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Sherlock and Savich never disappoint! This wasn't one of my favorite books. If either case had been the primary focus of the book instead of trying to do both, the book would have been much better. I believe both storylines had so much potential, but you couldn't do either justice due to the constraints of having to tell both stories. I like her stories best when they are related because I feel like they get more attention.
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This was okay as a standalone, but I think I would've understood more with all the backstory. 25 books is a lot of backstory I've missed! I would like to go back and catch up, but that's a pretty big commitment at this point! Good for her for writing 25 books, though.
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This is the 25th installment of the FBI series and, as with the others, Catherine Coulter does not disappoint.  These books are like candy, I can't get enough.
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You: What? You’ve never read a book by Catherine Coulter?
Me: No, and I’m kind of embarrassed to admit it.
You: Well, my friend, better late than never!
Me: Yikes, I’m talking to myself again. 

 I don’t know how I missed this writer… after all, there are 25 books in this series alone (she’s written 86 novels altogether). I love a good thriller, and Vortex checked all my boxes. What are those boxes, you ask? 
1.	Well-developed, likeable characters
2.	A unique, interesting plot
3.	Great pacing
4.	The perfect amount of description vs. action
5.	Minor pulse pounding. 

In other words, a real knockout! Will I be reading other books in this series? You betcha! 4.5 stars.
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Catherine Coulter produced another page turner with this novel.  There are really three story lines to follow I this book.  Olivia, who has post traumatic stress disorder and is also a CIA agent, has amnesia.  As it becomes obvious someone is out to get her, Savich becomes involved and the page turning suspense begins.  Without giving away the intertwined other plots, I would say don’t start this book unless you are ready to stay up all night finishing it.  I would highly recommend this book and the author.
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I enjoyed this latest book about Agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock.  I would have liked for them to be together more in the storyline.  I think they are what works well in this series.  Overall I enjoyed the book.
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Excellent book!!! I thought this book would be hard to follow because there was more than "one story" occurring at the same time. It was written clearly and concisely so you do not get confused. Outstanding read!!! Catherine Coulter writes amazing "true" crime FBI thrillers. 

Received an ebook ARC from Netgalley but read the hardback edition.
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This is book 25 in the FBI Thriller. I started reading this series at the beginning and haven’t missed one! That said, my mom also read this one and isn’t as current on the series as I am. She enjoyed it- so, while I love knowing the background of some of the characters, I believe it can be read as a stand-alone. 

I find this series to be really readable and enjoyable. There are always a couple of mysteries and a couple teams solving them. The core is a team of FBI agents run by Dillon Savich. His wife, Sherlock, is in all the books as well. There are typically other law enforcement personnel and the mysteries take place in a variety of locations. 

This particular book had three plot lines that only overlapped with the people investigating. I loved the pacing, the characters, and the mysteries! This one also had some sadness in it with one of the more serious storylines involving a seven year old investigation into a missing girl. I appreciated the moments of light and darkness in this book. There was a theme of resilience and loyalty.

I switched between audio and print. The two narrators were excellent and I will look for other books they narrate. I appreciated their accents and emotions, especially in the dialogues. 

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley fo an advance copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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Catherine Coulter never disappoints! Savich and Sherlock are back and just as amazing as ever. Sherlock works with an investigative journalist to solve a missing persons case while Savich finds himself in danger as he helps a CIA operative whose identity has been compromised. Fast-paced from start to finish, this book stacks nicely on Coulter's FBI thriller series.
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Mia Briscoe never got over the fact that her best friend went missing from a party seven years previously, never to be seen again. The trail has long gone cold, but Mia is determined to find out what happened to her, especiay as she sees old photos that have been sent to her. Who is sending the photos and why now? FBI Agent Lacey Sherlock gets called into help, but soon discovers that asking about the past presents incredible danger.

There is a second case going on, and it is involving the investigation headed by CIA Operative Olivia Hildebrandt and Sherlock's husband, also a Special Agent of the FBI, Dillon Savich, are called in th extract a missing agent. Things get too close to home for Olivia and Dillon has to work hard to keep her safe. 

Vortex is another exciting book in the FBI Thriller series. This is book number 25 and it proves to be just as gripping as every previous book in the series. Savich and Sherlock are still going strong. I love them as a couple and their cases are always riveting making this installment another page-turner.

Many thanks to Gallery Books and NetGalley for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Once again agents Sherlock and Savich work their magic in solving two different cases.  One case involves a powerful political figure and the other involves criminal activity tied to a CIA agent. 

Seven years ago Mia Briscoe attended a frat rave at her college with her best friend Serena.  A fire broke out and everyone was accounted for except Serena.  Now seven years later Mia receives a photo that leads to her finding out what happened to Serena.  Once she begins digging up information it leads to a powerful political figure.  Things become dangerous when attempts are made on her life.  Agent Sherlock will become involved and several secrets will be revealed.

CIA Operative Olivia Hildebrandt is a team leader on a mission in Iran to exfiltrate a betrayed undercover operative where she is nearly killed.  The team member who was on that mission with her has disappeared with crucial information   Once she is released from the hospital an attempt is made on her life the first night she is home.  Savich suspects that the strike is a direct result of the compromised mission and the missing team member and flash drive.
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VOTEX - by definition is "a whirling mass like a whirlpool or whirlwind" and Catherine Coulter knows how to catch her readers in one. The storylines blend well as you go from one mystery to the next and back again with such fluidity you won't even mind the change.

Reviewed by Annetta Sweetko for Fresh Fiction

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Another good read by Catherine Coulter.  Savich and Sherwood are at it again:  Savich is helping a CIA agent who is being targeted after a mission overseas.  Sherwood stumbles into a case involving a powerful politician with a violent past that has been revealed by a young journalist.
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This was my first FBI novel by Coulter, but it certainly won't be the last. The pacing was excellent; the story never dragged. And I loved the way that the reader was introduced to both Sherlock's and Dillon's cases. These were characters with grit, courage, and style. I was sorry when I finished it.
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Catherine Coulter books fly off our shelves.  Looking forward to sharing this one with our patrons.
Thank you for the ARC!
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Two independent stories have Savich and Sherlock working in different cities. Easy story was engrossing and could have stood alone. Together, the book was twice as good.
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This is the 25th book in the FBI Thriller series.  Our favorite characters are back for more crime solving!  Savich has to figure out who compromised a CIA mission in Iran that almost led to the death of an agent.  After the agent is attacked at the hospital in the US, Savich become a target himself.
Sherlock is investigating a missing person,a girl who disappeared after a party at a frat house.  Her friend Mia ended up being an investigative journalist, and Mia reaches out to enlist Sherlock’s help.

The characters are strong, and the plot was solid.  I couldn’t put the book down once I started reading it!
5 stars!

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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Catherine Coulter
August 10, 2021

Catherine Coulter’s FBI series release #25.  We find Sherlock and Savich relaxing at home with Sean when each gets a call regarding a new case.  Sherlock heads to New York City to help another agent wrap up the arraignment.  While there she becomes involved with Guardian reporter, Mia Briscoe.  Back in college Mia lost her best friend at a frat party (literally). Despite local law enforcement and the FBI, she was never found and presumed dead.  Recently new clues have surfaced regarding what happened to Serena that night.  It will take Sherlock’s insights to clear up this cold case.  
On the other side, we find Savich working with the CIA regarding the whereabouts of an agent who disappeared after his team was compromised in a mission.  Team leader, Olivia Hildebrandt was injured when a grenade was thrown into the mix.  Upon returning to the states she was terrorized by foreign operatives at her home in Boston. Due to incidents on home soil the FBI was necessary to investigate and protect.  
I have read all of the Sherlock/Savage series.  They always bring a new light in solving critical incidents. Never a dull moment in their current investigation.  I always look forward to reading their latest adventure.  Vortex by Catherine Coulter will be published on August 10, 2021 by Harper Collins Publishers.  I appreciate their allowing me to read and review Vortex via NetGalley.  From start to finish I thoroughly enjoyed Coulter’s latest novel.  I realize her fans are impatiently awaiting this read.  Enjoy!
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Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an fair and honest review.

Wonderful suspense with plots heading in all kinds of different directions, at least at first. You have a cold case, a CIA matter and a rich entitled candidate for Mayor of New York City. Of, I forgot the psychopath murderer. That should be more than enough to satisfy even the most demanding mystery/suspense reader. Savich and Sherlock have their hands full, but they have some really great help.

Mia Briscoe's best friend went missing from a frat party over seven years ago. As an investigative journalist, it has bothered Mia that Serena disappeared without a trace. Another friend who was there that night discovers some old photos and sends them to Mia. This is just what Mia needed to jumpstart this cold case investigation. When Sherlock is asked to help, that is just what Mia needs to unravel what happened to her friend. But, digging into the past is not something certain powerful people want and what is uncovered could be very dangerous for Mia.

As a CIA Operative Olivia Hildebrandt has been on many missions, some good, some not so good. When she and her team are sent to extract an agent who was undercover in Iran's military, this turned out to be a not so good operation. Olivia is injured and a teammate has gone missing with vital intel. Then, after returning home, Olivia is attacked and it all points to a CIA mole. Savich is involved and in his efforts to keep Olivia safe, places himself directly in danger too.
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Like other recent books in the series, this one has parallel stories running through it. Dillon and Sherlock aren't actually in the same place or even working on the same case and, actually, aren't in the book as much as usual. But it was still a Coulter FBI Thriller. Three and a half stars rounded up.
Mia Briscoe is a reporter working on a story related to a mayoral candidate for New York City. In no way did she expect it to lead to the story of a lifetime and the solving of her best friend's murder. But the man is seriously connected and all of a sudden, Mia is under attack. 
Meanwhile, Olivia Hildebrandt is under fire. The CIA operative has been attacked in her own home. She knows it has something to do with her boyfriend's disappearance. They had been on a mission to remove an undercover operative in Iran and now her boyfriend is gone. 
There was also sort of a throwaway story with Sherlock investigating a woman whose second husband has died mysteriously. I guess to reiterate what an awesome investigator she is?

Three and a half stars
Follows Deadlock
This book comes out August 10th, 2021
ARC kindly provided by William Morrow and Custom House and NetGalley
Opinions are my own
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