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This book has many different bread recipes, but I think the lack of pictures is really to its detriment. Pictures really help to see different ways to shape the bread, in particular when making unique and cultural breads. The large blocks of text and recipes that spill over into the next page make it seem unaccessible to the average baker.

That being said, the variety of recipes is inspiring and different than the usual bread recipes books.
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What a big book! There are no photos, just the recipes. You will find recipes for buns, biscuits, muffins, cakes, rolls, scones, and more. I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review
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Thank you to NetGalley.
In this book we find recipes from all over the world and for all levels from beginner to professional.

Each theme ( bread, biscuits, muffins...) includes tips so that there is no problem putting into practice the recipes; which I must say are delicious.
I have tried mainly those dedicated to muffins (I like sweet) and I am delighted.

Not only is it interesting on a personal level but it could also be an excellent gift for anyone minimally interested in the subject.
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A good title for this book would be The Bread Bible - it has simply so many wonderful bread recipes from all over the world! This book has a very old-school cookbook feel, much like the ones that my grandma and mom used to have. I was disappointed that there weren't any photos because I always love to see a picture of the recipe before I make it. Despite that, I would keep this book in my kitchen just because of the sheer amount of variations of bread. It's a great resource!
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To have ate bread while at the Waldorf Astoria while this man was baking bread had to of been an amazing meal. Honestly this book should be called the bread bible it has a ton of recipes based on an old style look.

   What did I like? If your looking for a particular bread your grandma used to bake then it’s probably in this book. With so many variations of the same bread just made a little different. I would have liked a few pictures of the author to make the book have a more authentic feel. Or a few pictures of the bread making process but it’s just an old style recipe book.

   Would I recommend or buy? I’m not a huge bread maker  but I’d add this to my collection just because of the variations. It has a unique feel and old style look that could bring back flavors from your childhood. Bread makers who want those variations will love this book! Four stars!

   I received a complimentary copy to read and voluntarily left a review!
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While I really enjoyed Bittman Bread, this Bread Book is a bit more comprehensive  and full of different recipes and information. The recipes are a bit more exciting/international to me (peanut butter biscuits, apple corn bread., Norwegian afternoon tea bread, soy flour bacon biscuits....) and while I may fight with gluten internally, my love of bread surpasses the discomfort sometimes.  I'm excited to try these recipes and liked the conversion tables and information that I can easily process. While I'm bummed there aren't photos and step by step instructions, the recipes alone are worth it for me to have as a reference book.
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