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Loved reading this book and author. If you haven't read it yet I highly recommend her and her books. Happy reading and enjoy
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An exciting cozy mystery with lots of twist and turns as Molly investigates the death of a  woman who just recently moved into the  area.  It only adds to the suspense when a handful of old coins is found in the murder victim's possession and they are tied into a cold case from years ago.  While Molly is trying to find the killer she is also dealing with her own personal trauma of meeting with her father whom she has not seen in years.  A well written story with a good plot .  I want to thank Net Galley for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Priceless, what a gem of a story, totally captivating and entertaining. Molly had a lot on her plate with this murder mystery. With surprising personal complications arising, Molly was hard-spent on staying the course of her investigation. An exciting, captivating, and intriguing cozy, making it a worthy bookshelf addition and a must-read.
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Mint Condition Murder by Ellery Adams and Parker Riggs is the ninth book in the Antiques & Collectibles Mystery series.  When Molly and her mother go to interview the owner of a recently opened antique shop, they discover her dead body instead.  That mystery lead to more as Molly discovers old coins and an antique pistol.  As if that is not enough, her father shows up abruptly and wants to be part of Molly's life.  While the books does have several story lines, everything ties together well.  The mystery is interesting, and the antique focus adds to the book.
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I'm sad as I have officially read every Ellery Adams book currently in print. For nine years I have been reading her books and have loved knowing there were more. Now I must (im)patiently wait for a new one.

I love Molly's character and learning about antiques and collectibles. This story was very interesting and learning it was loosely based on a true story from the co-author, Parker Riggs. Could you imagine finding rare coins in your house as you renovate?

I'm wondering if there will be additional books to this series as the ending seemed so final. Guess I'll have to wait and see.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, Beyond the Page Publishing, through NetGalley. All opinions expressed in the above review are entirely my own.
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3.5 stars, rounded down.

I keep wanting to like this series but it just doesn’t capture my attention the way some of Adams’ others do. Maybe my lack of interest in antiques is the problem. I can’t say there is anything wrong with the story - it was a classic cozy mystery with our protagonist Molly stumbling across a dead body and the game is afoot. There are some twists in the investigation but it all turns out about as expected. Not a bad story or writing, just nothing all that exciting either.

I did feel like this novel in the series requires a little more history with the characters to really care about a few parts of the novel, which is why I rounded down. 

Thanks to the publisher for providing an ARC through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.
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Mint Condition Murder is the 9th book in the Antiques & Collectibles Mysteries series. I must admit that this is the first book that I had personally had the chance to read. While it did certainly seem as though this wasn't Molly's first rodeo, I didn't personally feel as though I was missing anything that kept me from understanding or enjoying the story in any way. 

This story was everything a good mystery should be... lots of possible suspects with viable motives, with loads of clues pointing in all directions to keep me as the reader guessing... and I enjoyed every second of it! I'll keep the mystery alive and won't say too much, but believe me when I say if you're looking for a good cozy mystery to check out, this is certainly one worth trying. I personally am looking forward to reading more in the series. 

**I received a complimentary copy for consideration. All thoughts are my own.
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Molly is getting ready to interview a new to the area antiques dealer but the interview is a bust when the woman is found murdered.  Molly wonders who could have wanted to murder the woman who had only been living in the area a short time.  Meanwhile a father she has never known has decided to enter Molly's life and wants to get to know her.  She soon begins to wonder if the two events are intertwined and decides she must dig deeper to find out how.  Suspect after suspect begin to pop up as Molly investigates and she begins to wonder if she'll ever figure out who the killer is.  Follow along as Molly looks into who the culprit could be and why they wanted this woman dead.
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This is just quite simply a well written, enjoyable cozy mystery. The setting is marvelous and I love all the antiques. Molly is a great protagonist. She's clever  and interesting and in this book she has an old murder, a new murder and the reappearance of her long lost father to deal with.
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Molly Appleby is a report for a Collector's magazine. Molly goes to interview Charlotte Blair, an antique dealer that is new to the area. When entering Charlotte's shop, Molly finds Charlotte dead. As Molly starts her investigation of the death, we meet our suspects, as well as Molly's estranged father.  Can Molly help the police solve this murder and maybe a cold case while dealing with her feelings about her father's appearance in her life?

This is the ninth book in the series but only my second. I had no problems following along with the storyline as the mystery can be a stand-alone. The main protagonist Molly is an interesting character. She is intelligent, driven, caring, and compassionate. However, she can be a little be untrusting, as she is with her father. Which I don't blame her. The mystery is well-plotted with plenty of suspects and red herrings.  I plan on reading more of this series in the future. 

All thoughts and opinions are my own, and in no way have I been influenced by anyone.
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Molly is back for another adventure. This time she must solve the murder of an antique dealer she had an appointment with. I love tagging along with molly as she collects all the pieces of the puzzle so she can solve the crime. I really like that it is a light hearted and easy to read. I enjoyed every book in this series. I always have trouble putting them down ..
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Princess Fuzzypants here:  Molly is set to interview the owner of a new antique business in town but instead discovers her body.  She is not only a good journalist but she also has skills as an investigator which is why her friend, the cop in charge, asks for her help in solving the murder.  The more she finds out, the more questions she has.  There is a very intricate web around this woman and some of it goes back to a cold case.  Just how the old murder fits into the new one is the biggest question.  But it does not compare with the personal question that Molly must answer.

The father that deserted her when she was eight weeks old suddenly wants to connect with her.  She is torn whether she wants to meet him and perhaps get answers or tell him to go on his way.  But once she makes contact, she discovers her father’s new wife and step-son might be knee deep in her investigation.  And once Molly gets embroiled, there is really only one direction she can go.  She must solve the murder and bring the killer to justice.

Another good story in an enjoyable series.  Four purrs and two paws up.
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I enjoyed this book very much.  The story line had three parts to it.  Molly Appleby is a reporter for a magazine, Collector's Writer Weekly.  She and her mother go to interview Charlotte Blair,  an  antique dealer new to the area.  They find her dead. in her shop. This is where the story starts introducing the characters as Molly starts to investigate the cause of her death and a discovery of five coins and an antique pistol. She finds out from her mother that her father who has not been in her life wants to meet with her.  The reader goes through the ups and downs of their meeting and getting to know each other.  Following her leads into Charlotte's death she discovers an old murder which pertains to the coins and the pistol that Mollie finds in an antique desk in the store. .The reader goes back and forth between the stories with twists and turns on who finally murdered Charlotte Blair.

Thank you NetGalley and Beyond the Page Publishing  for this ARC.
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Molly Appleby has made an appointment to interview a new antique dealer but when she arrives she finds a dead body.  Needing to have something for her article, Molly decides that researching the life of the victim will help her to write the article as a memorial.  What she finds, however, makes her wonder why the victim came to their town at all.  Was there something from her past that drew her back?  Why would that have endangered her?

But Molly has a mystery of her own - her long lost father has decided to appear and asks to meet with her.  Her father left when she was just a baby.  Can Molly forgive him?  What secrets did her mother withhold that may affect her now?

The mysteries with the antiques as background are very entertaining but I feel that the characters need a bit more depth.
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I was very glad to see that there is a new Molly 'Adventure'.  I like the way that she uses her reporter advantage to help solve the mysteries and most of the time, she stays in good graces with the detective in charge of the cases.

I found this especially intriguing as it was really two mysteries in one.  Both the new and the old mystery story lines were well-done and I really liked watching them be solved.

Great characters with great relationships and interesting facts about the antiques world.
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You have just got to love it when a plan comes together, and Ellery Adams and Parker Riggs have crafted a story work of art. Molly Appleby is back and she has not one but three mysteries to solve if you include the meeting with her absent father. By absent I mean like a missing relic, the man was never a part of her life, at least she didn't think so. Even crazier than meeting the father you never knew is finding out that his Stepson is a possible suspect in the death of an antiques dealer whom Molly was supposed to interview for her job as a writer/reporter.  Thought it couldn't get any odder? Well there is a desk with a hidden drawer containing Civil War coins and a modern gun. If I don't have your attention or interest yet, I'm not sure what else I could say. Molly is an easy to relate to character who shares bits of her history with you while researching the history of items which keeps you from being lost between the suspects and the storyline. This story is accented in just the right amount of red herrings and misdirection to keep guessing until the end where you find yourself saying "wait, what did they just say?" Where you will then find yourself rereading a few pages. Great story that was born of a real life home renovation treasure find.
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I love this series and think this one of the best installment as it's gripping, highly entertaining.
I was happy to catch up with the fleshed out characters, the solid plot kept me guessing and it's full of twists and turns.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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I was given a free e-copy of this novel by NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion. 

I have not read anything by either author, so I found this novel to be a well written introduction. This is book nine in the series, but I did not necessarily feel lost. There were mentions of previous cases, but they were brief and had no bearing on the current settings.

Molly Appleby is preparing to write an article about Charlotte Blair, and arrives at Charlotte's antiques store only to discover her body instead. Knowing that there is still a story about Charlotte, and wanting to get justice for her, Molly decides to investigate alongside Detective Lombardi. However, Molly soon has more trouble than she realized when her estranged father comes to town wanting to finally meet her, and his new wife is linked to Charlotte. Dealing with her own personal issues and wanting to discover the truth, Molly has quite a balancing act on her hands.

I enjoyed this novel. I loved the support Molly had with her husband Matt, as well as her mother and stepfather. I also really enjoyed the camaraderie between her and Detective Lombardi. I feel too many amateur detective novels don't allow their written police force an opportunity for growth towards the amateur. It was refreshing to see a change in style for once. I also liked that Lombardi wasn't arrogant about his own failings, and maintained a healthy friendship with Molly.

I also liked the description of the antiques. I liked the fact that this was a world that Molly knew about, but she grew from it. She isn't fully knowledgeable and brings other, more experienced individuals around. Molly's personality is down to earth and curious. I really liked and related to her.

The ending was a bit off to me. I had an idea of the murderer, but the way it went about felt abrupt. I was hoping for a bit more flow.

Overall I rate this novel 4 out 5 (I wish the system could do half, 4.5 out 5) and will follow both Ellery Adams and Parker Riggs.
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This was such a nail biter of a page turner. A great read. I loved the Storyline. The plot was very well written and I cannot wait for another book. This was from  a new to me and great author. I really enjoyed the book. Will definitely recommend this book.
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Thank you NetGalley and Beyond The Page Publishing.

Ellery Adams and Parker Riggs team up to bring us another book in this series, where the antique trade can be murder.   The storyline is set up in Vermont, with a transplanted southerner from North Carolina. Molly Appleby is a reporter/writer for Collector's Weekly with a skill for solving murders.

"When the female antique dealer she was meant to interview turns up dead, Collector’s Weekly reporter Molly Appleby can’t help but wonder why anyone would kill a woman so new to the area. Before she can spend much time pondering the means or motive, Molly discovers that the father she never knew is keen on reconciliation. And while it seems unlikely that his sudden interest and the death of the dealer are connected, Molly soon learns otherwise."

This is the second book by this pair that I read, although not my first Ellery Adams.  In this story, Molly has to deal with reconnecting with a father she never knew while solving the murder of an antiques dealer with a "Checkered Past" which coincidently is the name of her store in Vermont.  As Molly delves into the murder, more suspects appear, including ties to her father.  

I enjoyed reading this book and recommend it to lovers of cozy mysteries.
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