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This book gives an excellent overview of the failings that may lead to a data breach and some of the steps that may be taken to mitigate those risks.

Even if you are involved in the field of CyberSecurity I find it difficult to imagine that you would not find some new information here. For the layman it is fascinating and, I imagine, somewhat scary. Its drawback is that legal issues concentrate on US law although given the global nature of most of the products and services mentioned, most of whom are based in the USA, this is no failing.

Recommended, especially for those studying the subject.
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The book presents some cases where a breach took place and it explains why that happened. I really enjoyed reading the book.
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Timely and practical book. Timely, given the recent spate of cybersecurity attacks and Colonial pipeline ransomware news. Practical, since the book explains how individuals, startups, and companies can protect their data. Loved the discussion on investments in information security companies and startups! Astute readers will come away with ideas for products that fit those niches. Must read for anyone who works in IT or financial firms - whether you work in cybersecurity or not!
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Big Breaches
Cybersecurity Lessons for Everyone
by Neil Daswani and Moudy Elbayadi

The cybersecurity industry has seen an investment of over $45 billion in the past 15 years. Hundreds of thousands of jobs in the field remain unfilled amid breach after breach, and the problem has come to a head. It is time for everyone—not just techies—to become informed and empowered on the subject of cybersecurity.
Engagingly and excitingly, Big Breaches covers some of the largest security breaches and the technical topics behind them such as phishing, malware, third-party compromise, software vulnerabilities, unencrypted data, and more. Cybersecurity affects daily life for all of us, and the area has never been more accessible than with this book.
You will obtain a confident grasp on industry insider knowledge such as effective prevention and detection countermeasures, the meta-level causes of breaches, the seven crucial habits for optimal security in your organization, and much more. These valuable lessons are applied to real-world cases, helping you deduce just how high-profile mega-breaches at Target, JPMorgan Chase, Equifax, Marriott, and more were able to occur.
Whether you are seeking to implement a stronger foundation of cybersecurity within your organization or you are an individual who wants to learn the basics, Big Breaches ensures that everybody comes away with the essential knowledge to move forward successfully. Arm yourself with this book’s expert insights and be prepared for the future of cybersecurity.

The book is extensively detailed and covers everything you could wish to know about cybersecurity.
Most of it was based around US-based tech. But it was still relevant for me as a UK reader.
I must admit, I went mainly for chapter 15, Advice to Consumers. Which was just what I required, and was recovered really well.
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Cyber security is a huge topic today taking into account that remote working and living became quite extensive in the past year. This book explains in and easy language what are the typical breaches, measures to be in place and shares different cases. I liked the book for its affordable to understand language for people like I am, who are not proud in this field but want to make oneself familiar with the topic.
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