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I've not read this author before and with that being said you are not quite sure what to expect, though you may read many positive reviews we need to determine this for ourselves.
And now with all this being said, I really loved this book. It was romantic,funny,quirky,had a lovely sense of humor. It's the type of book that's hard to put down.
It has a lot of unexpected things in it, a wedding,a reconciliation,a baby and a stronger mother-daughter relationship.
I recommend this feel good happy book to you!

Pub Date 03 Aug 2021
I was given a complimentary copy of this book. Thank you.
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“Gilmore Girls meets My Big Fat Greek Wedding in this humorous, multi-generational story about a mother and daughter who discover that life happens when you least expect it.”

I’m a big fan of the TV show Gilmore Girls and this felt a lot like reading a Gilmore Girls special with a few twists. It was a fast, fun read featuring an unexpected pregnancy, a whirlwind romance, an abundance of family drama and witty banter. Centered around a mother and daughter pair trying to find a balance between life and love, this book will appeal to readers who enjoy romantic comedies with a focus on family and finding oneself. 

Thank you to @netgalley and @readforeverpub for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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What an amazing, great story. I absolutely loved it. Great writing by author AMY PINE. You need to read "The Bloom Girls". It will keep you reading for sure.
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I’ll admit that the reason I grabbed for this book was the comparison to The Gilmore Girls, a show that my daughter and I watched regularly (and found surprisingly similar) to our own relationship and life. And this did not disappoint in that regard. Alyssa is the eldest sister of two, her younger sister is married, a doctor and the apple of her mother’s eye. Alyssa is, however, has a more difficult relationship with her own mother, and has thrown her entire life into raising her daughter, Gabi, despite having her daughter’s father in and out of their lives after their own split.  I liked Alyssa instantly – she's doing her absolute best to raise her daughter and be there – as a friend, support, parent and example – even as she’s pushing Gabi to be all that she can be. But, with all the changes, she’s also wondering just where her own life will go – particularly since she’s discovered she’s pregnant – with her ex-husband's child. On the day that Gabi returns from her post-graduation trek through Europe.  

Gabi isn’t just returning with memories and tons of photos, though. She’s bringing home her fiancé that she met in Galway, but not really mentioned to her mother before they appear out of an uber from the airport.  From that first rather tense (and calamitous) introduction, and her father’s newly shared decision to move back in town and stay put this time – there are plenty of decisions and opportunities for growth, change and laughter to come.  Not a fully ‘smooth’ ride as the characters navigate these changes, the story is engagingly written and flows smoothly, and it’s easy for readers to see themselves in each character – or to empathize with the situations, and challenges keep dropping only to be overcome just as another appears.  At the core of the story, however, is the love – you may not always “like” those you are related to – but there is that combination (and knowledge) that you do love them, even in the worst moments, and that, despite the challenges, love and family are powerful allies in this thing called life.  

I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.  

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Amy Pine (AJ Pine) kicks off her Women’s Fiction career with The Bloom Girls, a multi-generational story of love, loss, family, friendship filled with complicated, flawed, and quirky characters that are all still figuring out how to live their best life no matter their age. They made mistakes, their relationships were complex and often complicated, but there was always love.

The story focuses on Gabi Bloom, who is traveling through Europe following her college graduation and her mother, Alissa, who at 39 has just discovered she once again is unexpectedly pregnant with her ex-husband’s baby.  Gabi meets Ethan on her first night in Galway, Ireland. He’s an American from her hometown of Chicago working at a pub for the summer and spends his time off meeting Gabi as she travels throughout Europe photographing life and working on her photography portfolio. Meanwhile Alissa is trying to figure out her complicated relationship with Matthew, her ex and Gabi’s father, and how they are going to explain another unplanned pregnancy to their daughter.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story as I feel that it painted a very good picture of how complicated family relationships can be at any age. I personally would have liked to see a bit more communication between Gabi and Alissa, but being that Gabi’s parents were keeping the pregnancy from her since she came home and announced she was marrying Ethan in late December and they didn’t want to upset her, they didn’t spend a whole lot of one on one time together throughout this book.

As Gabi’s relationship with her parents grows and changes, she also begins to question her career choices and while she knows Ethan is the one she wants her in life, she also knows that her dreams are important. Meanwhile Alissa begins to realize that while she had always encouraged Matthew to follow his dreams, she never once asked him to choose her and Gabi.

A feel good story filled with love, laughter, tears, mistakes, and forgiveness, I thoroughly enjoyed The Bloom Girls.
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Thank you @readforeverpub @netgalley for a copy of this book. This book totally gave me Gilmore Girl vibes. I love the relationship between Alissa and Gabi and how close they were. I love the complicated family relationships and how change makes impacts the family. The author did a great job portraying these family dynamics.
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The Bloom Girls by Amy Pine is a beautiful multigenerational women's fiction. The author highlights an admirable mother-daughter bond as each character blooms throughout the book.

Gabi Bloom is a young woman who just graduated college. Before settling down in a profession she decides to go to Ireland and do what she loves most, take photographs. She is somewhat of a cynic when it comes to love because her parent's relationship isn't the best. So, it is a complete surprise when she gets lost in the eyes of an American bartender, Ethan, on her first day in Ireland.

Alissa Bloom is working as a pastry chef in Chicago and approaching the big 4-0. She is thinking a lot about her past relationship with Gabi's dad, Matthew. She doesn't want to be single forever but she also knows that she doesn't need a man to survive. During her moments of reflection, she receives some surprising news. She is pregnant. 

When Gabi is on her way back to Chicago, she arrives with a plus one. She is nervous and excited to introduce Ethan to her family. But she isn't the only one who is keeping secrets. Alissa is shocked when Gabi announces that she is engaged but it also puts pressure on her to reveal her own secret of being pregnant. 

I really enjoyed the family and friend dynamic of the entire book. Gabi and Alissa did remind me of 'The Gilmore Girls' Rory and Lorelai. They share just about everything and are so open with each other. And as they each had doubts and worries it made it interesting to see them both hold back with each other. At the same time, it made a lot of sense. These two have been a team always looking out for each other. So, when they each have their own men who are loving them, they need a chance to adjust. Amy Pine's writing is so real through all their ups and downs and created a fun supporting cast.

I give The Bloom Girls 4 stars. It is a wonderful women's fiction and focuses on love, change, and the importance of family. I smiled so many times reading these and crossed my fingers hoping that each Bloom Girl got the ending they deserved.
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I really liked this one. It's very much a Jewish Gilmore girls feel, at least it was for me. Gabi and Alissa are really close and they have to figure out these new unexpected life changes. I loved the humor and the family dynamics. This was a cute quick read. 

Thanks NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC!
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This book was such a (sweet) treat! Loved the mother/daughter relationship, Mom's secret, the Father/daughter dynamic and the love story. Mom is a baker so there is that too! Truly a wonderful summer beach read for me. I will look into more from this author.
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The book was told through the perspectives of two main characters, Gabi and Alissa. I thought I would have a difficult time with it, but the different perspectives give a multifaceted dimension to the story. Gabi Bloom knew that she didn't want the type of relationship her mother and father had. She didn't want to fall in love and get married, but when she met Ethan in Galway, Ireland, it was instant. She came home from her trip an engaged woman. On the cusp of Gabi starting her adult life, Alissa and her ex-husband Matt discover their night of bad decisions the evening of Gabi's college graduation resulted in another pregnancy. Gabi is afraid she's more like her father than she thought. They're planning a wedding while her parents are planning for kid #2. When Gabi and Ethan call off the wedding, it's a bit of a surprise who steps up to take advantage of the already planned ceremony and reception. This story was fun, contained a lot of introspection and reflection between and among the characters, and resulted in a lot of happily ever afters.

I received an advance copy of this book at my request and voluntarily left this review.
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The Bloom Girls is Amy Pine’s foray into women’s fiction and she lands it. I alternately identified with both Alissa and Gabi and they navigated life and learned something from each. Fans of Jill Shalvis and Susan Mallery will want to scoop this one up.
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Thank you for the chance to read and enjoy and now celebrate this fun, charming, and witty book filled with delightful characters, scenes, and loving warmth.  I requested to read this book after reading many positive early reviews on instagram and also because of the comparisons to Gilmore Girls.  The reviews were right on track for what I enjoy in a light hearted read and the comparison to Gilmore Girls and other similar shows/movies is accurate.  Of course as reviewer I also want to point out that this book is its own voice and own story, comparisons can undermine the value and joy of an author's voice and intent and I found the focus on Jewish families and the development of the characters to be fulfilling and engaging in their own right.   

I appreciated the narrative style, the writing that allowed for fun mother/daughter dynamics, well developed characters and a pace that held my attention.  It was so clear to me that Amy Pine loved the voice she gave her characters, that she cared for them and their growth, and that she saw them as the kind of people readers like me can relate to, connect with, and enjoy.  I will be recommending this book to many friends and for book club chats soon.  Thank you again for a fun, humorous, and loving story during a time of ongoing strain and stress, this was a much needed break from reality.
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I really enjoyed The Bloom Girls.  It was the story of two women at very different parts of their lives struggling with surprisingly similar relationship and self discovery issues.  It was a story about family, self discovery and following your dreams while finding a way to make love work too.  I found the dynamic between Alissa and Gabi’s father particularly entertaining and sweet (but I do love a second chance romance).   It also highlighted some Jewish traditions and I appreciate a book with diversity and representation. It ended on a bit of a cliffhanger so Im excited for a sequel… 

Thank you to Netgalley and Forever Publishing for the advanced copy of this book.  All opinions are my own, as always.
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I am writing this review as I wait for Gilmore Girls to load, since this book made me want to watch the show.

The Bloom Girls is about a mother-daughter duo, the daughter Gabi coming back from a summer in Europe with a surprise fiance and the mother Alissa realizing she's pregnant with her ex's baby. 

Pine writes with a unique, fun voice. I loved the Jewish representation in this book and how Alissa is a 40 year old with a healthy sex drive. Their friends and family are all lots of fun, too. While I questioned some of Gabi's decisions, I was happy with where the book ended. It does end in a cliffhanger for the next book.

Women's fiction is not my typical genre, and while this was cute, it's also not going to convince me to read more. But, if this is a genre you love, this could be a great fit!

Thank you to Forever for a copy of this book!
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I enjoyed this book so much. As much as I'm the kind of person that is always reading several books at once, I definitely found myself going back to this one constantly. I just always wanted to be in the world of the Bloom Girls. The Gilmore Girls comparison is obvious and inevitable, but this is very much a different story. Alissa and Gabi are very much their own people and I loved them so much. There's scenes in this book that will make you laugh out loud and other will have you trying to hold back tears.

This book very much follows Alissa and Gabi at a point in their life where they're kind of on parallel paths. They're both doing their own thing and spending as much time apart as they probably ever have. It was sad to see them both realize their distance at times, but, I also think it really allowed both of them to grow. 

While the romance is not the central storyline, there is plenty of romance and its pretty great. I loved both couples and I loved getting to see them both learn more about each other and understand each other. I loved Matt, he was an absolute sweetheart.

I love that this book really leans into the fact that you're not only finding yourself in your twenties. You can be in your 40s and still be trying to figure things out. You can be any age and still be trying to figure it out. At the end of the day, we're all just here trying. 

This has been probably super long, but I'm just in love with this book and I need everyone to read it and love it.
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This was a very fun book. As a huge Gilmore Girls fan I was interested as soon as I heard the comparison, and this book really does capture the same feelings as the show. There's a wonderful mother-daughter relationship that's having to grow and change as life changes, there's a strained, non-traditional father relationship, a whole cast of zany side characters - including an often disapproving mother, a lovely small town, and two women trying to figure out who they are in their lives as everything changes except for their love for each other. 

This book is warm and moving and joyful, all at once.
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Multiple generations at their best! This book gave me all the Gilmore Girls vibes, so if you enjoyed the show, you'll love this story.

Gabi was a delight to watch as she tries to balance her new-found love and her desire to pursue photography while traveling. Ethan has been by her side since the day they met and I loved their interactions with one another.

Alissa was the best part of the story for me - her character has always put her own feelings last, causing her to miss out on the love of her life. She's finally an empty-nester, with a growing business she loves, but when she suddenly finds herself pregnant with her Ex, she has to decide if she wants to do it solo again like the first times.

Watching Alissa's journey was such a beautiful experience. All of the side characters, especially their meddling families, are so obnoxiously entertaining, it's like a train wreck you can't look away from while laughing.

I almost wish I could read this again for the first time! I fell so hard for the characters, and this was a book that I kept dreading the closer it got to being over. The audiobook brought the characters to life, inviting you into the family while they find a way through their own personal struggles and growth. Add this one to your TBR now!

**I'm crossing my fingers, toes, etc. for Becca to get her own story!
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I absolutely loved this book. So many parts made me laugh out loud! It was a mixture of young love, rekindling of old memories, traveling abroad, and family bonding. What a great read! I couldn't put it down!
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Amy Pine has a fun read in her latest release, The Bloom Girls. Gabi Bloom is fresh out of college and meets the love of her life in Ireland on her European tour while her mom, Alissa finds herself pregnant at almost forty years old - to her ex-husband. Their thoughts about life and relationships are interesting. I really liked the "dad" moments when Gabi's dad realizes his baby girl is all grown up and enjoying adult pursuits with her fiance.

I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review.
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I so enjoyed this super fun, light-hearted, multigenerational family story. It’s full of characters you can relate to and care about. Lots of drama and lovely personal touches that bring the story to life. Takes place in Chicago so that is also fun! Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.
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