used has also been extremely useful for those of many ages. This book not only teaches you about finance and the basics of the world of business, but this book also has a positive element to it reinforcing the idea that you are capable of anything. 

Altogether, I rate this book 3 stars making it a good book. This book contains a variety of interesting and important facts which I think is important that children learn as soon as they are ready to best prepare them for teenage and adult life where they will be getting more and more involved with money, earning it, spending it and everything in between. I would like to thank both NetGalley and Storey Publishing for providing me with an Advance Reader Copy in return for an honest book review.
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This wonderful book explains about how we can get money as much as we can, since young age. With examples of successful young entrepreneurs, we would be motivated to try the steps offered by Danny, the main character of this book. With language for kids, I can understand better the difficult terms in finance used by people with knowledge. 

It might not be easy to do what Danny did, but at least you can try his methods and once you gain some money, enjoy it.
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Thank you, Netgalley, for the opportunity to read an arc version of this book!

The most popular class at my school is Financial Literacy--students want to know more about how to earn, save, and spend money and are taking the time in and out of school to learn more. I was excited to check out this book to see if I wanted to add it to my classroom library. 

While cheesy at times, this book is so readable. We are guided by Danny Dollar, a young aspiring entrepreneur, through background on money/the Federal Reserve in the US, up to more broad concepts of spending and saving. All throughout the graphics are clear and add to Danny’s message, rather than being a distraction. 

There were many positive notes that I’m sure parents/families would appreciate -- like a pro/con list for chores, with many more positives. It would be cool to see some differentiation with goods and services between cities and towns. Still, the suggestions are awesome to see, as well as the recommendations for marketing and making a profit. Although the writing is pretty young, I think this book is great for elementary and middle schoolers, as well as 9th graders. Would love to add this to my classroom library!
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Really good for kids to learn about money and how to earn it. Get basics in a easy and visual way for kids to get an idea on the topic
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I read this book with with my primary aged children and they enjoyed it.  It raised many questions for them (many answered in the book).  The book is bright and has a great mix of text and graphics.  My son said it was a lively, interesting book and the pictures made reading it fun.  There are American references (where coins are made in the US for example) so it is not completely relevant to a UK market but my children still enjoyed it.  We enjoyed the goals section, the motivational elements and there is a personal note from the author. 

Thank you for this ARC in return for an honest review.
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As a money coach I’m always looking for good presents for my clients; this book is going to go on the list for those clients who are parents. We can’t underestimate the impact of teaching our kids the entrepreneurial spirit and giving them the tools to get out there and make money. It’s a very quick read but gets across what it needs to for the target market.
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I just reviewed Make Your Own Money by Ty Allan Jackson. #MakeYourOwnMoney #NetGalley

This book focuses on how young children thru high school can make money. By investing, opening a small online business, and making smarter choices the youth of today can learn to be more financially responsible. The strategies listed in the book could be useful to anyone of any age. This is a book I wish I had access to as a teen. Learning money saving/ making techniques at a young age will better prepared children for the harsh road ahead. I will be purchasing this book for our juvenile section of the library, possibly showcasing it during a virtual program.
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Thanks for the opportunity to read and review this book. I think this book's strength comes in its illustrations and ease of understanding. Its aims are to teach young people how to make some money. In doing so, it also has a lot of other lessons: banking, profit margins, credit scores, setting personal/professional/financial goals. The illustrations are pretty entertaining. Heck... I'm in my late twenties and definitely need to know more about how certain things work. It would be a great gift for a teenager who is getting out into the world. Whether or not they'll read it is another thing... but if they do, they'll get something valuable and educational out of it.
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This is a cute book.  The illustrations are great, and I love the graphic novel style pages! I also liked the way it simplified a business model for young people. Looking at target market, and how to make a profit. All of this was done very well and explained perfectly for a young person or someone new to business. 
However, being based in the UK I found it to be irrelevant in a lot of places. A lot of the terminology was US based, and therefore redundant when reading from a UK perspective. Lots of things were not relevant or understandable over here - some parts (ie cheques) felt a little old fashioned.

I liked the premise of this book, but don't think it work for UK readership.
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