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The Secret Garden

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3.5 "nostalgic, stress easing, hope instilling" stars !!

Thanks to Netgalley, the author and illustrator and Andrews McCeel publishing for an e-copy.

I had a variety of minor stressors today (that added up) and I was feeling tense and mildly anxious. Aside from my meditation and walking I needed a little more. So I opened up my favorite Portuguese Rose and was perusing Netgalley when lo and behold......

This adaptation appeared.

As a young boy from the ages of five to eight I read The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett at least three times a year. At five I may have had it read to me once or twice but I started reading very young. It quickly became one my very favorites and it was both magical and comforting to me.

This graphic novel/picture book is an adaptation by Mariah Marsden and illustrated by Hanna Luechtefeld. The adaptation was sweetly done but a bit lacking and I would rate it three stars. The illustrations were lovely and varied and I can see it appealing to young children. I would rate the illustrations an excellent four stars. In the end there is some really interesting background on the book and author as well as a glossary.

I feel this would appeal as a read-along to the younger children or older children that avoid novels.
I would hope this good book would be enough incentive for the child to then go on to the Classic.
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This was cute! I have such vivid memories of watching The Secret Garden film probably twenty years ago so I couldn't resist this. The art style is gorgeous, especially the nature and flower scenes - they really stood out and will look even more amazing in print. I also really appreciated the history and the glossary in the back! A great and informative read especially for younger readers.
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This was such a cute retelling/reimagining of the classic story. I think what really stood out to me was the art. The cover is not even a HINT at the beauty inside. Seriously, this art will blow you away.

We all know the classic story, but this adaptation made it feel fresh and new, modernized but at the same time paying good homage to the original.

Thank you for the e-galley!
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