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I was so excited that @oliviablackauthor wrote a second book in her Brooklyn cozy mystery series. No Memes of Escape was such a fun read! 

Our favorite city sleuth, Odessa is back at working at Untapped Books and Cafe when her friend Izzy gets invited to a night at an escape room and Odessa tags along. It’s a fun time until the end when they discover they are down one person and she’s… dead! The only people that could have done it are in the room together. Odessa knows it’s not her or Izzy so they need to solve the mystery!

I just love this series so much. I truly hope there’s a 3rd book in the series. Odessa is such a spunky character and she doesn’t really let anyone or anything bother her (except she won’t rent an apartment where a huge murder took place!) We get to meet her eccentric aunt Melanie in this book. I loved Odessa’s struggle with finances which felt very true to the story. I also enjoy her love of the city and her fish out of water experiences! 

Thank you so much to @berkleypub, @netgalley and the author for my ARC. No Memes of Escape is on sale now!
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Loved getting back into Odessa's world and watching her solve another mystery. Characters are so important with cozy mysteries and Blacke really shines with hers, supporting characters as well as Odessa.
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This was so much fun. A new favorite cozy mystery. I love Odessa and I love that this cozy takes place in New York City. I love my small town cozy but it's nice to see cozy mystery set in a big city. The mystery had me guessing and turning the pages so fast. I read this one in one sitting because it was so good. I can not wait for the next one. Definitely a must read.
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Another fun adventure with Odessa Dean!  I like this series because it does a good job capturing a sense of place where the reader really does get a feel for Brooklyn.  Untapped Books & Cafe sounds like a fun shop but I would like to hear more about the book side of things. The mystery element was ok so hopefully it's a bit more compelling in the next instalment.
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This is such a fun and witty read! I love the idea of having a millennial sleuth as our protagonist. There were a lot of comments and mentions of things that I have grown up with which was a lot of fun. This is the second in the series. The first one I also own and it is A Killer Content. I love the idea of the murder being almost a locked door mystery, or is it?! Mwahaha!
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No Memes of Escape is a solid second offering in this series that appeals to a new generation of cozy mystery lovers. We get to know Odessa, her new friend Izzy, and their co-workers better. We follow them through Brooklyn and other boroughs of New York City as they attempt to solve a new murder despite Odessa’s protests that the first solve was a fluke. The characters are defined well as fitting their roles, and friendships forged with co-workers are sturdy and caring. The mystery itself is quite the challenge to solve.

Odessa came to the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn to watch Aunt Melanie’s apartment and cat Rufus while she is on a 3-month tour of Europe. It is six weeks into Odessa’s Brooklyn stay, and she realizes that she does not want to return to Piney Island, Louisiana. She wants to find an apartment she and Izzy can share and stay in the most fascinating city she could imagine. Odessa has been working at Untapped Books and Café, within walking distance of where she is staying, and Izzy ended up staying at her aunt’s place with her.

The girls get invited to an escape room adventure when they run into a couple of Izzy’s high school acquaintances. Reservations have been made and paid for by six women, and at the last minute, two were unable to attend. Odessa has never been to an escape room, was excited by the idea of it, and accepted. These were not Izzy’s first choice of people to spend the afternoon with, but since the tickets were already paid for, she agreed to go.

The original group was celebrating Vickie being named the top condo and apartment broker of the year. Marlie, an older broker from the same office, was with them. Marlie had been deemed second best. The six ladies had one hour to get through the clues and find their way out of the escape room suite. Vickie stayed behind in the library while the other five forged ahead through a tunnel to the next room. Their hour was up before they found their way out, and the young man overseeing their departure noticed that one person was missing. Vickie was dead in the library where she had chosen to remain, having been bludgeoned by something that Izzy and Odessa had with them from earlier that day.

When statements were taken and evidence collected, Detective Vince Castillo is unhappy with the results. Izzy, who the detective has been dating for a few weeks, is the only suspect. Only her fingerprints and Odessa’s are identified on the object used to kill Vickie. Izzy and Vickie were enemies from years past. Amid the high-stress day, Aunt Melanie returned early from Europe with a fractured foot. Izzy has nowhere to go, and Odessa’s aunt will purchase her bus ticket back to Piney Island. They have three days to find an apartment and get Izzy off the suspect list.

I like the intelligence and resourcefulness of Odessa and Izzy. They are kind, caring and get along well with co-workers and customers. This is not a slight against food service workers as their work is valuable! The lack of ambition beyond being a waitress or cashier in a cafe was surprising for new adults desiring a lifestyle requiring a more substantial income to pay rent, even if it means working in higher-end restaurants.

This mystery had me stumped! There was little possibility of other suspects who met evidence, motive, and opportunity. The author’s writing flows well and describes the place that I used to love to visit. I am looking forward to their next adventure and seeing more of today’s Brooklyn! The resolution was excellent, and all loose ends tied up. Overall I enjoyed this cozy, and highly recommend it!
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This is a fun, hipsterish cozy mystery featuring Odessa Dean, a small town Louisianna transplant living in Brooklyn and working at a Craft beer slash book store (seriously, she's living the dream!). But when a girl turns up dead during an Escape room adventure gone wrong, it's up to Odessa to help prove her friend's innocence. As in the first book, the use of technology and social media apps are key to helping solve this murder mystery. These books are a fun, modern take on the traditional cozy mystery genre and I really enjoy them. Much thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my review copy!
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This is the second book in the Brooklyn Murder Mystery series. I hadn't read the first, but this one stands alone without issue. I was quickly caught up in Odessa and Izzy's growing friendship and sleuthing, and that makes me eager to go back and read the first book in the series.

Odessa is adjusting to her new life in New York City. Originally from Louisiana, she's getting used to city life and making plenty of friends. It's going to be hard to leave once her aunt returns and no longer needs a housesitter. 

When she and her BFF/co-worker Izzy are out, Izzy bumps into former schoolmates. They agree to join the other women for an escape room adventure. It turns into one incredible mystery when one of the classmates is killed in one of the escape room's areas while the others are in another section. Both Izzy and Odessa are prime suspects as their cornhole trophy is the murder weapon.

Eager to clear their names, Izzy and Odessa start snooping around to figure out what happened. None of this sits well with Izzy's new beau, the lead detective on the case. But, they're not going to let his disappointment with them stop them from figuring out the truth.

No Memes of Escape is a fun romp that hits the mark for exactly what I want from a cozy mystery. While the killer's identity was never difficult to figure out, I still enjoyed their antics. The humor had me laughing, and their friendship left me feeling the warm fuzzies that make a cozy mystery so appealing. It's a great read.
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No Memes of Escape
Olivia Blacke
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Odessa dean is a waitress, apartment sitter, friend, escape room participant, and an amateur detective. Odessa finds herself in an escape room with her friend/roommate Izzy and some friends from Izzy’s past. But not everyone makes it out of the escape room alive.

•Cozy mysteries
•NYC setting
•Solving escape room puzzles

Another case of starting a book then realizing it’s book 2 in a series. Luckily Odessa mentions several things from book 1, so I felt caught up and that I didn’t miss anything from starting on this book. I think Odessa is a great quirky character and all the side characters were fun to get to know. As far as the cozy mystery goes though I don’t really feel like any detective work truly started till like 75-80% through. I enjoyed the story in the book, just wish there was more amateur detective work that I’d expect from a cozy mystery. And then there was on communication issue that would have been solved with a sentence or two, so that part was the only thing that truly annoyed me. Just tell your aunt what you want Odessa 😂 but it all worked out in the end. I would be interested enough to go back and read book 1!

Thank you Berkley Pub and Netgalley for an eARC in exchange for an honest review!
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No Memes of Escape is bok two in A Brooklyn Murder Mystery series. This cozy mystery follows Odessa, a small-town girl, as she navigates Brooklyn while apartment sitting for her aunt. She works at what sounds like the coolest bookstore and cafe as a waitress. This time around we see Odessa and her co-worker and friend turned roommate Izzy go on an escape room adventure with some of Izzy's childhood friends. When someone winds up dead in the escape room, Odessa decides to investigate to help clear Izzy's name.

This was a fairly quaint and cozy mystery. I enjoyed seeing what it was like for Odessa to transition to big city living and the financial struggle felt very real and relatable. I did find this mystery a little easier to figure out and the ending seemed a little too coincidental to me. I felt as though the focus of this book was less on the mystery and more on Odessa trying to stay in New York when her aunt came back. As such, I wanted a little more investigating. 

I was incredibly frustrated with Izzy during this book. She is not always a good friend to Odessa. In fact, when Izzy created a tinder profile for Odessa without Odessa's consent and what she did after that when it came to giving out Odessa's information was just plain scary. I loved Parker's food creations as always and am excited to see more of him in the next book.

Thanks to Berkley and NetGalley for providing me with an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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I read this book mostly to confirm that Blacke is not an author for me, and it did.  Clearly she works for a lot of people but I find her writing style very patronizing, and the plot is lost in exchange for Odessa's every waking thought.  They're not problematic, so I would recommend them to someone looking for a modern cozy mystery, but I just cannot stand them.
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AHH I LOVED THIS ONE! I really liked Killer Content so I was pretty excited when I saw No Memes of Escape. I love how opposite Odessa and Izzy and that Izzy is slowly but sure bringing Odessa out of her shell. You can tell Odessa is more sure of herself and is gaining confidence compared to Killer Content. On top of that there’s an escape room murder! This was a fun read and had everything I love in a cozy mystery. 

Thank you so much to NetGalley, Olivia Blacke and Berkley for allowing me to read and review and arc of No Memes of Escape!  

I will be posting a review this week on
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A cozy mystery series that’s a little different. No small town bakeries and love triangles for this city-dwelling sleuth! Odessa is a a small-town transplant, living in Brooklyn while she apartment-sits for her aunt while she travels, and making money waitressing and the hipsteriest of hipstery bookstore and cafes that also serves beer. When Odessa and her roommate/friend/coworker participate in an escape room and one of them ends up dead, Odessa begins to investigate!

I think this series is a fun change of pace from typical cozies, and a young single waitress trying to make it in the big city is always nice to hear about. At times, the book drags, and this mystery seemed much easier to predict than the first in the series, but it was overall a fun read.

Thanks to Berkley for my eARC! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

4 stars - 8/10
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Those who enjoyed the first in Olivia Blacke’s Brooklyn Murder Mysteries series will be happy to read the second! No Memes of Escape is another solidly constructed mystery told by ever-cheerful narrator Odessa Dean and filled with the warmth and humor and Brooklyn details that truly put the ‘cozy’ in ‘cozy mystery.’ The mystery aspect is good enough to keep the plot moving, but the real fun is in the NYC setting and ensemble of quirky characters who surround Odessa. I read No Memes of Escape in a quick couple of days, and look forward to more of Odessa’s adventures in the future!   

Thank you to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing Group for the advance review copy!
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No Memes of Escape is the second book in a series featuring a woman named Odessa Dean, a Louisiana transplant living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I haven't read the first book, but the author does a good job of catching you up on who's who and what's what.

This book has a mystery: a woman is called during an afternoon in an escape room. But the mystery plays second fiddle to Odessa's quest to stay in Brooklyn. I think I was three-quarters into the book before the characters start seriously investigating the mystery. The mystery itself is pretty standard and the solution a little forced, so I marked it down for that.

I did, however, really enjoy the main character. Her enthusiasm and energy were fun and I enjoyed the cast of characters that were introduced. There was one plot too many for me (the whole Tinder thing) but overall I enjoyed seeing Odessa explore. I kinda wish the author had ditched the mystery and had focused instead on Odessa and her supporting cast living in the city.
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This ARC was provided to me via Kindle by Berkley Publishing Group  and #NetGalley for my honest opinion. 

Odessa does it again. Such a delightful cozy mystery series.
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This was such a delight! I loved the first Odessa book, so it was so great to revisit her as she has to solve another mystery in Brooklyn. We get to know her and Izzy better, as they are thrown into an escape room challenge, where someone ends up dead. I love Odessa's world in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Untapped Books and Cafe and could see hanging out with her and Izzy. I have been anticipating this since I read Killer Content and it did not disappoint!
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Another adorable cover! And the story is fun with smooth writing that flows and makes No Memes of Escape a real treat to read! Plus it takes place in NYC, one of my favorite locations for a book.

Odessa Dean has made a home of Brooklyn. She has a fun job waiting tables at Untapped Books & Café and a new friend, Izzy, to explore the city with. When she’s invited on a girls’ day out escape room adventure, she jumps at the chance. It’s all fun and games until the lights come on and they discover one of the girls bludgeoned to death…

The only possible suspects are Odessa and the four other players that were locked in the escape room with the victim. She refuses to believe that one of them is responsible for the murder, despite what the clues indicate. In between shifts at the café, Odessa splits her time interviewing the murder suspects, updating the bookstore’s social media accounts, and searching for the impossible–an affordable apartment in Brooklyn.

But crime–and criminally high rent–waits for no woman. Can Odessa clear her and Izzy’s names before the police decide they’re guilty?

Coming out on October 5.
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I was so excited to return to the world of Odessa Dean! Our intrepid heroine finds herself once more embroiled in a murder mystery, and as in Killer Content, Blacke deftly throws out red herrings and curveballs to keep the reader wondering who the killer could possibly be. I loved the fresh take on the cozy genre, I loved the humour, and I adored the wonderful, engaging cast of characters. Odessa is an absolute delight. This book sparkles, and I'm looking forward to more from Olivia Blacke!
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murder, murder-investigation, Brooklyn, family-business, family-dynamics, friendship*****

Odessa Dean is from the Bayou in Louisiana and the story takes place in Brooklyn, NY. She has been in NYC only about a month, is cat sitting for her aunt in a posh apartment, works in a bookshop/cafe (with the manager from Hades), has some doormat tendencies (because she is just too nice), and has some really interesting friends (especially Izzy the chameleon!). The Meme in the title is because the manager has coerced her into taking care of their media presence (with no monetary compensation) and wants her to get into the meme game, and the Escape part is because she winds up finding the body while on an Escape Room thing with Izzy and others. Add in a Homicide Detective who has the hots for Izzy, some really exotic new characters, an unexpected deadline, and you have a terrific new cozy that easily could stand alone (but I had read the first one and loved it, too!).
The imagery is terrific, the characters are marvelous, and the humor is just my style.
I requested and received a free temporary ebook copy from Berkley Publishing Group via NetGalley. Thank you!
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