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This was such a sweet romance read! I loved Perfect Distraction by Allison Ashley and was so excited when she sent me her newest book, Home Sweet Mess. I didn't realize it was a spinoff story about characters from her first book and it was so fun being transported back to that setting! This one tells the love story of Andrew's twin sister, Jeni, and his best friend, Logan. While this is fun as a spinoff, it can totally be read as a standalone. 🧡 I recommend reading both!! 

Things I loved:

🏈 All of the NFL talk. I am a huge football lover (Go Bucs!) and loved that Jeni was a superfan.

💜 Jeni is a social worker who works with foster children and Logan grew up in foster care. I got emotional reading about how they connected over their shared passion for helping children. 

🔥 Enemies to lovers! 

🌮 TACOS AND BEER. Enough said.

The only issue I had with this book was Jeni's attitude at times. She was extremely stubborn, which I don't really mind, but it grated on my nerves a little how she kept rejecting Logan. 
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5 stars
TW: Cancer and  infertility 
This author pulled out all the stops in this incredible book! An enemies-to-lovers/sibling's best friend troupe...YES please!
This was such a delight. The characters were so well developed and engaging! I loved the wit, banter, and of course, chemistry between Jeni and Logan was very realistic and swoon worthy. The writing and storyline flowed well, which led me to complete this book in no time and left wanting more and tacos! I also liked the balance the author was able to create between humor and heartache. I appreciated how well the author handled and wrote about some very tough topics. These topics were true to the story and the characters and not just included in order to add unnecessary drama. The physical aspects of the relationship between Jeni and Logan had a lot of emotional connection not just the act! I loved how much Logan wanted to be worthy of Jeni! His desire to take care of her and think of her with the gifts he knew she would like really showed Jeni and the readers he was serious in wanting to create a life with Jeni by his side. I also could understand why Jeni was very hesitant in wanting to be in a relationship with Logan. I was glad she had an amazing support system around her and was able to put a voice to her fears in a very realistic way. The ending was very satisfying with all the story lines wrapped up well. Overall, I can't recommend this book enough to those who are looking for a wonderful romance! I will be looking for more new releases by this author in the future!
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Home Sweet Mess was Allison Ashley's follow-up novel to last year’s Perfect Distraction, and I loved both! I’ll read anything else she writes moving forward, her writing is so fun and fresh.

Home Sweet Mess is a contemporary romance with an enemies-to-lovers trope. It starts off just before Perfect Distraction and then runs along the same timeline. Jeni Bishop has been living in Kansas City for a month, escaping a bad marriage and starting over. She doesn’t have any friends in the city except for her twin brother and best friend, Andrew. He quickly introduces her to his best friend, Logan, who Jeni notes is a womanizer. Shortly after they meet, Andrew learns of a cancer diagnosis, forcing Jeni and Logan to grow closer.

Logan and Jeni quickly bond over Andrew, their love of sports (and fierce dislike of each other’s NFL teams), tacos, beer, social work in foster care, which is an important cause to them both. It seems too good to be true, but something is holding Jeni back, and will Logan be able to convince her to give love another shot?!
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This is my first book by this author and will not be the last.  She draws you in with the witty banter and multi dimensional characters.  The book deals with difficult topics with ease.
Logan Davis has a devil may care attitude towards relationships.  Until he meets his match, but dating his best friends sisters is a landmine all on its own.  Dealing with her barriers and his past takes them on a nice twist to a new relationship.  
Jeni Bishop could be called stubborn and opinionated,  but she loves helping others,  especially the foster kids she works with.  When she meets Logan he does not make the best first impression,  but she simply can't get away from him.  And the attraction is undeniable. Can she overcome her own issues with relationships and find a way to happy with the one man who might be perfect for her?
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Home Sweet Mess is a heartfelt romance told from Jeni and Logan's perspectives. Young divorcee and social worker Jeni is determined not to be in a relationship again... but enter her twin brother Andrew's best friend and NFL marketing manager, Logan. When we first meet Logan, he's portrayed as a self-confident ladies man... but enter Jeni, the only woman he can now imagine himself in a relationship with. The pair grow closer when Andrew is diagnosed with cancer, but will they compromise for true love?

I really liked Home Sweet Mess. I loved the juxtaposition of Jeni's snarky comments with Logan's sweetness. I also appreciated this was a romance with a difference - she's the one that wanted to keep things casual, while he disagreed and wanted a relationship. Both the character development and chemistry was flawless in my opinion. I also loved how their joint love of the NFL and the fostering system were strong themes in the book. So, if you're looking for a relatable and unique romance novel to enjoy this summer, I encourage you to read Home Sweet Mess. 

Thank you so much to NetGalley and the author for the ARC in exchange for this honest review.
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Thank you to NetGalley for an advanced digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!
Charming NFL marketing manager Logan Davis has a major crush on his best friend’s sister. Despite the fact that pursuing her would be a Bad Idea, she makes him want to abandon casual dating.

Sassy social worker Jeni Bishop has lost faith in love. She can’t stand Logan or the NFL team he works for, but can’t help thinking he could help her scratch an itch.

When Jeni’s brother and Logan’s closest friend is diagnosed with cancer, they unexpectedly find themselves on the same team. With Logan interested in a relationship and Jeni ardently avoiding them, they resist their growing attraction even as their lives continue to intertwine in unexpected ways. Can a man who has never experienced love convince a woman hardened by it that romance isn’t dead?
I loved this book so much! I really enjoyed both Jeni and Logan as characters and enjoyed getting to know them both. I also really liked the subplot of Jeni's brother's cancer diagnosis and treatment and would love to see his life fleshed out further in a future novel (and really can see a set up for that in the book). My only problem with this book is that Jeni's loss of faith in love is perhaps a little bit drawn out and gets to be tiresome be the end of the book. I was really rooting for Logan, but by the end, Jeni had become a little tiresome for me. I also didn't really think the title fit with the plot of the book, and I also thought the cover art could have been chosen more thoughtfully. Still, all in all, this was a solid four stars for me, and I look forward to reading more from this author!
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What a totally engaging book from new to me author Allison Ashley. "Home Sweet Mess" is a captivating read right from the beginning. The two primary characters, social worker Jeni Bishop, and social media guru Logan Davis, have seductive chemistry that cannot be denied. Their tragic pasts play a huge role in their ability to forge a forever together.

Due a bad marriage, Jeni has no desire to form a romantic relationship in any way. Deciding to restart her life with a clean slate, she leaves Nebraska for a social worker position in Kansas City. Her brother is already living there, studying to be an attorney. Helping children within the foster care system is her true calling, and she is very good at it. Her brother introduces her to his best friend Logan, and they immediately take a dislike to each other. However, when Jeni's brother is diagnosed with cancer, they form a friendship that leads to much more over time.

I liked this story and the way the author evolved the romantic relationship between Jeni and Logan. Jeni's rules were a constant barrier to love, while Logan's sensibilities and warmth created a wonderful dynamic. The antics of Jeni's mom and sisters added a bit of humor to a sad situation. Overall, a nicely-written romantic read.

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
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What a sweet and lovely book. Jeni and Logan did not have a great first meeting. He was her neighbors  one night stand. After their first awkward meeting, Jeni found out he’s her twin brother’s  best friend. Soon after her brother received his cancer diagnosis she learned that she had to get along with Logan for her brothers sake. From there their relationship slowly developed between them that was beautiful. Both have serious past hang ups that they had to work on to be together. Which was understandable and appreciated. There were some serious topics that was presented in a caring and compassionate manner.  Overall, I loved this book. It was like a warm hug. I totally recommend this book. 
I received this ARC from the publisher and Netgalley for my honest review and opinion.
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Thank you Netgalley for allowing me read this book in exchange for an honest review! 

I had a great time reading this book! The world building was a major plus for me, and so were the relationships. I love reading about a tough, independent female characters with a soft spot for those she loves. 

Many of the romance novels I have been reading are only written in one perspective so it was refreshing to see two. For this book in particular it made so much sense to play off the two perspectives to better understand the two main characters and their personal struggles.

Jeni is a social worker with a competitive streak who moves to Kansas City after facing a tough divorce. She promised herself to never get into another relationship again. Then in a series of unfortunate events that day leads her to Logan. A social media communicator with a ladies man exterior, and who also happens to her twin brothers best friend. 

After a rough start, they both promise to put their walls down and get to know each other for Andrew, her brother and his best friend. One thing leads to another and Jeni suggests that they become friends with benefits. Logan on the other hand has another idea in mind, like actually having a serious relationship with her. 

Their fun banter is great but I don’t know if I could call this an enemies to lovers trope. Yes, in the beginning Jeni blamed Logan for all the mishaps of the day but once she realizes he is her twin brothers best friend that aspect is dropped fairly quickly. A friendship blooms when a terrible news hits and a attraction is sparked. 

It was great to see the character development throughout the book. Both Jeni and Logan had there own separate things to figure out about themselves. Their relationship brought those things to light and walls are broken down. 

Overall, I would recommend this book to everyone! Can’t wait to see wait to see out!
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I was really looking forward to Home Sweet Mess after reading Allison Ashley's debut book Perfect Distraction last year. The two books are connected but this can be read as a standalone.

Jeni is new to Kansas City and the only person she really knows there is her brother Andrew. One day, though, she runs into Logan a number of times and finds out he is good friends with Andrew. It was interesting watching their relationship grow from tentative friends to mutual attraction to a relationship with potential. 

I was especially impressed with the character growth throughout the book, especially Logan's. I have to admit I was only feeling so-so about him initially, but he turned out to be an amazing guy. I think having dual POV really gave me the chance to understand him and how his past has shaped him.

This was a really wonderful read and I liked the author's writing and storytelling styles. I can't wait to see what she writes next!
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After a failed experience with love, Jeni has decided that it's just not for her. But when her twin brother is diagnosed with cancer, she ends up spending a lot more time with his best friend Logan. With all the time spent, they each learn they have more in common than expected and Jeni finds herself leaning on Logan for support during her brother's chemotherapy. Will Logan be able to knock down Jeni's walls for good or is all hope lost.

I thoroughly enjoyed this love story! It was a toss up between not being able to put it down and wanting to read slower so that the story wouldn't end. I loved the characters of Logan and Jeni and found that the author added more depth to the characters and the things that they connected on were incredibly sweet and sincere.. This was an excellent read, my only complaint is that I want more!
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Jenni and Logan only have one thing in common at the start of the book, and that is Andrew. Andrew is Jeni's twin and Logans best friend. However, as they unite to support their brother and frined through difficult times, they discover they have a lot more in common, And theres something else there that they cant fight against, despite trying.
I love a simple boy meets girl story, and this ticked that box but also has more to it. Both Jeni and Logan have their own painful stories and demons to overcome and it was an emotional ride as they shared their past.
The story does come with a subtle trigger warning as there are some themes that people may find difficult to read,
I flew through this book and it was the perfect read to wind down with.

Thank you @netgalley for your gifted copy of the book in return for an honest review.
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Enemies to lovers might be my favorite romcom trope and 𝗛𝗢𝗠𝗘 𝗦𝗪𝗘𝗘𝗧 𝗠𝗘𝗦𝗦 is one of the most emotional I've read!

Jeni recently moved to Kansas City to be closer to her twin brother, Andrew. She's got the job of her dreams as a social worker and is trying to get over her failed marriage when she meets Logan, Andrew's friend who works for the Kansas City Chiefs football team. He's immediately attracted to Jeni but she can't stand him (the Denver Broncos fan is never going to fall for someone who roots for the Chiefs!) but when Andrew gets diagnosed with cancer, Jeni and Logan find themselves on the same team (excuse the sports pun - I couldn't think of another way to phrase it!).

Ashley writes fantastic banter and there's great chemistry between Jeni and Logan. The story also has a lot of depth to it as it covers Jeni's social work and the charity Logan started and there's a lot that will tug at your heartstrings (there's a helpful trigger warning before the book starts). I also appreciated that Jeni was the one afraid of commitment instead of Logan (isn't it ALWAYS the guy?) and how the steamy scenes (and there is some steam!) weren't only about the physical aspects of sex but also the emotional.

𝗛𝗼𝗺𝗲 𝗦𝘄𝗲𝗲𝘁 𝗠𝗲𝘀𝘀 gave me all the feels, made me crave tacos and had me calling my brother just to say I love him. It's perfect summer read.
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I had quite a giggle at the beginning of this book. As the reader it was amusing that Logan kept appearing everywhere after their awkward first encounter, but for poor Jenny I don't think it would have seemed funny. This immediately made me warm to Jennys character. She seems a little misunderstood.

I like how the story unfolds, through the different relationships, family dramas and difficult times. I really enjoyed the banter between Jenny and Logan and also the sibling love between Jenny and her twin brother Andrew, there bond is so lovely to read about.

I've read a few books with young people in recently and this being about adoptions and caring for children who had no family (through social services and charities) was really lovely.

You shouldn't never judge a person by how they look or act, this may be a cover up for something they're going through, life isn't always as it seems.

I will definitely be recommending this book to others and reading another by Allison Ashley.
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With Home Sweet Mess, Allison Ashley writes a charming follow up to her delightful debut novel Perfect Distraction.

Reformed lady’s man and marketing manager Logan Davis is in like on his best friend’s sister and would love to date her. Jeni Bishop on the other hand doesn’t believe in love but would mind a no strings romp with Logan. But as the help Jeni’s brother, can they resist their growing attraction and the depth of their feelings?

Both Jeni and Logan are wonderful characters I couldn’t help but cheer for. Jeni is caring and smart. Logan is deliciously swoony and wonderfully layers. Their banter was fun and the chemistry between them was sizzling.

The combination between sweet and fun, love and loss was superb and feel that Allison handled the tough subjects with great care.

Home Sweet Mess is a standalone contemporary romance by Allison Ashley. It is an enemies to lovers, brother’s best friend’s sister romance. Told from both POV with a happy ending.
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I haven’t read Perfect Distraction, which I now know is about Andrew and Lauren. I’m going to have to read that, because I enjoyed this story so much! This is Jeni’s story, Andrew’s twin sister.

Jeni is new to Kansas City, moving for a job, when she first encounters Logan. Later that same day, after two more aggravating encounters with him, she learns he is one of her brother’s best friends.

As Andrew has a health crisis, Jeni and Logan become closer. Jeni married young and is now divorced. She says she doesn’t want to get married again. Logan is a little bit of a ladies man. But this time, he wants more and she only wants “friends with benefits.” Or so she says.

This is a very enjoyable romance with fun banter between the two— especially about their differing favorite NFL teams. There is great chemistry between Logan and Jeni. He is a pretty amazing book boyfriend. I did want to reach though my kindle, at times, and tell Jeni to wake up. Logan was genuine and not like her ex-husband.

Thank you to Kate Rock Book Tours, the author , and NetGalley for my advance copy in exchange for my honest review.
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3 stars

This book is a quick and easy read. It did pull on my heartstrings. I love a good, enemies to lovers romance and brothers best friend romance. This book ticked all the boxes when it came to these two tropes. 

I loved the banter between Jeni and Logan, it was fun and flirty. 
That being said I didn't love the characters, now don't get me wrong, they both had some positive and lovable traits, in saying that I just couldn't connect with them. Jeni was stubborn at times and at times I wanted to shake her. Logan, from the very start, I couldn't "warm" to him, fortunately as the book progressed I did start to like him, not as much as I would like for the main character but it was an improvement.

Allison has a great writing technique. Each dialogue was perfectly sculpted, I could feel the characters emotions.

Overall I did enjoy this book.

Thank you to Netgalley and the author for a copy of this e-arc in exchange for an honest review.
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Home Sweet Mess by Allison Ashley was a sweet romance with some witty banter and lots of football. 

Jeni has just moved to Kansas City for her dream job a social worker when her twin brother introduces her to his best friend Logan. Logan works in Social Media for the Chiefs and their first meeting wasn't super successful but their love of football (but not the same teams) is at least one thing in common. When her brother is diagnosed with cancer they find themselves together a lot more but they each have their own reasons why a relationship is a  bad idea, but sparks are flying. 

There is some wonderful witty banter in this enemies to lovers story and I really liked both characters. Logan was totally charming and easy to fall in love with while reading, Jeni was realistically cautious due to her past failed marriage. I liked how difficult topics such as foster care and cancer were written well and were part of the story,
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This book is a quick read but also super emotional.
I loved Logan with all my heart, he was just such a sweet boy. I also enjoyed the enemies to friends going on between Logan and Jeni.
Although I have to say this book deals serious topics so make sure to read the TW before diving in.
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Cute, contemporary romance about overcoming your past.
I like when romance books subvert stereotypes - one of the reasons I think they're so successful is that the men often actually get to feel their feelings. This book though, is a bit heavy handed with the subversions.
Jeni is 'not like other girls'. She likes sports! And beer! And tacos! It just got a little tired in the end. You can have a woman liking all these things without making it sound like it's a remarkable thing (maybe it's just because we see her through Logan's eyes, and he is, well.) 
Sure, we get Logan's backstory and he seems in touch with his feelings, but I still wasn't absolutely sold on him. He seemed to want Jeni to just get over her past experience and be with him, but trauma doesn't work like that ( and I would classify what she experienced as traumatic for her). So although he wanted her more than everything, he didn't leave space for her wishes. Telling someone who doesn't want a relationship and marriage, that you will always love them and never go away, probably isn't the right call. Also, both him and Jeni's brother seemed to think he should have asked the brother for permission to date Jeni, which just annoys me. 
Anyway! There are some cute moments toward the end but I was never really sold on the romance and chemistry between the two leads.
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