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This is the 10th book in this charming series "Bailey Ruth Cozy Series" by cozy author Carolyn Hart. Thank you to the publisher and to Net Galley. My review opinions are my own. 

We return to our protagnist Bailey Ruth who is back on earth to save a woman from drowning and save her from a murder charge. She is working alone and must contend with multiple suspects as well as a greedy wealthy family who are all suspected by her in the death. The police are convinced they have their right suspect and Bailey must delve further into the death to discover the clues that lead to the rightful suspect. 

I enjoyed this next in series. I like the paranormal aspect and how the author writes so well of the sleuth building suspects and clues to keep the reading turning the page. A enjoyable cozy series I look forward to returning to.
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A big thank you to NetGalley and Canon Gate books for the ARC.   I am voluntarily reviewing this book.  I have not read any of this series and this is the 10th book.  There was a bit of background but not enough.  I found I was a bit confused. I liked Bailey but didn't understand Wiggins and why we had to know exactly what they were wearing.  Sorry I just don't care if they wear green or purple socks.  More information about the actual characters and less about what they wear.  Interesting plot.  I would say read the first in the series to understand the dynamics.  I did like Sam and wished he was in the story thaw Howie guy was a nuisance.  Overall I was entertained.  3 stars
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Ghost Blows a Kiss by Carolyn Hart is the 10th A Bailey Ruth Ghost Novel.  Bailey Ruth Raeburn is being sent to earth on the Rescue Express to help Fran.  After saving Fran from a near drowning, Bailey Ruth finds the woman implicated in a murder.   Bailey Ruth as Detective M. Loy works to solve the crime (she gives herself a promotion).  Bailey Ruth must work the case without Sam Cobb this time around.  Bailey Ruth works to solve two murders without breaking too many precepts in this short story (only 175 pages).  There are quite a few suspects for her to consider.  I normally love diving into each Bailey Ruth novel, but I had a hard time with this one.  The writing lacked an ease, it was disjointed, and there is such a thing as too many details.  I do not need to know what a person is wearing down to the color of their shoes.  I missed Chief of Police Sam Cobb and could have done with less of Howie Harris.  This is an entertaining series.  While the other books in the series can be read on their own, Ghost Blows a Kiss is not one.  It is best read after reading Ghost at Work (the first book in series which will give you groundwork).  While Ghost Blows a Kiss is my least favorite book in the series, it will not keep me from checking out the next A Bailey Ruth Ghost Novel.  Bailey Ruth is a spirited emissary with a passion for fashion.
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Carolyn Hart has Bailey Ruth, ghost from heaven, ride to the rescue again in Ghost Blows a Kiss.  Fran, antiques store owner, is suspected of murder a rich woman.  Family secrets and hatreds swirl around the death, but the mayor wants the acting police to solve the murder swiftly and look away from the rich and powerful.  Bailey Ruth gets to work on the case and immediately flouts the rules of heaven about angels who are supposed to help those back on earth, but only from the background and invisibly.  Read and enjoy this cozy.
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Twenty percent in and I had to give up.  Too many hard to keep straight mashed together characters along with overly described rooms and clothing made this book a train wreck from the start.  The prior book in the series, Ghost Ups Her Game, was disappointing and had me wondering if the Bailey Ruth series was worth my time and Ghost Blows a Kiss has cemented the fact that it is time to move away from Bailey and Carolyn Hart.
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I received this ARC via Netgalley and Canongate Books/Severn House Publishers, in return for an honest review. While the tenth book in this series, it is easily read as a standalone.  This book combines the deft touch of an excellent author, her homage to the characteristics of vintage Agatha Christie's work of suspects and settings, with a supernatural protagonist.  Bailey Ruth Raeburn is deceased but definitely not gone from this mortal plane.  Sent by her boss in the Office of Divine Intervention, Bailey Ruth returns to her hometown of Adelaide, Oklahoma, to solve another mystery.  But which mystery isn’t quite clear.  Is it saving a woman from drowning?  Discovering who killed Sylvia Chandler?  Preventing the incompetent Chief of Police from arresting the wrong person?  Promoting true love?  So many options but Bailey Ruth is up to the tasks(s)!  Armed with her wits, her looks and her incomparable wardrobe options, Bailey Ruth interacts with the living and the dead to solve all aspects of this challenging case and bring happily ever after to everyone (well, except the murdered woman!).
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Such a good series, and this latest does not disappoint - but it can be read as a standalone with just a tiny suspension of belief in that our heroine, Bailey Ruth, returns to earth at the behest of the heavenly Department of Good Intentions to prevent an innocent woman being convicted of a crime she didn't commit.  Sounds familiar?  Well, then so will the corpse murdered in the library with a blunt instrument be familiar!  Traditional crime, lots of suspects, plenty of red herrings and great dollops of witty dialogue and good humour, not to mention Bailey Ruth's terrestrial appearances as Detective Loy in "now you see her, now you don't" moments.  Page turning entertainment from a master.
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What a fun romp! Baily Rae returns from the dead to clear an innocent woman of the crime for which she's been framed. It helps that she's able to manifest anywhere in the blink of an eye, and that she's able to impersonate a police detective to interrogate suspects. I’m looking forward to reading more of Carolyn Hart!
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A Bailey Ruth Raeburn read is as pleasurable as a hot fudge sundae.

In her latest return to earth, the angelic do-gooder investigates the murder of the mistress of a large manor in Adelaide, Oklahoma. 

The young widow accused of the crime is an antique dealer worried that her artist half-brother may have killed the mistress in the library with a fire poker in a rage over a broken promise.

The murder mansion is straight out of "Homes of the Rich and Famous," with each room fully described as Bailey Ruth conducts her interviews, herself attired in whatever fashion the good-looking redhead imagines.

Fast paced and funny.
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Once again Bailey Ruth Raeburn is sent to Adelaide, Oklahoma to solve a murder and prevent an innocent woman from being imprisoned for a crime she did not commit. As always, Bailey Ruth has a difficult time sticking to the rules (precents) for Earthly Visitations. In case you didn't know, Ruth Bailey is deceased and a Heavenly emissary for Heaven's Department of Good Intentions.

I love the author's definite interpretation of Heaven as well as how visitors from there should act on earth. Ruth Bailey and her earthly disguise as Detective Loy is a terrific main character. Smart, attractive, well dressed (as readers learn loads of details), organized, compassionate, and entirely thrilled to indulge in earthly pleasures (well food at least) during her assignments. Her compassion and cleverness keeps innocent victims from being blamed for crimes. I love how she finds ways to leave information in the modern Adelaide police system.

A good mystery with seemingly too many suspects, hints and red herrings abound. Each book in the series is a delight to read, and this one is no exception.

I would like to thank Canongate Books, Severn House Publishers and Net Galley for allowing me to read this lovely book and express my opinions above.
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Bailey Ruth  mysteries are pure joy and this one was no exception.  As always,  great story, enjoyable characters, humor, and a relaxing afternoon with an old friend.
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Anyone looking for a formula for a traditional mystery could take a lesson or two from a master. Carolyn Hart’s Ghost Blows a Kiss is reminiscent of the Agatha Christie novels in which the family of a dying man gather, hoping they are heirs to the fortune. In Ghost Blows a Kiss, the killer might have gotten away with murder if not for some divine intervention. Of course, that comes in the form of Heavenly emissary Bailey Ruth Raeburn.

Once again, Wiggins, the stationmaster for the Department of Divine Intervention, sends Bailey Ruth back to her hometown of Adelaide, Oklahoma. She arrives just in time to save Fran Mitchell from drowning. Without any guidance, Bailey Ruth wonders if that was her entire mission, to save the woman. But, when she overhears Fran say she’s scared, the emissary realizes there’s more to her mission.

Bailey Ruth is an astute observer, and she notices Fran’s glances at a lit mansion on the hill. When she checks it out, she’s on time to observe the discovery of Sylvia Chandler’s body. The woman was bludgeoned to death in the library of the house, leaving behind her dying husband, and a household full of suspects. Unfortunately, the Acting Police Chief sees only a gathering of influential people, not a gathering of vultures waiting for a man to die. It isn’t long before he focuses on Fran Mitchell, who was caught on the security camera coming to the house just before the victim was discovered.

But, Bailey Ruth has another focus. She knows Wiggins has her in Adelaide for two reasons. Yes, she’s to save Fran. She also knows Wiggins has a soft spot for romance, and she suspects he wants Fran saved because he supports a relationship for Detective Don Smith, the lead detective on the case. Who is Bailey Ruth to stand in the way of romance? Now, she just needs to discover who benefits from Sylvia Chandler’s death.

Carolyn Hart’s successful formula? Gather together a wealthy family. Kill a family member or two. Have the police latch onto an outsider as the suspect. Then, the investigator, in this case a Heavenly emissary, uncovers the motives in the death of the victims. Ghost Blows a Kiss, with its charming, likable sleuth, is a beautifully crafted traditional mystery.
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Further Consequences....
The tenth Bailey Ruth Ghost novel from the very talented Carolyn Hart in which Bailey has a new mission. A rescue has further consequences, however, when she realises not all is quite as it seems. As always with this long running series, and indeed other series in this authors’ canon, this is a wholly escapist and well written read. For those yet to make the acquaintance of Hart’s creation, you are in for a treat.
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