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I think I would have enjoyed it a little more if I had known that it was the second in a series, but it could still be read as a stand-alone novel. I appreciated the action and pace of the novel, but I couldn’t connect with the characters (although I can’t put my finger on exactly why). As a whole, I was somewhat entertained, but unfortunately was not overly excited by it overall.

Thank you to Netgalley, the publisher, and the author of The Gentleman’s Daughter for providing an early release copy for an honest review!
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The gentleman’s daughter, a novel that moves along at a good pace and is well written. 
This is a very good quick enjoyable book! This author can somehow capture your attention from the first page and before you know it your at the end of an awesome book!. Second book in the series but also can be read alone.  Great read!
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I saw this billed as a historical romance with mystery and intrigue. I would classify it much more as a mystery set in regency England with a bit of romance added. Sir Henry is the male protagonist, and he is not set up as a romantic hero that I could admire, despite being a secret agent. 

The mystery revolves around a group of men who abuse women and wish to take their revenge on Henry. The story improves over time and is well written throughout. However, the mystery is never hard to guess and not fully resolved by the ending. 

If you like historical mysteries, this may be a great fit for you. I recommend strongly against reading the synopsis first, as it gives away more than 75 percent of the book's plot. 

TW: rape

Thank you to the publisher for the ARC.
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This book is more along the lines of what I would call a “typical romance” than its predecessor, though it still has lots of mystery and darkness.

Sir Henry March is in need of a respectable wife so that his illegitimate daughter will be accepted by society. When his duties as a secret agent to the crown require an extended stay in Brighton, Henry soon crosses paths with Isabella Chancellor and quickly becomes smitten. The daughter of a Baron and a painter in her own right, Isabella decided long ago that marriage was not for her. However, the more time she spends with Henry and his family, the more she forgets her resolve for a solitary life. 

Meanwhile, the Knights of the Snake Pit haven’t forgotten what Henry has cost them and they are eager for revenge.

Although this is the second book in the Gentleman Spy Mysteries series, I would actually recommend starting with this one. I say this for 2 reasons. First, the main couple in the first book are Henry and his (now former) mistress Eliza when they first get together. They enter their relationship with the understanding that although they care for each other deeply, they have an expiration date. As a reader, this may be easier to accept if you know ahead of time that both Henry and Eliza eventually find their “forever” in other people. Second, the first book is much more violent, especially in regard to violent rape. 

If you read The Gentleman’s Daughter and find yourself interested in learning more about Eliza, Henry, and their previous dealings with the Snake Pit, then I highly recommend The Innkeeper’s Daughter. It is a dark but beautiful story of people with harsh pasts finding each other and helping one another move forward. Also, there is espionage and pretty dresses. And books, lots of books.

*Trigger warnings for this book for verbal abuse, assault, rape, and kidnapping. Additionally, there are allusions to sex trafficking and straight up violent sexual torture. Also, there is a teaser chapter for the next book in which one of the main characters is held captive and tortured.
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This was A LOT of fun! You pretty much have it all here,  mystery,  romance,  hot scenes between wonderful characters. Well written and such a joy to read!!!
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This is the second book in the Gentleman Spy mystery series, and I think it stands well on its own. I didn’t read the first book, and the author did a really nice job of filling in the reader with pertinent details without a simple info dump. There’s not really one individual mystery, but there appears to be multi-book storyline. But because the reader also receives the “villains”
points of view, it wasn’t very mysterious. However, it was very suspenseful and kept me wondering how everything could possibly turn out. And there was a potentially redeemed villain who I’d like to learn more about in the future. 

All that said, this is primarily a romance, and watching the main characters fall in love was lovely. There’s surprising steaminess toward the beginning, and again toward the end, so it makes for nice bookends.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions are my own.
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I so love being back in the world of Sir Henry March!! The Gentlemen's Daughter is the second book of the Gentleman Spy Mysteries and it most definitely lives up the first book!! The story picks up 3 years after the events in The Innkeeper's Daughter, with Henry and Eliza having decided that now is the time to part ways so Henry may begin his search for a wife. This is necessary as Henry's daughter Emily will soon be ready to be brought out to society and for that she needs a proper step-mother. As Henry begins the search, he is also still on the hunt for the rest of the men involved in the dark events that ended in the death of Lord Astor. Henry's search brings him to Brighton where he plans to spend the summer gathering information on the secret society the Knights to determine what they are up to. While in Brighton, Henry meets Isabella Chancellor, a young woman who's sole joy and purpose is to paint and she has no interest in a husband at all. Henry is very taken with Isabella's independent spirit, her love of nature and her complete disregard for her mother's plans for her. As Henry investigates the Knights, he begins to spend more time with Isabella and realizes she is the woman he wants for his wife. 

I just love getting swept up in this world of Henry's and all the regency romance of the period. Add in that the mystery of the Knights and the continued danger that Henry and Emily are in, as well as the secrets that Isabella has in her life make this such an enjoyable, fun and completely absorbing read!! Isabella is a strong, independent woman and I loved her determination to live her life her own way and also her connection with Henry. Henry's relationship with Emily is always a highlight and something to look forward to. I am always amazed at how the tension and stakes just continue and continue to build as you learn more and more about the Knights and their relationship to Isabella. Henry and Emily. I so thoroughly enjoy all the details of the society life, from clothing, food, the proprieties and oh my, the bathing machine!! I especially enjoyed all the descriptions of the landscapes and the sea. An absolutely wonderful addition to this mystery series and will so be looking forward to the next one!!
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If you're a fan of guilty-pleasure romance set in Regency England (and anything of the Bridgerton kind!) I can safely say you'll love this book. 

When I first requested the NetGalley ARC, I wasn't aware that this was a sequel, but the events of the first book are recalled by the characters and all the appropriate context is given, making it perfectly fine to read on its own. That being said, I enjoyed the writing style, ballroom drama and perfectly proper turns of phrase enough that I'll definitely be reading the first book too! 

From the protagonist Henry, a loveable rogue seeking a wife with whom to raise his illegitimate daughter, to the charismatic love interest Isabella with her paints and talent and secret past, the characters are all well-formed. Their journey takes them through Avon, London and Brighton, and they comment on everything from etiquette to art as they go. They deal with the often ridiculous conventions and scandals of the day, but also support each other through deeper issues, such as sexual assault and the lesser opportunities afforded to women. 

I'm very pleased to have happened across this book, and I'll be keeping my eye out for the next in the series!
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I enjoyed this book. The plot pacing was just right and the characters were well developed. I would like to read other books from this author in the future.
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The Gentleman's Daughter is the second in a series by Bianca M Schwarz entitled The Gentleman Spies Mysteries. I was unaware of that when I picked up the book, but I didn't struggle because of it. All the information that was needed from the first installment was well laid out and organically given throughout. So, if the plot of this one sounds more intriguing than the first or if this one is available to you, I'd feel free to dive right in!

Sir Henry is a spy for the Crown, intent on exposing an underground society. At the same time, he finds himself in search of a wife to aid in debuting his illegitimate daughter into society. The two separate stories intertwine throughout. 

Overall, I enjoyed this book, though I did find the first quarter a bit slow. (Maybe it was less than that?) Once the story gets the Brighton, it moves rather quickly. We're introduced to a number of fun side characters who I'd like to see more of...and we're left with a hint of who's story we'll be following in the future. I loved Isabella, the female lead in this one. She was fun and independent. While Sir Henry used their time together to surreptitiously investigate, she uses their time together to paint, quite content to focus on what she wants to do. And the mystery of what was going on with the society was enjoyable to see play out. 

My only real gripe with the story is the ending. It ends mid-scene - it felt incomplete. I'm okay with a cliffhanger or an open-ended ending to leave space for the next book - but this one didn't feel that way. I would have liked to have seen the scene wrap up...and then leave us with the cliff hanger. But, this may not be a problem for some people - its personal preference.

I found this book fun and enjoyable. It's quick and entertaining, perfect to take to the beach or read by the pool.
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This was a good sequel to the first book. I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted to read the second but I’m so happy I did. It answered some questions and wasn’t as slow going as the first one
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4 1/2 Stars

The Gentleman’s Daughter is a wonderful sequel to The Innkeeper’s Daughter, that to my delight surpasses its predecessor. The main issue I had with the first book was as much as I liked the characters and story, I was uncomfortable with the age difference between Henry and Eliza. Here, the romance between Henry and Isabella was much more relatable and had me rooting for their happy ending throughout the book. The plot picks up nicely from the events of The Innkeeper’s Daughter and further fleshed out this dark side of Regency England. Although the pace slowed down somewhat in the middle, for the most part this is a quick read and I’m looking forward to the next book in The Gentleman Spies series.
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Another amazing,  exciting and tense book in the series, although it could be read as a standalone.

The journey of Sir Henry March continues. This time, he isn't only seeking clues for the existence of a secret society (aka The Knights of the Snake Pit), he is also looking for a wife to keep his illegitimate daughter out of the ton’s gossip.
After courting a lady, which he could see a future with,  he discovered her true self and her position to his offspring. 
When Henry travels back to the country to find out more about  members of The Knights,  he meets lovely Isabella, who would be the perfect match, yet is not willing to marry.
Her mind is set on painting and being financially independent. When they become friends, she loves his company, and  enjoys being welcomed into the family. She feels understood and appreciated as an artist, something that was never supported within her own family. 
Henry isn't ready to give up and will try to convince her through his friendship and understanding. But when he finally gets closer to the discovery of the truth about The Knights, it seems  in his  path to win Isabella, were laid a lot of stones to keep him from his purpose.

Could Henry breakthrough Isabella´s armor and win her heart?

Find out for yourself. I am sure you will love the whole mystery of this.
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So far, I am really loving this series! 
I had the chance to read and review The Innkeeper's Daughter last year and am glad I got to read this one also! 
Henry is a refreshing hero - not self loving and full of flaws or bossy. He respects women, and is no saint about his sex life. At the same time, he is kind and gentle, and Isabella interests him right away with her independence and no desire to marry after years on the market.. As they spend more time together to uncover a dangerous mystery, their bond deepens and it's so romantic!
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I was so looking forward to this book after ‘The Innkeeper’s Daughter’ was one of my favorite reads by a new to me author. The second book in The Gentleman  Spy Mysteries was just as good! 

Sir Henry, an agent for the crown, continues to be investigating the secretive group that is murdering young women. However, he’s also searching for a wife, particularly one that will be beneficial for his illegitimate daughter, Emily.  He meets Isabella, and these two story lines connect after Isabella is kidnapped and he can trace it back to this shadowy group. 

I feel like this could be read as a stand-alone, but it’s more a satisfying read having some history with these characters from the previous book. The writing, as with the first book, is engaging and draws the reader in. At first, I was a bit bummed that Henry and Eliza weren't together anymore since I really liked her character in book one, but Eliza appears to be getting a happy ending. That being said, I liked Isabella character and found her easy to relate to. Bonus points to the author for doing justice with her writing regarding experiencing a trauma. 

Full review to come on my blog closer to publication date.
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Set in a time when your honor and your word meant everything, the second novel in Bianca Schwarz’s The Gentleman Spy Mysteries series was both entertaining and intriguing.

Sir Henry is, unquestionably, a gentleman. But he’s not opposed to a little fun, especially if it helps to further his investigation of a mysterious organization thought to be kidnapping and murdering unsuspecting young women.

But, when his investigation takes him to Brighton, he meet the alluring, if not standoffish Isabella. And like any eligible gentleman, he has the good decency to fall in love.

What I liked:

This was such a fun read. I have not read the first book in the series, but no matter, this book stands well enough on it’s own. The characters were well developed, the storyline interesting and compelling, and any jaunt into the Regency era, with all of it’s finery and propriety, will always draw my attention. I liked the slow smolder of attraction between Sir Henry and Isabella and that the two, though fully accepted by society, still find a way to thumb their noses at all the pomp and circumstance.

There were plenty of places to laugh, and still others to sigh, in a very Regency-era kind of way. There were a few places where the story slowed just a bit for me, but all in all, the story, the memorable and distinct cast of characters, and the masterful balance of risqué and scandalous themes set against the backdrop of one of my favorite historical time periods, earns this book a solid four stars.
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The last quarter of the book was the most exciting so definitely keep going (I felt it lagged a bit in the middle). However, it also felt like it ended a bit abruptly and I would have liked an epilogue.

Kindly received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I love the first book and was excited to read the second book.    I was a bit surprised by the appearance of a new lady in Sir Henry's life......... But it was still a wonderful story and I enjoyed it very much.     Very well-plotted and suspenseful.   

Thanks to the publisher for providing an ARC.
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If you didn't read the first book, don't worry you can easily follow the story line without any issue. I loved this book so much and look forward to reading the first book.
It was an easy, quick read with lots of action packed moments. The story was easy to follow and it keeps you entertained and hooked at the same time. Highly recommend if you want to read something interesting this summer.
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Sir Henry is an unconventional man, a gentleman farmer, and aristocrat with a dissolute reputation, a spy. He finds himself unfortunately in need of a respectable wife if he wants to give his beloved illegitimate daughter a decent chance of a good marriage Finding a suitable candidate is more complex than he had ever imagined. Some old adversaries pop up in unexpected places and Sir Henry finds himself drawn back into a mystery he thought that he has solved years ago..
This is the second book in the series and events of the first book are alluded to frequently - you don't have to read that first to enjoy this book though, I had not. This is not your average historical romance. It is a very slow paced sweet love story, interspersed with the more racy, seedy goings on of a secret society of masked gentlemen who hang around dungeons and ruined abbeys and observe 'sexual displays'. It is quite the juxtaposition - our hero guides his beloved on gentle chaste cliff top walks, whilst somewhere over the hill (consenting) prostitutes are being shackled and whipped in an elaborate display for an ancient society of debauched lords. I have to say that I enjoyed the gentler love story much more than this aspect of the plot. There is also a fascination with the size of women's breasts that I find more than a little disconcerting, this is much commented on throughout the text.
This is a well written book with a satisfying 'slow burn' love story at its heart and a lot of strong female characters. I feel that it would have worked better without the more lurid details, they seemed to be part of an entirely different type of book,
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