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Title: The Night When No One Had Sex by Kalena Miller

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary

Rating: 4.5 Stars

The Night When No One Had Sex for me was a reverse Cherry by Lindsey Rosin and it was absolutely delightful as it was part romance, part friendship story with some great representation and definitely deserves the hype it has been getting. For a young adult book it was nice to see some older characters planning to go to college as I feel this isn’t really represented especially in the contemporary and romance genres. We are following a group of friend including Julia, and her boyfriend Kevin, Zoe and her girlfriend Morgan, Alex and his date Leah and Madison and her boyfriend Jake. Julia has planned to lose her virginity at prom and manages to convince her friends to join her but nothing is going to go right and that isn’t a bad thing.

I am going to break this review down by the couples as that is easier especially since the book bounces between each couple and their group chat as well. Starting with Julia and Kevin, they manages to get access to Zoe’s uncle’s lake house for the big deed but Julia finds the first attempt to painful and there is also the added complication of Zoe’s uncle leaving behind his cat and Julia is afraid of cats (which I can’t understand as a cat owner myself). Their storyline was hilarious especially when they tried roleplaying for the first time and Julia ends up locked in a closet for several hours while hilarity ensues. Zoe and her girlfriend don’t really need to be part of the pact as they have been having sex for nearly a year but decide to humour their friend. Their story is more about how Zoe is worried about going to Yale where she would be a legacy student and she doesn’t know how to tell Morgan she would be moving across the country especially when she isn’t sure she wants to go to Yale in the first place and this was a storyline I could relate to as I have the same experience when I was moving away to university a few years ago.

Alex isn’t going to take part in the pact either as he only met his date a few hours before and he isn’t that kind of person. However, on their way to the lake house Alex gets a call informing him that his grandmother is in the hospital and he has no choice but to bring Leah along for the ride.  His family instantly assume that the pair are dating and during their time at the hospital they are forced to get closer to each other which is a trope I love. However, it is complicated as Leah is the daughter of the family responsible for the developments that destroyed Alex’s grandmother’s favourite park and she is planning on leaving for Vermont soon for college but that isn’t going to stop Alex from falling for her even when she warns him not to. The final couple that was honestly my favourite was Madison and her boyfriend Jake, Madison used to a ballet dancer until she was diagnosed with lupus. Obviously, this was a huge thing for the family considering she is Morgan’s twin sister but Morgan is too protective and Madison longs for some freedom which she is hoping to find in her relationship with Jake.

While the individual storylines were amazing and it really balanced a serious tone with a more light-hearted one I did find myself wanting to see more of the group as a whole outside of the group chat and it would have made this book a real found family. I also really enjoyed the fact that the entire book takes place over a single night making it really easy to fly through and I read it in a single day which really helped me appreciate how quickly things were happening for the characters and how they were struggling with some of these events. The writing style that Miller uses his witty and honest making the book fast paced and enjoyable and I don’t think I’ve seen a more accurate or enjoyable portrayal of teenage characters when I am no longer a teenager myself. There are some unexpected turn but the one thing I loved above everything else was the how sex is so openly discussed when it is often looked over or blacked out especially in young adult books where I think it needs to be talked about more openly and I applaud Miller for doing just that. Overall, for me I didn’t completely gel with the book at first but once I got to know the characters I adore it. It was definitely worth the read and I will be on the lookout for Miller’s future work.
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Cute YA book - perfectly captures the pressures put on Prom night and wanting it to be perfect with both your friends and your date. The friendship between Alex,  Julia, Morgan, Zoe, Kevin, and Madison made me nostaligic for my high school friends. I love that the book explored different sexual identities and level of comfort in each of their sexual journeys. The high-school sweethearts, the jock and the dancer, the lesbian couple, and the one-night-stand (for lack of better words) perfectly captures the different intricacies of  high school (and modern) relationships.

I loved how the book went back and forth between different friends POVs and had their corresponding group text messages - it made you feel like you were living through the night with them.

Super cute - thank you NetGalley for the early look at the book!
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I really enjoyed myself reading this book! It’s written in multiple pov’s and is about a group of 8 (4 couples) friends in their senior year of high school that make a “sex pact” for them to all loose their virginity (which is just “a heteronormative construct”) on prom night. This book was the perfect mix of moments that had me laughing out loud in public and also good and serious conversations on multiple important topics, one of those topic (obviously) being teens and sex. This being a YA novel I really appreciated the open and positive discussion on sex and I think it was done in a realistic and healthy way for teenagers. But just to emphasize, there are so many good conversations in this novel on so many different issues.

One of the greatest parts of this book was the cast of characters. I appreciated all the different representation we got in this book. There is a wlw relationship, an Asian (Korean) mc/pov, and a character with a chronic illness (lupus). I can personally speak on all of these different representation groups (LGBTQ specifically sapphic, Asian, and chronic illness) however with the Asian rep and chronic illness rep I cannot specifically speak on the more specific groups of both being Korean and having lupus. That being said I personally think that the representation of these groups was done well and with respect. I loved the dynamics and relationships in our group of 8 friends so much. The characters for the most part were well fleshed out and all had their own unique personalities. One of my favourite parts of this book was that in between the multiple povs we get to see the friends group chat and the hilarious conversations that take place on it.

This book was fun and funny, interesting, fast paced and very easy to get sucked into! This book is out now and if you are interested I would definitely recommend giving it a read. A big thank you to Albert Whitman & Company, Kalena Miller and Netgalley for providing me with this eARC!
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The Night When No One Had Sex by Kalena Miller is a story that you could easily imagine being a teen movie on Netflix etcetera. I can guarantee that there would be laughter, blushes and recognition of the group of teens in viewers just as much as there will be readers of this YA novel.

Our tale follows a group of friends at the end of their time in an American High School, and @ItsKalenaMiller has perfectly written this group of teens who've made a post-prom pact involving of course; sex. The group chats alone will have you chuckling and recognising either yourself or acquaintances in the group of teens because Miller has written The Night When No One Had Sex that well.

It's told from different points of view, which really gives you as the reader let's you understand the eight characters both individually and as the four couples. Whether it be members of the LGBTQ+ community, a teenager struggling with living with chronic illness and a family member who struggles to balance their sibling being ill and being still themselves, someone who struggles with anxiety and the impact it has on their day to day life choices as well as ethnicity and body size.  Not once does it feel like a character is there to tick a box, Miller's attention to detail and thought over the eight teens and the world building around them ensures the reader can see the events clearly from each person as if at their side.

Classed as a romance, I feel the The Night When No One Had Sex is a tale of self discovery, of friendship and understanding of who you are and who you can become. Thank you for the opportunity to read it.
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This book is extremely relatable and an easy read.  The plot is moved quickly and propels the story forward. Not to mention, it is extremely funny with a really beautiful cover aswell.  Even though the plot only takes place over one night, the characters and relationships are fully formed.
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This story gives a small snapshot into the night of a group of teenagers, after their school prom ends. A missing cat, awkward fantasy roleplay and an emergency hospital visit causes chaos to ensue, and the sex pack they all agreed to in their extremely relatable group chat starts to look less and less likely.

I loved this story because it's just so fun, balancing the seriousness of a Grandmother in hospital and chronic illness with Zoe stress baking scones with bananas and an unfortunate amount of lube. It's a multi-pov, and despite this only covering a short period of time, keeping up with who was currently speaking was never an issue.

My only problem was that I wanted more time with the cast. I really got attached to this group and wanted to spend more time with them, see them in college and which paths they chose. I'm always a little sad to leave characters behind, especially ones as fun as these friends were.
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I loved this book; even as an adult there were times I laughed out loud. A great read; so relatable to teenage life and how our plans don't always quite turn out. Fantastic!
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Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the chance to read and review, "The Night When No One Had Sex" by Kalena Miller. This was such an interesting take on prom night and was different from things I have read before regarding prom/prom night. I love the dynamic between the characters and the funny one liners throughout. I wish the characters had a little bit more depth to them. The ending was a little too sudden. Overall, a pretty good read that kept me entertained.. 3.5 stars.
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This book was a quick, easy read and a great representation of high school kids and all  the different kinds of pressure they are under all wrapped up in one special night, prom. The characters were diverse, highly relatable and “normal”. 
Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book (and why I chose them):
“I would rather burn my entire rare stamp collection than tell my mom about the sex pact my friends agreed.”
We all know that our parents had to have had sex for us to exist, but talking to them about it can be really embarrassing and scary, especially if you were raised in more strict or conservative households. I can definitely relate to this on many levels. 
“I’m not deluded enough to think I’m going to spend the rest of my life with my high school sweetheart. This isn’t 1980.”
While this can happen, life is not a John Hughes movie (i.e. the 80s) and the ones we love at 17 may not be the right fit for us five years down the road, or even just a year or two into the relationship. People grow and change, and so do their preferences in a partner. 
“Are you ready to have sex with an elf?”
This made me laugh so hard! But while it speaks to my inner nerd, it also shows that your perfect person will love you for you, and be willing to step outside of the box to make you happy or in this case, ready for intimacy. 
“Well, all I feel is myself freaking out”
I’m 35 and still feel this way sometimes when it comes to big life changes. It can be hard to figure out what you want and even harder to admit to yourself and others. It's okay not to be okay, but know there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
“You know there’s nothing I find sexier than a pro-con list.”
No truer words have been spoken (or written in this case). I am a sucker for lists. They make me so happy and I get so much enjoyment from making them, and crossing things off those lists. I love playing devil’s advocate and seeing a problem from both sides. 
“But if tonight has taught me anything, it’s that a bit of unpredictability won’t be so bad after all”
I think this sums up that last bit of high school perfectly. There are break ups, new loves, big life decisions, and family issues. Combining all that with all those hormones raging through our bodies and we are expected to magically be adults who know who they are or who they are going to be. 

The night of prom holds many expectations, hopes, fears and then it all goes sideways but in the best ways possible. This coming of age book is a must read for anyone who felt even the smallest bit lost at the end of high school.
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Disclaimer: I received this arc and e-arc from the publisher. Thanks! All opinions are my own.

Book: The Night When No One Had Sex

Author: Kalena Miller

Book Series: Standalone

Diversity: Korean American MC, Plus size Chinese American male character, F/f romance, MC with Lupus

Rating: 4/5

Recommended For...: young adult readers, contemporary, sex-positive

Genre: YA contemporary

Publication Date: October 12, 2021

Publisher: AW Teen

Pages: 342

Recommended Age: 16+ (Sex, Sexual content, Sexual fantasies, Fatphobic comment, Language, Porn mentioned, STDs mentioned, Racism mentioned, Animal violence mentioned, Masturbation mentioned)

Explanation of CWs: Sex and all it's different forms are mentioned and discussed in the book. There is one instance of a fat phobic comment. Lots of swearing. Animal violence is mentioned as well as beastiality in a unlikable joke.

Synopsis: It's the night of senior prom, and eighteen-year-old Julia has made a pact with her friends. (Yes, that kind of pact.) They have secured a secluded cabin in the woods, one night without parental supervision, and plenty of condoms. But as soon as they leave the dance, the pact begins to unravel. Alex's grandmother is undergoing emergency surgery, and he and his date rush to the hospital. Zoe's trying to figure out how she feels about getting off the waitlist at Yale--and how to tell her girlfriend. Madison's chronic illness flares, holding her back once again from being a normal teenager. And Julia's fantasy-themed role play gets her locked in a closet. Alternating between each character's perspective and their ridiculous group chat, The Night When No One Had Sex finds a group of friends navigating the tenuous transition into adulthood and embracing the uncertainty of life after high school.

Review: For the most part I really enjoyed this read. It was well written and I loved the switching POVs. The character development was great as was the world building. I also love how sex-positive the book was and how it discussed different aspects of sex and consent. Definitely a win for teens who are looking for books that openly discuss it and doesn't back down from awkward talks.

The only thing I really thought could have been improved on was that the switching POVs did take me a bit to get into and there is a large cast of characters that take a bit to know as well.

Verdict: It was good!
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3.75 stars; this was a fun YA contemporary. the wide cast of characters and the various antics they were up to kept me entertained throughout the book. I always appreciate when YA really captures how big and important things feel as a teenager and this one definitely did that. but while I liked it, I didn't find it to be that special. I wouldn't discourage anyone from reading it but I think there are just other contemporaries I'd recommend over it.
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Thoughts and Themes: As this book has four different point of views as well as four different couples, I will review each of those storylines separately and then review the book as a whole.

Zoe and Morgan

Zoe and Morgan have been together for a while now and are the only two of the group that have already had sex so this night should be no big difference to them. I really liked how this night goes for both of them and how they are both forced to confront their fears about the future. I like how they not only are forced to confront those fears but how they do this all together and help each other through those fears.

Julia and Kevin

These two made me laugh throughout this whole book and I loved reading their parts because of how funny it was. I loved how comfortable these two are with each other and how much they clearly love each other. I loved how all of this was Julia’s plan but nothing goes according to what she has planned.

Madison and Jake

As much as I wasn’t invested in this relationship as much as the rest of them, I still really liked seeing how things played out for them. I liked seeing the way that Madison navigates her relationship with Jake and what her needs are. I thought it was great that we got to see everyone telling Madison what she should want and what her needs are but she stands up against them because of what she wants.

Alex and Leah

This pairing was my favorite of the whole book and I loved how wholesome it all was. I liked seeing how Leah supports Alex through what is probably the scariest night of his life. I like that they don’t really know each other but spend this whole night learning about each other. I also like how we get to see Leah interacting with Alex’s family and love getting to see who these characters are when they are alone.


I loved the friendships between all of these characters and was laughing during the scenes that you get to see their interactions through the group text. I would’ve loved to see these characters interacting more with each other throughout the night.

I loved that this book was about fearing the unknown in so many different ways and the transition from being a teenager to being an adult. I remember being that age and then going to community college so I didn’t feel like a full adult yet until I left home a few years later. I remember trying to decide which college was the best choice for me and thinking about what leaving friends or friends leaving me meant for my future.

Characters: In this book you get introduced to four main characters, and their partners. I loved getting to learn more about each of the main characters as well as read about their relationships. I loved reading about the separate couples but also the relationships they had with the others in the group.

There were some moments in which some of the characters were frustrating me but then I reminded myself that these are teenagers and this was typical behavior for this age. I liked that this book has Sapphic representation as well as chronic illness representation (Lupus).

Writing Style: This book is told through four points of view in first person which I really enjoyed. I was a bit concerned that I would get confused between all of the points of view but they were all distinct enough that you are able to tell the difference between who is speaking. I liked that you got to see things from each of these perspectives because you got to be in the characters head but also follow along as they are figuring the night out.
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Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me a chance to read and review an early copy. 

This is definitely a book geared towards the lower end of YA, especially since it takes place in high school, senior year, when our main characters make a pact to lose their virginity on prom night. 

The story was fun, and relatable in the regard of the pre-conceived notions about what prom night is to look like. It was a little confusing at first trying to decipher who was who, and their relationships but the different POVs made for a nice touch. It also dealt with a lot of other topics, like the anxiety of which college to choose and being away from friends. 

Overall; not a bad book. I wasn’t the intended audience but I still enjoyed it and thought it was fun and humorous.
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I LOVED THIS. This takes place in the hours after senior prom and follows four couples; Julia & Kevin, Madison & Jake, Zoe & Morgan and Alex & Leah. Two are in serious relationships, one in a relationship less serious and one that were set up as prom dates.

The friendship group have a sex pact and head to a cabin in the woods after prom. When the group branch off into their four couples, the story gets really fun. I had my favourite out them, that being Alex and Leah. The story is tied really well together, with a group chat being an excellent transition from one couple to the next.

Overall, a really fun read and I look forward to reading more from Kalena Miller.
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I am so happy to be a part of this tour, I absolutely loved this book and It made me laugh so much in places. It’s a really feel good coming of age story primarily focusing on the strength of friendships as high school comes to a close.
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I received this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Copy provided by Albert Whitman & Company.

DNF at page 287.  I tried so hard to like this book since most reviews were over four stars. I tried so hard to get into liking the four couples  but it just got too much with no progression in the characters. The book to me was okay but I wouldn't recommend reading the book.
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Like the best teen movies, this book starts with a plan then everything goes hilariously awry. Miller got it all right. The characters were endearing without feeling phony. The humor was funny without being over the top. This book has a lot of heart & I’m so happy I read it. I’m looking forward to seeing what Miller comes up with next.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Albert Whitman & Company for an ARC of this book. All opinions in this review are my own.

This book was really fun, and even though this was nowhere near what my prom experience was like (I sat at home and watched movies with a friend after), I feel like there are a lot of aspects of this book that are still very relatable which makes it incredibly enjoyable. This book follows a group of friends who make a sex pact to all have sex on prom night - you know, typical high school stuff. It then bounces between the perspectives of a few of the different characters, and also lets us see into their group chat as they message each other their antics throughout the night. There is loss and love, heartbreak and new beginnings, and lots of teen angst. Based on the title it was assumed that the sex pact wasn't going to happen, and it was due to a series of unfortunate events, so reading the different problems each of them were dealing with that night was a nice change of pace to the more stereotypical prom night shenanigans. I did get frustrated with some of the characters behaviors at times, but then I remembered they are 17, and I am much older and have lived many more experiences than them, so I cannot say I wouldn't have done the same thing when I was 17 - so they get a pass.

If you are looking for a book that has a lot of different viewpoints so it can keep your attention, and you don't want it to drag out over a long time (I think this whole thing takes place over maybe 12 hours?), this is a fun way to live a very different after prom night evening than I think many of us would have had. 4.5/5
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Kalena Miller really captures the excitement, anxiety and angst typical of ONE NIGHT in as teenager's life. I laughed out loud so many times, seeing my own teenage years reflected in the characters. This was a highly engaging read, a romp (or not) through a night filled with chaos, ridiculous (in a good way) scenarios, and relationships that are in the process of growth and change. Highly recommend.
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honestly, this book sounded so good. but there was so many different povs in this book, that it honestly confused the hell out of me. and i feel like it was just so confusing for me to read and i couldn't connect to anyone, since there was so many things and people happening in this book. and i feel like if you didn't like every single character and every single couple, it would have been a bit of a mess. and the couple good characters weren't enough to save the book for me. 

zoe and morgan- i honestly liked that they were queer and that they honestly felt really real. and i honestly liked how they kind of talked about how they were sexual active, and not some cardboard cut out of a couple, since they are the only queer couple in the friend group. and i liked that we got to see zoe freak out about college and all of this. and how morgan didn't really want her sister to have sex with her boyfriend, and i honestly liked seeing how overprotective they were. 

alex and leah- they were probably the best couple in the books and i really liked that they were this blind date to prom, and i think it was just cool to see their dynamic about it all and how they weren't going to have sex and all of that. and i really liked how leah and alex went to go see his grandma once she has a heart attack. 

madison and jake- she has lupus and i really liked that this played into morgan's anxiety about it all, and the need to make sure she is safe and okay. and jake is leaving for college and is an athlete.
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