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A Letter to the Last House Before the Sea (Heaven's Cove Book 2)

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What a cozy read! My type of book. Reading the summary, made me want to curl up in a chair and do nothing but read. I not only was able to enjoy reading about Driftwood House and what had happened with Rosie and Liam but got an incredible story with unexpected twists and turns. The characters and action-packed scenes sent me on an emotional roller coaster. I look forward to the 3rd book in the series!
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Grieving the loss of her great aunt and feeling used and abused by members of her family, Lettie goes to stay at Driftwood and discover the secrets of a letter and a key that her aunt left her. We met Driftwood and it's own Rosie in the first novel and this one was a good story but for me personally, did not meet the quality of the first.
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I loved this book, and it was impossible to set down until it was finished. I quickly bonded with the main character, Lettie Starcross and couldn't wait to find out more about her dead aunt's life. Foremost of all was where did that mysterious key go that she wore around her neck? 

I loved watching Lettie's growth in this book, and greatly enjoyed the setting and how the author made me feel like I  was immersed right in the book. I could smell the briny air and hearing the sqwaking seagulls. 

Lettie does meet a love interest in the book (not a spoiler as it's mentioned in the blurb), but I love that the author handle the attraction between the two realistically. 

Anyway, I can't recommend the book enough. I received an advanced reading copy of this book for honest review. Thank you to the author, Bookouture, and NetGalley.
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This took me a little time to get into this book as I haven't read the first one but as soon as things settled for me it became a fantastic read. Loved the characters and the fact that the setting was in Devon made it better still.  I wonder if there will be any more follow ups as I want more. This is a 5 star book.

Thanks to Netgalley and publisher for this ARC.
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The Devon Coast and the Sea sounds like it will take all your worries away. The picturesque town and people of Heaven’s Cove has me wanting to book my next vacation!  Lettie Starcross is at a crossroads after her Great Aunt Iris dies and she discovers that she was from the seaside village Heavens Cove. Her Aunt Iris also gives her a key and begs her to go figure it all out. What secrets will she discover?
Corey is a fisherman and taking care of his grandmother, but how will he factor into Lettie’s search of they key discovery! She also likes the way he looks and how he has intrigued her sexy side.
Things heat up, but not the way Lettie thinks they will. The grandmother upon hearing the name Iris Starcross all but kicks her out of the house into the street!

This book has more interesting side characters and little fires that the pages turn themselves. I enjoyed this book, but I would not take this to the beach because it’s a more in depth book for that type of sitting. 

I received a free advanced copy from NetGalley and these are my willingly given thoughts and opinions.
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I did not read the first book in this series, so it took a bit for me to catch up.  Once it got rolling for me, I found it to be a really good story.

Lettie received a key from  her great aunt on her deathbed, along with a plea to go find out.  Find out what, you ask?  Well, that’s the rest of the story.  Lettie travels to a small town that her ancestors used to live in, hoping to find the answer.  She encounters grumpy old and young men, stays in a lovely B&B, meets a greedy land developer, and a host of other local characters.

There is romance, friendship, mystery and lots of feels.  Highly recommend..

Thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book, but my opinions are my own.
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Iris Starcross passes away, entrusting her great niece Lettie with a key and letter from her past love. Lettie travels to Devon to search for answers which will allow her beloved Iris to rest in peace...
A Letter to the Last House Before the Sea is the second book in the Heaven's Cove series from Lize Eeles. We meet characters from the first book Secrets at the Last House Before the Sea but there are no major spoilers except for the relationship outcomes.
Lettie has always put her family first while her own life is on hold. She is dependable and this has led her to support her parents and sister at the expense of her own hopes and dreams. Now she has promised to fulfil Iris's final wish but this is a task she takes on joyfully.
Her experience on arrival in Heaven's Cove doesn't make her task seem very hopeful. She is rejected by the locals and struggling to deal with her fear of water following a childhood accident in which she nearly drowned. She is also being bombarded with messages from her family, demanding she return to continue supporting them.
As Lettie finds her own path, she has the opportunity to date two men but is either of them Mr Right? While Lettie makes brave decisions and changes to her own life, she also manages to have a positive impact on several villagers which is really heartwarming and emotional to read.
A Letter to the Last House Before the Sea was a wonderfully warm and gentle yet gripping novel about finding your own place in the world and the enduring power of love.
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A lovely tale of Lettie Starcross, a young woman who comes to Heaven's Cove in search of the truth about her great-aunt Iris. 

There are quite a few threads to this story, and there are misunderstandings galore but there is a bit of sleuthing, old friendships mended and the past brought to light. Lettie is a very nice person and I really love her character. 

I found this to be a nice, undemanding read - exactly what I needed right now. 

4.5 stars from me.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture.
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My second book by author Liz Eeles, and the second book in the series, the story was a slow unfolding if the secret, in search of which Lettie had made the trip after her great-aunt’s death.

A key which held the truth and a letter which was the guide to discover the truth was all she had when she arrived at Heaven’s Cove. Lettie captured my heart slowly by the honesty of her emotions. Her grief reflected in her eyes. I had to thank the author in my mind for helping me see the scenes by the power of her words.

The story had the characters of first book make their small appearance. Romance too peeped in, but the core of the story was Lettie’s love for her aunt. I could do understand and love her for her commitment.

The whole book was like a cup of tea which warmed my insides and prevented the numbness from setting in.
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This is the second book in the Heaven's Cove series and starts where the last one ended. You can read this as a standalone book, but I recommend reading Secrets at the Last House Before the Sea first so you don't spoil that story. I am that confident that after reading this one, you would want to go back and read the first one.

In this story we meet Lettie Starcross, a young woman who is looking for answers as to why her recently deceased Aunt Iris left Heaven’s Cove never to return. She was left with a small brass key on a necklace, a hidden letter and a request from her aunt, <I>"And find out for me darling girl."</I> She knows that her aunt used to live in Driftwood House at the start of the war and so she decides that staying there is where her journey should begin. When she begins to ask the locals questions about Aunt Iris, she runs into roadblocks, most are too young to have known her, and those that do, don’t want to talk about her. Can she get anyone to open up to her and discover the secrets that are hidden in Heaven’s Cove?

I love the village of Heaven's Cove. The eccentric villagers, the busybodies, the beautiful scenery, the closeness and the local pub all make me want to head to Devon. I really liked Lettie and wanted her to find what she was looking for not only for her Aunt, but for herself. She loved her aunt and was very close to her, in fact she was the only one who encouraged Lettie to find what she really wanted out of life. Her mother and sister take advantage of her, but she lets them. Her caring nature and love of history, endeared her to me and the villagers. Of course Rosie, Liam and Belinda are all back along with some new characters. Florence Allford and Claude, the oldest people in the village are wonderful. They are both a bit eccentric and crotchety, but they come around under Lettie's caring and honest nature and play a large role in this story. You can't have a book like this without a swoon worthy male lead. Corey Allford is just that. All I will say is that he has some baggage, but had a hard time resisting Lettie. A Letter to the Last House Before the Sea is a story of friendship, letting go of the past, finding happiness, and self-discovery. It is a delightfully uplifting story that will let you escape to Devon for a few hours of pleasure. I definitely recommend this story.
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This story, while part of a series, can absolutely be read as a stand-alone, but if you are like me, you will absolutely want to read the first book after finishing this story.  

I absolutely, 100 percent loved this story. I loved every single character, besides Simon, I wanted to kick Simon.  Lettie’s quest to find out the truth about her Great Aunt Iris, and her meeting all the people who lived in Heaven’s Cove, was so heartwarming. I loved every minute of it, and I couldn’t stop reading till I found out how it ended. The ending made me smile as well.  

My only complaint was that I wanted to know every detail about Iris and Cornelius, I would have loved to hear more details about their heartbreaking love story.
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Heaven’s Cove and Driftwood House, the B & B was first introduced to use in a previous book by this author. And we are swept back to this house, almost at the edge of the world, the sea power below as the world carries on even when everything else seems to be changing.

For Lettie Starcross, Driftwood House is the right place to escape to and perhaps she can get some answers to not just her late great aunts previous life in Heaven’s Cover but also some answers for herself. Portrayed as the Starcross Family’s resident drudge – she is there for the convenience of them all and none of it is helping her. I was immediately struck at how callous and ignorant her family were in treating Lettie, it made me want to spit! When Lettie up sticks to Heaven’s Cove it was clearly going to do more than just Lettie some good.

Great Aunt Iris leaves clues to her previous life in Heaven’s Cove but never spoke of why she left and what she left behind. Lettie, grieving for this lost stability in her life she seeks to find out about Iris past. Driftwood House it turns out was Iris previous home and her name still makes some of the older residents blanch when it is heard. Some memories run deep and history has a way of still affecting the present.

As Lettie learns more about her aunt and what happened, she also learns about the village and it’s villagers and finds herself drawn into someone else’s past which somehow makes her connect to Heaven’s Cove stronger and the pull seems greater than her previous life in London, with her family close by.

Events unfold and secrets are shared and the truth is finally known about a previous Starcross at the Last House by the Sea but will the past make the newer one finally find a place in the world.

A book whose backdrop of the rugged landscape and the weather is as prominent feature in these stories about Heaven’s Cove as much as the character’s. It gives it a sense of importance and reflects on how its powerful and beauty can be seen in the actions of those who live close by.

I really hope to go back to Heaven’s Cove…..if only I could stay in Driftwood House… find the time for a break away there.
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A Letter to the Last House Before the Sea is the second in Liz Eeles’ Heaven’s Cove series and I have to say I really enjoyed this story even more so than Secrets at the Last House Before the Sea which at the time of reading I loved. This is easily read as a standalone book but when you finish it I assure you will want to go back and read the first story. This book had an interesting plot full of mystery and character. The setting was once again perfect and somewhat idyllic although despite the coastal village of Heaven’s Cove being a beautiful place to live in, its residents are not without their own issues and troubles despite the stunning surroundings. I think what really made me enjoy this book is that I felt the book established its pace and themes far quicker than when I had read about this setting before and it was like returning to old friends and catching up. Rosie once again features as she is now running Driftwood House as a guesthouse but she is not as prominent as before as Rosie has told her story and now it was time for some new characters to step into the spotlight who all provided much drama, angst, misunderstandings, humour and of course some romance. 

Our heroine this time around is Lettie Starcross who is a bit lost in life following the death of her beloved Great Aunt Iris. During Iris’ final days Lettie was by her side as she knew Iris was preparing to leave for one last final time, Iris leaves her a key and a letter in order for Lettie to find out things. She says ‘Keep this safe and find out for me darling’. The letter is brief and written by someone who clearly loves Iris – ‘Sit where I sat, darling girl, with the key to my heart and all will become clear’. Just what does this mean and what does the key which Lettie now wears around her neck open? Lettie has a keen interest in history and the past and this will serve her well as she joins dots together and delves back many years. Lettie is left bereft and confused but I think Iris was so very wise she knew her great niece inside out and was really giving her the shove she needed in the right direction. Not to mention there was something in Iris’ life that had remained unresolved for so long and perhaps sending Lettie on this quest would provide so many answers and resolution and also she would maybe find her true self. But the path in doing so would not be without its struggles and opposition.

Lettie was a character who you instantly felt for and knew that you would enjoy seeing the transformation she would undergo on all different levels. She was likeable and not without her faults and I could really identify with how she felt she was being treated by her family. Her world is upside down. She has just lost someone she deeply loved and respected then she is fired from her job, which really wasn’t enthralling her all that much anyway, and therefore she is left unsettled and sad which is becoming difficult for her to shake. Perhaps taking in the quest bequeathed to her by Iris will help her get rid of these feelings and find some new life experiences which will steer her in the right direction. A direction which she is finding difficult to find in order to even begin navigating it. There is an increasing sense of loneliness and exasperation surrounding her. She refuses to tell her family she no longer has a job as the expectations they heap on her would only increase. She is always the one who is expected to do everything for all family members at the drop of a hat. Bring her mother shopping, look after her sister’s children, the list goes on. Of course her family are close and careless but this can really tip over into micro managing and suffocating. But you can only be taken for granted for so long before something has to change.

I did initially question how Iris was connected to Driftwood House considering it was Rosie and her family who had lived there for many years but I loved how the author made the connection clear instantly and this in turn provided the basis for the journey of discovery the reader was taken on. As Lettie settles into the village she becomes much more than a tourist and soon becomes like part of the furniture. It was like a natural progression for her and I loved all the interactions she had with characters old and new. She had her own agenda in trying to solve Iris’s mystery but at the same time her helping and caring nature shone through particularly when it came to Claude even though resident gossip and busy body Belinda really tries to get in on the action a bit too much but I suppose she does have a good heart behind it all. 

Claude was the enigma of the book and having an archive of the village including old documents, photos and letters etc. he was the key Lettie needed to get started on seeking out the answers. But to many he is cold, eccentric and aloof preferring to keep to himself. I think when someone is portrayed as being this way they must have a genuine reason for not wanting to socialise for fear of being over whelmed and not being able to interact as many people do. Lottie engages tentatively with Claude and I loved the subplot that developed surrounding him. It was heart-breaking and heart-warming in equal measure and will bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your face.

But despite Claude’s storyline having a significant impact on the overall book, it’s really Lettie and her delving back into the past that will grab every reader’s attention. When she meets Corey, a local fisherman and volunteer for the local lifeboats, she doesn’t bank on him being part of the puzzle that will potentially help her to solve her problems. To say much more regarding Lettie and how she keeps looking for the answers would ruin the book but trust me I loved how all the little hints and clues started to join together and things made sense. Miscommunication and misunderstandings are certainly two words that spring to mind and maybe heartache and bitterness could have been avoided. But Lettie certainly wants to right any wrongs that were done so many years ago.

Corey was grumpy, aloof and wary initially and I would say over protective but there was something about him that just drew both Lettie and the reader to him. I loved the way the pair sparred back and forth with each other and yes they may have rubbed each other up the wrong way numerous times but it was interesting to read about and it added another layer of drama and I suppose passion to the story. Similar to Claude, I thought Corey must have had something going on with him personally that meant he was so defensive but I loved how Lettie broke down the barriers and wanted to work with him to resolve the quest. Along the way sparks intensify and you do wish they could both find some happiness and wonder will it ever materialise. 

Overall A Letter to the Last House Before the Sea was a really enjoyable read and a worthy follow up to book one. For Lettie time slowed down in Heaven’s Cove, she connected with Iris once more and learned a lot about herself in the process and came to have a certain affinity with the village. I really do hope Liz Eeles is busy working away on another Heaven’s Cove book because they really are engaging, delightful and entertaining reads.
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Having read two books from Liz Eeles' Cozy Kettle series, and also Secrets at the Last House Before the Sea, the first novel in her Heaven's Cove series, I was super excited when I saw she had written this one, A Letter to the Last House Before the Sea.

London-based Lettie Starcross is in the seaside village of Heaven's Cove, Devon staying at Driftwood House which is now a cosy B&B. She has no job and is at a crossroads in her life. She has come to Heaven's Cove to remember her much loved Great Aunt Iris and to find the answers to her wonderings about Iris's past. Lettie has with her an unsigned letter on paper turned yellow with age and a little gold key. She meets Corey, a local fisherman in her local pub, The Smugglers Haunt, and then she encounters Corey's grandma...

Liz Eeles' characterisation in this novel is as strong as in her previous ones. Lettie was sweet and very determined in her keenness to find out about her great aunt. Handsome Corey was rather enigmatic and I was delighted to be reacquainted with Rosie and Liam again. The plethora of secondary characters was certainly a mixed bag, including the proud and lonely Claude and Lottie's needy family. The author captured the typical village lifestyle perfectly and I loved the beautiful descriptions of the seaside locale. A Letter to the Last House Before the Sea is a lovely story eliciting plenty of smiles, titters and sadness.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel at my request from Bookouture via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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This is the second installment of the Heaven’s Cove Series.  It was such a fast-paced and enjoyable read, I couldn’t put it down.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The author quickly propels you to the edge of the sea to Heaven’s Cove.  

Lettie Starcross wanders aimlessly through the cobblestone streets of Heaven’s Cove. After her Great Aunt Iris passes away, Lettie feels so lost.  Lettie felt as if Aunt Iris was the only person her life that understood her and the only person in her family that she could connect with.  So, when Aunt Iris leaves a letter with a key for Lettie the mystery begins.  Lettie feels as if her life has purpose knowing that she has to find out what the key unlocks.  But, when Lettie meets Corey, a local fisherman, the sparks fly between them, and once again Lettie finds herself in unfamiliar territory.  Lettie is torn between Corey, her family and finding what Aunt Iris wanted her to know.  Heaven’s Cove, is definitely a place to visit and once you are there, it’s not a place you will want to leave anytime soon. This is a story of family, love, romance and the beauty of a small town.

I really enjoyed the story of Corey’s Grandmother and also loved the dog Buster. So many great people in this story. I enjoyed this heartwarming, lovely book very much, and the reminder of never knowing what life will throw at you.   I was so engrossed with the story and meeting all the residence of the town.  This unputdownable read had me flying through the pages, not wanting it to end.  I loved every page of this story. Thank you Liz Eeles for this fantastic read.
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Loved it. This was a great follow up to the first book. It was nice to see Rosie again and of course Belinda, who knows everyone and everything that is going on in the village. Enjoyed the characters, story and writing style. I loved learning about Lettie's Great Aunt Iris. I loved finding out the mystery behind her leaving Heaven's Cove. My favorite had to be Claude. He's definitely a sweet old man who loves his dog. Lettie needs to grow a backbone and stop letting her sister and parents run her life. Daisy simply wants a free babysitter and her mom wants someone to help her with everything around the house. Strangers were nicer to Lettie than her own family. I hated the way Corey's grandma treated Lettie, simply because she was a Starcross. Corey and his grandma made a lot of assumptions and they were pretty much wrong about all of them. Heaven's Cove sound sound like a beautiful place to visit.

Definitely recommend the book. Would love to read more books about Heaven's Cove. Look forward to reading more books by the author. Loved the cover of the book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bookouture through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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I loved this book and loved returning to Heavens Cove. This book does work well as a stand alone title but I think it would be better to have read the first book as some of the same characters pop up.
This book follows Lettie as she visits Heavens Cove for the first time to do a spot of research relating to her recently deceased Aunt.
This book has everything - a beautiful setting, a bit of intrigue, romance, friendship, long lost love and a lost dog..
So looking forward to the 3rd book in the series now.
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A Letter to the Last House Before the Sea (Heaven's Cove Book 2) by Liz Eeles has Lettie Starcross going to Devon to stay at the Driftwood House after her beloved aunt’s death. Such a fitting place for her to go not only because her aunt lived thee as a child but because Lettie is drifting in life. While her arrival has some ups and downs I found myself more and more intrigued by the people that Lettie met. The key, her aunt’s last words, the letter and her aunt’s mysterious past grabbed my interest but so then the community kept it.

This is a well thought out plot with many unique characters and one main character who need to find herself. This story which is about a rather normal woman whose family has made her feel as if she is rather boring was a story that pulled me in. After I first started reading I was surprised to see when I had stopped that I had gotten lost in the story with quite a bit of time passing. It is sad, cheery, intriguing, heartwarming, reconciliation, and love, past and present. 

An ARC of the book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley which I voluntarily chose to read and reviewed. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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A Letter to the Last House Before the Sea by Liz Eeles find the read in Devon, on the shore, visiting the house (now a guesthouse), in which Iris Starcross had grown up. She was gone now, just a couple of weeks ago, at the age of 99. Her great-niece, Lettie, had been by her side and had been asked to, "find out" for her. Find out what? There was the necklace Iris always wore, with a small gold key, and a short note Lettie had found tucked into the lining of Iris' purse, which told her to "sit where I sat..." Not a lot to go on but since Lettie had lost her job (for telling a customer to get a life) she really had nothing better to do than try to find out. So off she went, meeting an odd assortment of kind of cranky people along the way. There were some who were not cranky as well, but the cranky ones were the ones she needed help from. 

A lovely romance and a bit of a mystery, possibly explaining why Iris had never married and why she wore that key around her neck. Lettie made friends easily and people began to open up to her, small clues at first, but clues. Lettie had been trying to make herself fit into a mold that her family had made for her, with no desire on her part. She didn't want to be a customer care agent; she wanted to work with history. She didn't want to marry any old guy; she wanted love. She didn't want to be the one that had to do things for her family; she wanted them to take care of themselves. She was strong and on her way to being independent. She had found things and people in Heaven's Cove that she care about and she didn't want to lose them. I loved this book, just like the one before it. It is reality, in an awfully romantic setting, full of both history and great beauty. I recommend it.

I was invited to read a free e-ARC of A Letter to the Last House Before the Sea by Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are mine. #netgalley #alettertothelasthousebeforethesea
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We return to Heaven’s Cove and Driftwood House which I first met in ‘Secrets at the Last House Before the Sea‘, back in February, where we met Rosie who had returned to the seaside town after the death of her mother and had a fight to save her home from developers her ambition was to turn her mother’s ex-home into a B&B.

This time we meet a newcomer to the area Lettie who is looking for answers as to why her recently deceased aunty left Heaven’s Cove in a hurry, but always held the place fond in her heart. She knows that her aunt used to live in Driftwood House at the start of the war and so she decides that staying there is where her journey should begin.

But as she starts to ask questions about her aunt to the locals, most are too young to remember her, and those that do, don’t want to talk about her. Can she get anyone to open up to her and discover the secrets that are hidden in Heaven’s Cove?

I adored the first book in the series with the sights, sounds, and smells of a small seaside village coming across strongly and the wonderful villagers who lived there, so I was eager to return. It was lovely to meet a new character in Lettie who was exceptionally close to her aunt and wants to find out more about her secretive life. Though her family is less understanding and thinks she should be at their beck and call all the time and come back home.

I enjoyed meeting up with those that live in the village again to continue their stories. I especially was so happy to see Rosie again and her boyfriend Liam.

This is a book that is pure escapism. It takes you to a place where you can only dream of visiting. Even though it is the second in a series I feel it would work well as a standalone, as not much of the story crosses over, though personally I always believe starting at the beginning is best as it helps you to connect better with the characters.

A Letter to the Last House Before the Sea is a story of friendship, letting go of the past, finding happiness, and self-discovery. It is an inviting and atmospheric read that held me captive the whole way through.
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