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Little Boy Lost (Detective Mackenzie Price Book 3)

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Little Boy Lost is an intense complicated mystery. Three boys disappear and two will die. Who is doing the killing? And why? Mack o]is worried about a dark secret from her  own past coming to light. There were many angles to this story. I has]d a sense about two culprits, but nothing concrete. I do feel that some of the plot went on for a  it too long, a bit too drawn out. I was still hooked, like a can of potato chips, I had to keep reading to consume it all. It’s a good tale with many variances and bone chilling details. An enthralling thriller for sure.
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This was also one of those books I was looking forward to. The cases Detectives Nick Blackwood and Mackenzie Price had to deal with in the previous two books were very thrilling, but what captivated me maybe even more was Mackenzie’s back story. It was intriguing, fascinating and complicated and I loved it. Now it was time to sit down and find out what was going to be discovered next and of course with cases they were going to have to solve.
Lakemore is only a small village, but killers seem to like it there. You wonder why they just don’t give up? Are they really convinced they can outsmart our fantastic duo? They should better think again.
Some killers deny everything even though there are tons of evidence against them, but maybe they sometimes tell the truth when they say they had nothing to do with that specific one? What do you do when you are the arresting police officer? Do you believe them and dig deeper or do you let go and maybe leave a killer off the hook?
Time goes by and it seems like someone was very busy planning and preparing thoroughly, the annual spring festival appearing to be the prefect place to strike and set the wheels in motion.
OMG never a dull moment with this book, I can tell you that! I enjoyed every bit of it and I was very sad to say goodbye to Nick and Mack for now, but I do understand they more than deserve a bit of rest after what they went through. I am counting the days until I meet them again, refreshed and ready for action once again. 5 stars 

Thank you, Ruhi Choudhary and Bookouture
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So excited to read the third book in this excellent series! Action packed, chilling, thrilling, and simply brilliant! Always thrilling to get back to Lakemore, Washington, even though I know that once I get there the news is not good. Quite far from it. Three young boys go missing, one of them is found dead, and it looks like a notorious murderer is behind it, but how could he be, since he's already incarcerated...

Mac is fighting hard with her inner demons, her background, and what happened to her parents. The battle is real, and sometimes I wonder how anyone can function with those inner demons running amok. Maybe the way she repents and pays back by doing what she's doing for a living? I doubt a weak person could handle all the things that are thrown at her, so Mac is a strong, independent woman and lead in this series.

This book gives many answers to questions Mac has been asking, but sadly the answers are not always what you want to hear. Lakemore has to be one of the most strangest places on our planet. It seems like the whole place is rotten to its core. A truly chilling place. 

I absolutely love this series. It's brilliantly plotted, with many twist and turns you can't anticipate. Despite all the horrible events and less than honest people I find some weird hopeful vibes, and I long to get back to this town, and hope I'll get to visit Lakemore soon again.
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I would like to thank Netgalley and Bookouture for an advance copy of Little Boy Lost, the third novel to feature Detective Mackenzie Price of the Lakemore, Washington PD.

When three nine year old boys go missing on a trip to the spring fair the already troubled town of Lakemore panics. When one boy is found, killed in the same way as notorious serial killer, Jeremiah, killed his victims Mack and her partner, Nick, aren’t sure what to think, but the note in his throat telling them to look at the murder of Johnny Cooper, Jeremiah’s last victim, gives them a direction to head in.

I enjoyed Little Boy Lost, which is an engrossing tale of murder, full of twists and turns. It is told entirely from Maci’s point of view, so the reader knows what she knows and can investigate alongside her. It’s safe to say that I failed the test badly, so the reveals came as a surprise, not just the perpetrator but all the associated crimes they uncover and there are a few. I got one thing right, but not the motive and that’s not very good when Lakemore is apparently crime central.

I think the novel is very well plotted and conceived. There are surprises and developments in every chapter, so there is never a dull moment and I wanted to keep turning the pages to see what was coming next. I thought the ending was a little rushed with some serendipitous discoveries and I don’t know what to think about the motive. All I know is that it seems strange to me.

Woven through the novel is the ongoing thread about Mack’s past. I have read the previous novels so I’m not sure if a new reader will miss anything by skipping them, but I don’t think so as the history is well explained. This investigation provides the tension in the novel as she worries about where it’s going and what will be revealed.

I must admit that I don’t really like the characterisation in this series. It’s all a bit touchy-feely for me and I have no understanding of Mack and her mindset. If she weren’t a detective I would suspect her of being on the spectrum.

Little Boy Lost is a good read that I can recommend.
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The only reason for the four star review and not five, is that the story needs to be read in sequence within the series.
The running theme of Detective Price’s relationship with her mother, father, and stepfather are central to this book.
The standalone part of the story is the tried and tested, did the wrong killer get locked up, or is there a copycat recreating his crimes.
The standalone works, but the secondary strand of Price’s personal life steals the show.
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Mack is back! Detective Mackenzie Price has a past that she wants to keep in the past, but events keep happening that threaten to reveal her secrets. When her biological father is murdered, Mack worries that the story of how she helped her mother bury a the man she thought was her father will come out in the investigation, especially with a strange new detective hot on the case. After some suspicious things happen, she realizes that she also could be in danger. At the same time, she and her partner, Nick, are trying to find out what happened to 3 boys who disappeared from a school field trip. When one boy is found murdered and clues tie the case to Nick's first big arrest of a mass murderer, Mack and he frantically try to solve find the perpetrator before any more young lives are lost. It's a great story, and I can't wait for Mack's next adventure.
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This was a new author for me, so i had to catch up with the other books. But i was not disappointed with this book. 
I will be following up with other books that are written
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The third in the series and these books just get better and better, Mack and Nick are trying to solve the latest murders while dealing with a cold case and the investigation into Mack’s dad’s death. The story is compelling and gripping and the ending suggests that there will be at least one more book in the series. I would like to thank the publishers and Netgalley for letting me have the book to read and the opinions expressed are entirely my own views and are completely unbiased.
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