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The Cosy Cottage in Ireland

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First off thank you to Harper Collins via Netgalley for preapproving me to read this book and thank you to Julie Caplin for writing another wonderful book.

I love the title first of all, it made me smile thinking about what the cosy cottage might look like, and that was even before reading the book.

The talk of all the food made my stomach rumble while I was reading this.

I liked the toing and froing between Connor and Hannah, they seem so well suited but I wasn't sure if they would get together or not so I was eager to read on and find out.

The Cottage that Hannah is staying in sounds beautiful.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this cosy, romantic, food filled read. It give a lovely warm feeling when you're reading it.
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Hannah decides she’s had enough of being the sensible solicitor, taking time to think through all her decisions, and so she signs up for a six week cookery course at the Killorgally cookery school in County Cork. On a stopover in Dublin, she meets Connor and they share a no strings attached night out. But when Connor appears in Killorgally, Hannah has some thinking to do.

The Cosy Cottage in Ireland is another hit from Julie Caplin. As with all her books, there is so much more to enjoy than a simple story. We have the beautiful Irish scenery, so well described I can almost feel that I’ve visited there myself. There is also the cookery school, and the recipes and techniques used are again laid out in full, which brings Killorgally fully to life. And to complete the mix, there’s even the mystery of the neighbours, with a few scares and thrills to entertain.

All in all, a great read and one of her best!
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I’ve been to Dublin so recognised places mentioned and I have been to a cookery school where the Head chef was a hard task master so empathised with Hannah. Nice bit of romance thrown in for a very enjoyable story
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This is the eighth book in the ‘Romantic Escapes’ series, which I have to say is my favourite book series because I have loved each and every one of the escapes. I think I’ve valued them even more since going away has been so restricted. Although each of the books has a link with one of the others, the link is not enough to make each book need to be read in the correct order, these work perfectly as standalone books.

I loved Hannah, and her decision to attend a cookery school simply because of her need to be the best, and solely made because another talented lawyer at the firm could bake perfectly and she couldn’t. That competitive streak is something that I could really identify with! I loved her first unforgettable meeting with Conor, and the hilarious second meeting that she never expected to have. Although their initial meeting was so dramatic, their romance was a definite slow burn due to miscommunication and misunderstandings along the way.

The setting in County Kerry sounded so beautiful. The descriptions of Ireland really captivated me, and there goes another destination I need to add to my bucket list! I have to say I could picture the cottage and really want to live there, complete with sea view.

I can guarantee, with all the food being cooked, reading this will make you feel very hungry.

The creepy neighbour was the perfect balance of mean and menacing. The other characters were wonderful, some slightly difficult, and some with fantastic banter that really made them entertaining, and I loved the way everyone rallied round when disaster struck. I also enjoyed the fact that Hannah used her legal skills to their best advantage.

I’m hoping that I have worked out where we are going on the next ‘Romantic Escape’. Fingers crossed for that, but I’m sorry, I’m not going to share, my lips are firmly sealed! You’ll have to read it and see if you can work it out too.
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Hannah Campbell was enjoying kicking back and relaxing in Dublin, away from her frenetic life as a lawyer in Manchester. She still wasn’t quite sure what had prompted her to book a six week course at Killorgally Cookery School, apart from the fact she’s embarrassed about not being able to cook and being totally outshone by her sister in the kitchen. A bonus is that the cookery school isn’t far from where her best friends, Aidan and Sorcha, live. 

Hannah was spending a night in Dublin before she collected the hire car for the drive to County Kerry. Relaxing with a glass of wine in the hotel bar after a day of sightseeing in the rain, the last thing she expected was an encounter that lead to much more with the charismatic and handsome Conor.

The next day finds Hannah on the road to County Kerry and the wonderful sounding Killorgally estate which, besides the school, comprises a working farm, gorgeous cottages for the students’ accommodation and beautiful views. There’s a great mix of characters, all well defined and individual with their own stories. I enjoyed the banter between them, the friendly relationships that developed and the way the farm was run with the students helping to tend the animals and crops.

Normally an extremely cautious person, always choosing the safe options, Hannah feels quite the opposite in Ireland. Her life in Manchester contrasts sharply with her feelings of release and pleasure in this new and different environment. That is until someone she didn’t expect to see again turns up. So much for thinking what happened in Dublin wouldn’t come back to bite her. 

The Cosy Cottage in Ireland was a delightful, fun, emotional and altogether engaging story set in an idyllic location, which was wonderfully and vividly described. Although this is book eight in the series, I believe each is a standalone read with different characters.
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I love this series, so I was delighted when the publisher sent me a NetGalley widget  for this latest book. As soon as I started reading I knew I was in for a real treat, and snuggled down to follow Hannah on her culinary journey in Ireland.
I loved the Irish setting so much, it really made me want to visit rural Ireland, but not the cookery school so much! I would be just like Hannah especially if I had to make a Victoria sponge!  All food descriptions made me want to do some cooking with fresh seasonal ingredients. I loved how all the different students had daily chores and enjoyed visiting the hens with Hannah each morning. The banter between the different characters was so natural, it made the book feel very real.
I had a funny feeling that I knew what was going to happen between Hannah and Connor, but I really didn’t mind as the chemistry between them was perfect, and after all this is a romance! 
If you’re looking for a cosy read I definitely recommend this one. In fact I recommend the whole Romantic Escapes series!
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I’ve never thrown myself into a Julie Caplin book and not immediately been embraced by a cosy hug of a novel, and this book is no exception. In fact, I think this one might be my favourite yet (do I say this about every one of them? Probably!), although I was pre-disposed to like it because it centred around one of my favourite places in the world.

Starting off in Dublin and then heading west to Kerry, with a sojourn to the beautiful harbour town of Dingle, this novel takes you to some of the most beautiful parts of Ireland, and will make you feel absolutely like you are there. In fact, if you aren’t immediately whipping out the travel guides and planning your own trip to the Emerald Isle as soon as you’ve finished it, I will be mightily surprised.

Lawyer Hannah has pushed herself out of her comfort zone to take a cookery course at a famous school of cuisine in Ireland and, no sooner has she set foot on Irish soil, she begins to act very out of character, being bold and taking chances she never normally would. Well, travel can have that effect on us all, although my travels have never propelled me into the arms of anyone quite as scrumptious as Conor Byrne. (Again, I may be displaying some bias here, given my clear penchant for men with an Irish burr.) She comes to regret her hastiness later, but stories would be no fun if the participants behaved sensibly, now would they?

As with all of Julie’s travel novels, food plays a massive part in the story, and this one is no exception. Set in a cookery school and focusing on the connection between the ingredients, where they come from and the plate, it is a feast for all the senses, and feels topical for modern times. Foodies will revel in the descriptions of all the cooking processes, and I am sure many people will be familiar with the trials and tribulations of bread-making after the past 18 months, especially the travails of battling a sourdough starter. (If you follow Julie, you will know this is something she has been tackling herself, this is an author who believes in hands on research!)

The romance in this book is natural and spontaneous and passionate and seem to develop so believably on the page that I could not have accepted the two main characters not ending up together. The trials they face along the way were very understandable, they were not at all contrived and you could easily see how their misunderstandings could arise. They seemed to fit together like two puzzle pieces, and the chemistry between them flew off the page. Since the relationship is the heart of any novel calling itself romance, I can assure you that lovers of the genre will not be disappointed by this one.

My favourite part of the book was when Hannah takes a trip to Dingle and has an encounter with one of its famous residents. Dingle is my favourite place in Ireland, it is unique and beautiful and friendly and I absolutely adored it, can’t wait to go back. I had an encounter with that resident myself and the story took me back to one of my most magical memories.

This book is the perfect cosy romance to snuggle up with during this chilly autumn days. It will leave you happy, satisfied and with the warm glow of a Ready Brek kid (a reference that will only mean something to people of a certain age!) I’m looking forward to getting my paperback to add to my beloved collection of Romantic Escapes novels and am looking forward to seeing where this author will take me next. It is always a pleasure to take an armchair trip with her.
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Once again Caplin delivers a great read as this writer becomes my ‘go to’ author for cosy romances that feature beautiful settings and fantastic food! Heading to Ireland this time, we follow Hannah as she embarks on a cookery course, only to realise that her desserts go beyond a perfect soufflé.

Two of the most memorable things of my last Caplin read was the vivid setting and mouth-watering food. Readers will not be disappointed here as we firstly head to Dublin and then the idyllic Irish countryside. Personally, I have many warm memories of Dublin and I think Caplin’s description perfectly captures the atmosphere, energy and aesthetics of a beautiful city. Yet, only a small fraction of this book takes place here as Hannah moves to the Irish coast to learn how to cook. It reminded me a bit of 'Master Chef' and 'The Great British Bake Off' as we watch many scenes of Hannah’s attempts to improve her culinary skills. I truly sympathised with Hannah as she realises she is not as good as her classmates, but perseveres nonetheless.

Living on the working farm/cookery school, Hannah learns not just about the importance of food, but to take time out for herself. Hannah is able to admit that her life in Manchester isn’t really living: her apartment is just a place to sleep; she is fully dedicated to her job with little room for anything else; and she lacks the confidence to take risks and make a change. Therefore, the cookery course is symbolic of the transformation that Hannah undergoes, which she herself begins to recognise (calling it her ‘Ireland Hannah’ when she sees that difference emerging). This was a really enjoyable aspect of the story and one that I recognised from Caplin’s previous read, where characters go on a journey of re-discovery and evaluate what is most important to them.

Of course, one thing you expect from Caplin’s novels is a sweet romance. This happens with the dishy Conor and I loved imagining his Irish accent! The first scenes where Hannah and Conor meet are delightfully entertaining and, whilst it is easy to foresee how their relationship will develop, added to the cosy atmosphere of the book. As I said, this author is perfect for writing books that will make her readers feel all warm and content on the inside.

I really enjoyed the vast variety of characters in this book, particularly Hannah’s fellow cooking classmates. The people are all different in their own way and have such contrasting personalities. Jason was definitely my favourite chef, as I loved reading his rebellious behaviour and the money he had to donate to the swearing jar! He is a lovable rogue and I thought his final actions towards the end of the story simply proved how many good friends Hannah had made on the course.

For sure, my love for Ireland gave me a biased head-start with this book! It is a lovely read and I enjoyed relaxing to see Hannah’s cooking disasters and how she learned along the way. This is a sweet story that did not disappoint and I look forward to reading more by this author in the future.

With thanks to One More Chapter, NetGalley and Rachel’s Random Resources for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I love Julie's books for two key reasons - firstly she has an amazing ability to draw you into a location, wherther that be exotic or closer to home; secondly she creates characters full of life in whom we become invested and care about. this book is no exception and before long you'll be drawn into a sleepy Irish village, cooking delicious food and speaking with an irish lilt. Neighbourly disputes will be no surprise to those who have lived in the country and the ending ties everything up neatly. It really is all in the telling - a book you won't want to finish for the very best of reasons.
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If you're looking for an adorable romantic comedy, this is it! "The Cosy Cottage in Ireland" helped transport me to the Irish countryside. I was living vicariously through Hannah Campbell as she attended a culinary masterclass in Kerry County. While traveling to her destination, she bumped into Conor at a bar in Dublin and sparks fly. After spending the night together and determining that her behavior was completely out of the norm for her, she is shocked when she discovers that his family owns the culinary school she is attending. Will they be able to avoid each other, or will the relationship continue? Tune in to find out!

This was my first book by Julie Caplin and I will definitely be reading more! Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC. All opinions are my own.
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This is another book in the Romantic Escapes series by Julie, which are all fantastic and this doesn’t disappoint either.
What I enjoy about Julie’s books is that although there are main characters there are also fantastic supporting characters that you get to know and there’s always a food theme and you get to get a feel of the culture of the particular country the book is based in.
This story is based in a cookery school as Hannah has taken a break from her job as a lawyer to learn to cook. During a stop over in Dublin on the way she meets Conor and throws caution to the wind thinking she will never see him again, little did she know his Mum owns the cookery school that she is going to. Conor however has made it clear he doesn’t mix business with pleasure with guests.
As always Julie’s descriptive writing transports you to the country that the story is based in and makes you hungry, for food, and more of her wonderful books.
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As someone who loves to cook, I am loving the food aspect of the book. The characters are strong and I've formed a bond and care about the characters and what was happening. I wanted to go to Ireland and find that cottage because it sounds perfect and relaxing.
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This is another truly wonderful read from the fantastic Julie Caplin.
This is the 8th book in the ‘Romantic Escapes’ series but they can easily be read as a standalone.  Each book in the series focuses on a truly beautiful destination so choose where you fancy and enjoy!  I’m just hoping that this isn’t the last as I can see this series going on forever!

So, I now want to go to Ireland!  Julie’s writing is a breathe of fresh air, her descriptions of Ireland made it so easy for me to picture and she brings to life such relatable fun characters.  I throughly enjoyed this from start to finish. 

Workaholic lawyer Hannah wants to shake things up in her life and decides to book herself a place at a cookery school in Ireland.  Barely settled she meets Conor, a handsome stranger although Conor doesn’t stay just a handsome stranger when she arrives for her first day!  Expect lots of food (honestly I wanted to eat the whole time I was reading), a fun romance of ‘will they won’t they’ and the beginnings of some wonderful new friendships. 

This book is full to the brim with such loveliness.  It’s humorous, heartwarming, it’s a little saucy at times too.  Overall this is escapism at its very best and I recommend you all to get this book and escape off to beautiful Ireland!  Although don’t go taking Conor.. his all mine! Ha! 

All there is left to say is ‘Julie.. where are you taking us next?!’

A big thank you to Rachels Random Resources for arranging the blog tour also to Netgalley and One More Chapter for the ARC which I received in exchange of an honest review.
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This book is like a warm hug. The idyllic setting, the palpable tension, the HEA and quite frankly, there’s just something about the warmth of the Irish that always gets me. I really enjoyed that I could easily relate to Hannah, her insecurities of “guys like him would never date a girl like me” so it hits a little close to home but overall, a fun story, with a strong Female MC, gorgeous yet grumpy and troubled male MC and a wonderful HEA. The perfect cozy season read💙
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The Cosy Cottage in Ireland is an enchanting book about stepping out of your comfort zone opening yourself up to new experiences.  The descriptions of Ireland are magical and make you wish you were there. 
Hannah is a lawyer who never takes time off from work and cannot cook. After an intercompany baking competition she decides to take a leap of faith and take a sabbatical from work to enroll in Killorgally cookery school thinking it was a beginners course. 
After landing in Ireland she meets Conor and has a one night stand thinking she would never see him again, fate had other ideas.
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Having already read and loved The Little Swiss Ski Chalet, I knew I was going to love The Cosy Cottage in Ireland just as much, and I was right! The story follows main character Hannah, who is a lawyer in Manchester and a workaholic. Deciding she needs some time away from work for a bit, Hannah enrols herself on the world-renowned Killorgally Cookery School in Ireland. Deciding to take a few extra days exploring Dublin before she heads to County Kerry for the start of her cookery course. This is where Hannah meets the handsome and charming Conor, and falling for his Irish charm, Hannah spends the night with Conor.

The following morning, Hannah leaves Dublin and heads to Kerry for the start of her cookery course. Meeting the other people enrolled on the course, the usually very confident Hannah begins to feel nervous and out of her comfort zone. You see, Hannah has a secret – she cant cook at all, and for perfectionist Hannah it is something she is very embarrassed about. Feeling a lot out of her comfort zone, Hannah knows the next 6 weeks are going to challenge her, in more ways than she could ever have imagined. And the very last thing Hannah expected was to come face-to-face with the deliciously handsome Conor again!

The Cosy Cottage in Ireland is such a beautifully written story. The connection and chemistry between Hannah and Conor is incredible – I didn’t want this story to end. The Cosy Cottage in Ireland leaves you with that warm, feel-good feeling, packed full of romance, humour, a beautiful location in Ireland and some of the dreamiest food imaginable – an absolute must-read.
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I always love travelling with Julie and her characters, so I was so excited to be on the tour for The Cosy Cottage in Ireland.  Apart from the gorgeous covers, the characters, food and settings usually provide the perfect escape, and this outing certainly did not disappoint. 
Hannah takes leave from her high powered, stressful job as a lawyer and books herself in for a cookery course at the Killorgally in Ireland to overcome the one thing she has never been able to do in her life.  On arrival in Ireland, she hooks uncharacteristically hooks up with Connor believing it to be a one-off encounter.  So what happens when he turns up on her cookery course? 
I loved the setting of Ireland – I’ve only had a brief visit to Belfast before and I’d love to see other places in Ireland although after reading this, I feel as though I know a lot more about it.  The descriptions of the foods were delightful and I could almost taste each morsel 
I can completely identify with Hannah – I cannot cook and I hate it but it’s something I just cannot seem to master.  I love the idea of upping and leaving to a cosy cottage in a new place and learning how to cook amazing food whilst experience a new place and making new friends. 
I adored the romantic plot of will they, won’t they? but also the camaraderie and banter between the others in the cookery school.  I love books where the main character goes on a journey of self-discovery and builds a little community of support around themselves and Cosy Cottage hits the spot on this aspect.  
This is a gorgeous armchair travel book full of romance, escapism and friendship and I cannot recommend it enough.
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In  the book we follow the lawyer Hannah Campbell on her way to finally do some change in her work life in Manchester. On a whim, she booked herself a cooking course at the Killorgally Cookery School in County Kerry in Ireland. In Dublin she meets a handsome Conor, not expecting it to last longer than just one night stand. But what happens when she meets him at the Cookery School?

I didn’t read any previous books with the main character but I’ve quickly come to love her. She represents all that a lot of people are currently; overworked and living a past faced life without fully enjoying it. When was the last time any of us have taken the walk in the nature? Or fed chickens? Or just did something that we truly enjoy? It rarely happens! This book shows us that it is okay to do just that and sometimes put ourselves in the first place instead of our job.

And the romance?! It was for sure slow burn but I’ve enjoyed it. And I was glad that it wasn’t only about the romance but also kept me on my toes here and there. It had really nice mix of the characters which meant that the book wasn’t bland.

If you need something to read under the blanket while it rains outside, pick up this book. It is really perfect for the autumnal weather and it is quite a quick read. If you’ve read any Julie’s books before, you won’t be disappointed
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What can I say. I liked this book. Must read. Do it. If you do anything else. Read this book today. Great read and enjoyable.
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This was a very cute, easy read romance, with all the usual misunderstandings  and miscommunications.  The lead character, Hannah is very likeable, though we never fully find out why she decides to go on a 6 week sabbatical to go on a cooking course and how she can afford this, or why her employer decides this is perfectly ok.  Conor is delicious, though I thought he came across as a bit arrogant at times and this marred my enjoyment of the book slightly.

There are a couple of saucy moments in this, so if you prefer your romance on the more chaste side then this might not be for you! 

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a copy of this book, this is my unpaid review.

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