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Cyber Crisis

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We live in a new cyber world and cyber security becomes more important every day. At some point this book seems scary because the threats are where we don't expect them and the scary part that this is individuals we may feel secure as we believe that big companies are under attack but in real life it appears to be the opposite. To be knowledgeable about the reality even if it is scary is way better than to live with pink glasses on.
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A wonderful book by expert in the field. It is a book written in simple language to make everyone aware of biggest threat looming over everyone. This threat has no borders to obey and follows no rules of the land. Identity theft and financial frauds are real things happening all around you.
It is ever-changing and generally one step ahead of the curve. Its real and more devastating than real war.
Butvit is easy to avoid many such threats by being more vigilant and proactive. This book guides you to things you need to change to do that.
Stay connected but also stay safe.
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