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It’s been a while since I have read a book by Jayne Castle, but it was just like coming back to an old friend. These books are really interesting and unique. Lucy Bell is going through some stuff. First up, she is kidnapped, drugged and left in the underground tunnels. Ghost Hunter Gabriel Jones is hired to rescue her and he instantly drawn to her. Then she is restrained at a hospital and drugged, again. She escapes, but her reputation is in ruins. She takes a job as a tour guide. One day, months later, Gabriel shows up to offer her a job and things just get weirder. This is a fast paced, action packed story that has a great romance as well. I love the dust bunny pet, Otis. Definitely was not disappointed.
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After Lucy is drugged, kidnapped and left for dead having escaped to the creepy underground alien tunnels, Gabriel Jones finds her against all odds and their adventures begin. Totally formulaic, yet like eating your favorite candy- a treat. Oh and did I mention the dust bunny, Otis? Dust bunnies keep me reading this series ❤️
Thanks Netgalley for the ARC- it was a nice distraction after a long day .
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Two words. Dust bunnies. I love the dust bunnies in this series!! They are cute and fluffy (unless they are in protect/attack mode) and oh so entertaining. Seriously, I’d read a book just about the dust bunnies. Add in a macho hero (Gabriel), a badass heroine (Lucy), some slow burn chemistry, a planet where paranormal energy has given some humans different kinds of talents, and a mystery to be solved, and I am all in! This is the 14th book set in Jayne Castle’s Harmony/Ghost Hunters World and the first since 2016. 

Castle also writes as Amanda Quick (historical) and Jayne Ann Krentz (contemporary). I have been reading and loving her books as they are published for decades (literally). I love how there are connections and common elements across the series. All have quirky characters, many have some paranormal element, the dialogue is wonderful, and the romance is typically alpha male with hidden talents/secrets, and strong female- also with hidden talents/secrets. I love them all, but especially love the creativity of the Harmony books.

While this one did have some HEA closure, it also set up the storyline for the next book which will hopefully not take five years . There are some mysterious characters that I am sure we will see again. 

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Lucy finds herself drugged, kidnapped, left in the underground hallucinating with no apparent way out, until Ghost Hunter Gabriel Jones, with the help of a dust bunny named Otis, shows up to rescue her. There’s an instant attraction, but Gabriel must ship off for the next assignment immediately, not realizing that the danger and drama has just begun for Lucy. 

No one believes Lucy’s story, thinking she got drunk, got lost and then had a mental breakdown, her work reputation goes down the toilet. Gabriel disappears and she has no one to back up her story. Now that Gabriel’s back in town as the new Guild Boss for Illusion Town, Lucy is less than pleased to see him. However, he plans on getting to the bottom of Lucy’s ordeal, while helping salvage her career. 

Guild Boss is set in a futuristic world reminiscent of Las Vegas with its glitzy lights and atmosphere with a darker underbelly and some paranormal oddities. Lucy and Gabriel are powerful talents in their field, and that makes Lucy a target for a larger conspiracy. They work together while Lucy works through her hard feelings toward Gabriel, and he tries to figure out whether Lucy’s recollection of the past wasn’t the product of her hallucinations. All the while battling constant dangers and the attraction brewing between them.

Guild Boss was a fun, action-packed futuristic mystery with a steamy romance at the core. I haven’t read the previous books, it’s part of a larger series, but it works well as a standalone.
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Welcome Back to Harmony and Illusion Town-Book 15 in this series. And if you are a fan of this series you will want to read this one. The book features Lucy Bell (weather talent) and Gabriel Jones ( of the Jones family) and soon to be Guild Boss. But he has to save Lucy first and her new friend ; Otis the dust bunny. When he comes back to Illusion Town and take over as Guild Boss he and Lucy finds adventure and love in this crazy world were ancient relics brings magic. I loved all the supporting characters : Aiden, Veronica Star , and Otis who steals the show. Looking forward to reading the next book in this series. Lisa
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GUILD BOSS take us back into the fun, mysterious, intriguing world where "talents" are normal, rules are strict and love can be magical. And as a fan of all her series and pseudonyms, I want more of her worlds and the pleasure they bring.

Reviewed by Annetta Sweetko for Fresh Fiction

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Another interesting entry in the Ghost Hunters series! This is one of my all-time favorite series and I've been a little disappointed that a new entry hasn't come out in a while (five years) so I was thrilled to see that this was being published. As to the book itself, Overall I enjoyed this, but I have to say that it felt like a novella that was padded out to be a full book. Still, I really can't get enough of dust bunnies and green tunnels, so I hope Castle/Krentz will write more in this fascinating world soon!
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love the Ghost Hunter (Harmony) series with its off planet suspense, paranormal woo-woo, romance and dust bunnies! Guild Boss takes readers to Illusion Town on the colony world of Harmony. It’s Las Vegas type atmosphere delivered from the mystery to the romance.

It was wonderful to go off-planet again to Harmony with its alien ruins, tuned amber, and dust bunnies. Castle brings us a kidnapping, suspense, danger and sizzling chemistry.

Lucy Bell was attending a wedding where she was drugged and kidnapped before ending up in the alien underground where she survived until Guild Hunter, Gabriel Jones, saved her. While he heads off for another case, Lucy is left with her career in ruins when no one believes her story of a kidnapping.

There was instant chemistry when the two first met, so when Gabriel returns and needs her special skills, he was shocked at the changes to her life and that she was still being pursued. Lucy is hesitant to work with him, but he not only believes her, but could restore her reputation. As the two work together, the chemistry continues to sizzle, and I was waiting for them to combust.

A cute dust bunny who loves wedding cake, a plot to rule, and a new Guild Boss made for an exciting story. I easily slipped back into this world with the underground tunnels and alien technology. A rare artifact and its abilities proved deadly as factions seek to gain control of Ilusion Town.

Both Lucy and Gabriel are confident characters, and they worked well together on and off the case. Castle gives readers a swoon-worthy romance served as a side to the suspenseful action.

As the fourteenth book in this paranormal world, there is a familiarity to it that makes it feel like coming home. While the characters change, the history and links to the Arcane Society world do not.

Despite being so deep into a series, the books work on their own, but be warned you’ll want to read them all. Fans of paranormal romantic suspense will enjoy traveling to the colonized world of Harmony.
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I received a copy of this book for review from NetGalley. I have been looking forward to this book for so long! I have a deep and abiding love of dust bunnies, and Guild Boss does not disappoint. This has such a great opening, and the book doesn't really go downhill after that. Gabriel and Lucy were a fun couple, and Ollie and his stuffed dust bunny made me so happy. (Also, I would love a sparkly stuffed dust bunny.) The story was engaging, and it delivers everything that you would want from a Jayne Castle book. I would have loved just a little more from Gabriel's perspective, but it was otherwise a fun and action-filled romp.
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I really really enjoy this series. I love the tongue in cheek twist on all things earth with a play on medieval customs that have long died out in our modern times.  It was great to re-visit this world after a long gap and the fact that it's Illusion Town so appropriate for the Las Vegas like setting in the book is the icing on the cake.
Gabriel Jones and Lucy Bell met deep in the catacombs where Lucy had been drugged and dumped before he came to her rescue. She had managed to keep herself alive thanks to pizza brought to her by an enterprising dust bunny who adopted her. Lucy thought that she found a kindred spirit in Gabriel but clearly he didn't feel the same magic when he disappeared. 
When he reappeared as the guild boss, things had changed. Lucy as angry and disillusioned and shunned by the town. He clearly had a lot of fences to mend if he wanted a relationship with her. Their chemistry is off the charts and the story is exciting and well paced. 
An absolute winner for the author and probably one of my favorites in this series.
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GUILD BOSS (A Harmony Novel Book #15) by Jayne Castle is another action-packed adventure on the colony world of Harmony which is a mash-up of paranormal/urban fantasy/romantic suspense genres. I have been reading this series from book #1 and have never been disappointed! This book can easily be read as a standalone, but I can guarantee once you finish, you are going to want to go back and read all the rest in the series.

Lucy Bell is an exceptionally talented independent weather channeler in Illusion Town. Lucy disappears after a friend’s wedding reception and is found by a dust bunny and rescued from the underground by the dust bunny and a hunky Guild Hunter. Everyone believes she has had a psychic break rather than believing her story of being kidnapped. 

Two months later and Gabriel Jones is back in Illusion Town as the new Guild Boss and looking for Lucy once again, but for an entirely different reason. There is something about this weather channeler that he has been unable to forget, but their reunion does not go as Gabriel planned. He offers Lucy a contract to get back into her good graces and as they work together Gabriel learns there is more going on in town than simply recovering a stolen Arcane item.

Lucy and Gabriel discover a conspiracy that threatens the power source of all Harmony besides the truth behind Lucy’s kidnapping. Will they be able to discover all the players and stop the conspiracy?

I always love my return trips to Harmony and the dust bunnies. Lucy and Gabriel are both wonderful characters with very different backgrounds, but perfect for each other. Lucy is resilient and strong, and Gabriel is driven not only in his pursuit to rebrand the Guild’s image, but to get the woman he wants even as he is not always able to communicate his true feelings. Otis, the latest dust bunny to befriend his humans is a fun addition to this story as well as an integral player. The suspense/mystery plot in this story has many threads and kept me turning the pages. There is an overall conspiracy thread that leaves an opening for future stories but does not leave you feeling cheated in this book.

I highly recommend this latest Harmony book and the entire series!
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I don't read a lot of paranormal romances, especially those set in the future, but I always make time for books set in the Harmony universe. I discovered this series about 20 years ago and was immediately captivated by this place in a faraway galaxy that was settled by explorers from Earth 200 years ago; explorers who were left stranded when the curtain between their worlds closed. Castle brings it all to life so vividly, so realistically, that it's easy to believe that Harmony, with all its psychic and paranormal activity, actually exists. 

Guild Boss is the newest installment in this long-running series and while it's the 14th Harmony book it is also a great place to jump in if you're new to the series. The story is intriguing, capturing my attention immediately and keeping me engaged until the end. Castle (who also writes as Jayne Ann Krentz and Amanda Quick) is no stranger to complex, well-developed characters or tightly-woven mysteries. Both are on display here. 

Lucy and Gabriel had no trouble at all engaging my interest and my affection. I loved the chemistry, the banter, the friction, and the respect that develops as they work together in an attempt to discover what really happened to Lucy and how it ties in with other mysterious events. There's also a sweetness between them that had me firmly in their corner, cheering them on. I appreciated the fact that Castle made Gabriel work hard to earn her trust first though. Let's just say that their initial encounter left Lucy reluctant to give him another chance. With good reason. 

Castle's ability to create an interesting cast of secondary characters who enrich the story without detracting from the main couple is another skill that ramps up my enjoyment of her books. Of course, the star of the show is Otis, Lucy's dust bunny pal. The romance between Gabriel and Lucy tugged at my heart, the twists and turns of the mystery kept me guessing until the reveal, the action kept me riveted to the pages, and the well-placed wit and humor elicited more than a few chuckles, but let's be's the dust bunnies who keep me coming back. I adore them!

Whether you're a long-time fan or new to the series, Guild Boss is a great place to dip your toes into Castle's psychically-charged world of ghost hunters, dust bunnies, weather channelers, and did I mention dust bunnies? I highly recommend a visit to Harmony for your fall reading schedule. 

*ARC received for fair and unbiased review
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First, let me just say that Guild Boss is a little out of my wheelhouse. Other worlds, aliens, etc really aren't the kinds of stories I read. But Jayne Castle is a pseudonym for Jayne Ann Krentz, and I've read and enjoyed several of her books. Basically, I trusted the author to give me an entertaining read and I hoped for the best as I dove in. What I didn't realize was how far into the series this book is. That said, the author gives enough information that I wasn't lost, and the world wasn't so completely alien that I struggled to figure it all out. At its core, this is a paranormal romance, and it's thoroughly entertaining. It's full of humor and adventure, and of course, romance. Oh, and a dust bunny that was a pretty big scene-stealer. What it comes down to is I may never be completely taken with this type of story, but I do think it's good to step outside the box once in a while, and this was certainly a fun way to do it.
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A wonderful fusion of scifi elements and paranormal thrills. 

I loved how Jayne Castle built a world based on something real and relatable, but on another world. It has a Vegas type vibe, but with all the nuances of a futuristic world, stitched together in a really wonderful and easy to read way. Castle has a great writers voice that helps drive the story, but keeps you grounded in characters and world building. If I didn't know better, I would have thought this was a futuristic Earth, but I think that's what makes this book truly unique. 

Although, I haven't read any of the other books in this series, I was able to follow what was happening and the characters stood out and were relatable. I actually want to go back and read the other books in the series to find out what I've missed.

This was a cool read that was entertaining throughout the whole story. I think I've found a new author to put on my favorites shelf. 

My review will be live on my blog Book Confessions on 11-17-2021.
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Guild Boss is the fourteenth book in the Ghost Hunters series by Jayne Castle. A paranormal romance full of murder, kidnapping, storms, ghosts, suspense, romance, and action that is sure to keep you turning the pages.
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If you haven't yet tried this series then you don't know how excited I was when I heard we'd have a new book in it. The last book in this series was in 2016. I know! That's so long for a romance author. I needed and missed my dust bunny love. 

Happily, you don't have to wait any longer because Guild Boss is here. I don't know about you but sometimes when there is that much of a gap between books you can feel a little lost in the series. Forget the comings and goings. Not so with Guild Boss, it was like falling in the arms of an old friend. 

I can't tell you how much I loved this story and the new characters we are meeting. Right away you feel the connection between both Lucy and Gabriel. The weird part is that I didn't even think about how quickly they fell for each other because they just worked. 

Poor Lucy has some rough times. She stands strong and is not weak. You'll find yourself cheering her on as she deals with what life throws at her. It is nice to have someone in your life standing with you and Gabriel is that person. 

It's cute what he's done to be with Lucy. There is no question that he cares for her. Often while reading the story you can see it. He's a good hardworking man. 

These two together are perfect and I was so happy to read Guild Boss. I think you'll love them and enjoy Otis. He adds so much to the story. Guild boss can be read on its own. I really think you should get them all and start reading. The perfect Christmas gift.
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I really was excited when I saw another Jayne Castle book! I really enjoy the world she’s built on Harmony. Quick background: Harmony is a world similar to earth colonized through a wormhole, however it closed one day cutting off the new world from earth a couple hundred years ago. This deserted world enhances psychic powers and gives some to those without. It is connected to the Arcane Society series written as Jayne Anne Krentz. The Underground is a confusing place the previous tenants of the planet have built and it’s full of psychic energy. This causes disorientation and hallucinations then death. Okay, you’re caught up! (all books can be read as a standalone book).

This book opens with our heroine Lucy lost in the underground and a very handsome man has come to save her. The problem? She thinks she’s hallucinating. She’s been hallucinating for days? hours? time has no meaning for her since she’s disoriented and lost. She’d been kidnapped she escaped and was chased Underground and dumped. The man who found her is sexy, attractive, and has a dust bunny with a pizza box in his paws. Obviously she’s hallucinating.

She’s not hallucinating.

He carries her out of the Underworld and she’s met with paparazzi and fanfare. The whole situation leads to him disappearing on to another job, and Lucy is fired then ostracized. Nobody believes she was kidnapped, her credibility is shot, and she’s become the topic of gossip everywhere. Meanwhile, she makes the best of it, and gets a crappy job with her new dustbunny sidekick. They live off of tips and pizza until Gabriel pops back into her life.

Gabriel has taken over the new guild boss job in Lucy’s town, hoping to maybe find her and date her. After he rescued her, he had to run, but he couldn’t stop thinking about her. So the day he showed up at her crappy job to see her, he isn’t sure what he expected to happen, but Lucy telling him to hit the road isn’t it. He’s floored she wants nothing to do with him. He had thought they’d had a connection that night.

Lucy absolutely had a connection with Gabriel, but the whole him not believing she was drugged and kidnapped, then dumped in the tunnels doesn’t really lead her to wanting to date him.

Until her life is threatened again. The danger never left.

The two of them have excellent chemistry, and like many Jayne Castle books, the heroine and hero have excellent partnerships before they date. They work well together and I always love that. This book has everything you expect from a Jayne Castle book: romance, independent heroines, heroes who love and support them, and a dustbunny sidekick with more personality than ever!
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When Gabriel Jones rescues Lucy Bell from the alien catacombs, immediately leaves for another Guild assignment, then returns to Illusion Town two months later hoping she'll be thrilled to see him, he learns a very important lesson: don't wait two months and expect the lady to be thrilled to see you, even if you did save her life. No one believes Lucy's story about being drugged and kidnapped, including Gabriel at first. But as strange events and dead bodies begin to pile up, Lucy's story looks a lot more believable. The only problem becomes- the kidnappers failed the first time, and will now have to try again.

Jayne Castle fans rejoice! Readers get to return to Harmony, and here Illusion Town- Harmony's answer to Las Vegas. The thrills are real, the laws are flexible, and anything can be had for a price. Except things might be changing, because now Illusion Town has its own Guild- with a Jones as Guild Boss. Long time Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick/Jayne Castle fans know exactly what that means: powerfully psychic and intelligent men and women who are more than up to some strange challenges. And Gabriel Jones (a descendent of my personal favorite Amanda Quick hero from Second Sight) more than lives up to his family reputation. Dry sense of humor, interesting psychic profile, and more than willing to partner with a dust bunny to see a mission through. As the new Guild Boss starting a new Guild poor Gabriel suffers terribly for the sake of public relations and image, but at least he as Lucy and PR whiz Aiden on his side to remind him to smile as they pile on the torment. 

Lucy is more than a match for Gabriel. Despite everyone telling her she's crazy, she has never doubted that she knows the truth of what happened to her, even if she doesn't know why. She hangs on to her pride and professionalism even when she's driving a tour bus. She's not looking for a handout or a rescue, but she's not too proud to turn down a job even when she's not sure what she wants from Gabriel on a personal level. I loved how Gabriel was so openly in awe of her talent and supported her ever every step of the way. They fit together perfectly. And who can not love Otis? Another adorable dust bunny, Otis has an addiction to cheese and olive pizza and a bit of a diva complex when it comes to direction for what he sees as not good reason- which is pretty funny. Apparently dust bunnies might love having their pictures taken, but are not destined to be stars of the silver screen. Or would it be amber screen on Harmony?

A fun romp through Illusion Town, Jayne Castle fans won't be disappointed with Guild Boss. Full of Castle's trademark dry humor, crackling chemistry, and dust bunny fun, Guild Boss was entertaining from start to finish. Plenty of "Easter eggs" for long time readers of Krentz/Quick/Castle books, newer readers won't feel too left out- but should definitely end the book feeling like they have whole new worlds they want to explore before the next new release!
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Jayne Castle, aka Jayne Ann Krentz,  continues her wonderful  paranormal romances set on Harmony, a world just beyond an seamless curtain from Earth for the settlers.  Illusion Town is full of misfits  and Lucy Bell, weather channneler, has gained an eccentric reputation after her kidnapping and rescue from the underground tunnels full of strange psychic energies by Gabriel Jones.  Jones becomes the new Guild Boss of Illusion Town and starts solving her kidnapping and other criminal events.  Romance seems in the offing.  Charming story.
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In Guild Boss , Jayne Castle brings murder, kidnapping, storms, ghosts, suspense, romance, and action to her latest book in the Ghost Hunters paranormal romantic suspense series set in Illusion Town on the colony world of Harmony. Readers can easily imagine a Las Vegas –like setting with weddings, bright lights, and casinos, but combined with unpredictable weather, prospectors, an underground city built by aliens with lots of paranormal activity, and plenty of criminals.

Lucy Bell is kidnapped and drugged as she leaves a party. After managing to escape in the underground maze of tunnels, she survives by eating pizza brought to her by a dust bunny she names Otis. Guild Hunter Gabriel Jones finds her, but that isn’t the end of Lucy’s problems. Her professional weather channeling reputation is ruined when rumors start that she had a psychological breakdown and wasn’t kidnapped. Gabriel wants to help her when he returns two months later as the new Guild Boss. There’s more to the story than meets the eye.

Lucy and Gabriel have depth and are wonderfully nuanced and complicated. Readers won’t have trouble identifying with Lucy and Gabriel as they try to resolve all of the mysteries. Both of them have moments of both vulnerability and strength which provides more balance than in many romantic suspense novels. The supporting cast of characters are excellent; especially Otis, Aiden, and Veronica. Otis provides humor, cuteness, and protection while Aiden focuses on organization and the Guild’s public image. Veronica contributes friendship and attitude. There’s also a variety of other characters that furnish interest and conflict. Which ones are evil and which ones are merely greedy?

The exciting plot and excellent writing kept me turning the pages. There are several subplots that came together nicely. However, there are threads left open for future novels. While this is not the first book in the series, the author does a great job of bringing Illusion Town and the tunnels below it to life, including their known history, without overdoing it for long time readers of the series. However, while this works as a standalone novel, it helps to read the earlier books to get an even better feel for the colony and its people and the dangers they face.

Jayne Castle is one of the pseudonyms used by author Jayne Ann Krentz. This pseudonym is used for futuristic romantic suspense. Guild Boss has a paranormal twist that is unique, dramatic, and exciting. If you are looking for an engaging story with complicated characters facing danger, storms, and surprises while the main characters are experiencing their own romantic chemistry in a paranormal-laced world, then this is a book to consider. Themes include greed, family, friendships, romance, politics, criminal masterminds, adventure, and more.

Berkley Publishing Group and Jayne Castle provided a complimentary digital ARC of this novel via NetGalley. This is my honest review. Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way. Publication date is currently set for November 16, 2021. This review was originally posted at Mystery and Suspense Magazine.
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