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A Bible Study Journal for Women - SAMPLE

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This book will help you Study the Bible and gives great insight into how. In today’s world so many false teachers are telling us that scripture has been interpreted wrong or you hear “It’s up for interpretation.” I’ve even heard someone say that The Bible has not been interpreted correctly ever.” This book will help women dig deeper and gives you space to record your findings.
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This was really cool, but since it was only a sample it kind of only showed how to study and not any study topics which would have been nice.
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Absolutely stunning with great content. Barbour books really knows how to make their resources come to life. Looking forward to receiving my physical copy.
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Featuring insights from the Bestselling book "How to Study the Bible" by Robert M. West, which is the reason I decided to request this read. 

The time I spend with God is precious to me, this journal with insights from West' book has helped me grow so much in my walk. This journal is ALL about studying God' word. One of the best things is there is daily journal space with daily note taking options for the day of your study.

When I first began my walk I didn't know how to choose my daily readings. Where do I start in the beginning with Genesis the middle or the end with Revelation? BUT this journal does that for you, and that question is also a covered in the book. The author says to start within WOW mind blown.  

This book helps you prepare your mind and heart to study the Bible and draw closer to God. I absolutely enjoyed this book and maintaining the information received has been a joy. 
I received a Netgalley copy in exchange for my thoughtful & honest review.
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The time you spend with God should be more than just a daily exercise of going through the motions.
This book helps you prepare your mind and heart to study the Bible and draw closer to God. This book has easy to read chapters with ample space for journaling after. Topics include preparing your heart for God, interpreting the Bible, how to study the Bible, Bible study aids, and being intentional when studying God's word. 

Thank you for the opportunity to read a sneak peak of this novel. I welcome the opportunity to read more of the works available through your organization.
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This is a nice introduction into how to start a study of the Bible. I enjoyed that there were practical tips and references to extra resources to help you dive deeper into the Bible. I really liked that different Bible study methods were discussed as well. The journaling pages themselves weren’t anything special. I would have liked to seem a little more to them. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Barbour Publishing, Inc for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review.
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This beautiful journal starts off by demonstrating how to critically read and study your Bible in such a way that “we’re letting the Bible get through us” (23). The five chapters, pages 9-38, discuss how to analyze the Bible, how to give context to what you read, and how to apply it to your own life.  Chapter 4 goes over additional resources that a person can use to aid in their study. These chapters stress the importance of reading your Bible daily and putting your heart and mind into it. This introduction to Biblical study is taken from Robert M. West’s book "How to Study the Bible".

(Intrigued by the West’s way of studying the Bible, I looked up his book and it’s a bit lengthier than this journal. For a more seasoned Christian, his book might be a better route than the journal, since it’s more in depth; however, it is lacking the journal addition.)

The journal section is lovely; at the top you can fill in the Study Topic, the date, then the rest of the page is lined so you can write down your reflection and thoughts.  Since I read an advanced copy, I’m not 100% sure how many journal pages there are.  The Kindle version I had showed that the journal was from page 38-50.

I would recommend this journal for new and old Christians alike. It is marketed for women, but nothing in the text is specific towards women.  The design, however, is very floral. This would make a great gift. Thank you to NetGalley and Barbour Publishing for providing me with an advanced copy.
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Absolutely beautiful! The sample was quick to read and great for a new Christian like I am. It was like a conversation with the author, not just the normality of reading. Thank you for the opportunity to read this book. I just loved it!
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