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Exceptionally Upsetting

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Some of this book was great like the United States got to where it is today and how the country needs "to get its mojo back." Also some of this book was hard to read with sentence fragments, run-ons and just very long sentences. Has the author ever heard of a comma or a semi-colon (geez)? I did find the humor in what can be called a dark reality about the United States, it was much needed, 

Yes, this book may not be for everyone but it should be necessary reading for people that need a wake-up call to the horrible level this country has gotten to. I think it can bounce back but it will take many presidents and united effort by the government heads to get there instead of everyone arguing about party politics doing the blame game ad nauseum. 

Recommended read.

Thanks to Netgalley, Howard Burton and Open Agenda Publishing for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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This will not be a book for everyone, which I believe is part of the goal.  Long complex sentences will strain the attention span and reading comprehension of the very people who need this book the most.
So read this book, so you can be "more right" about several issues as well as being better than the losers who didn't read this book.
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2.5 "excellent two thirds, final third ugh" !!!

Thank you to Netgalley, the author and Open Agenda publishing for an e-copy. This was released February 2021. I am providing my honest review.

Mr. Burton is a Canadian living in France. He is trained in both physics and philosophy and spends his time interviewing academics on their areas of expertise. His website is

The first two thirds of this book is illuminating as he explores American democracy, freedom and capitalism and how Contemporary America currently has a highly polarized, tribal and partisan approach to these three important values that have led to the demise of the great USA. He also explores the rise of the business of media and how this has contributed greatly to the disintegration of American society on both the Republican and Democratic sides. So far this is excellent as he delves into American history and how opinion has become as important (if not more) than facts.

I learned so much and was very impressed with his teachings and analysis.

And then ....disaster...the final third is tepid, self-concerned and dare I say quite hypocritical. He gives pop psychology approach for Americans to battle partisanship and individual anger (very poorly done) and then he humblebrags about his own achievements and then seems to write himself a job description as CEO of some worldwide enterprise to educate the masses. He worships at the academic experts doors while disregarding other types of wisdom, knowledge and intuitions.

So the first two thirds is an excellent four stars and the final third is one star. I am weighing them equally because I felt both misled and bamboozled by the end. Yes in the end I was exceptionally upset !
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Hilarious book.  A must read for anyone who wants to see why America is in the state it is in at the moment.

This book is written with wit but totally accessible to most readers.  I really enjoyed it.
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