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I came away from reading this feeling so inspired! 
I think in today's age we're all (consciously or unconsciously) looking for ways to feel more connected - to one another and our place on this earth. 
Lucky for us, Felicia Cocotzin Ruiz has curated her own beautiful tapestry of healing modalities from her own indigenous ancestry as well as those from traditional practices from all over the world (like Ayurveda and TCM) to create a unique vision of how to truly take care of ourselves and our communities.
Each "recipe' is organized by the element that governs it - Earth, Air, Fire, Water - and it feels nourishing just reading her writing about each one of them. I love that the recipes range in difficulty (most being very simple) and some being internal spiritual practices that don't require you to buy anything.
In our "wellness" age, a lot of books on these topics can read hollow and prescriptive. This book stands apart from that crowd. The author inspired me to live more authentically and intuitively, as well as try a few new practices to deepen my relationship with the beauty of life itself.
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Words cannot express the beauty and importance of this very doable and practical way. Ms Ruiz has written a masterpiece that will be used for generations IMO by those who do not have the luck of having person of knowledge nearby , ready to help. There are so many teachings that I remember from my Grandmother as I read this book that I immediately knew how important this was to put into writing. First the Earth is mentioned as who we all must work for and with. That was stated early and its very true. As I read I made notes to myself as to what I was going to implement in my life now and later too. The pictures are beautiful and the illustrations are precise and to the point. It is put together is a very good way that places the reader in the state of gratitude to the Earth and those that have gone before us as people of courage and fortitude. I love this book and its way of making life worth living again.
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I found this book quite intriguing. I loved that the author shared natural remedies indigenous to her culture. While they all aren't necessarily things I would would make or do, it was fun to learn about her culture. She has many recipes, food, home products, essential oil blends, etc., activities, and often elaborates on the history of them as well. There are many beautiful pictures throughout the book as well.
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