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A Degree in a Book: Electrical And Mechanical Engineering

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As an engineering student, I was intrigued when I found this book. I was scared it would be too technical or really vague.

It surprised me. The book manages to blend theory and history quite well, giving a lot of definitions and explanations for the technical concepts without being tedious. It has short chapters so it's easy to digest and can be read in the course of weeks with no issue. It has many graphs and flow charts which I found great to illustrate key concepts.

The book explains in simple terms the technology of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I totally recommend it to people that want to understand a little better the things we're surrounded with or just to refresh everyday concepts (like me). 

I read it a Kindle Paperwhite which I think is NOT the best option, there's no color or zoom for the pictures. I'd probably recommend a tablet or paperback.
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What this is:  A great overview of two engineering fields for prospective engineers and interested laymen who have some technical understanding.   This would be a great resource for advanced high school seniors considering engineering or undecided college freshmen.  The mix is about 70/30 mechanical / electrical engineering.

What this is not:  A degree in a book.  You will not understand what an engineer understands when you finish the book, nor will you be able to practice engineering.  One point off for the title.
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Simplistic enough for my struggling readers, yet fascinating enough to keep all of my students interested, regardless of reading level, this series is a great way for students to further investigate potential careers and interests.  Will be looking into the rest of this series for the classroom!
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