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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for my digital copy in exchange for an honest review. I requested this book because I love memoirs and I love love and I love travel. Put them all together and you should have a pretty damn good book to read. I was not disappointed at all in my choice to request this memoir, either. :) Honestly, I was pretty much hooked from the get go—because, for me, any true story that begins with a visit to a psychic is my kind of story. I loved the idea of an adventure happening to find true love based on the words of a sounds like something I might do, actually. This is basically a story of hope that leads to new beginning and discovering who you are. I loved reading about her new friends,her surroundings, and what she would do to find her true love.
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This a sweet story of the author's journey overseas to find love.  It is well written and the reader will learn a lot about all the places she visits.
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The least I can do after receiving an ARC is to provide an honest review although I hate if it sounded harsh I just couldn't continue the book and got bored. It wasn't for me but maybe if you are interested very much in odysseys you could give it a try.
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This was a difficult read for me, trying to follow the story with all the references to the different places the main character visited and the constant references made in languages other than english ,some of which were not fully explained. It also got confusing trying to remember who's who and what her relationship to them were. On a less negative note ,this book compelled me to do reference checks on some notable mentions in the book, though this pulled me away from the story quite a bit. I did not feel any romantic connection with her tall man in glasses so this one kinda fell flat for me. Not interested in reading any more works from this author, but if you like travelling places and learning about their histories and the different languages, then this read would be right up your alley. Thanks Netgalley for the opportunity to read this new to me author's work.
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A beautiful true love story on a journey of finding love.. I loved the dialogue and characters a great in depth read.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this romantic memoir about the author's adventures in love and music in Eastern Europe. How many of us had an opportunity to take a chance on love or life and do something totally radical but held ourselves back, to much regret later. Reading Odyssey of Love, I was reminded that even though the unknown can be scary, the prize are might just be worth it. Linda is a great storyteller and the characters were vividly drawn.
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I've finally finished reading this beautiful book that was soo relatable yet made me wonder if it was a novel because of how beautiful the writing was. 
I enjoyed following Linda's adventures and travels that have made my way to my travel bucket list  and her new phrase that I've adopted as my own.... Settle down don't settle for.
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This is the author's true story of how she, on her 41st birthday, decided to make a major change in her life and move to Europe.  She chose the country of Hungary because of her passionate interest and love of the classical music of Franz Liszt. I loved taking the trip virtually with her.  She met so many interesting people -- from her classmates in the course she took to become a certified ESL teacher, to her neighbor Helena, to the men she met  and dated.  I enjoyed visiting the European restaurants and cafes with her, hearing about her experiences singing in the chorus at the Liszt Music Academy, and her trip to Tel Aviv and Finland.  And I kept wondering:  "Will she meet the 'tall man with glasses' like the psychic  predicted?"    And how would the Russian icon (also mentioned by the psychic) fit into the story?  

I loved the way the story unfolded and how the psychic's predictions came true in a most unexpected way!  The story made me want to take a trip to Europe and make my own adventure.  

I recommend this wonderful book! 

Thank you to the author and Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read this book in return for a fair and unbiased review.
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What would you do if your destined love was not your current boyfriend but another man waiting for you overseas? Would you leave your relationship and job to dive into an international search?

Linda did.

When she doesn’t receive the marriage proposal she had long been expecting from her partner Hank on her 41st birthday, Linda reluctantly visits Angelica, a psychic. Angelica predicts that Linda will soon be leaving Hank for a romantic and classical music-filled Odyssey in Europe. There, a “Russian icon” will lead to her future husband, a “tall man with glasses.”

Skeptical at first, but eager to explore her Eastern European roots and reignite her passion for music, Linda moves to Hungary, land of her idol, pianist-composer, Franz Liszt. In Budapest, she reinvents herself as an English teacher and joins a chorus. Soon she’s performing at the Liszt Academy of Music and Tel Aviv’s Opera House.

With Angelica’s vision in mind, Linda vows to “settle down, not settle for” but is tempted by romantic close calls: Gabi is gorgeous but too immature; David in Amsterdam fits Angelica’s description to a T, but his British reserve needs some defrosting. Liszt look-alike Ádám has it all, including a wife.

With her teaching and singing gigs ending, Linda flies to Finland for one last trip before moving back to Boston. But is her Odyssey truly over, or is it just beginning? Wow!  Starts a little slow, but just keeps getting better!  A fantastic book - really enjoyed the story, and by the middle couldn’t put it down until I saw how it ended!   Great read!!!! Story will stay with me for some time.
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Thanks to Net-Galley for providing me with an e-arc in exchange to an honest review.
4.5 stars
well what can I say about this wonderful book
Linda has been waiting for the fateful question from her boyfriend Hank for a long time but when it doesn't arrive on her 41st birthday she decides to visit psychic who predicts that Linda will leave her boyfriend for an odyssey in Europe to find true love there in a tall man with glasses.
Linda decides to change her life and she leaves for Europe where she reinvents herself and becomes an English teacher and participates in a choir.
I liked this book a lot the story is wonderful and it is very well written. One of the most beautiful things is at the end about the author's facts where it is written that Linda Jamsen lives on an island in Helsinki with her husband, the tall man, with glasses
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