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It amazes me that 30+ books in to the Argeneau series and there's still fresh storylines to explore. Mile High with a Vampire is the first time we see someone who has been turned that is rejecting life as a vampire and is not happy with the choice that was made. It also features two characters we first met in previous books so not the best place to jump in if you're new the series. (Although book 29 where Quinn is first introduced is a good place to start if you don't want to go back to the beginning.) This book is definitely among the more action packed in the series and we get to see several previously introduced characters, which is a treat for someone like me who has read the entire series.

Thanks to Avon and Netgalley for my copy to review.
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This book starts off with a Bang! Literally! There is adventure and danger and, of course, love. Being honest, I have not read many from this series, and at times, I think it did deter as I wasn't clear on some of the relationships, but, I was able to overlook that and enjoy the tale. (received ARC from NetGalley for honest review)
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Another excellent story in The Argeneau series - Lynsay Sands shows her creativity with her ability to keep this series fun & interesting without becoming repetitive which often happens in extended series.  So far I have enjoyed each story in the series - they allow me to escape reality for a while. 

4 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

📚📚I received a review copy from the Publisher Avon Harper Voyage via Netgalley and chose to review — all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for the chance to read & review. 🦄
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I always point my customers that like romances with vampires to Lynsay Sands. This title does not disappoint if you enjoy vamp romances. The relationships feel real and have humor. I am looking forward to more!
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The series that I love to laugh and cry with continues with its newest installment as one of our favorite human side-kicks finds himself in a truly untenable situation. The Argeneau series is one of my favorite vampire romances because not only is it filled with laughs, tears, and love, but you can bet there will be plenty of drama and lots of fun too.  Sands has a way of putting her characters into the most ridiculous of situations and forcing them to dig themselves out of the trouble and in doing so building their relationships strong enough to last millennia.  Jet Lassiter has been flying the Argeneau jet around the world, hauling immortals and their supplies around, for a long time now, but he has never forgotten the first glimpse he had of Quinn Peters when she climbed into his plane, shell-shocked and terrified of her new path in life as an immortal.   Quinn was turned against her will by her husband during a psychotic break and she has never quite come to terms with her new circumstances.  Flying home with a few other immortals, Quinn and Jet find themselves survivors of a terrible plane crash, but the others on the flight are still alive too—and hungry for Jet’s blood.  On the run through the wilderness Jet and Quinn begin to develop a strange and intense friendship and when Quinn realizes that Jet might just be her lifemate everything becomes even more complicated.  Can an immortal that hates her new nature accept the man that has always been fascinated with her or will she run from him too?  OMG Quinn and Jet were so cute and hilarious as they fell in love.  There were of course the requisite life-mate sex moments where they woke up in odd and embarrassing places/times but even better were the moments they began to help one another heal from their pasts. Jet was such an easy going and loving guy that his “obsession” with Quinn just went to show how dedicated he was even before he realized their lifemate connection.  His strength, determination to protect those that are innocent, and compassion toward Quinn’s issues with her nature made him such a sweet match for her.  I loved seeing him bantering with her while at the same time standing side by side with her as they found a way to just survive.  Quinn has a lot to learn about her new nature and hasn’t really dedicated herself to accepting because of her preconceived beliefs, but seeing the way Jet trusts and feels about her slowly allows her to open her mind and heart to the good things about her new life.  She is a good mom, sister and friend, but has neglected her own needs for far to long and truly just needed a partner to teach her that sometimes everything isn’t as black and white as we think originally. I loved the passion these two shared once they were safe to indulge and the sweet way that Jet allowed Quinn to find her own desires again.  I am really looking forward to whatever comes next in this series and truly hope that it might be the long awaited story of Ms. Stephanie, but if not, I know whatever it is will be wonderful.  Another stunning success from the Queen of Paranormal Romance.
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This is a different kind of Argeneau book! This time we meet the pilot for the famed vampire family Jet and  Quinn Peters who never wanted to be an immortal. When the plane that Jet is flying and Quinn is a passenger on crashes, it's up to Quinn to make sure that Jet - who isn't a vampire- isn't drained. This book like the others in the series will draw you in, make you laugh, make you cringe, and get your heart racing!
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***ARC Provided by the Publisher via NetGalley***

3.5 Stars

Yup, if it has vampires, I am going to read it and enjoy it, that's pretty much a given.

Jet and Quinn are in an airplane crash, vampires are injured (and not all of them are the nice kind of vampires) and Jet is the human who can be a blood donor.  Yeah, that has as many issues as it sounds like it could.

That said, this book was fun, it had vampires and I enjoyed it.

I enjoyed and recommend this title.
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MILE HIGH WITH A VAMPIRE is the thirty-third release in the enormously popular Argeneau Series.  Each story will stand on its own, but there is heavy involvement with past and future couples.

As much as I love when “Aunt” Marguerite plays matchmaker as she often moves the characters around Canada as if they were the players in her own romantic chessboard, I much preferred this story.  Jet and Quinn meet more naturally.

Not only that, but this story was more suspenseful.  This was exciting!  It starts with a plane crash, continues with a mad-dash chase through the woods and then on to a siege in a remote clinic.  It could have just as easily devolved into a horror story.

I loved Quinn’s strength.  She may not have wanted to be an immortal, but she isn’t wringing her hands and refusing to live the new life she has.

No cliffie, but a great setup to continue the series. 

Note:  While I received this book as a gifted ARC via NetGalley, my opinions are my own and are given freely.

Series:  Argeneau #33 
Category /Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content
Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect
Received from:  Avon Publishing (as an ARC gifted copy)
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This is the 33rd book in the Argeneau series by Lynsay Sands. This book tells the story of Argeneau, Inc pilot Jet Lassiter and reluctant immortal Quinn Peters.  The book begins with him flying a group of the Argeneau ladies when the plane crashes. Four of the passengers are gravely injured and require blood to heal. Unfortunately, the only source available is Jet.
Quinn works with Jet to get him to safety before he is a snack for the other immortals. They discover that the crash was not and accident and that someone is out to kill Quinn. Throw in the fact that they are life mates and it makes for an interesting story.  

I am a huge fan of Lynsay Sands, both her historical novels and her paranormal novels make up a number of my favorite books. I personally loved Jet, but found Quinn quite unlikeable. She is supposed to be this take charge, brilliant surgeon, but she wallowed in self-pity for years. She pretty much gave up raising her son and learned nothing about being an immortal. This idea did not work for me. A few months of self-pity is one thing, but years is something that I cannot grasp. For me personally, this was a very hard concept for me to accept.
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3.5 Stars

Mile High with a Vampire is book 33 of the Argeneau series by Lynsay Sands and follows Jet Lassiter, a mortal pilot working for Argeneau Inc. and Quinn Peters, a newly turned immortal trying to navigate the new life she didn’t ask for. What neither of them expected was for the plane to crash in the mountains, seriously injuring the other four immortal passengers. It’s now up to Quinn to get Jet to safety before her fellow immortals give in to their bloodlust. Later they begin to believe that this wasn’t a mere accident, but an attempt on Quinn’s life.

Even though this is book 33 in the series, this can be read as a stand alone, however, I think having some familiarity with the Argeneau books does help when it comes to navigating the large cast of characters that are introduced. It became difficult to keep names and descriptions straight when it came to those around Quinn and Jet, and it’s obvious this is only the tip of the immortal iceberg.

The story starts strong with a plane crash and then a race against time for Quinn to get the mortal Jet to safety before the other seriously injured and bloodthirsty immortals can get to him and any other mortals that cross their path. Not to mention, the overwhelming attraction building between Jet and Quinn. After setting the action bar so high, the events that follow seemed to fall flat and pacing began to drag on. The promise of a big fight with the story’s antagonist was rushed and somewhat lackluster compared to the beginning.

This was an interesting take on vampire lore and biology that I hadn’t really come across before. Although, they are referred to as “immortals” rather than “vampires”. Something that Quinn, and the reader, are reminded of throughout the story. The romance between Quinn and Jet was very steamy at times, and were an evenly matched pair. It was refreshing to see the vampire/mortal romance where the vampire was a woman and the man, mortal. Definitely something fun to see after the usual male dominated vampire/mortal dynamic.

In conclusion, I am giving this title 3 ½ stars. While I found this to be a unique take on the vampire romance story, with an intense and action packed start and some intense chemistry between the main couple, the rest of the plot fell flat and it was difficult to keep up with all the characters and their relationships with Quinn and Jet. However, those seeking a steamy vampire romance with a little something different should give this book a try.
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It was fun to reunite with Jet and Quinn from previous Argeneau novels.  Quinn has a lot of issues that she is trying to work though about her past and her ex.  Jet is strong male who is ready for anything.  It has all the fun of the other Argeneau novels and great addition to the series.
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This book is exactly what I have come to expect from Lynsay Sands. It has the drama, the romance and plenty of action. I love Jet. He is a darling and Quinn is just the sweetest.
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I enjoyed this book. I love the series. However, it wasn't one of the best in the series. I was disappointed in some places and ecstatic in others. I feel as if maybe the author is looking for a bit of distance from this series.
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A quick, easy read.  Not the best book of the series but not the worst either.  Truthfully, I think I continue reading the books in the series only to get to the end of it one day, kind of like reading them out of obligation.  It was a good “escape” read but always predictable and the same as all the other titles.
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This was a great addition to the Argeneau series. I have loved all these books, but it's hard to keep up with them after nearly 30 books, haha.
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I admit, 33 books in and I had a little trouble remembering who Quinn was in the larger group of vampires.  The book does a good job catching those of us who have trouble remembering up without issue, while at the same time diving right into the action.

We join Jet and Quinn as they are survivors of a plane crash.  Since Quinn is a vampire (as are the rest of the passengers) it's not so big a deal.  Jet, unfortunately, is human, so he becomes the only possible blood source for some very injured vampires.  Since Quinn is one of the only uninjured vampires, it's suddenly up to her to make sure he survives.  This is well outside both of their comfort zones, but they manage to take on the task as best they can.

Quinn's story is that she was turned against her will.  Her son is also a vampire and they were both forcibly turned by her ex-husband.  Her son has definitely adapted and it helps that her sister is a vampire.  All of this to say, though, that she is still very much fighting being a vampire.  Her trip on the plane was actually so she could get some vampire mental health checkup.  Jet is obsessed with Quinn, but she doesn't even remember meeting him right after her turning.  He definitely takes it personally, and he's got a little bit of an issue with vampires in general, I think, at the start.

It's funny how quickly them running in the jungle for their lives will help them form a bond.  The life mates thing helps too, of course, but it felt much less... abrupt, this time around.  I found myself happy that they were on the run together and moving quickly through the courting typical of these books.  Overall, either 33 books in I have gotten over it, or it was less jarring here.  I'll keep reading these books until they run out of mates!
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First off I want to say thank you for getting a copy of this book through Net-Galley in exchange for a review which I am happy to provide, especially since I am a big fan of Lynsay Sands and the Argeneau series.  
I still remember reading the first book of the series and I was hooked from then on.  I am actually surprised since this is already book 33 that it is still going strong and the Author finds different storylines to keep you engaged.  It started off strong and I liked the chemistry between the main characters, and I always love when favorites from the past make an appearance. Though the books are a bit predictable if you are familiar with the series they are still fun to read.
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Since he left the Navy, Jet Lassiter has enjoyed his position as a pilot for Argeneau, Inc. He gets to travel and meet interesting people, even if he can’t help but think of them as vampires. Still, he has no complaints, until his plane crashes in a remote mountain area, gravely injuring four of his five passengers, all of whom desperately need blood to heal, with Jet being the only source anywhere nearby.

Quinn Peters was a successful heart surgeon before she was turned immortal against her will. She’s not exactly enjoying life and now she’s been involved in a plane crash. As the only uninjured immortal, she knows she has to help get Jet to safety as he’ll never elude the other immortals on his own.

The crash turns out to be the least of the problems facing Quinn and Jet when they learn that the engines were deliberately sabotaged, and someone is out to kill Quinn. She and Jet can tell they have life mate potential, but there are plenty of obstacles to be dealt with before they explore their future possibilities.

I loved the fast pace of this book. Things got off to a quick start and didn’t slow up so for the first time in quite a while, I was actually reading something that really drew me in. Quinn definitely had a lot of issues to work through and much of her thinking was maddeningly cyclical and not really fair to Jet. Fortunately, she acknowledged her issues and took steps to work through them, with the help of some favorite characters from previous books. Given my frustration with Quinn at first, Jet carried much of this book for me. He was a fantastic hero and just so dang competent and supportive that I couldn’t help but like him immediately, which is probably why I was frustrated with Quinn for taking longer to give him what he deserved. I also found this book refreshing because oftentimes in romance we see the hero trying to make himself worthy of the heroine but this story is a bit of a reversal in that it is Quinn who is working on herself and trying to get her issues taken care of so she can be what Jet needs. I actually found that very sweet and I liked the maturity to be found in the communication between these two. Plus, as always, I loved the devotion shown by life mates to one another; it never fails to make me swoon. This may not be a new favorite for me, but it was another highly entertaining addition to the series and I hope there are more coming as this is one of my favorite universes to escape into.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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First of all I have read all the books in this series and the first 10 or so were great generally speaking but the last 4-5 have been nothing to write home about.  This one however kept you pretty much glued to the pages for about 50% of the book and then a lull then it picks up again to a nice ending without being horribly boring although I did do some page scanning but overall I enjoyed the book a lot more than the last 2 for sure so I think it managed to crawl across the 4 Star line for me.  I am going to keep reading this series until it just bored me to tears but I really miss the humor that was in those first books and is pretty much missing from these later books.
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You will probably burn dinner, forget to sleep, and fall behind at work because you won't be able to put this book down until the end, then you will be dying for the next! Exciting, suspenseful, sensual, and filled with love. I hope Lynsay Sands' Argeneau series never ends! And if you love Quinn and Jet's wild romance, don't worry, there is 32 other steamy couples too!
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