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The Chickentown Mystery

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A great book to read with your child. The story is a mystery but not scary. The chickens are hilarious! My grandchildren have added this one to their rotation of everyday "read to me" times.

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I laughed so hard during this book. It was cute and a quick read and I really enjoyed making my way through it.

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I really enjoyed this book. It was a great storyline with excellent characters. I would highly recommend this book as it was a great read.

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Gt your little mystery lover off to a great start with The Chickentown Mystery. Follow the story on a series of mysterious events, and try to figure out who the culprit is behind them all before it is too late! Definitely a cute story :)

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Objectively, this is an odd concept for a story. Most kids will accept the reality of the story without question. The mystery is simple but cute.

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The hens of Chickentown are disappearing, and no one knows what’s happening. Normally, Chickentown is a peaceful place. People and hens live side by side, each enjoying comfy beds and good food and their own televisions. And now, the Golden Feather competition is coming up. All the hens are excited and doing what they can to prepare themselves.

But then, one night, Scarlett goes missing.

And the next night, Gwendolyn goes missing. And there are markings on the chair, like from claws.

And the next night, Rufina goes missing. And there is red fur at the scene of the crime.

What could be happening to the chickens of Chickentown?

The resident witch Miss Henrietta decides to get to the bottom of the mystery. She feeds her hen Lucinda a magic star, so she will stay bright. So when she goes missing, Miss Henrietta can follow the trail and find her again. But what will she find at the end of the trail? Will the star stay bright enough to help her solve the mystery in Chickentown and save the Golden Feather contest?

Author and illustrator Albert Arrayas brings this sweet story to life through his colorful, whimsical illustrations and his endearing story. The Chickentown Mystery is a picture book that will entertain children and parents alike with the delightful art.

I really enjoyed The Chickentown Mystery. It’s fun to read, and I loved the artwork. The mystery is interesting, and the chickens are full of personality. This would be a great addition to a personal bookshefl or to a school or public library.

Egalleys for The Chickentown Mystery were provided by CrackBoom! Books through Netgalley, with many thanks.

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The Chickentown mystery was cute but not necessarily memorable. Children's books are normally best with a story that flows. I found the story to be a bit confusing and possibly hard to follow for younger readers. I will admit I did laugh a couple of times. Overall fine, not great.

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The Chickentown Mystery has fun illustrations, and I adored the names of the chickens. I didn't understand the kidnapping plot line that was never really explained. Stick with chickens!

Thank you to Net Galley for the ARC for an honest review.

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I absolutely loved this book. It's so cute and fun and an absolute joy. There is some kind of a detective story and a great way to introduce little kids to mystery and solving mysteries. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous.

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This was friggen adorable. No other way to put it!

I requested this from Netgalley on the basis that: 1) the illustrations looked super sweet, 2) there's a mystery to the story (who cares if it's a mystery for little kids??), and 3) I volunteer as a read-along book narrator for a small library in Hanoi, which has given me a love for good children's books, so I've started making time to read ones that look interesting to me (it's always rewarding in some way).

I had a bit of a different kind of story in mind when I read the synopsis (i.e. a mystery where the reader can find actual clues in the pictures to help solve it), but I had myself a good chuckle at the reveal nonetheless. What I loved most, aside from the lovely illustrations, was the fact that the reveal itself is done through the pictures and not spoon-fed through the text, leaving space for readers to discover and talk through the solution with the person reading the story to them.

However, I did feel like the text itself could have done a bit more over the course of the book. Some of the best children's books I've ever read reached that status at least partly thanks to clever writing and flowing verse. In the same way an adult book's writing can determine whether or not you get sucked into a story, the text in a children's book builds on the tone set by the illustrations and should be just as engaging, if not more so, which unfortunately doesn't fully happen in The Chickentown Mystery. Despite this, I enjoyed the book as a whole, and I'll definitely keep an eye out for a copy to gift to my little community library in Hanoi.

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Never have I read a cute story with so many chickens all over the book from cover to cover. And it's rainbow cute. The only thing that isn't working out is making me read a story of a fox who collects chickens and not..... (Shhh.)

Children be kept away from the harsh reality I guess.

Love the illustrations.

Did I just ruined the mystery?

I hope not.

Thank you authors and the publisher for the advance reading copy.

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This is a cute story, but wish that there had been more mystery and more clues. Children have few clues before the witch does magic to solve the mystery. It lacks a bit of imagination for the children and it was resolved quite quickly. The illustrations are cute and it may be a fun story for especially young readers, but it would have been nice if there had been more mystery to the mystery.

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The illustrations were really fun but I got lost at the end. Hens are being stolen before the big contest. Why? I read the book and I still don't know. What started off as a really cute story turned out with a fill-in-the-blank ending. I even went back and tried to figure out if the illustrations showed something I missed but then I was even more confused. Did they forget to print the last pages of the book like in the movie Elf and then hoped no one would notice? Is there a sequel?

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For us, this book was just okay. The illustrations were nice and the overall story was good. Just not one of our new favorites.

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Very puzzling story. The book tells a story about chickens that go missing; the story shows that the chickens are found but then the story stops. There is no reason why the chickens were taken and no follow-up on the perpetrator. Perhaps the intent is for the reader to imagine the reasons why? Good illustrations. Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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I love books like this for children, that engage all their observational abilities, with information hidden all over the page. I had one as a child, and was looking for one to get for my friends baby, when I saw this ARC and decided to try it. Absolutely lovely illustrations, and a very fun who-dun- it sort of story. Perfect for children above 5 years, and also if the child's an early reader , a 4 year old would manage this with the parents aid. Also a nice introduction to simple detective fiction, for a kid!!

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Before I start this review I want to say that this would probably have been more magical in paperback form than ebook as I feel sometimes pictures books don’t always translate well to that form and this was one of them. But I’m not going to let the affect my review of the story but just a side note if reading this.

This book was a cute little story about chicken town where the chickens start to go missing and the people of the town need to find out where they are going before the big competition. They gain the hope of a local witch to do so.

What I liked about this book, first of all I love a theme that takes puns especially on names and runs with it, children love it and adults too. Secondly, I love the who dunnit vibe of having pages with clues on and asking the reader questions for example: who could it be? Who could it belong to. These offered so much scope in the way of inference and allow children to use the detailed pictures to pick up clues to guess who was the perpetrator. I love this as not only great for guided reading but would be fun for children to recreate their own version, design their own villainous chicken thief and I could see the fun of setting up a hook in the classroom of stolen chickens with clues too.
Also I love how the ending offers the opportunity for children to look at different points of view, motives and back stories. The surprise reveal leaves more questions.

The illustrations are really beautiful and imaginative and although the story is a simple one, the language used is high quality, encouraging children to develop their language skills as well as talk about how to create a bit of suspense in their writing.

After writing my review I now feel that this book deserves more stars than i originally planned, purely because the scope this book has for schools and planning lessons around and learning opportunities.

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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for a review.

I read The Chickentown Mystery with my 10 year old, she enjoyed the illustrations and the story overall. I would say that the story is aimed at someone younger though.

The illustrations are well done, and the story of jealously (our comeback anyways) was well thought out. I did love what we thought was a little twist when you look closer at the illustration with the story.

This book would be quite entertaining for young kids.

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Thank you to NetGalley and Chouette Publishing for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!
The Chickentown Mystery is a delightful whodunnit story that I am quite frankly obsessed with. It's funny, bizarre, and unique- everything I love in a picture book. The story itself is fun, but for me the shining star of The Chickentown Mystery is its illustrations. They are bright, colorful, and just all-around gorgeous! This is a book that children everywhere will love for both its whimsicality and its aesthetic beauty. I'd recommend The Chickentown Mystery to any child that likes.... actually, just any child. I can't imagine a kid not liking this book!

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The story has a great illustration. But as for the story itself? Well, I am not a fans of "finish your own story". It is fun, and the children might imagine what is actually happening, alas, I did not understand fully well the intention of the author. We can see the culprit at the end, but as the motive of kidnapping? We have to figure this out. Not really the usual end for children books, nevertheless for the sake of a different kind of storybook, you might want to buy this for your kids.

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