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Little Boy Lost (Detective Mackenzie Price Book 3)

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Little Boy Lost is the third tense installment in the Detective Mackenzie Price series. There will be spoilers below for the first two books. 

I happily returned to Mack’s bleak world, and the ever-depressing and crime-ridden town of Lakemore. One thing I appreciate about Choudhary’s writing is her commitment to character development, and there’s a lot on show here from the first pages. There’s also the perfect balance of reintroduction to the story and the weaving of new threads.

As I mentioned in my review of book two, I’m fully onboard the Mack/Nick ship, and there are tantalizing hints of their deepening relationship. Choudhary’s depiction of a deep friendship forged under pressure is spot on and feels very true to life. Mack is also coming to terms with divorcing her husband, and the insight into her mix of relief, victory, loneliness, and acceptance is impactful. I also appreciated the stark contrast between Mack’s full working life and literally empty home.

There were a few points throughout where I felt Mack acted out of character, and it was hard to parse whether this was ‘out of character is serious business’ or for plot convenience, but I give Choudary the benefit of the doubt. Less believable was the portrayal of a pastor, who at one point has a maniacal religious outburst. There are scenarios in which this kind of writing is entirely appropriate (see Midsomer Murders), but a gritty crime thriller is not one of them.

The plot was as dark and intriguing as I expect from the series, this time centering on a past case of Nick’s. This allows for a greater exploration of his character, as well as upping the stakes. I found the resolution of the major mystery a little underwhelming due to too many plot strands. The plot points kept getting jumbled in my brain, which probably says as much about my brain as it does the cohesion of the novel.

The progression of the Mack, Nick, and Lakemore plots was satisfying and well delivered. This was gratifying, as for me these are the storylines that bring me back to the series for each installment.

I rated Little Boy Lost 4 stars and would recommend it to fans of procedural crime thrillers, especially if you like an excellent female lead.
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Exciting thriller where the detective against time to save a third boy. Good characters,plot full of drama and secrets galore.
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Mackenzie and Nick are partners looking for three boys that have went missing.  Mackenzie is haunted from her pass and Nick has his own demons from a previous case.
This is the third in a series but this is the first one that i have read. I really enjoyed the story and the characters were likeable. If you enjoy mysteries then you need to check this one out.
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COMPELLING  thriller involving the disappearance of 3 young boys in this well written police procedural. Great characterization with lots of suspense leading up to the grand finale. Enjoyed the whole series thus far & eagerly await #4.  RECOMMEND all fully.  Thanks to NetGalley & Bookouture for this ARC in return for my honest review.
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Another great book in this series.
Couldn’t put it down.
Plenty of twists to keep you hooked.
Can’t wait for the next in the series.
Thanks NetGalley
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Being a my of a boy I hate to think of anything happening to little children! That being said it has me gripped from the start and I almost raced through it.
I wish I had read the previous ones - but that didn’t deter from my enjoyment, but I think it would have enhanced it if I had. 
Great read
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I so appreciate the author letting Mad Mak grow. Her “father” was murdered and there is a new detective on that case. Then 3 boys are kidnapped and there are links to an old case. Clues point us everywhere but all of the stories are wound up at the end.

I was given a copy by Netgalley in exchange for an unbiased review.
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TRIGGER WARNING : this book contains child murder
Three boys disappear on a school trip. One boy is found dead shortly afterwards with a warning that the other boys will die too if Johnny's killer isn't found. Except Johnny's killer was convicted serial killer and has been in prison for the last eight years. Has there been a mistake and can Mad Mack find the two boys alive...?
Little Boy Lost is the third book to feature Mackenzie Price. There are no spoilers about the previous cases. However, the tangled personal experiences of Mack have evolved over the series so I think it would be beneficial to read the books in order to see the progression of her circumstances develop.
The disappearance of three children is highly emotive and when the first body is discovered, the book takes an upsetting direction. The author does not shy away from the forensic detail nor the devastation of the parents. The tension for the police team and the other frantic parents feels authentic, and as a mum myself it was difficult but compelling to read.
Mack and her partner Nick have the difficult task of investigating the current case as well as looking at the apparently solved case of Johnny's murder. Nick feels intensely guilty as he was in charge of the case so believes he is responsible for the actions of the killer. Meanwhile Mack is a little distracted by the complications in her family life and the recent murder of her father.
Little Boy Lost is an upsetting but captivating novel with a strong plot, plenty of action, and a wonderfully complex lead detective
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Wow this is a great read, and I am now hooked on this series. It is the first book I have read by Ruhi Choudhary but I can not wait to get stuck into the others.

I took to the main characters quickly and I was instantly thrown into their new case, which may be linked to an old solved crime. Is someone being a copycat or was the wrong person convicted. This is the dilemma facing the detectives.

I raced through as I tried to solve the mystery alongside Nick and Mackenzie, I really liked their relationship and how their personalities compliment each other. It was really interesting to see how they worked together and eventually get a result in the case.

Highly recommended.
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Little Boy Lost is the third instalment in the Detective Mackenzie ”Mack” Price series, set in Lakemore, Washington. The actual crimes in the book are self-contained, but I recommend you read these books in order as there is a lot of character development and past events that you would miss. There are two storylines happening simultaneously. Mack's father was recently killed and what was originally ruled a robbery is not being investigated as something else. Mack seems to be a suspect even though she thought her had died twenty years ago and only recently knew he was alive in the last few months. There are a lot of secrets involving this plotline that are uncovered as the story progresses. The second situation involves three nine-year-old boys who disappear on a school fieldtrip. When the first one shows up dead with the same signature as a serial killer that Mack's partner, Detective Nick Blackwood arrested ten years earlier, it is intimated that Jeremiah did not kill the last victim, Johnny Cooper. Mack is directed to go over all the evidence from Johnny's death with a fine tooth comb and she uncovers some inconsistencies. Both of these situations take their toll on both Mack and Nick. Will they find the last two boys before another ends up dead? Will they figure out what happened to Charles Laurent?

This book has a lot going on, but Ruhi Choudhary does a great job of juggling these two plotlines into an excellent story. I really like Mack's character. She has some baggage that she has been dealing with for many years and they effect all her decisions. She is driven, smart and extremely observant which makes her good at her job. She and Nick are best friends and are able to work together and help each other when they are dealing with emotions and negative feelings. Nick is a separated dad who loves his daughter Luna. She is a sweetheart, although a bit sassy. I enjoyed her character as she brought some lightness into the story. Nick is a dedicated cop who puts too much pressure on himself, but fortunately, both Luna and Mack can help him not too spiral. The crimes/mysteries are very well written and easily pulled me into this story. The writing is engaging and easy to relate to. There were enough suspects and twists to keep me guessing right until the final reveal, I mean literal reveal when the mask is pulled off. It all fit well together and was believable, although a bit crazy. There is a lot of action, drama and tension, and there's never a dull moment. For a small town, there sure is a lot of darkness, corruption and crazy happening. If you enjoy a good police procedural, with some twists, then this series is definitely for you. I recommend the Detective Mackenzie Price series.
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'Little Boy Lost' by Ruhi Choudhary is the third book in the Detective Mackenzie Price series. This series is one of those that I have read from the first book till the current one and with each new book the mystery, the thrill and the twists reach a notch higher. 

The series is one of those that has two parallel stories, One of the Detective herself, her personal story and her demons that she is fighting and the case of the three missing boys from Lakemore.  
This book can be enjoyed as a stand alone but it will be real great to start from the 1st book in the series to get a grip on Detective Mack's story. 

The plot of the story is intricate, The journey to find the culprit is intense and the suspense at the end is absolutely unexpected. 
Through the series, I have become a fan of Detective Mack and her partner Nick Blackwood. The understanding and the bond they share is intimate in a platonic way that only comes from being with each other and standing in support for each other through good times and bad times. 
Apart from the mysteries and thrill, the human side of the story, the underlying weakness, the gray areas of human psyche, all make this story super enjoyable and thought provoking. 

If you love to read stories of mystery, thrill and human emotions and thoughts then this will be a perfect way to spend a day with. If you love stories with strong female protagonists who are equally vulnerable at the same time then this story is for you. 
I thank the author, Publisher Bookouture and Netgalley for approving my request to read and review this book. The opinions expressed are all mine
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Little Boy Lost by Ruhi Choudhary is the 3rd book in the Detective Mackenzie Price mystery series, and another great addition. Once I started this book I could not stop reading it. It was a quick read that kept me guessing. I look forward to reading the next and first book in the series. I highly recommend this book for all mystery book lovers, you will not be disappointed.
I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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Lakemore’s annual spring festival was crowded with people looking for a day in the sunshine; the crowd included a class of nine-year-old school children and before the day was half over, three of those children had vanished. Lucas, Noah and Theo had all disappeared and it was up to Detective Mackenzie Price and partner Detective Nick Blackwood to lead the team to find the kids before it was too late. But Nick could see the similarities to a case many years prior, a case where the brutal serial killer was serving time in jail. When the first boy was found, his body had a message for the police.

As Mack and Nick searched for answers, they investigated the death of one of the boys the serial killer was convicted of murdering. When they unearthed signs of a huge cover up, they were horrified – how had the police got it so wrong? But was that really the case? Or was it something much worse? And who was behind the disappearance of the three boys? Lakemore PD were determined to find the answers – but they were running on fumes…

Little Boy Lost is the 3rd in the Detective Mackenzie Price series by Ruhi Choudhary and I loved it! Mack is still conflicted and haunted by her past, a past she refuses to share. And a killing which happened in the previous book needs to be solved; but will it give Mack peace? The characters are well written, there are plenty of twists and turns; characters who look the part of the criminal – but then they don’t! I think perhaps this one is the best in the series so far, in my opinion. Highly recommended.

With thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for my digital ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.
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“I’m just playing devil’s advocate. Someone has to. Truth could be about perspective.”

Years ago, Jeremiah Wozniak causes havoc in Lakemore after murdering eleven children. Years later, three children go missing and one is found dead, strangled with his tongue cut off: Wozniak's Modus Operandi. But Wozniak is in prison! Now the new, deranged killer insists Wozniak wasn't the murderer of the eleventh child and challenges the force. Find the real killer --- or two more boys' lives is snuffed out.

The first thing I noticed in Little Boy Lost is the imagery. Visual, auditory, kinesthetic --- you name it. Ruhi Choudhary hooks us with how vividly she describes scenes from first page to last.

Characters' relationships are a vital part of the story. Ruhi wisely develops the connections between her characters in aid of the plot. As we go along we are particularly exposed to the ups and downs between Nick and Mackenzie. How Mack strives to adjust and change for her friend (...or is it “friend”?) and how Nick reacts to these acts and more. It's a picture of the quote “no man is an island”. Perfect for people trying to open up more and change for the better (such as myself). 

The plot is twisted and complex. We see lots of shocking revelations all throughout the series, thus this book.
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There are times when you read a couple of books by an author, you love them and then you read the next one and your interest wanes. You know the feeling, right? Well, that’s certainly not the feeling I got from reading the third book in the Detective Mackenzie Price series! If anything, I’m drawn into wanting to read more and will certainly be waiting for Book #4!

This story kept me on the edge of my seat, wanting a resolution to it and hoping that all was not lost. It was full of emotion. Macknezie’s partner, Nick Blackwood deals with guilt and confusion as the latest case of missing boys seems to be linked to an old case, his first, in which he got the perpetrator convicted. Mack too is dealing with fear and grief as an outside cop, Austin, is assigned to her father’s murder case and there seems to be someone trailing and threatening her. But telling this even to Nick, might make her spill the beans on how she, as a child, covered for her mother killing a man.

As Mack and Nick race against time to solve these crimes, there’s also a lot of pressure being exerted on the Police Department which is being seen as corrupt. The detectives keep coming up with different suspects and the mystery gets deeper and deeper. Will they be able to save the little boy and catch the culprit? Great suspense and an ending I didn’t expect.
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This is my first novel by Ruhi Choudhary and also my first introduction to Det. Mackenzie Price and her series of books. I do generally enjoy detective thrillers and was glad to be given the chance to get into the world of another one (though I usually much prefer to start at book #1!) 
The storyline is an attention grabbing one - three young boys disappear on a school trip in the town and Det. Price and her partner and under huge pressure to find them before anything happens them; making it all the worse, the disappearances seem to be connected to a series of killings from years ago but the guy responsible for those horrendous murders is very much locked up in jail... 
There is a lot of turmoil on the part of the detectives as well the families involved and we also delve into the background of our main characters which adds another layer of interest.
I did enjoy this book. "Mack" is a likable if troubled protagonist and there is definitely tension in key scenes but on the flip side I didn't adore it - maybe because I haven't read the other books (though this works fine as a standalone in general) and there was a lot of reference to past cases and lives or because there were one or two parts that were just a Little too much of a stretch. Would I go back to read the previous two? Not sure. Would I pick up #4? Possibly! 
Thanks to Netgalley and publishers for the opportunity to read this title in exchange for an honest review.
(if I could give it an additional half star I would)
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Little Boy Lost by Ruhi Choudhary is a police procedural, primarily driven by damaged cops. Mackenzie Price is quite a good detective, if it were not for her guilty conscience about something that had happened when she was 12 and helped her mother bury a man in the woods. Her partner, Nick, was haunted by the deaths of 11 boys some years back. He had solved the crime, but he had not done it soon enough to stop the killings. Now they were faced with three crimes: three boys had been snatched from a community fair, one was already dead; one of the eleven had apparently been killed by someone other than the other ten; and the man Mackenzie thought had been her father that died, had returned, then been shot. Quite a bit on their plates. 

Nick was a divorced father and the one thing that could make his day was a visit with Luna, his eight-year-old daughter. This was a fact Mackenzie used to his benefit. They were friends, had been since they'd been partners. That friendship was fraying now with the stress. There was a new detective assigned to Charles. Mack's father's death, and he was digging. He seemed to think she had done it. She hadn't, but she knew she had a secret. They followed clues, they questioned people, they looked everywhere there was to look, and still...nothing. Everyone was on edge. There were so many secrets, not just Mack's. It was a race against the clock. They didn't know if they could beat the clock and it was killing them...almost did. What a good book, although it's not fun reading about murdered children. I recommend it.

I was invited to read a free e-ARC of Little Boy Lost by Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are mine. #netgalley #littleboylost
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Little Boy Lost was a captivating thriller full of delicious little twists.  In this third installment to the Mackenzie Price series we are brought back to the majestic scenery of Washington state.  But evil abounds here as the disappearance of three 9 year old boys forces Nick to confront one of the most diabolical killers from his past.  Did Nick make a mistake charging Jeremiah Wozniak with little Johnny's murder?  Has a killer been walking amongst them all these years?  He is certain beyond belief that Wozniak is a psychopath who will kill again if given the chance.  But his soul wrestles with the fact that he might have let another killer go free.  Meanwhile Mackenzie is dealing with skeletons from her own past.  Her father's murder investigation has been reopened and a zealous cop is on the case.  Will he uncover Mack's secret?  Is Charles's killer after her too?  Mackenzie does not know whether her need for self preservation will land her harm's way.  Does she reveal her truth and risk her reputation?  Or does she guard her secret and risk her life?

Thrilling from start to finish!  5 bright shiny stars!
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Thank you to Bookouture for my copy of this book via Netgalley and for letting me take part in this tour. I really enjoyed the first two books in this series and I knew I just had to read the next book. 

This book like the first two is two-fold. You have the case of the missing boys and you have the case of Mack's dad, Charles. If you have read the first two books then you will know all the ins and outs of Mack's personal life. If you haven't there is enough information provided in this book that you can still feel invested. 

The case of the missing boys is truly horrific. I cannot imagine what it is like to live in a small town where you are scared to send your children to school. It's so sad. Children should be safe at school. It just breaks my heart that it happened not once but twice in Lakemore. I felt for the parents, the police for the whole town. 

Mack and her partner Nick are the lead on this case but they have a lot of help from the rest of the detectives. I really like the whole team. They are hard-working and strive for justice. That might seem obvious but politics takes over so much it can blur the lines for some.

Ruhi kept me on the edge of my seat and up way past my bedtime reading this book. I had to find out what happened to those poor boys. Mack's past really comes to haunt her in this book and I was just as gripped by that story as I was by the missing boys. 

Ruhi is fantastic at keeping you hooked to the very last page and I can't wait to see what she brings in her next book.
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Ruhi Choudhary's new novel is full of masterfully drawn characters and is utterly compelling.
The thick woods and deep waters of Lake more hide the darkest of secrets. Corruption and violence are at the core of a very complex plot that keeps one guessing to the very end. It is tense and absorbing, and darkly disturbing. It kept me awake long into the night until the author revealed the final twist. I held my breath so often it's a wonder I didn't suffocate. Crime fiction doesn't get any better than this.
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