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The Enneagram at Work

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Erin K, Reviewer

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I'm super interested in enneagram stuff and have read a few books about the topic. This was a well-written take on the enneagram viewed through a work setting. It offers insight into how each type can work with their strengths to excel in the workplace (including working effectively as a leader, getting the most out of a mentor relationship, etc.).

McPartlin writes this with tons of examples from his own career - it was helpful to see the suggestions in real-life situations. Because I'm the same type as him, I think I got a great deal out of the book because I could relate so much to what he was describing. I'm not sure if other types would be able to connect as much to the examples given.

I appreciated that this book had so many enneagram exercises to try out but I think it would be more helpful for people who work in more traditional work set-ups. As a freelance writer, I wouldn't be able to apply all of McPartlin's recommendations as easily as I could in more of a corporate setting.

I'd recommend this for anyone who wants to know more about the enneagram and how their career might be affected by it.

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