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1928: Zora Broussard has moved to New Orleans to live with her aunt and cousins after causing a tragic accident with her magic in New York. She brought her grandmother’s red slippers to protect her. Her only escape from her family is when she sneaks out to a club to sing, but she has to be careful to follow the rules imposed on her as a Black woman in the South. Zora’s magic comes out through her music, so she has to work to not lose control. She meets Phillip, a white pianist, at the club and everything changes. Phillip has a magic mirror that was passed down through his family, which shows him the future, including a woman lying in a coffin with Zora’s red slippers. Zora is scared of causing another accident with her magic so she makes a deal to get rid of her magic. She must find a bigger solution to her forbidden romance with Phillip so they can be together. 

This is the second book in The Mirror series. This series tells the story of a family through generations. The first one was about Zora’s grandparents, who were mentioned many times in this book. I love how it shows how stories and mementos are passed down through a family, with some magic added in too.

There seemed to be a lot of important plot points introduced and continued in this story. The mirror was continued from the first story, but there were some new things that Zora had to deal with in this story. There was a mysterious crow and snake symbol that appeared too. I’m really curious to see where this story goes with the next generation. 

Shattered Mirror is a great fairy-tale style story!

Thank you Disney for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Quick paced and easy to read about Zora and her magic escaping her past. She tries to let go of her magic but realizes it’s so much more. I thought it was a great paced book until the end, where it ended abruptly! I’m hoping her story line is continued in the next book in the series, as I want to find out what happens next to Zora (aka Sadie). Dhonielle Clayton is a wonderful writer and this one is no exception. I read this along with listening to the audiobook and the narrator definitely helped keep my interest.
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Shattered Midnight is a story about generational curses, accepting yourself, and making your own choices.

This is the second book in The Mirror series. I love that this series has a different author for each book. I’ve never read a book by Clayton before, but I’ve heard good things. I was little worried that I wouldn’t enjoy this one as much as I did the first. However, I didn’t have anything to worry about. While the story does have a little less of the fairytale quality I enjoyed in the first book, its still really good. It’s well paced, and Clayton added her own touches to the story that made it unique and different while including characters and elements from the first book.

Zora is a great character. She knows what she is passionate about and follows her own path even when the choices she is making are not the “safe” choices. She is passionate about music and falls for a boy who is also passionate about music. The problem is that he is white and she is black in 1920’s New Orleans. A future together seems impossible. Throw in family curses, volatile magic, and magical objects that dangerous people will do anything to acquire, and you know this can’t possibly end well. 

If you enjoy fairytales, YA fantasy, and unique storytelling, this is a fun and easy read. I do recommend beginning with book 1 though. You could read this story on its own, but there are characters and parts of the story that are better understood if you have read the first book.

Can’t wait to read the next book! Thank-you Dhonielle Clayton, Disney-Hyperion, and Netgalley for allowing me to access this free arc in exchange for an honest review!
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Shattered Midnight picks up after the events in Broken Wish, the first book in The Mirror series. It was neat to follow Zora and Phillip, who were the descendants of Mathilda and Agnes from the first book, and see how the magic of their families has impacted their lives. This book can be read as a standalone, but it definitely gives more context to the magic and universe if you've read Broken Wish first.

I love that this book was set in the jazz age, and that Zora's powers involved singing and music. The story being set in New Orleans of course made me think of Tiana, especially because these books have bits of fairy tales woven in throughout. It was also interesting to see how race was addressed in the book, especially with the relationship between Zora and Phillip. I think the author handled this well and didn't shy away from how dangerous interracial relationships were back in the early 20th century.

For the most part, I enjoyed Shattered Midnight. I think the best bits were the little Easter eggs of fairy tales that are sprinkled throughout the book. There's a part where Zora contemplates giving up her magic, including her singing, in order to keep herself safe. That definitley felt inspired by The Little Mermaid. Also, Zora lived with her aunt and cousins, which often gave some Cinderella vibes.

I do wish this book had a bit more magic though, and that Zora could have actually used her powers without literally demolishing a space with her telekinetic power. I know she was forbidden from using magic by her mother, but her grandmother did still train her and her own mother had magical abilities. It seems like she was more dangerous because she was untrained, which seems like a weird way to be raised when your whole family is full of witches.

I will likely continue on in the series because so far these books have ended without a happy ending, and I'm determined to see these families finally have some peace.
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I absolutely loved this book! I originally selected the book based on the author and cover alone. When the story started and I found it was a period piece in New Orleans, I was intrigued. This is actually book two in the series, I did not read book one, and still found the storyline engaging. 

The main character is a young lady with a big gift and seemingly emotionally unstable. She is running from a life changing event that could cost her her life. She runs right into another spider's web, if you will. She arrives in New Orleans to hide at a relative's house. The persona that is the aunt she stayed with, screams of the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. There was a huge segment of the plot dedicated to the formal introduction of ladies into society, courting, and the problem with pride. Not to mention a true forbidden romance. 

I am very excited to share this book with students and fellow readers. I can't wait to get my hands on book three.
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I liked both installments of the Mirror series, but I actually preferred this one a bit more. Although they both have an eerie fairytale vibe, this one’s forbidden romance had a bit more emotional punch most likely due to the time period and New Orleans setting. I didn’t always understand or agree with the protagonist’s motives or actions, but I also have empathy for her since I cannot even conceptualize her predicament. “Shattered Midnight”is my Dhonielle Clayton book and I’m eager for more.
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Thank you Disney Publishing Worldwide and NetGalley for this eARC!

4.5/5 stars!

This installment of The Mirror saga confirmed my love for the series, although I did love the first book more. This was a fresh take on a background/area that isn't widely used in the genre (but the location/time period made this feel reminiscent of The Princess & the Frog, one of my favorites!). The writing was beautiful as always, and Dhonielle made it extremely easy to picture each scene vividly and follow the plot quite easily. There was so much drama! I loved that the romance was the big focus in this book, although with the time period Zora and Phillip experienced one of the most painful aspects of a biracial couple at that time. But the romance being forbidden made each moment that much sweeter! I truly love how each author is bringing something unique to this sprawling story, all the while still feeling very cohesive! Can't wait for book 3!
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This was the second in the Mirror series. I didn't like the second book as much as the first. It felt really short and I didn't get a really good grasp on who Zora really was.
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I'm not too surprised that I really enjoyed reading Shattered Midnight, first because I love fairy tales and loved the first book in this series, and also because I'm a huge fan of Dhonielle Clayton. This story takes place a few decades after the first book and is set in a completely different setting, but the stories are still very much connected through looking at the curse that following the same family. One of the things I love about this book is that the story definitely feels connected to the one before it, but it's also a really strong story on it's own.
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I love a fairy tale retelling and I love Dhonielle Clayton so I knew this book couldn’t go wrong! I was worried that not having read the first in the series would be a problem but it was so easy to fall into Zora’s character and story and now I desperately want to go to New Orleans! As always the authors gorgeous language and descriptions transports you to 1920’s New Orleans where an interracial relationship was downright dangerous. The evil stepmother walks a line of being hated and seeming over protective with “decent” motives which makes the reader question everything they knew about the original tale. Another great book by Dhonielle Clayton.
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I love Dhonielle’s writing. I loved Broken Wish and loved Shattered Mirror. Each author is bringing this unique cultural feel to some much needed updated fairytales. This books was a fresh take on a untapped backdrop for a fairytale. This was unique and had that southern draw and history woven throughout. I would definitely recommend this story. I am giving this novel 4 out of 5 stars.
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I have received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

It's always interesting to get rejected to read the first book in a series, but then get accepted to not only read but be able to listen to the sequel. So, yes, I was surprised to see my acceptance for both the ebook and audiobook of Shattered Midnight.

First, we were in Germany. Now we are in New Orleans. Luckily, we are still visiting the same world but with different characters. Just like the first book, I definitely fell in love with everything. Whether it was the world building, the characters, or just overall book - it was so easy to follow and picture it at the same time. Even though we don't get as much betrayal like we did in the first book, we still got plenty of it. As well as the drama. Oh man, so much drama.

Then there's the romance. I honestly love forbidden ones and it was definitely interesting to see how things played out here. Zora and Phillip had obvious chemistry, but things weren't exactly easy for them. Especially when it comes to the color of their skin. Luckily for them, love doesn't see color and I was all for their romance. Even if the time they were living in wasn't.

In the end, I was not prepared for how this was going to end. I went through so many emotions throughout this book and I'm still in recovery. I'm definitely excited for the third book to come out because I just need more from this series.
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Shattered Midnight, the second book in the four-book Mirror fairytale series, (Book 1: Broken Wish by Julie C. Dao) introduces Zora Broussard, a young Black teen who flees to New Orleans from New York during the 1920s, after her magic causes a deadly accident.  Living with her Aunt Celine, a high society maven, Zora is expected to become a debutante; however, she sneaks out at night to sing in jazz clubs as "Sweet Willow."  Fearing she will cause more harm, she bargains with a local conjure woman to take away her magic.  However, in return she must give up her music, which is her connection to Phillip, a White pianist with whom she has fallen in love.  Phillip is determined to be with her despite the racial segregation of the era.  Zora must decided how love, magic and music figure into her future happiness. What to keep and what to give up.
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I did not like this entry of the series as much as the others. I love the setting and the characters, but the plot was slow and unexciting. The use of magic was not enough to my liking and often traveled into the cliche of interracial couples.

Compared to the first entry in the series, it's a disappointment. But as its own story, there are a few strong points but very ordinary.
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This is a fast-paced, YA romance book that centers on a young woman named Zora. First let me say that I'd encourage anyone to read Julie C. Dao's Broken Wish before you read Shattered Midnight because it seemed really obvious that this book centered on things that were set up in book 1. It won't completetly ruin the story for you but still. Shattered Midnight deals with segratation that was rampant in American in the 1920s and onward; Zora is a Black heroine whose a descendant from one of the characters in book 1. Zora is sent to New Orleans after something bad happens and then the story goes from there. I will say that I was alittle dissapointed by the ending, but since it would seem the books build on each other, I will definetly be reading book 3 to see if that is resolved. Overall I'd give it 4 stars and would definetly recommend it to folks like for a different take on a Cinderella retelling.
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I really enjoyed the first book in this series, but I think I like this one even more! It was interesting to see from the perspective of Zora, the Black protagonist who is living in New Orleans during segregation of the 1920s. I really enjoyed her character, as well as the other characters in the story. They all were well developed and multi-faceted, especially for the genre. I love how the series is multigenerational and it was fun to figure out exactly how the main characters fit into the timeline from the previous book. This is the first book I have read by Dhonielle and I really enjoyed her writing! I'm excited to see what the next book brings, as this one definitely left off on a cliffhanger!
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Shattered midnight is the second installment in the mirrors series with the first book being broken wish by Julie c dao! This series has 4 different authors which I find really unique compare to other book series.
So in this second installment we follow different characters but set in the same world but this time we r new oreleans! The writing in this book was beautiful! I was able to picture everything Clayton was talking about even though I haven’t been to New Orleans! There was a twist in the middle of the book that I didn’t see coming so that is a good sign and this cliffhanger! I need book 3 asap! Overall rating 4/5 stars! If u liked the diviners series I think u will like this series but especially shattered midnight because it’s set in 1920’s! Thank u to Disney books and Jamie for sending me a finished copy but all thoughts r my own! #shatteredmidnight #dhoneilleclayton #disneybooks #letstalkya #rockstarbooktour #yalit #themirrorseries #fairytale #diversereads #historicalfiction #bookworm #bookish #bookreview #igreads
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i think my biggest issue and the things that confused me the most was the magic system. like, i feel like they kind of thrown you into this series/book, and that they never really explained it to well, and it literally didn't make sense. like, i feel like this book felt like a really bad hulk fanfiction, since i think her magic was like she got mad and blew things up, which was just stupid, but i don't even know if that is right since they didn't really explain it. 

with that, i know that this book is part of a series, and i have read the first book, so i kind of expected it do be kind of the same vibe. but, i feel like they didn't do that? like i know that this was a generation story, like each of the book has the same family but in different generations, which i think is cool. but, i feel like the magic system was not explained and that they needed to have it been better and not have it been so confusing, since i guarantee you with the story and the magic would change with all these years between the two books. 

but, at the same time, i feel like they did try to make the plot and the magic to be this main plot in the book. like, i feel like they spent so much time, yet not enough time on this same plot and that this book had like nothing happening. like, i feel that they spent so much time, and yet nothing made sense or like happened. like, i feel like they would literally talk in circles in this book, and that instead of talking about the music system in a new way, or like add new ideas, but instead they just talk about the same things again and again. 

personally, i feel like that this book had zero development for the characters. like, this story was so romance and magic heavy, that i feel like they didn't develop the characters and this relationships. personally, to me this felt like this book was just this romance book and this fantasy book, with some random characters that nobody really cares about being the 'face' of this book. 

with the development, i feel like the only 'development' of this book was that zora learned to love her magic, and that now she likes it, or at least a little bit, and that she knows how to control everything about it. which, i honestly didn't hate, since her going on and on about how much she hated her magic got to be annoying. and the only other thing was that could be considered 'development' was that they had this whole love cured racism, which literally annoyed me so much since they thought getting married would solve literally everything, which was annoying. 

then with the romance, i feel like my biggest issue with romance that takes place in a book that only happens in a matter of days/weeks, is that they have zero chemistry. like, i feel that they barely knew each other, and that the only reason phillip was drawn to zora was that she wasn't this rich white girl and played some sort of instrument/sang very well, and that zora really just liked him cause he was nice to her, which got so annoying and i just hated. like, they could barely talk about each other and what their likes and dislikes were, it was just kind of basic crap that got to be on my nerves. and like i feel like the romance was just so half ass and so much of them was just them horny and just that each other was attractive. 

with the characters, i feel like zora was decent. but, i feel like she was just kind of basic, like i really did like her passion for her music and how much she loved it, which i honestly loved so much. and i think that her love for her family, mainly her mother and grandmother, which was another cool thing about her. but, other than that, i feel like she was just so bland and boring, and that all she did in here was bitch and moan about how she hates her life in this new city and how she wants to be famous, kind of this massive cycle, that got to be so annoying. 

but, then with phillip, who is arguable the second biggest character in this book, we knew nothing about him. like literally nothing. i don't remember if they talked about what he looked like, which i don't even think they did. but, even besides that, all that we knew about him was that he's white, his family is rich, and he has a red car. like, that was it. literally. like this man was supposed to be this guy we like and can see the romance take off with, but we didn't even know his eye color.
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This is the second installment in the Mirror series. Each book has ties to magic and a mysterious mirror and each installment is written by a different author which I think is a super awesome way to do a series.  The books move forward in time and have different characters but each has the magic/mirror link.  The first book-Broken Wish by Julie C. Dao followed Elva in 1860's Hanau, Germany.  Shattered Midnight introduces us to Zora Broussard in 1920's New Orleans.  Zora is a talented singer who was sent to live with relatives in New Orleans after a tragic accident in New York.  Her Aunt wants Zora to be a proper lady and settle down but Zora is drawn to her love of music and the jazz clubs of New Orleans that make her feel truly alive.  It is at one of these clubs that she meets Philip-a white pianist-and they are connected more than they know.  Zora must navigate the segregated south while trying to keep a lid on her magic and getting caught up on her forbidden romance with Philip.  I loved the first book in this series and I really liked this one too!  Love that each is in a different time period with different characters sharing a common thread.  Unique and great for YA fantasy lovers!
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I really enjoyed this book and I really want to read more books from this author in the future. I really loved the book cover as well.
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