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Adventure Cables

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Adventure Cables takes traditional knitted cables and Jones’ unique twist to create unique fabric and designs. This book builds on five core types of crossed stitches and offers both accessories and garments that showcase the updated technique. It is a book that expects some experience in knitting, but I think beginners would be delighted to see what possibilities exist after proficiency in basic core skills. If you are an experienced knitter looking for novel ways to work cables, I believe that this book will delight you.

Don’t worry if you have forgotten how to successfully knit from a chart, the first section of the book is dedicated to tips and tutorials to help you work them successfully. After basic charts are covered, Jones delves into what makes Adventure Cable charts unique and what is needed to successfully read and work these special stitches. 

The range of pattern types helps this be a book that will appeal to a range of knitters – if you like to work accessories in the round, there are designs for you. Prefer to work flat? It has you covered. Primarily a sweater knitter? There are patterns for you as well, designed to adapt to a range of body sizes and gauges.

Which designs caught my eye? The Palouse Falls Shawl features textured lace Adventure Cables that move over a lacy background. I love that it begins with a cast on of only 4 stitches!  The Goose Prairie Vest uses simple A-line shaping to highlight the orate cabled cable design and looks stunning in a subtle tonal semi-solid yarn. I love the balance of this design and really want to start knitting it right now. The Tekoa Mittens check all the boxes, mirrored design, fun geometric design, and is stunning in fun color combinations.

Adventure Cables by Meghan Jones can help you experience knit cables in exciting new ways.

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