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This book is a beautiful beginner’s journey into gratitude practices for elementary students. I could see it being used in a multitude of ways, but the book seems like it would work best when a child goes through the book with a trusted adult such as a parent or teacher. Teacher’s could create lesson plans using the book and even turn some of the gratitude suggestions into group projects. As a School Psychologist, I could use this book directly with students during social skills lessons.
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Being thankful is a great state of mind to have and this great little book will help you to do just that. It takes simple ways of exploring gratitude and turns them into one off or daily activities to ensure that thankfulness is kept centre stage. Some of the tasks can be completed alone whilst others can involve the whole family.

The ideas here would be good to explore as a family or in a school environment. Only four stars because although they’re great ideas, none of them are particularly revolutionary. Having said that, it’s a good idea to have them gathered together in one book.

I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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We all need to read Give Thanks and enjoy the gratitude activities & games. Although this is a children's nonfiction book, it will help lots of adults. The illustrations are adorable, and the activities are fun—a must-read.
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At a mere 64 pages, "Give Thanks" by Naomi Shulman is a quick and delightful read for children that emphasizes simple, fun, and happiness-inducing gratitude activities and games that are easily read, easily understood, easily explained, and an awful lot of fun for children, adults, and families alike.

The illustrations by Hsingping Pan are warm and inviting and Shulman's enthusiastic writing invites thought along with the activity and includes such activities as starting a Gratitude Journal, simple activities to start the day or at the dinner table, taking a Thankfulness Walk, or a variety of others.

While I sometimes wish the book expanded its lens to include a broader population of children and family types, for example certain activities might be more difficult for children with disabilities and even with simple writing most of the activities seem targeted toward a more traditional family structure, this is a simple and beautifully constructed book with a grand vision that vividly comes to life. I would easily buy it for the children of my friends and family.
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I am deeply supportive of the premise of this book. A book for children where they are given practical ideas of things they can do to bring a sense of gratitude to their lives and those around them. The ideas presented are simple enough that children can undertake them and ideally have a friend or an adult around to reflect on the experience together. I didn't like the illustrations. The color pallet was limited and the drawings were not aesthetically  pleasing. This book has a lot of promise, but I wish it received better attention in the illustration section.
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This book is such an awesome book for kinds to practice different ways to give thanks and to practice mindfulness. This book also works for parents and teachers alike, they can do the things the book suggests with the child or children and still get a lot out of it.
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Perfect for home and school, Give Thanks is full of wonderful invitations encouraging gratitude. There are 50 ideas, including crafts, games, family activities, and mindfulness prompts. The illustrations are cheerful, colorful, simple, and engaging. Most of the suggestions are easy to implement, with little to no preparation, making them perfect for daily or weekly school and home use. 
This would make a lovely teacher or family gift. My grandchildren loved the book; we read it in several sittings and chose things to do. We particularly liked the “I Spy Gratitude” game, Build a Happiness Wall, and Thank You Hopscotch. I believe this book will become a family favorite when I give it to my grandchildren in hardcover.  

Many thanks to NetGalley and Storey Publishing for the ARC of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. The opinions expressed here are my own, with input from 5-year-old twins.
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Got ARC from Netgalley.
I wanna talk about the art first. Loved it, the art style is simple, cute and color scheme is aesthetic.
Over 40% of the gratitude activities in this book are something I have never known. I didn't expect to see some fun game ideas here, that's cool. Short but does what it states. I am planning to implement some methods suggested in this book, personally and even for with my club members.
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*I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

This is the cutest little book! The illustrations really remind me of Todd Parr who is a favorite among my preschool crowd. Those wonderfully colorful illustrations along with all of the great activities makes this a wonder of a book. While I will be purchasing a copy for my library's collection, I really think this would be better as a gift. A child could slowly work through all of the gratefulness activities over time.

Teach your young ones how to be thankful and to appreciate everything that keeps their world turning with this delightful book!
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