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Black Hole Radio

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Kids who are super into science and the unknown will enjoy joining Hawk and Matt on their adventure.
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A middle grade intergalactic adventure that fell flat for me. While some of the imagery used was pretty cool, the writing style was a bit clunky, and the story tension lacking. Most egregiously however was the fact that the protagonists, who are supposed to be 10 years old, didn’t sound authentic at all.
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A decent read for young readers and beginners. 

It's fun and full of adventure.

And the characters are really nerdy. I like that!

Short chapters makes the book more fun to read. The book itself is really short.

The illustrations could have been much better.

But I love the cover.

The ending is fun and will leave you hanging.

Thank you author and the publisher for the advance reading copy.
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A wonderful sci fi adventure story for young readers. Your 8 to 11 year-old boys and girls will enjoy the humor while dreaming about traveling to far-off galaxies. The story also has a positive message about peace and non-violent resolution of conflicts that is important for kids to learn.
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Illustrations are pretty decent, and the story is entertaining and has a lot of humor, although it's a bit cliche at times. A solid, middle-of-the-road science fiction comedy story
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