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Iris and Sam have been best friends since they were little.  Iris has a drive to explore and learn, and leap without thinking about herself or Sam (and she's bossy without noticing it); although sometimes reluctant, Sam does enjoy following Iris into adventures.

As they get older, Iris is more determined to get away from the small town and travel to faraway places.  She gets impatient with Sam for being happy where he is, and that's when they get separated.  Soon, they will both need help, but will they accept it?

I understand Iris's ambitions, but she takes Sam for granted.  She wants his support, but doesn't give any support or consideration in return.  She tells him that his wants are stupid, and cuts him off while he's talking.  That isn't friendship.  It's an unhealthy relationship.

I'm sure that Iris has redeeming qualities, but being a good friend is not one of them.  (Yet?)

I liked the strange happenings in the old town.  It was cool and fun!  It probably added to the suspense, but I was worried about the safety of the structures in the old town for the entire time!

The graphic novel is beautifully colored and drawn in an appealingly youthful way.  Unfortunately, the characters (when they become teens) don't seem any older in actions, and the changes are minor except their height.  So I kept forgetting their current age.

The story seems to lose its focus here and there, but I was happily along for the ride, and enjoyed every page.

I recommend this book to kids, tweens, and anyone (including adults) looking for some adventure and maybe a ghost-town visit!

NOTE:  Since Bugden, France, and the Aztecs were the only place references, I was very confused about where on Earth they might be.  It stopped the story for me several times wondering where they were.  And the old town looks European...  (A mention that Queensland, Australia was the location, would have allowed me yo settle into the story.)

4/5  Stars

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the free preview of this beautiful ebook!

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This noon was fun and engaging. I think there are many students in 3rd or 4th grade through 6th that would really enjoy the adventure in this book.
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Gorgeous illustrations and an enchanting tale that both of my daughters really enjoyed! They said that they felt like they were immersed in the story.
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Overall this is an intriguing story about a Treasure in the Lake and the kids who want to retrieve it. It works for what it is, the only negative thing I can think of is that it's on the generic side.
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First line: Wait for me Iris!

Summary: Two friends explore the river bed which has suddenly become exposed due to receding water. As they explore, they both express happiness and frustration at living in their small town. They make a shocking discovery at the end of the river bed...a Treasure in the Lake. That treasure reveals a history of their town that they didn't know about.

My Thoughts: Such a fun, quick graphic novel read. Kids with imaginations would definitely enjoy the storyline and flashbacks into history. There is a twist to be uncovered, which added to the whimsy.

FYI: Be might find a new favorite middle grade graphic novel.
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The illustrations on the cover are what drew me into this book. I enjoyed some of the slightly mysterious elements f the story but those same elements were also quite confusing in the end. I actually enjoyed the side characters the most I think, along with the illustrations.
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Treasure in the Lake is a graphic novel about Iris and Sam.  They are two kids who live in a small town.  Both of them find themselves immersed in an adventure that allows them to learn more about themselves and appreciate the friendship that they have.  The illustrations were wonderfully made.  It was especially helpful since there is not a lot of text to accompany the story.  Readers will have to examine the pictures and the text to follow along with the plot.  The back matter of the book was also interesting, and I am glad that author chose to include it.

Thank you to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review.
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Fantastic! The story is exciting and engaging.  The characters are strong and have distinctive voices. The artwork is wonderful.  The artists use of light was awesome.  I loved the plot, the mystery, everything!  I really hope there are more of these stories!  I would love to read more of these kid’s adventures!
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This is a simply wonderful graphic novel. One of the best I have read in a long time. 

The story follows Iris, who longs to leave her small town behind for bigger adventures elsewhere. When she gets accepted to a private boarding school, it seems like she might finally have her chance to leave. But leaving home will mean leaving her childhood best friend, Sam, behind as well.

When Iris and Sam stumble upon a dry lakebed, they discover a hidden city. Iris must discover the truth behind the hidden lake before it is too late, for there is a reason why the city has remained hidden for so long.

This is a really fun graphic novel, fast-paced and exciting. The storyline itself is really interesting, but the artwork is simply stunning. Pamment captures the beauty of the light, nature, the characters and the hidden city perfectly. 

I can't wait to add this to our library collection. I have already pre-ordered it.
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*Thank you NetGalley for an advance digital copy of this graphic novel. All thoughts and opinions are my own!*

This graphic novel follows the story of Sam and Iris, who are best friends. They live in a small town, the story follows both characters but is mostly told from Iris’ perspective. She dreams of adventure and having the life of an explorer, meanwhile Sam is content with his life in the small town as long as he gets to spend his time with Iris and go on adventures together. 

In this first volume, they end up discovering a city that had been flooded. Iris wants to explore it and take their claim as the explorers who discovered it. The story unfolds from there. There is also an aspect of time travel that isn’t really explained, the lack of explanation on that was disappointing but I hope that issue is better explained in future volumes. 

When it comes to the art, the art work is beautiful! I loved how vibrant the colors were and the panels all worked perfectly to help the story flow. Overall it was a cute and adorable story of adventure, friendship, and exploration that young readers can enjoy.
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The art in this is absolutely gorgeous. I really loved that the author included information on underwater towns at the end of the book, that was a neat touch, and it was interesting to see how the author navigated the differences between the adventurous protagonist and the homebody Sam.
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This is a well illustrated graphic novel that kept me guessing the whole time. The story was creative,  intriguing and interesting and I love how it is based on events that have occurred in some places. Kids will enjoy reading this  book with aspects of mystery, friendship, and history.
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Treasure in the Lake is a middle grade, graphic novel about friendship and finding one's self. The story follows Iris and Sam--close friends beginning to drift apart as Iris considers attending a school far away from home. 

The illustrations are beautifully done. I really enjoyed that fully understanding the story was dependent on taking the time to examine the pictures. However, because of the importance of the illustrations, and discerning their meaning, there were a couple times I got a little confused. It was easy to get back on track though, and I think most middle grade readers will have no problem keeping up! The author also does a great job weaving in archeology, mystery, and action to keep young readers invested in the story.

If you enjoy graphic novels, beautiful art work, and stories centered around friendship, this is the perfect book for you!

Thank you to Net Galley for an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins for a free advanced copy in exchange for an honest review. 

Treasure in the Lake is a cute story that fits nicely alongside current middle grade graphic novel offerings. The premise is fairly simple—two friends with different goals find themselves entangled in an adventure that transcends time and space. 

The time travel aspect was done with a fresh perspective, incorporating memory with connections to current (in-book) issues. The extra section at the end detailing flooded cities added an nteresting real-life perspective to the book. 

Although simple, I would definitely recommend this book for middle grade readers. The art is lovely, and the lettering is simple and unintrusive.
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Sometimes you have to get a little lost to get a little found. This story follows a young girl who feels so lost in this world, a girl filled with adventure, and her best friend who is extremely cautious and loves where they live. The journey follows them on an unexpected adventure to learn a lesson or two. Beautifully written and beautiful illustrations.
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The art in this middle grade graphic novel is absolutely adorable and the story of friendship between a tween boy and girl is, however cliche it might sound, heartwarming.
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A shimmering, bejeweled adventure for fans of the Hilda series and Over The Garden Wall, packed with memorable characters, a wonderfully-crafted mystery, and a whole lot of heart!
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This graphic novel, geared for tweens, follows the story of two best friends, Iris and Sam, who live in a small town.  Iris dreams of far off adventures while Sam is content with his life in Bugden (as long as Iris is there too!). Adventure, however, is just around the corner for these two as they come across a city that had been flooded.  The graphic novel follows their adventure and along the way they discover more than just a lost city; they discover the heart of true friendship.

I thoroughly enjoyed Pamment’s artwork and storytelling. His panels were beautiful.  Iris and Sam were delightful and realistic characters. I loved that the hidden city they found was flooded, and A+ for the history of flooded cities at the end of the graphic novel. This is a great conversation starter for kids and can encourage them to discover more about buried towns. 

As a former educator, this is a graphic novel I would highly recommend for middle school students and for older kids who need something lighter. There is minor peril in the story (flooding and the potential of drowning).

I hope to see more adventures of Iris and Sam! Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC.
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This graphic novel was awesome! It is a story of adventure and friendship, following the journey of Iris and Sam. They discover a river that has dried up to reveal a village! As they begin to explore, they are separated and go on their own adventures that in the end, lead back to each other. I thought the story was so cute! It had some real life hard times for Iris, but it also is a super fun fantasy as well. The art in this is AMAZING. I loved the colors, and some of the content mixes with the boxes and they are so creative, you will have to read it to experience them. Middle grade readers will be sucked into this story from the first page. 

I was given an advanced reader's copy via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own
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Treasure in the Lake is a story about friends, Iris and Sam, who stumble across a village covered by a river. When the river dries up, the village if revealed. Iris is an adventurer and Sam is more comfortable living life as it always has been. Discovering the village takes them on two separate paths, that lead them each on an adventure of their own… and ultimately leading back to one another. 

A cute story with beautiful illustrations and a little sci-fi time travel element, this book will be loved by middle grade and upper elementary students! There were some really creative dialog boxes. There is one set in particular that starts above the water, but when it moves under the water it becomes distorted – such a nice touch! 

Thank you Netgalley and HarperCollins Children’s Book for this ARC. I look forward to purchasing this for my library when it is released! I think my students will love the illustrations and the story.
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