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I read this book based on the review/recommendation of the goodbookfairy, and glad I did.  It was a light, funny romcom about a Jewish family and was definitely a good diversion from the usual books I enjoy.  Based on the author's notes and the cliff-hanger at the end, a sequel is in the works -- I'll be watching for it.
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This is about a mother and daughter finding romance in unexpected places. The mother has a second-chance romance with her daughter's father, who also is the father of her unborn baby. The daughter met her love interest in Ireland, finding an undeniable connection that ends up getting her engaged. This book navigates life's surprises and how this particular pair handles it, including their own relationship with each other.

This is not the first book I've read from the author. However, this new foray to women's literature is still an enjoyable read. I liked the characters that supported the mother and daughter, plus the vibe of the story. Overall another great book by this author and I look forward to reading more in the future.

**Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the review copy. All opinions and thoughts in the review are my own.**
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The Bloom Girls gave me So. Many. Feels. This was really a journey of discovery for both mother and daughter, and for the first time since Gabi was born, mother and daughter seem to be on their own separate journeys.

Recent college grad Gabi is off to explore Europe before coming home and starting her career in photo journalism. While following her dream, she never expected to come across Ethan. The two shared an instant spark, and they spent much of the summer meeting up as often as Ethan could get away from work.

Alissa, who was a teenage mom to Gabi, is following her dreams, doing the job she's dreamed of for years. But Alissa gets the shock of her life on the day Gabi returns from Europe. But when Gabi announces her engagement Alissa's plans get put on the back burner.

The Bloom Girls was beautifully written, with the story lines seamlessly coming together for all of the main characters. I love the relationship between Gabil and Alissa, and the journeys of disc'tovery both of them took throughout this book had be completely enthralled from beginning to end. There were definitely tears involved. And laugh out loud moments as well.

I've been a long time fan of Amy Pine (writing under AJ Pine), and this new genre proved to be right up her alley as well. I can't wait to see what she has in store for the side characters in the next installment.
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I loved this book! It was funny, entertaining and captivating. It is a story about relationships ….the romantic kind between a couple, the one between mother and daughter, and another with an extended family. The bumps and hurdles that occur in any relationship, the secrets shared or kept, and the sometimes tumultuous emotions involved are all part of the story. 

Both Gabi and her mom, Alissa, are on the cusp of great changes in their lives. Gabi is a recent graduate and now newly engaged to a man she met while travelling. Alissa raised her daughter pretty much by herself and now her daughter is off to travel the world just like her father. At 40, she definitely wasn’t expecting to be pregnant again or the father of her baby to be her ex, Gabi’s dad. When she learns of Gabi’s engagement and plans to be married at home, Alissa makes the decision not to reveal her pregnancy to her until after the wedding. It will  give her time to make some decisions and sort out her own feelings about the pregnancy before she deals with how Gabi feels about a new sibling. She also doesn’t want to rain on Gabi’s joyous occasion. Matt, her ex and Gabi’s dad, has made it clear that he wants another chance at a committed relationship with Alissa and that he is happy about the baby. But Alissa doesn’t know if she can trust him to be there when she needs him or if she will be left to raise another child on her own. She made a decision years ago to let him go, to let him follow his dreams of world travel and making a difference in far flung places. She has always loved him, but trusting him to put her and this new baby first….not so much. It shouldn’t be difficult to hide her pregnancy from her daughter who is caught up in wedding plans, right?

It is easy to fall in love with the characters of this book, especially Gabi and Alissa. They are both strong, resilient women with vulnerable centres they try to keep hidden, especially from each other. They both discover something new about themselves and each other. The bond between them is strong, supportive and unbreakable. 

I received an ARC Of this book via NetGalley and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
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“ She realized that as unconventional and sometimes nonsensical her family was, it was her family”

This is definitely a book for those that love Gilmore Girls. It had that mother daughter best friend vibe that screamed Rory and Lorelei. It also had a little bit of Father of the Bride Part 2 (hello, favorite movie) with the quick wedding and family drama but I digress. I loved the relationship these two had and thought it was such a cute and quick read. All I know is there has to be a second. The cliffhanger really left me being like “Oh My God..”
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When I first saw this compared to Gilmore Girls and My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I could not get to Netgalley fast enough to request and I am so glad I did. I greatly enjoyed the story and the honesty which was portrayed, especially through Alissa. 

At times I felt Alissa was treated unfairly by the other characters, but that could be due to me feeling a connection to her most. I also enjoyed her love story with Matt (the father) most as there was more there to buy into as a reader. Overall, a light-hearted story with a lot to enjoy.

A special thank you to the publisher and netgalley for the eArc in exchange for an honest review.
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The Bloom Girls was an absolute delight to read. Part feel good novel, part coming of age story and part family saga, I simply could not put this one down. It felt like lazy summers spent watching movies with my mom, it tasted like sweet tea on a hot day, it was watching Gilmore Girls and trying to talk as fast as I can. What I’m trying to say it that it was a delight. The kind of book that you can’t help going back to for more. I love the mother daughter relationship, I loved the journey each woman took (both individually and separately) and ultimately I just loved this world and wanted to stay with these characters as long as I could.
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I absolutely adored the Bloom Girls, by Amy Pine, an emotional, hilarious, and amazing tale that tugs at the heart-strings. It was the perfect blend of the dynamics of an authentic blended family, romance, and real life; with a whole lot of heart and humor. Following a mother and daughter, it highlights the reality that age doesn't provide the answers in life, that sometimes the happily-ever-after doesn't come easily.

I loved the mother-daughter relationship, the romances, the friendships, and the extended family dynamics. Alissa and Gabi were easy to connect with as they felt like real people with real thoughts, feelings, and struggles. I loved the generational differences between Alissa and Gabi and how they both realized no matter how old you are it still takes time to figure things out, it’s okay not to have your act together, you’ll make mistakes despite the best of intentions, and it’s never too late for a fresh start. Life can throw you a curveball at any time, but it’s how you deal with it that matters.

Alissa is 39, single, and unexpectedly pregnant again with the baby of her ex-husband, Matt. When their firstborn, Gabi, announces her engagement to Ethan, a boy she met while travelling in Ireland. She's not ready to let Gabi know so Alissa and Matt tiptoe around their secret as they attempt to keep the focus on the upcoming Jewish wedding. With a second chance romance and newfound love blooming alongside each other, I loved the parallel conflicts of fighting for happiness.

Mixing old love and new love, second chances and fresh starts, The Bloom Girls was a delight from beginning to end.Ms. Pine wrote a wonderful, emotional, and heartwarming story filled with sweet gestures, hilarious mishaps, laugh-out-loud scenes, and heartfelt discussions; these characters stole my heart. This was such a feel-good story that showcased an imperfect family filled with love and support. And that ending! I cannot wait for more. If you enjoy books by Jill Shalvis or Avery Flynn you will definitely enjoy this book.  I highly recommend The Bloom Girls to other readers.
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
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If you’ve enjoyed any of A.J. Pine’s cowboy books, you should really read this beautifully written story about a mother and a daughter.  Gabi is twenty-two, recently graduated from college, and has gone to Ireland, where she meets Ethan.  During the rest of her trip, Ethan joins her when he can get off work.  When it’s time for her to return home to Chicago, Ethan goes home too, to Chicago.  What Gabi doesn’t know, her mom, Alissa has some news of her, but Alissa faints when Gabi announces her engagement.  Ethan proposed in the Uber on the way to Gabi’s mom’s house.  This story is such a touching story, that is both sweet and funny at times.  Gabi’s dad, Matthew, has gotten Alissa pregnant again, another failed condom,  just like in high school.  I won’t leave any spoilers,so grab your copy and see what happens, especially when Alissa finally has a revelation concerning Matthew.
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Another one I loved! A bit of #GilmoreGirls vibe when mother and daughter are apart for the summer their world is spun shockingly on its axis. Gabi is spending the summer traveling after graduation and falls head over heels with an American, who lives close to her, in Ireland.
Alissa, almost forty is finally ready to have her life to herself focusing on her job until she finds out she’s pregnant, with her ex, Gabi’s father. Life is nothing they expected but they all find where they are meant to be.
Also, that ending… about a cliffhanger. I cannot wait for the next book!

Thank you to @readforeverpub
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Gabi and her mom, Alissa, have always been close. That is until Gabi returns from a trip abroad with a fiancé in tow and Alissa finds out that she and Gabi’s dad are having another baby. Alissa feels like she needs to protect Gabi and keeps this secret from her. Meanwhile Gabi is struggling with secrets of her own. 

This book is perfect for fans of Gilmore Girls! The mother daughter relationship between Gabi and Alissa is sweet and fun, while still imperfect and real. I loved all the family drama in this one because you could still tell all of the characters loved one another. Thank you Netgalley and Forever for the eARC in exchange for my honest review.
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Alissa, a mom who single-handedly raised her daughter, and Gabi, the daughter who wants to figure out what she wants in her life after graduation, found love far from home. I do love this mother-and-daughter relationship—so many hearts to heart discussions which were very heartwarming and relatable. There are tons of things to learn, and the author did amazing in elaborating them beautifully. Both women are admirable. This is a really feel-good, charming story that no one should miss. Highly recommend!
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This story have me Gilmore Girls vibes in that we are getting the drama, romance, and more from both mother and daughter. However, this is definitely a unique and engaging story all its own.

Gabi is returning home from Europe with a surprise - a brand new fiance her parents have never met. Her mother Alissa has a secret of her own. She's pregnant and the father is her ex-husband Matt.

I loved this book! It was a great blend of humor and heart with relatable characters and realistic drama. It was really nice to get Alissa and Gabi's POVs as they both face huge life changes. Things are not always easy or straightforward and they both have struggles. Their personal growth was as big a part of the story as the romance.

I have read and enjoyed a number of the author's other books, too. She does a wonderful job creating relatable and interesting characters and a story that is impossible to put down. The story wraps up in a satisfying way, but drops a few bread crumbs for book two. I can't wait to find out what happens next!
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The Bloom Girls was a cute and funny book that definitely pulls in the Gilmore Girls aspects of quirkiness throughout the story. It also reminded me of a Hallmark movie where funny grand gestures were included.

While I was unsure if I was going to like the story at the beginning, there was a twist that began to unfold that lured me in and took me on the amusing wild ride that is the Bloom Family. The meaningful conversations between family and friends were great and I especially enjoyed the very unorthodox family complications that made the story that more interesting.

Thank you Forever for the advanced reading copy. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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This was such a sweet story following a mother and daughter as they realize that the answers to life don't come with age. Gabi is on a European adventure after graduating college and unexpectedly finds love at a pub in Galway, Ireland. At home, her 39-year-old mother Alissa finds out she's unexpectedly pregnant, again, with her ex-husband. When Gabi returns home and announces her engagement, Alissa and Matthew decide to hide the pregnancy from Gabi until they can figure out their own relationship.

I immediately loved the Bloom girls who were messy but funny as they navigated family dynamics and secrets. Their overbearing family members were relatable and entertaining and always had the best intentions. There were great conversations as mother and daughter navigated career goals and growing up (and apart). They both recognized it's okay not to always have it all together and that it's never too late for a fresh start.

This book has been compared to Gilmore Girls so if you're a fan it's definitely an idea of where Christopher's storyline could have gone. I don't think the writing or characters are quite as sharp as the show so just be mindful of what to expect before diving in.

Pick this one up if you're looking for a multi-generational story about second chances and fresh starts. Thank you Forever for my gifted copy in exchange for an honest review.
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I've enjoyed A.J. Pine's books ever since I discovered her a year or so ago. When I got wind of this book, I definitely wanted to give it a go knowing I would likely enjoy it as much as I have her others even though this one falls more into women's fiction than romance.

Gabi Bloom has recently graduated from college and she sets off to Europe to take photos of locations she's always wanted to see. She ends up meeting Ethan, an American who is working in a pub in Ireland. The two of them end up falling in love over a couple of months and Gabi comes home from her trip engaged.

Alissa Bloom, Gabi's mom, finds out she's expecting a baby at nearly 40. To make matters more complicated, the father is her ex-husband and Gabi's father, who she has been divorced from for years and years. Alissa isn't ready to tell Gabi, so while the two of them work to plan Gabi's wedding, there is this secret Alissa is keeping that is weighing on her heavily.

The Bloom Girls has a little of everything, family dynamics, secrets, friends and how to navigate relationships. All of the relationships are tested in this book and you also have your light, funny moments due to mishaps. I loved the fact that this was a perfectly imperfect family who struggled, but came through for each other with love and support.

I'd highly recommend this fast-paced and very enjoyable book!

**I voluntarily read an early copy of this title courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher**
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The Bloom Girls is a beautifully written story of a mother-daughter relationship and the changes that it goes through as the daughter grows up and starts her adult life. It is so well written that you feel as though you are a silent character in the story. The characters are well developed, well described and are very fun. This has been one of my favorite summer reads.

Gabi heads to Europe to enjoy a whimsical summer after college, before she starts her "real life."  On her first night in Ireland she nearly collides with a scooter and meets a handsome American man, Ethan who is spending an extended time in Europe as well. They come home with a huge surprise for their parents. 

While Gabi is in Europe her single mom Alissa, finds out that she is pregnant. . .with her ex's baby. Alissa panics and doesn't know to tell Gabi. A lot of craziness and hilarity ensues while trying to hide her secret, while trying to deal with Ethan and Gabi's secret and while dealing with the changing relationship between Gabi and Alissa. 

Oh the family drama that ensues is both entertaining, funny, heartwarming and so relatable. This truly is a must read!-
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I absolutely adored the way this story worked out!

If you're familiar at all with the Gilmore Girls, you're going to love this book!  It's everything I wished the TV series had been, and then some.  

Gabi and Ethan are the young couple who meet in Ireland, even though they both live in Chicago, and we get to watch them turn their whirlwind summer romance into a rock-solid future together.  Meanwhile, Gabi's parents - divorced since she was a toddler - are rocking their second chance together, confronting their misunderstandings, and making sure to get it right this time.  

There's plenty of the delightful banter we'd expect, along with an expansive cast of characters that include multiple generations.  The wedding at the end wasn't at all what anyone could have anticipated, but it was perfect nonetheless.  There are HEAs a plenty for the couples in this story, though one secondary couple is left with enough loose ends to start the next story.  

Next time my daughter sits down to binge watch the Gilmores, I'll just pull this one out and treat myself to the superior version.  And for the record, I'm team Jess, too.  I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
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I wanted to like this book more than I did. The book is described as Gilmore Girls meets My Big Fat Greek Wedding and while that is true plot-wise, I found it lacking the charm and humor of those two shows. This book follows the complicated Bloom family, Gabi (daughter), Alissa (mother), and Matthew (father) along with their extended family and Gabi’s boyfriend Ethan as they grapple with Gabi’s engagement and Alissa finding out she is pregnant again by Matthew, her ex-husband.

I struggled with all three of the main characters and I’m can’t quite pinpoint why I struggled with them all. I didn’t find any of the character arcs relatable and didn’t see much growth during the course of the book. I’m also very confused by the timeline of Alissa’s pregnancy. If the baby was conceived at Gabi’s college graduation, how was Alissa able to hide the pregnancy from Gabi until Thanksgiving, that would make her at least 6 months pregnant (assuming June graduation, but it would more likely be an April/May graduation which would make her almost 8 months pregnant)??? Like did Gabi and Alyssa never hug in that time????? It just doesn’t make sense.

Overall I didn’t hate it, but didn’t love it. This was my first book by Amy Pine and after reading this I’m not sure that I’ll seek out her books in the future.

Thank you to NetGalley and Forever Publishing for the ARC.

Bookstagram post coming August 2, 2021.
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When I heard that Pine's next book was multi-generational women's fiction I knew I had to read it and it was lovely.  Daughter Gabi   has fallen in love for the first time on her post-graduation trip to Europe.  Returning home with a surprise fiancé she has a wedding to plan and a future to figure out.  At the same time her mother Alissa who should be anticipating an empty nest is instead facing the exact opposite situation, she is pregnant again and the father is her ex-husband.  As both sides of the family come together to plan the wedding there are secrets swirling, pasts to be reckoned with, and a sudden over abundance of rabbis.  

Filled with humor and emotion this book was everything I hoped it would be.  I was more invested in Alissa's storyline as there was just more meat to it (although I would love to read a book about Gabi's best friend). The family dynamics were compelling and realistic and I cannot wait to read Alissa's sister's book which is deftly set up in the ending.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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