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Psychology for Kids: The Science of the Mind and Behavior by Jacqueline B. Toner and Claire A. B. Freeland is an excellent educational resource that can make learning about psychology fun. I especially like the content covered in the book as well as the sections in the chapters such as Did You Know? And Check Out the Research. Definitely will be purchasing. #PsychologyforKids #NetGalley
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Thankful for books like this one. My ever-questioning child loves to understand how it all works. The "Why?" is important to the living of it all. I'm adding this to my shelf so that I can reach for it whenever the "Why" is out of my scope! Very well done.
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This book is very useful and I hope all libraries would have this. Both kids and adults could benefit from the information and activities inside this book. Highly recommend!
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Most people associate psychology as for individuals who have depression, anxiety or PTSD; but Psychology for Kids explains that there is more to psychology than what everyone assume. Even though this is written specifically for kids, each concept is explained in such a way that even adults will find benefit from this.

Psychology for Kids is separated into 9 seperate part, with each pat broken down into a few chapters. The first chapter explains what psychology is, and each part in this book logically flow on from there. Some of the parts include how your mind and body work together, understanding emotions and caring for yourself.

Each chapter includes things that you can try yourself and research items that you can further check out. I find these little things really add to this book by helping you understand how psychology does affect individuals by the little experiments that you are encouraged to try.

A good book to introduce younger people to psychology, and adults still will find useful insights in here as well.
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Such a wonderful book and I enjoyed using it with my students and in my private practice. So glad a book like this exists!!! Highly recommend!!
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"I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own." 
I have been looking for a psychology curriculum for our homeschool for years. I really wish I had found this earlier. It is really well done, but a little too children's for my now high schooler. This would be a great add on to an anatomy study though or just to have as a living book.
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This title provides a fine introduction to psychology. It will spark the curiosity of its readers as they learn about such varied topics as Chapter 5’s “What Makes Me Me, or Chapter 14’s What is Stress, or Chapter 16’s What Helps People Do Well, or Chapter 19’s How Can You Understand Other People’s Experiences?

This book has the imprimatur of the American Psychological Association which adds credence to what is included inside its’ pages. Readers will be drawn in right away. One of the first psychologists included is one who works with video games while another studies how people react to smells and another looks at what makes toys appealing. Kids see quickly that psychology covers a wide array of ways to understand feelings and behaviors.

Each section of each chapter is short and will keep readers’ attention. There are also illustrations throughout. I especially liked the sections titled Try This and Now You Know.

All in all, this book provides a good introduction to psychology. Interested readers may well explore deeper after finishing this title or may even begin to consider a career as a psychologist.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.
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This book is great, well laid out and informative. It gives a great starting point to get children thinking about bigger issues. I’d highly recommend.
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I think I went into this book with incorrect assumptions about what it would be; there was a book an old colleague used with a similar title that included a lot of classroom activities/surveys/assessments. This was not that, but I think it could be useful in other ways.

I would not use this probably for classroom curriculum, as it seems too mature/info heavy for my elementary students. However, I do think some of the sections (like thinking traps, multiple intelligences, coping, stress, emotions) could be useful for one-on-one situations. I do think that when I worked in the middle school setting I could use some of this information more broadly in classroom settings. I enjoyed the book more in the latter half; the first half of the book seemed very info heavy, and I don't know that many of my current students (or even former middle schoolers) would have the patience or interest to read through all of that information (much of this information I didn't learn until late high school, undergrad, or even in some cases, graduate school!) As I said, though, I think in my role as a school counselor, I could easily find segments to read through and share with students depending on their needs.

Overall, I think this resource was well-researched and well-written, even if I'm unsure how some sections could be utilized for my students.
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