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The 80s setting is so fun! I would love to read more book set in that time period!  I love that the author was up to the challenge and was able to create relatable characters that you find yourself rooting for!
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An Unlikely Pair is a cute but very predictable book.  If you liked 'The Cutting Edge," you will love this book.  It was a quick fun read but nothing really noteworthy in the plot.  

Tyler is a pair's figure skater.  His sister, who is his partner is retiring and Tyler is looking for a new partner. Amaliya comes from a famous family.  A father who is a renowned hockey player and a mother who is a world-class ballerina. When you put them together there was no way she would be anything but an excellent skater. When Tyler takes a chance on her as his new partner they begin to connect on and off the ice.

Thanks, NetGalley for the advance copy.
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I think I'm going to honest here.  I was drawn in by the books cover. It's simply gorgeous! I'm a big ham when it comes to book covers.
But anyway, this story stole my heart because of the characters and I love ice skating.  This particular subject fascinates me because I'm enthralled of how they managed to stay in their routine or in competition without falling.  I'd be horribly embarrassed so I really admired these characters. 
Traci has done a marvelous job with this subject.  She had me drawn in from the beginning to end.  I didn't want the story to end. It was super that she had my heart soaring with Tyler and Amylia.
I think would like to read more about this sweet couple and hopefully the author will pick up their story where she left off from this one!
My thanks for a copy of this book. All opinions are my own.  Highly recommended!
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I very much enjoyed reading this story.  Amaliya’s story is quite compelling.  So many unexpected events have brought rapid changes into her young life and turning from being a ballerina to a pairs figure skater is only one of those. Tyler and Amaliya’s partnership works from the very beginning and I found myself cheering them on as they prepare for an important figure skating competition. There is a very sweet, clean romance that develops between them, but the main storyline revolves around their skating and competition.  Readers who love Olympic competition will especially enjoy this book.  

 I’d classify this story as more of a sweet and clean general fiction story rather than Christian fiction.  There are great values in this story of honoring your family; working hard to reach a goal; and having compassion for others.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.  All opinions are my own.
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I received a copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

This book was like a mix of The Cutting Edge and Save the Last Dance. If you like those movies you'll like this book.
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This is my first read of Traci Abramson’s books though she’s been on my radar for a while. I don’t ice skate but figure skating is my favorite winter Olympic sport to watch so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to read this book. 

It’s a fast read and I really enjoyed learning about the technical aspects of skating and competition. I liked both Amaliya and Tyler though they’re much younger than I expected. Their relationships, emotions, reactions, and dialogue are probably consistent with their age but felt somewhat under-developed. I’m not sure how feasible it is for an almost professional ballerina with skating background to be groomed into Olympic pairs figure skater in less than a year but the excitement at the possibility of this new dream for Amaliya and Tyler is palpable and contagious throughout the book. It looks like this book is a part of a series with some novellas thrown into the mix, so be prepared for the ending of this book to not be the ending of their story. 

I received the book from the publisher via NetGalley and was under no obligation to post a positive comment. All opinions are solely my own.
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This book made me a big fan of Traci’s. It was my first time reading one of her books let just say I am hooked. I went out and bought a few of her other books. Let just say I have been a big fan of ice skating since I was little. I loved the elements of Romance the book had in it. I also love how the characters had opitilcules to over come and how they both grow from them!  Traci has a way with writing that just sucks you in from the start to finish!
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This was a great read! I was sucked in quickly, and the action and adventure continued to keep me engaged. I was on the edge of my seat, reading as fast as I could to find out how they would jump over the next hurdle. This is my first book by Tracie, and I will definitely come back for more.

Her characters, while on the young side, were very real and had to deal with a lot of tragedy. I appreciated how realistically they responded to events in their lives. Amaliya and Tyler were adorably sweet, and from all their practicing they were very determined. They set high dreams and achieved them. 

If you are looking for a sweet romance that reminds you of the Olympics, this is the one! Figure skating is one of my favorite events to watch, and this story is kind of like the “backstory” of all skaters prior to becoming Olympians.
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I was first drawn to this novel by its beautiful cover, it sets the tone of the story. The author is a remarkable, insightful storyteller who quickly draws readers in and keeps them hooked with a heartfelt story, a unique situation, and full-bodied characters. I felt for Amaliya Marcell being an only child dealing with her parents’ accident. I also felt for Tyler’s situation with his sister. Both of these young people are driven to make their dreams come true. I bought the fact that Amaliya was a quick learner and could achieve very difficult maneuvers on the ice in a short period of time. It could happen for this high achiever, given her father’s skating training and her mother’s ballet influence and background. I felt it was believable. I liked seeing how Amaliya’s mother and father’s friends went to bat for Amaliya and Tyler so that they would have a chance at qualifying for professional level competitions. There is a real sense of community as everyone tries to help this skating couple become a team to have a chance to be in the finals.

The author does a brilliant job of taking the reader onto the ice with Tyler and Amailya. I felt like I was skating with them and at times watching them, feeling their highs and lows of their performances as they learned how to be partners, and friends. Tyler was learning how to teach Amailya their routines at the same time, not put too many demands on her skills just yet. The story takes place in the 1980s, and has a nice, nostalgic feel to it. I loved the details of their skating lives. I liked many aspects of an athlete’s journey to the Olympics. It is hard work, and the author shows that side along with the fierce competition and gives readers a peek at some things that can derail competitors.

The author left readers wanting to know what happens next. I was thrilled to know there will be more books in this series. I looked forward to seeing how this partnership grows as skating competitors and what happens with the sweet budding, wholesome romance between them. This book is about succeeding in the face of hardship, learning how to adapt to challenging situations when live does not go according to plan. 

It is a positive and inspiring novel you won’t want to miss. This is the second book I have read by this author. The last novel I read was a suspenseful, drama. Loved it and this book too. I highly recommend this for a fun, great escape, looking forward to reading the next book in this series. 

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<b>Gold medal winner!</b>

I don't watch a lot of ice skating outside of the Olympics, but I have always loved the sport. I also feel like a ballerina trapped in a clumsy body. My soul is that of a dancer, so you'd better believe I connected with this book in intricate ways.

This story takes place in the 1980s, which was interesting to me, because that's about the time I would've started watching the sport in the Olympics and tying a rope around my Barbie's waist to twirl her around and pretend she was skating. Amaliya and Tyler come together in a wondrous way and I was completely captivated following along on their journey. I couldn't get enough of the beauty of it and the technicalities were fascinating to me. I could visualize every stroke of the blade in my head and it was perfection. I loved the growth and attachment, especially as the story progressed.

And just as a side note, I'm crossing every finger and toe, hoping there will be more to Amaliya's and Tyler's story, because it just wasn't enough--I wasn't ready for it to end. 

*I received a complimentary copy from the publisher through Netgalley. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given.*
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I have loved figure skating since I was a little girl watching the Lillehammer Olympics - and romance novels about figure skating are my catnip! I love reading about couples who get romantically involved after working grueling hours together to achieve a goal - it was lovely to see Amaliya and Tyler's connection and relationship grow. Thank you so much to the publisher for gifting me with an ARC of this lovely book.
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As a child I could not get enough of figure skating. It was so amazing and magical for me! I still love watching it. Growing up we'd go skating at a local ice rink and my friends and I always tried to do some cool moves and pretend we were going somewhere with our skills. Hahaha! No, we didn't make it farther than just skating in circles around the rink and attempting some very small jumps and skating backwards. But hey, we had fun, and still loved to watch professionals and dream.

When I saw the cover for this book I was beyond excited! Flashback to all those times skating at the rink. This author is a go to author for me. She writes amazing suspense novels and I kept wondering if this one would have some sort of suspense or intrigue within the pages. There's a little bit of suspense, but more in the sense of reading quickly to see how the routine would turn out and how their scores would rank against the other skaters. Lol! With it being a little different than her other novels and series, it was still a great read! I was amazed at the detail within and the knowledge she displayed through all the skating jargon and figure skating world. This just goes to show how meticulous the research for books can be. And all that research paid off and showed in the beauty of this book.

I loved Amaliya and Tyler. They were a fun couple to read about. They had struggles occurring in their lives. I liked the added dimension that brought to the story as well as the way that they and the other characters in the book handled the ups and downs that were thrown at them. The opening of the book had me holding my breath wondering what the outcome was going to be. These characters are strong and resilient. There are moments of sadness and sorrow but I was so impressed with how they moved forward.

If you're a fan of Traci Hunter Abramson's writing, you're going to enjoy this one. A little different than the genre she usually writes in but it still pulls you in and has you invested in the characters, their story, their struggles and the hope for a good outcome.

Content: Clean. Some moments of peril and mild suspense but nothing graphic.

I received a copy from the author. All thoughts and opinions in the review are my own.

Happy Reading!!!
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I absolutely loved this book and had trouble putting it down. Loved escaping into this world of figure skating, romance, and happy(?) endings. Would love to follow their journey for longer.
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Wow! What an amazing novel! I felt like I was living this story along with the main characters, Amaliya and Tyler. This book really had heart. I connected with these characters right away and was so invested in their journey.

The way Tyler and Amaliya first met was so fun. But the real beauty of this book was watching as Tyler and Amaliya grew together, both in their skills as a pairs team and also as they grew to have feelings for each other.

I loved this book from start to finish! The story was a beautiful combination of heartache, romance, and the art and dedication needed to become world class ice skaters.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
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An Unlikely Pair is a cute read told in the Young Adult vein. I was surprised when I started reading that the book was originally written in the 1980s but aside from technology and advancement and changes in figure skating it was less noticeable than expected.  Figure skating and rom-com fans will enjoy this sweet story of rising ballet star Amaliya and figure-skating champion Tyler.  Growing up in hockey skates as the daughter of a famous NHL player now head coach along with her world-class ballerina mother, Amaliya traded hockey skates for toe shoes. When the unexpected happens, Amaliya is starting over in a new town and feels the lure of the local arena. Tyler, shocked by his sister's (and pairs partner) retirement announcement, notices a graceful beauty on the ice. Convinced Amaliya has natural talent and ability he tries to convince her and her family they have a shot at the Olympics. 

While the story is sweet and a little predictable fans of figure skating will certainly enjoy this story, especially leading up to the Olympics. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for my honest feedback.
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Ok, I'm a bit on the fence with this one.
I love books about iceskating and I was excited for this one. Unfortunately, it didnt's exactly deliver.

The book overall was cute and Amaliya's reltionship with her parents was lovely, but other things made it hard for me to completly enjoy it.

1. At the begining Amaliya's parents, and Amaliya herself, are worried about their financial situation due to the accident and hospital stay. And yet, later, we see that the're super loaded, living in a literal mansion with a live-in  help. There's no talk about how expensive rink time is, hiring a new coach isn't a problem wither. Like, ok, I suppose?
2.Amaliya is a ballet dancer, who knows how to skate. But apparently she's a skating prodigy who is capable to prepare for the Olympics like 5 minutes after skating in pair for the first time in her life. Suuuureeeee.
3. This dialogue made me take a whole one star out of the rating:
<i>"I'm Sarah by the way"
"That's an usual name" Sarah's face lit with amusement. "Don't tell me it's French".
<b>"EUROPEAN"</b> Amaliya said. <b>NOT FRENCH</b></i>
Like,  wfaf.

Also Amaliya's and Tylor's relationship was a bit lukewarm and I didn't really feel like there were any true emotions involved.
It was interesting to read about all the technical aspects of competitive iceskating, even though it all felt a bit rushed.
It's a fast read though.
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I've loved ballet for 50 years and I love to watch ice skating, especially ice dancing--the dancers and skaters are so graceful and make it look effortless, which I know it isn't--and I love Traci Abramson's writing, so I didn't even have to think about buying, requesting or reading this book--it was a no brainer.

Amaliya Marcell is the daughter of a famous Russian ballerina and a Canadian pro-hockey player, so she grew up in a dance studio and on an ice rink. She's headed to follow in her mother's pointe shoed steps when her parents are both seriously injured in an automobile accident. Amaliya moves in with close family friends in another state while her parents are in the hospital. It's there that she meets Tyler Linden, an pairs ice skater who's training for the Olympics. Tyler's going through his own trial, as his sister has retired from skating and he's looking for a new pairs partner.

I loved Amaliya and Tyler's story. Seeing their journey both on and off the ice, and watching their friendship develop into love. I loved the other characters in book too--the couple Amaliya stayed with, Amaliya's parents Katerina and Robert, Tyler's parents and how loving and supportive all the relationships were. Those training for the Olympics need a lot of support and Tyler and Amaliya had that in spades except from their "coach", but she got hers in the end so I'm fine with how that all worked out.

I was so engrossed in this story I could almost see it play out in my mind. All the figure skating terms were familiar from years of watching it on TV and I anxiously read to see what Amalyia and Tyler's scores would be. I could feel Amalyia's frustration as she tried to learn new skills, and was so happy Tyler was patient with her.

Traci Abramson is an autoread for me. I don't think she's written a book I didn't love, and I can't wait to read the upcoming books in this new Dream's Edge series. You don't have to read the prequel Dancing to Freedom before reading this book, but I highly recommend that you do. It tells the story of how Amalyia's parents, Katerina and Robert meet and fall in love.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher Covenant Communications and NetGalley, but I bought a paperback for my personal library. All thoughts expressed in this review are my own.
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I loved this story! I forgot that I had read about Amaliya's parents! I love those two! This book was filled with so much interesting dialogue and scenes! I truly enjoyed this story of Hockey and Ballet coming together to share the beauty of Figure Skating! I enjoyed how Ms Abramson brought out all the difficult and beautiful parts of figure skating. The best part was that I was left with wanting more even tho the story was finished! That is hard to find! Enjoy and stay cool.
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All I can say is, I'm so very glad for long road trips. Numerous hours to do nothing besides sit and read? (And look at the scenery. Montana is beautiful!) Yes, please! So yeah, I'm glad the timing worked out where I could read this book while we were traveling, because I didn't want to put it down. I know next to nothing about ice skating in any form, other than occasionally watching skaters in the Olympics, and all the moves they do are like a foreign language to me, but the story still captivated me. 

It was also kind of fun to read a story set in the early '80's, before we had cell phones, streaming videos and all the technological stuff we have now. Waiting for someone to call you on the phone instead of texting them.  Not knowing who was on the other end of the line before you picked it up. Phones with cords. All those little things brought back memories of when I was a kid. 

But aside from all that nostalgic stuff, I loved Amaliya and Tyler. They worked together so well, both on and off the ice. The supporting characters came to life for me as well, which always helps make the story that much better. I just hope there's a sequel in the works.
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This book makes me wish I could watch the winter Olympic games RIGHT NOW, specifically figure skating.  It's one of my favorite things to watch.  I'm always so fascinated by how graceful and how fast these skaters are.  The few times I tried to ice skate were laughable because I just couldn't get the hang of it.  Not Tyler and Amaliya though.  They are the epitome of elegance, grace and strength.  I just love figure skating!!

Amaliya begins this book as a dancer- a premiere ballet dancer, just like her mother but with a love for the ice like her hockey playing and coaching father.  When Amaliya gets the chance to skate her natural skills and hard work propel her forward, right into Tyler's arms.  I love that they had a slow burn start to their romance but built a solid base of friendship first.  This story is so gentle and so easy to read.  There is nothing heart pounding or fast paced about it- just a good, solid story about two people working hard and finding love along the way.  I really enjoyed it.

It was also fun to see Amaliya's parents in this book and even get their perspective every now and then to help me remember that connection I had with them in their novella (Dancing to Freedom).

If you are a fan of figure skating, don't miss this one!  It's so sweet.
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