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I finished reading this amazing book in two days. Seriously could not get enough. Hoping this is a series so I can enjoy the Blooms for a long time to come. Tears, laughter, and smiling while reading. So perfect!
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Gabi goes to Europe after graduating college and to kick start her photography career where she meets Ethan Harris and falls in love with him. She comes home after her trip engaged which is a surprise to her and his entire family. 

Gabi’s parents (Alissa and Matt) decide to keep their pregnancy a secret from her upon her return from 2 month Europe trip and I understood what Alissa was going through. She has raised Gabi as a single parent. She needs to figure out things with Matt. As to where they stand. Initially, does this pregnancy means anything to Matt? Does this pregnancy mean Matt and Alissa are getting back together, they are co-parenting, or do they need to file for custody? Is Matt staying this time? Also, how will Gabi feel about her parents if getting together for a bringing up their second baby? She deserved this kind of bring up too which she never received. 

I loved how the relationship grew and matured between the two couples (Alissa and Matt & Gabi and Ethan). It is a fast-paced book with brilliant characters and dialogues. This book is all about friendship, relationships, family, traditions, believes, and signs. This book is for you if you like women’s fiction, romance and are a fan of Gilmore Girls and My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
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This is such a wonderful story! I loved the characters and their relationships. I fell in love with everything about this book! I would highly recommend this one if you enjoy Gilmore GIrls! The mother-daughter relationship is beautiful!
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I thought this was a really fun book and I really enjoyed reading it! I know a lot of reviews said they got Gilmore Girl vibes from this book. I personally didn’t, and I am a huge GG fan, but I still enjoyed this one! It’s a perfect blend of family drama, romance, humor, and self growth.

There is a strong mother/daughter duo in this book, which I absolutely loved. I thought the characters were great. I loved watching them grow as the book went on. This book does feature the surprise baby trope, which I am generally not a fan of. But, this book made it work out well! This is a really easy and light read, it’s perfect to read outside as the weather cools down. I would highly recommend checking it out!

Thank you Netgalley for the eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I was super appreciative to receive this book from NetGalley! I enjoyed the dual protagonists who were mother and daughter, and the unique twists that gave the story life. There were many characters to get to know, but I didn’t have any trouble keeping up with who was who or what their angles were. Like good characters, none of them were perfect, but they all ga e me something to like about them. The story started out in Ireland but quickly moved back to the states. While the novel has many Jewish overtones and traditions, and I’m not Jewish, things were explained just the right amount to be clear but not come off as Understanding Jewish Faith 101.  Good job, Amy Pine!
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I received an advanced reading copy of this romantic read from NetGalley and Forever books in exchange for my honest review. 

Just finished this great romantic read and have to say I lovvveddddd the mother daughter bonding between Alissa and Gani, (it reminded me how close I am with my own mother) and the father daughter bonding with Matt and Gabi,. I also enjoyed the  romantic bonding between Ethan and Gabi and it really made me smile at how they kept it together through all the circumstances they went through (meeting each other, falling in love, how they got engaged, how their jobs kept them separate at times, how their families drove them crazy between deciding who should marry them, where their wedding should be, etc. and all the signs that help them stay together).. this book so reminded me of the Gilmore girls, father of the bride, and big fat Greek wedding. Highly recommend to all  romance lovers.
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3.75⭐️ Very cute! A great palate cleanser after several heavy reads. Enjoyed this. Look forward to what I think may be a sequel.
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Alisa and Matt got married young and had Gabi who just returned from Europe with a fiance. Alisa and Matt got divorced a long time ago because Matt needed to finish his school and ended up getting a job in Costa Rica but Alissa never fought for Matt. She just let him go. He never knew what she wanted. Now they are Pregnant again from 1 night of passion And they don't wanna tell Gabi until they figure out what's going on with them and their relationship. They both can't tell the other what they really want which is each other.
This is an incredible book of family conflict, humor and love. I just fell in love with both Alisa and Gabi. They were great women, both looking for solutions to the issues they are facing. I'd compare their relationship to Rori and Lorerei in Gilmore Girls. Honestly, such a great story. You'll love it.
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Thanks to Forever and Netgalley for an advanced copy of The Bloom Girls

I loved the Gilmore Girls vibe from this mother/daughter duo. Of course any book that is partially set in Ireland I'm here for!

This is a great story on love, family and friendship!
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The Bloom Girls is author Amy Pine’s first foray into women’s fiction, although she is a very successful romance author publishing under the name A.J. Pine.  This humorous tale examines the big romance of Gabi Bloom and Ethan Harris as they awkwardly move from chance meeting in Galway, Ireland, through a summer romance as Gabi journeys on a two month European trek to pursue her future as a photographer. Ethan, who hails from the same hometown of Chicago, is in Ireland finding himself and working as a bartender to pay his way.  When they met, by accident, he’s on a moped that he wiped out almost taking Gabi with him. Their connection was immediate. When Gabi and Ethan return to Chicago with the news of their engagement, families aren’t immediately on board, but that may just be what brings such joy to the story as they all navigate the wedding preparations.

But the Gabi and Ethan story is only part of the story. When they connected at their daughter’s college graduation, Alissa Adler and Matthew Bloom connected completely and now there is another little bundle of joy on the way. Alissa has come into her own as a baker with her own bakery. Matthew has traveled the world working with environmental issues but says he is now home to stay. His wanderlust was the key reason their young marriage didn’t work. Alissa did not want to hold him back from his dreams.

This lovely story is both a tale of the people involved as well as the culture from which they come as Jewish Americans. It’s a delightful window into such a dynamic close knit family. I absolutely adored the characters, the humor, and the story! I did enjoy this book and I wholeheartedly recommend it!
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This was just the pick me up I needed after a difficult Summer. It is right to be compared to Gilmore Girls -- one of my favorite shows of all time -- as it has the same charm and heart. Loved this book so much. I can't wait to buy my mom a copy!
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Gabi Bloom, 22, is on a post-college graduation trip to Europe when she meets handsome, 23-year-old Ethan Harris and they fall in love.  On the way back to Chicago, after only two months, they agree to become engaged.

Meanwhile, Gabi’s mom Alissa, 39, has discovered she is pregnant again.  The father is Gabi’s dad Matthew.  Alissa and Matt were only teenagers when they conceived Gabi, and after four years they divorced, but never stopped loving one another.  Alissa, however, was convinced she and Gabi would thwart Matt’s dreams of traveling the world on environmental restoration projects, and she consistently pushed him away.  At Gabi’s college graduation, however, they had sex, and just like 23 years before, the condom didn’t work.

Both parents are afraid to tell Gabi the news and take attention away from her upcoming wedding.  There are hilarious scenes in which Gabi’s parents and grandparents, along with Ethan’s, try to take control of the upcoming wedding.  There are also (too) many scenes with Alissa agonizing over wanting to believe Matt, who wants to come back to her, and not wanting to get hurt.  It takes her a long time to realize it is she who has been the one driving him away all this time.

As Alissa vacillates back and forth over Matt, she begins to show more and more, and it is only a matter of time until she can’t hide their secret any longer.

Amusing side stories involve Gabi’s quirky BFF Miriam, and Ethan’s sexy roommate T.J.  Alissa’s little sister, Dr. Becca Weiland, is the gynecologist who takes care of her, and Sadie, Matt’s little sister, works with Alissa in her bakery called Take the Cake.  They all offer support to their friends and family.

Evaluation:  I enjoyed this women’s fiction although at times it was a bit too “Hallmarky” for my tastes.
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I definitely get the Gilmore Girl vibes from it. It also makes me think of the Father of the Bride movies. It is an enjoyable book and has themes of love, personal growth and family. I can’t help but picture certain Gilmore Girls characters as characters in this story (and hear fast talking in my head). Definitely check this book out if you are a fan of the show.  The ending really surprised me and sets it up for a sequel.
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Two couples have a chance at their happily ever after. Mother and daughter Alissa and Gabi are each having concerns about the decisions they have made in life and could end up losing what is most important to them out of fear to commit. 

Romance, love, family and humor make this a well rounded book. What started out seeming predictable turned out to be quite the opposite and kept me engaged in this story until the very end. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Forever for a complimentary copy of the book. I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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I've not read this author before and with that being said you are not quite sure what to expect, though you may read many positive reviews we need to determine this for ourselves.
And now with all this being said, I really loved this book. It was romantic,funny,quirky,had a lovely sense of humor. It's the type of book that's hard to put down.
It has a lot of unexpected things in it, a wedding,a reconciliation,a baby and a stronger mother-daughter relationship.
I recommend this feel good happy book to you!

Pub Date 03 Aug 2021
I was given a complimentary copy of this book. Thank you.
All opinions expressed are my own.
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“Gilmore Girls meets My Big Fat Greek Wedding in this humorous, multi-generational story about a mother and daughter who discover that life happens when you least expect it.”

I’m a big fan of the TV show Gilmore Girls and this felt a lot like reading a Gilmore Girls special with a few twists. It was a fast, fun read featuring an unexpected pregnancy, a whirlwind romance, an abundance of family drama and witty banter. Centered around a mother and daughter pair trying to find a balance between life and love, this book will appeal to readers who enjoy romantic comedies with a focus on family and finding oneself. 

Thank you to @netgalley and @readforeverpub for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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What an amazing, great story. I absolutely loved it. Great writing by author AMY PINE. You need to read "The Bloom Girls". It will keep you reading for sure.
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I’ll admit that the reason I grabbed for this book was the comparison to The Gilmore Girls, a show that my daughter and I watched regularly (and found surprisingly similar) to our own relationship and life. And this did not disappoint in that regard. Alyssa is the eldest sister of two, her younger sister is married, a doctor and the apple of her mother’s eye. Alyssa is, however, has a more difficult relationship with her own mother, and has thrown her entire life into raising her daughter, Gabi, despite having her daughter’s father in and out of their lives after their own split.  I liked Alyssa instantly – she's doing her absolute best to raise her daughter and be there – as a friend, support, parent and example – even as she’s pushing Gabi to be all that she can be. But, with all the changes, she’s also wondering just where her own life will go – particularly since she’s discovered she’s pregnant – with her ex-husband's child. On the day that Gabi returns from her post-graduation trek through Europe.  

Gabi isn’t just returning with memories and tons of photos, though. She’s bringing home her fiancé that she met in Galway, but not really mentioned to her mother before they appear out of an uber from the airport.  From that first rather tense (and calamitous) introduction, and her father’s newly shared decision to move back in town and stay put this time – there are plenty of decisions and opportunities for growth, change and laughter to come.  Not a fully ‘smooth’ ride as the characters navigate these changes, the story is engagingly written and flows smoothly, and it’s easy for readers to see themselves in each character – or to empathize with the situations, and challenges keep dropping only to be overcome just as another appears.  At the core of the story, however, is the love – you may not always “like” those you are related to – but there is that combination (and knowledge) that you do love them, even in the worst moments, and that, despite the challenges, love and family are powerful allies in this thing called life.  

I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.  

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Amy Pine (AJ Pine) kicks off her Women’s Fiction career with The Bloom Girls, a multi-generational story of love, loss, family, friendship filled with complicated, flawed, and quirky characters that are all still figuring out how to live their best life no matter their age. They made mistakes, their relationships were complex and often complicated, but there was always love.

The story focuses on Gabi Bloom, who is traveling through Europe following her college graduation and her mother, Alissa, who at 39 has just discovered she once again is unexpectedly pregnant with her ex-husband’s baby.  Gabi meets Ethan on her first night in Galway, Ireland. He’s an American from her hometown of Chicago working at a pub for the summer and spends his time off meeting Gabi as she travels throughout Europe photographing life and working on her photography portfolio. Meanwhile Alissa is trying to figure out her complicated relationship with Matthew, her ex and Gabi’s father, and how they are going to explain another unplanned pregnancy to their daughter.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story as I feel that it painted a very good picture of how complicated family relationships can be at any age. I personally would have liked to see a bit more communication between Gabi and Alissa, but being that Gabi’s parents were keeping the pregnancy from her since she came home and announced she was marrying Ethan in late December and they didn’t want to upset her, they didn’t spend a whole lot of one on one time together throughout this book.

As Gabi’s relationship with her parents grows and changes, she also begins to question her career choices and while she knows Ethan is the one she wants her in life, she also knows that her dreams are important. Meanwhile Alissa begins to realize that while she had always encouraged Matthew to follow his dreams, she never once asked him to choose her and Gabi.

A feel good story filled with love, laughter, tears, mistakes, and forgiveness, I thoroughly enjoyed The Bloom Girls.
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Thank you @readforeverpub @netgalley for a copy of this book. This book totally gave me Gilmore Girl vibes. I love the relationship between Alissa and Gabi and how close they were. I love the complicated family relationships and how change makes impacts the family. The author did a great job portraying these family dynamics.
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